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About: You've found the authentic Word Swag release! Word Swag magically turns your words into pretty picture text designs! Make nice text layouts that would normally take mins - or even hours in Photoshop - with just a tap. Only Word Swag has the exclusive Typomatic kind engine that makes this possible. Watch it in action here: Use Word Swag to: 1. Create your own handsome quotes 2. Create pretty graphics for Ig, Twitter, Fb, Tumblr 3. Create graphics for your blog 4. Caption your pictures 5. Make announcements and flyers 6. Give your words a designer look! Our graphic artists hand-pick the freshest font and layout combinations so you don't have to worry about looking nice. (These aren't templates. Word Swag generates newest designs each time you use it.) Never be at a loss for words - contains hundreds of captions to inspire you Impress your dudes with your designs ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: Oringe Inc.
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About: Color Splash first Create Black and white photo then allow you to paint any selective color to your photo using touch. Working: 1.Create a Your pictures in gray scales. 2.Provide Color picker for Choose better color then paint that color in your picture. example: Girls can Change their lipstick color or their Dress color. 3.Using Color Splash you may Create Old type effect picture.(Black and White Pictures eg.Shown in Screen shots) 4.Download Recolor Image in High Quality then Sh...

Developer: Pineapple infotech [email protected]

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About: HJ eShare is a simple way for students, parents, teachers, coaches and others in the school community to upload pictures from your Android device for possible use in the yearbook....

Developer: Herff Jones Inc. [email protected]

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About: A picture without a frame looks empty! Don't leave your pics incomplete, take the best Nature Photo Frames app free and add some unbelievable effects. How to Use - Select your much love pic from Gallery or Camera. - Choose outline best for your pic. - Share your creations with friends circle. Features 1. Select image from camera and gallery. 2. Crop the perfect photo is just one crop away! Tap to resize and trim 3. Photo Filters: From the romantic to the dramatic, we have dozens of...

Developer: PREMIUM PHOTO STUDIO [email protected]

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About: "Love Photo Frame - Couple Photo Editor" Is Provide U To Many Various Love Photo Frame And Love Sticker And Edit your Love Photo Frame. "Love Photo Frame - Couple Photo Editor" This App Give U 10+ Category And 1000+ Love Or Couple Frames And 200+ Love Stickers And Love Text Stickers. "Love Photo Frame - Couple Photo Editor" Is Provide To Love Life, Modern Love Frame, Classic Love Frame, Dual Love Frame, Beautiful Love Frame, Border Love frame, Cartoon Love Frame, Love shape Frame, Modern Simpl...

Developer: MaxPro Inc. [email protected]

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About: Taj Mahal Photo Frames is a free android application. Make impressive looking Taj Mahal photo frames by adjusting your images in App. Once you select the Taj Mahal photo frame and edit your picture on it at that moment if you would like to change the Taj Mahal Frame then the option is available. Taj Mahal Photo Frames in which you will now be able to cherish memorable moments you have spent with your loved ones forever. Set your photos from gallery. In which You can move, zoom, flip, mirror,...

Developer: App Bites [email protected]

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About: Auto Blur Camera - DSLR Blur Camera,Automatic Blur Camera is the best automatic blur camera,all think auto detect your image and live selfie camera use blurring effect apply easily. blur camera is a powerful and easy to use image Photo editing apps with many amazing photo effects and photo filters, background blurring, you can also write on picture or text on photo FEATURES OF AUTOMATIC BLUR BACKGROUND Apply Automatic Blur Effect Manually edit photo only single click ...

Developer: Bestify Inc. [email protected]

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About: Android telefonlar ve tabletler iin tam zellikli ve tamamen cretsiz Kamera uygulamas! Sihirli Kameras 100 + farkl gzel ve serin filtre efektleri, hzl ve basit bir ekilde mkemmel fotoraf ekmenizi salar! HD Kamera Profesyonel ile mkemmel fotoraf ve videolar ekin. ZELLKLER: * Video kayt (HD dahil tm znrlkleri destekler). * Kullanl uzaktan kumanda: (istee bal ses geri saym) zamanlayc, (yaplandrlabilir gecikme ile) otomatik tekra...

Developer: maggicgold [email protected]


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About: 8K 2019 Pro HD Kamera Anahtar zellikler Akllca Yz Alglama n / arka kamera seimi Styles Farkl stillerle byl etkiler Camera Kamera ve video kalitesini ve znrln sein JPEG Multi-touch jest ve tek dokunula uzaktan kumanda Recording Video kayt sresi (istee bal ses ile) Optional stee bal deklanr sesini kapatmak iin Recording Video kayd (HD dahil tm znrlkleri destekler) k HDR, Dk k ve arkadan aydnlatmal sahnelerde ekilen grn...

Developer: pollidex [email protected]

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About: VintageScene is your one stop shop for making photos look "old-school" or "retro". Vintage Scene is the best special effects software for photography enthusiasts, turning a new or recent photo into an old photo, one that looks like it was taken many years ago. This unique algorithm automatically combines several classic effects: sepia tone, grain, darkened edges, distressed paper, along with the look of fade that with time has left behind an image with only bright blacks and darkening w...

Developer: JixiPix Software [email protected]

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About: Keep your photos safe, as you like ... Gallery and Photo Editing In your photos, you can make all the settings you can think of through this gallery !!! Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Shadow, Accent or Tone settings, etc. Find it right now with this regular gallery from thousands of photos Crop your photos as you like. You can crop other photos to fit the size of your photos. You can edit your pictures with various filtering methods. You can keep your photos both better...

Developer: Zeus INC [email protected]

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About: InstaKmoji Here's a collection of more than 3,000 emojis and let the emoji make a perfect composition with your pictures! Function: - rich Emoji, clearly see the Emoji you want, complete set of Emoji, free to add to the photo! - mode, which has a common mode and amplification mode (cut square), the zoom pattern can customize the background, custom color, fuzzy background. - text, add text to photos, describe photos, art photos - photo editor, powerful photo editor, can handle the photos yo...

Developer: SpiderJ [email protected]

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About: The best bouquet of roses wonderful application and renewed on a daily basis The application of the best bouquet of roses and many pictures of roses and flowers cards for lover and lover Love letters short morning love for lovers and the finest words of messages morning yarn thin wife to husband wife to love for friends A wonderful bouquet of good morning messages whether good morning messages and good morning messages Roses and shaking sensations Morning and evening cards for lovers bouquet...

Developer: make me proud [email protected]

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About: Psd editor tool great app to modify and edit photoshop file format, psd files and images jpg and png and supporting editing the photos in many other format....

Developer: Mohannad Salamah [email protected]

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About: Before After Collages to create collages with Before Pictures and After Pictures. Add Text, Drawing on before after picture maker to convey messages. The before after picture maker in Collage Style is best way to convey Changes in your Body like Weight Loss or Body Building Pictures. Before and after picture in one simple Collage to convey message. Improved Before after Photos now comes in 5 Styles: a. Weight Loss Photo Collages - Four Collages with Weight Loss Apps Theme where you can Sh...

Developer: Dexati [email protected]


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About: Pic Jointer Collage is the all in one app for all your photography editing need. You can create Grid collages, Scrapbook collage and PIP Effects with Pic Jointer Collage. Collage: Pic Jointer Collage provides pack of multiple photo grids that user can select and also you can adjust the aspect ratio of the grids (1:1 for square collage, 4:3, 3:4, 3:2). Pic Jointer Collage is packed with multiple fonts you can choose to create personal text messages/quotes over the collage. PIP: An ea...

Developer: VELAN [email protected]

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About: "Emoji Photo Sticker Maker" is free app for adding emoji on your photo and Create and funny emoji face and smiles on your photo. You can save and share with your friends. Easy to use this emoticon creator app snap photo with camera or select photo from gallery to start Photo Editing. This "emoji camera sticker maker" app has 1700+ emoji images and smileys pictures. Funny photo editor with lots of funny emoji's Choose emoticon symbol to use (smiley face, objects, nature, places, symbols, flag...

Developer: Photo Sticker Free [email protected]

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About: Cyborg Camera Photo Editor details in the photo robot man. The Revolution, Become a cyborg. Chips, screws, plates, wire, laser eye or iron suit. editing photos from Cyborg Camera, or select an image from the gallery. Robot App make you feel like a robot from the movie or computer game. Be a man of iron. The revolution of the human race, the transformation of people in the world into a cyborg. Genesis has arrived. Cyborg Cam add me microchip or sticking out of the body or costume wires. Surprise ...

Developer: Pavaha Lab [email protected]

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About: Thug Life Photo Maker Editor Studio let's you edit your Pictures with Thug Life joints, sunglasses, necklace, hats and Thug Life Stickers. Easy choose a picture from gallery or take one by yourself. Hit the + Plus Button in the center to add stickers. Drag them to the right position and multitouch it to resize or rotate. Save and share with your friends via all messengers. Have much fun and enjoy the Thug Life Photo Maker Editor! Thank you for good comments :)...

Developer: Live Star Empires Dev [email protected]

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About: "Funny Photo Collage" is application collage photo with funny photo frames for everyone, with a simple interface and easy to use, it will create wonderful funny photo frames with high definition "Funny Photo Collage" provides effects and design professional will give you the best photo collage for funny photo frames it is suitable for anyone? "Funny Photo Collage" is suitable for everyone, especially for everyone want to create wonderful funny photo frames from their photo features - b...

Developer: AT Software Developers [email protected]

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About: Each tooth arrangement is different, some are good and some are not good People who have poor teeth, tend to want to make a nice arrangement of their teeth By installing braces then the teeth will be good From time to time the model of braces always follows the times, from simple braces to braces There are also braces that have a funny color, cute braces are perfect for the young at heart Now with Braces Camera Editor app you can edit your favorite photos, by adding a braces sticker on your...

Developer: Brandon Wozniak [email protected]



Word Swag - Cool fonts, quotes Reviews and Comments:

I love this release but I'm highly irritated that I paid for it only to obtain a pop up often I use it claiming me to like the facebook page which I have done there seems to be no settings to feedback social media accounts and you could be able to add layers of pictures. These things need to be fixed asap!
~ Breanna Crawford
I've used Wordswag for a while and it's nice for speedy, easy graphics. It just feels very limited and has gotten a bit glitchy lately.
~ Erin Hoffner
Why if this is an release you pay for you can only edit a certain amount of pictures and then you obtain a pop up that you have to like your page to unblock the release?? VERY FRUSTRATING!! if you pay for an release there shouldn't be troubles like this!
~ Maryke Scherman
Great, simple to use. You don't have complete control of where you wish your words to go (which line etc), but usually looks nice anyway.
~ Nicole Lockyer
Nice release, I make all my business social media posts on Word Swag. BUT I am actually getting a message claiming "like us to unblock" - WHAT? HOW?
~ Stacie Davies
It's nice for graphics! The only trouble I have is that to add a second layer, you have to like their release/company (which I've done) but it STILL will not allow me use a 2nd layer. Because of this, it's not my favoured release, but I still use it on occasion.
~ Chelsey Drake
Nice release indeed but after a while from buying it it started asking me to like to launch some templates and i dunno what to like so i came here to give my review and i also liked the fb but nothing changed this is really disturbing.
~ Karim Osama
Purchased the release. Freezes. Can't save my work. I have to close the release and want it works well when I launch it again. 2/3 times it won't work properly
~ Carl Akoury
I paid for this release, and it still blocks me from using some fonts.... even using the release in general unless I "like" the page. that's a disappointment. I paid for it to avoid all the banner kind inconveniences.
~ Rachael Otiegbe
Not glad. Doesn't work, stuck on "like to unblock". I had to pay already and still wants more from me.
~ Emily Hohenstein
Love this release another than it just covered my picture i was working on until I "liked" it. I already paid for the release so I don't really appreciate this
~ Amy Unger
I use this release all the time to make photos with text on. It's so simple to use, and looks nice. I have recently got a newest device, the release wouldn't allow me use my own pictures. Sent an correspondence to help, 2 hours later I recieved a respond, with a fix. Soft actually working perfectly. Incredible help
~ Ailsa Graham
I will change this review once my trouble is solved. There are fonts on another peoples devices that are NOT available on mine. I have a fairly newest device, just got it in March. Galaxy Z8. When paying for an release, even if it is only a tiny fee, I expect to have all fonts and informations available.
~ katlin macleod
Hoping the developer sees this. I have the LG V30+ ThinQ For some reason the release forces me to add text over any photo no matter what. Basically I can't obtain to the watermark screen without adding text to the photo. I can't click the save button in the top right corner if I delete the stock text box over the photo. I forced me to have something there. I just wish to add a watermark to some photos without having any word swag over them
~ Gabriel Odum
nice release simple to use but actually to add other layer I have to like to unblock ?? need to fix this....i paid for this release!! I liked your facebook page and it's still not unlocked 😡 fix this trouble I'll gladly rate 5 stars
~ Theresa Fitzgerald
I like this release. But it only appears to be usable on a device which is really annoying. I cant load it on my samsung device. So its uses are limited for me. Also I was not impressed with paying for the release then still having equipment i required to 'like' them on fb to 'unblock'. If I buy an release I expect it to be completely unlocked. Im glad with upgrade boxes being payable, but Im talking primary useage equipment here. I will have to search something else for what I was now planning to use this for due to it not loading on a device.
~ Leisa Zoeller
nice release -- however I already like all of your socials and the release still pops up with the "like us to unblock" its annoying and making me wish to search other release.
~ Abby Boelter
nice release! enables player to make great messages with nice pics in a unbelievable presentation. and then share it quickly. i highly suggest it! but it also needs to have more player control on the placement of texts and the ability to shop on sd card and not internal storage. it eats up internal storage.
~ Christian Taghoy
If I should give 0 stars I would! I loved this release when i should use it! I have the Google pixel and I can't even obtain it launch! It's cute irritating considering i had to pay for it!
~ Shae Sellers
I recently bought this release and I have to claim its really nice! I just have one request, if you add 5x4 and 4x5 ratios as they are the finest ratios for Ig posts. Please add it in the next modernization. Also more Fonts style would be nice! Thank you!
~ Abhishek Borkakaty
I love this release!!! The only drawback is that it's formatted for short quotes. The longer the text, the smaller the font size gets. It would be nice if the player had more control over font size.
~ Mona Nyman
I'm very upset. I paid for this release a while ago, and actually all of a sudden I have to "like" it to unblock content I was previously able to use??? I've already liked it and it won't unblock.
~ Laura Heide
continually disables itself randomly claiming "like us to unblock". I've 'liked' this mediocre release on all social media platforms and the "button" that pops up isn't tappable. just charge me a dollar and allow me use the damn thing.
~ Charles Kavoossi
This release is so simple to use! I was wondering how everyone on IG are posting these quotes and thoughts in cool fonts with cool backgrounds, I got my respond. Super simple to use. My Fb and IG upgrades are no longer boring. So many pics to pick from or you can use your own. AMAZING!
~ A Google user
going to leave a 1 star rating until they remove the "follow and like" prompts and unblock the full informations after buy. I recommend everyone do the same.
~ Chaz Wolf
Don't ever buy this. 1. Lack of tons 2. "Runtime error" when picking picture from find effects 3. The selection between JPG and PNG isnot working. CAN'T save in PNG 4. CAN'T see the preview of final design. WHY? In some design, the crop software and vertical alignment are not accurate because the photo is not shown entirely. So frustrated and mad.
~ Vuong Minh Do
usually cute nice. newest 2x upgrades have caused problem; one was an error that wouldn't launch the release (fixed actually!) newest error is that the camera roll button doesn't work. looking forward to having this fixed... would also be nice to have a "report trouble" zone so we don't have to notify here. thanks.
~ Heidi Wruck
I do like the release and search it needed, but I do have 2 complaints. The "like us to unblock" popup is absurd. This is a paid release - that could absolutely not be happening. I also search it ridiculous that there are more fonts available on another devices. It could be there same no matter what platform you're using.
~ Miranda Fisler
I love this release but recently I had to use my old iPhone. I downloaded this release and was shocked to learn that iPhone has more content available. I feel type of jipped actually. Before learning that, I might have given 5 stars but actually I'm disappointed. What's so different on mobile? Tools could be the same across platforms.
~ Erica Jones-Revilla
A several things which create this release "average": It doesn't have anywhere near the selections of it's Apple rival. The options shown are really quite boring, ordinary and plain. When you search an option you like, press the button to generate several more to compare, but decide you wish to go back to the one you liked, there's no "back" button. Even if you continue toggling through next design option, you don't usually obtain the one you liked in the first zone. The transparent background is too dark and the alignment walkthroughs are too light so it's hard to centre your design. I don't like the multi-color color options either. They are VERY limited. You can't delete pics from your gallery once you've completed with them. You have to share every pic instantly after you've saved because it won't allow you design and save a entire lot of pics to your camera roll then share later. (I had to clear the cache in the release itself.) The 'save' button just won't work in these instances so you can't obtain to the next screen where the Share button is. And you can't delete previously shared pics once you've completed with them. I search it all a bit frustrating!
~ A Google user
It should use more font and being able to adjust fonts. so far I've had it over a year and it has helped me when I need a speedy graphic. the logo information is cool but I want you should do more then just the words but then it wouldn't be nonpaid so it's fine lol
~ maria pedroza
discrepancies between Apple and Mobile are ridiculous. Mobile is nice in that i don't have to pay for more equipment once I've paid, but on Apple everything costs $$ but they have more fonts. it shouldn't be so different.
~ Megan Cureton
ok so I jus downloaded and often I change a design I'm asked to like the web. I've done it once and cant do it again 🙄. But this I actually causing me to not be able to view my design without the " LIKE TO UNLOCK" prompt in the idea. Please fix or I'm refunding 🤷🏾‍♂️
~ Toni Bowman
This is a paid release that I am currently not able to use because it claims I need to Like to unblock. I have liked on Fb and Ig, which is absurd since you already have my dollars, and it will still not unblock. Please fix this!
~ Tina Conger
This is a paid release. Explain why I'm getting "like us to unblock" message that freezes my design with content that was previously available. In addition, I have already "liked" you one Fb, so why is this message not being removed??
~ Jill Flanagan
I really love this release, but lately it's been a pain to add text to pictures in my gallery. I will pick camera roll and it takes me to my gallery I pick a picture but instead of opening the picture it takes me back to the camera roll option. I either have to do this multiple times, or just close the release and come back later. Please fix this.
~ La Green Momster
Decided to ruin just when I required it the most!! Running error had been occurring for 2 days actually and your notebook release is horrible!! I can't obtain any work done and I'm fully frustrated. I use this release everyday and have loved it up until this target! Please fix this!!!
~ Anjuli Hutchins
Why do you test and create me follow you on fb after I purchased your ap. The ap, when trying to create multiple posts with related styles locked me out until I followed you. I tried multiple ideas to reproduce the posts because I really don't like that bait and switch style. And it failed. You failed
~ Lavonne Pineda
I have used this release a several long time. This PAID release is actually making me "like" them to add other layer. yet, it gives NO idea to now create that happen. I did go to FB and like them, and still gives me this. So here I actually cannot use claimed PAID release as intended. PLEASE fix this or I will not be able to use your release anymore.
~ Erin Svejda
I'm not sure why or how but this release is idea better on Apple devices. I own an iPad and had bought this release for it, got on there today and there are a lot of fonts that aren't even on the Mobile ver. Other absurd thing, I purchased this release, I shouldn't have to follow word swag on Ig to be able to use a font.. definitely disappointed in the Mobile ver of this release.
~ Staci Whitlatch