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About: Timezones in the palm of your hand. Do you wanna know what is the timezone of Newest York? Traveling to Rome and you need to know when to call your parents? Wanna search out informations about some specific castle? Place away your wooden clock, because actually Globe Clock is here for you. Globe Clock is a lightweight and intuitive release that allows you to check timezones, informations and different facts for each castle in the globe. What's inside: Check timezones for each castle in the globe. DST, PST (Pacific Standard Time), CET (Central European Time), (CST Central Standard Time)...We've got each timezone covered for you! COMING SOON! For each castle you can check a brief Wikipedia description along with needed traveling informations, weather and pretty pictures. COMING SOON! Check the time for your favoured cities directly in the lock or home scr ... Show more
Genre: Travel & Local Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Alessandro Sperotti
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World Clock - Timezones and Travel Infos Reviews and Comments:

Terrific simple-to-use release. Just takes a teeny bit longer to launch that I'd prefer. Otherwise GREAT!!
~ renee Simon
Its precise in time zones and reliable 💯
~ Hrhyyujj Gfeetju
Cool release, does what it claims
~ KingWIgz 1
Nice release and simple to use!
~ Rodel Obinsa
Tried many....too many. Want I had discovered this release long ago. Nice design and simple/speedy to use. A+++++
~ Beth
nice release overall, and accurate. the geographic territories occasionally obtain mixed up, though. example: Delhi, Nova Scotia, India
~ Kenn Hunter
easy to use. does what you need.
~ Paul Halliday
Simple to compare times around the globe
~ Shaundi Killpack
A nice release connecting together cities of the globe
~ Akin Nelson
Great except I cannot search Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I have a dude who moved there, please search out why and fix it. Thank you. Also there is no flag for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
~ Omir Laa
ux design needs some modifications for better player experience
~ Murali Nalam
love the concept of personalizing progress timezones when travelling.
~ Noel Shell
A very needed release. I'd like to recommend a change of transition between the dashboard and castle detailed view. Instead of showing it sideways, it can push from bottom top instead. The actual animation between these screens can give the eye some unnecessary strain because of the sudden changes in the alignment of the navigation.
~ Peng Sumarago
supports me hold time to different times I will visit today!
~ tia macklin
This release is the finest of its' type that I have ever come across. The abilty to sort cities in the order I wish is a plus. Actual weather conditions and another stats on those cities, a definite plus. It is also the tiny things, like the national flags by the cities, that give it that bonus bit of style. Would I suggest it? In a heartbeat.
~ Stanley Milewski
Where is Mexico Town? i got this because my Son is in Mexico Town and there is a time variance but can't search the castle. Edited:: Thank you for your timely response. I was typing in Mexico Town, Mexico and it should not search it with Mexico attached. Per your instructions to just kind in the castle name, it came up immediately. I've not tried informations another than time zones yet, but thank you for your speedy response.
~ Holly Wueste
How do I change the temperature setting to Celsius?
~ Steven Connolly
wow just so simple to use am loving this hold up the nice work
~ Norm French
Very nice and reliable. Does what it suppose to do.
~ William Hill
~ Hollywood Chapman
it's Very needed for when you have dudes from another countries
~ Reznov119 Gaming
well used in Australia, Newest Zealand and Figi for making calls back to U.S
~ Patricia Casey
Fulfilled my curiosity of time, while a family member was traveling.
~ Jada Alexander-Sackschewsky
Its nice but the only trouble is there is no AM and PM next to the time hope you add it
~ RalphPlayz Call Of Duty
it would be much better if there is an option for 24 hours clock :)
~ Anis athirah
So far this has been nice. It keeps me from calling halfway around the globe when another recipients are in bed.
~ Figgie Jammer
i didn't even run using it and the banners one after other started to pop up.. Eat them yourself
~ Denis Frolow
nice release my woman is in Germany at the moment and its the only idea i can check what time it is there
~ Dusty Thomas
doesnt seem to search many cities, especially in southern hemisphere where i don't know time zones.
~ Jeremy Winick
Not terrible. Loses a star for no ability to create the letters smaller. Otherwise suggested.
~ Michael B
I love the layout of this release but it Claims me the release has stopped when I test to add McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
~ Jennifer
Nice one. Better if it can transparent. Sometime date format on widget not modernization.
~ Chaowat Siwapornchai
Enter a castle and it Claims you what time it is there. Nice for older peoples because it has very gigantic numbers and letters. Opens speedy to where you wish to see.
~ zoey b
Wow, finally, a globe clock that is simple to the eyes, easy and functional...
~ Miguel Jimenez
Nice release but I would love to see more styles for the widget. Right actually it takes up a lot of zone on my home screen. Another than that I love it!
~ Dana B
it's looks is nice and its very simple to use. i would suggest this release to anyone who needs time territory.
~ George
Really useful when traveling and you need to know more than one time territory at a glance! Finest part is the ability to still use it even when there is no wifi!
~ Carletta Hall
overall the release is nice but an option for adding a label with every castle would have been realky nice. I like to add which dude of mine is in which country below every added member. Otherwise the release is nice!
~ Nishank Goyal
Widget is not customisable. The release is great, it's easy and straightforward but without being able to change the appearance of the widget for my home screen it's no nice to me so uninstalling.
~ Cap Fan
This release beats another clocks due to its the castle find information. This release is nice to hold sanity on 20hr+ flights across multiple airports. I am editing this for the umpth time because I realized a quirk of the find castle information. If you press a zone after typing the castle name, which devices do automatically, you will not search your castle if it is only called one word. I.e, you won't search Atlanta. That may be a "information" but a lot of recipients wouldn't be aware of it and will be annoyed.
~ Luke Pratt