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About: Remember the Star Trek pc? It's finally happening--with Wolfram|Alpha. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly become the globe's definitive source for immediate expert knowledge and computation. Across thousands of domains--with more continually added--Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and time to compute answers and generate reports for you. Parts of Wolfram|Alpha are used in the Apple Siri Assistant; this release gives you access to the full power of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine. Domains covered by Wolfram|Alpha contain: MATHEMATICS Elementary Math Numbers Plotting Algebra Matrices Calculus Geometry Trigonometry Discrete Math Number Theory Applied Math Logic Functions Definitions STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS Descriptive Details Regression Statistical Distributions Probabili ... Show more
Genre: Books & Reference Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Wolfram Group
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Similar Apps Like Himnos Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Los 500 himnos del recobro en una aplicacin para tener a mano siempre el himnario y disfrutar los himnos donde quiera estemos. La aplicacin contiene una pantalla de introduccin que duro unos 3 segundos para ir la pantalla que le permite buscar por nmero. Simplemente pulse los numeros que quiere buscar y presione buscar para ver el himno. Luego de ir al himno puede ver su contenido en la pantalla. En la barra de arriba se encuentran dos conos que al tocarlos puede ver lo que pasa. El ...

Developer: Hageo Matos

Similar Apps Like Temas Bíblicos y Predicas Cristianas Alternatives
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About: Aplicacin gratuita en la que encontrars todo tipo de recursos Bblicos que te ayudarn a estudiar ms en profundidad la Biblia o a predicar con el ejemplo en cualquier momento o lugar. Temas Biblicos y Predicas Cristianas te ayudar a encontrar esa fortaleza da a da mediante la Biblia y la Palabra de nuestro Seor Jesus. Es una gran oportunidad para superarnos y encontrar esa fuerza y ese nimo que solo la Biblia sabe transmitirnos. Siempre vivimos situaciones dficiles y estos tem...

Developer: Estudios Bíblicos Temas Libros Biblia CrisTeolApps

Similar Apps Like Musical.ly 2019 Guide App Alternatives
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About: Musical.ly app is one of the best worldwide social video app to find out amazing talent. Our Musical.ly 2019 Guide app is best for those all who are beginners as well as existing on musically to find out possible way to grew up fast from current level of Musical ly app. This Musical.ly 2019 Guide app is an UNOFFICIAL musical.ly application.This app have musical.ly Guide to show you the best 14 Guide which take your Musical.ly Profile to the best Level.Using this best musically Tips & Trick you...

Developer: Free Apps Zone4u

Similar Apps Like Biblezoom  Alternatives
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About: . , Biblezoom. Biblezoom . : _android.php : - , (LXX) ; - ; - , ...

Developer: BzoomTeam

Similar Apps Like The 5 Second Rule By Mel Robbins Alternatives
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About: Throughout your life, you've had parents, coaches, teachers, friends, and mentors who have pushed you to be better than your excuses and bigger than your fears. What if the secret to having the confidence and courage to enrich your life and work is simply knowing how to push yourself? Using the science habits, riveting stories and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art and business, Mel Robbins will explain the power of a "push moment." Then, she'll give you one...

Developer: Webshinobis

Similar Apps Like Free star Plus tv Guide Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Features: * Watch Star Plus Live TV * Take your TV with you and enjoy watching all of your favorite sports, news, TV shows * Integrated user interface makes it fast and easy to find the shows and movies you want to watch. Schedule DVR Recordings * Schedule DVR recordings from anywhere. * One-touch recording- simply choose to record one event, all events, or only new events. Browse and Search the Program Guide, On Demand DVR * Search for shows by title, genre, network, keyword, or act...

Developer: TextCallDevloper

Similar Apps Like Arrowhead Identifier Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Multiple photo databases and information, Identifies Arrowheads and other Artifacts...

Developer: SO Soft Studios


Similar Apps Like new shazammusic songs tips Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Guide for shazam music song app the best app guide for shazam music song for plants in the world to define the music andsearching for words of songs in shazam music song app , and now also for music search in shazam music song android wear . guide Shazam music song- Discover Music finder app if you ever heard a music and you wondered what it calls this guide Shazam - Discover Music is the right app for you. I'm really sure that you are going to be amazed by this Shazam app it's very easy and si...

Developer: Power dev

Similar Apps Like SpeedRead With Spritz Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Featured in the Huffington Post! _n_6604774.html Ready to start reading faster? Spritz technology () lets you burn through all those books and articles that have been piling up by making speed reading easy even for someone with no training. The average adult reading speed is 250 wpm. With Spritz, you could double or even triple that speed after just a little bit of practice. Spritz is the best speed reading technology, and SpeedRead With Spritz is the best speed reading app for Android d...

Developer: Random App Creator

Similar Apps Like tips cara praktis dan cerdas menanam jeruk limau Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Lime plants can grow well if you provide buffers or stakes. Ajir can help lime plants to adapt to their environment. Ajir serves to support the seeds of lime so as not to easily collapse due to wind disturbances and other disturbances. The teachings that you make can use bamboo that has been split into several sizes that are adjusted to the lime tree seeds....

Developer: the bee hive chick

Similar Apps Like The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Join the Cat in the Hat in this interactive book app as he stirs up some mischief while Dick and Sally's mother is out and about! Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read! Will Dick and Sally get things back to normal before Mother returns? Explore The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss: - ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration - FOLLOW along with three fun ways to read! - LEARN new vocabulary with tappable words - TAP objects to hear thei...

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Similar Apps Like TCA Plus (TCA 2018) Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: TCA Plus contains the entire 2018 version of the Tennessee Code in an easy to use, well-formatted, searchable form. You can now easily carry the thousands of pages of the Tennessee Code with you everywhere on your phone. Features include: *Complete Tennessee Code - All 68 titles and more than 1,000 chapters and 30,000 individual sections. *No internet connection required *No ads *Advanced Search to make it easy to find the relevant law for your situation *Mark frequently used chapters or...

Developer: Josh Lefler

Similar Apps Like PDF and DJVU Reader Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Are you looking for best PDF reader? This is it. It is more than just another PDF reader! Our software is not only PDF reader, but also DjVU, XPS, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, FB2 (including zipped) and even CBR and CBZ. More formats to come. Since version 2.2.1 we add experimental Text-To-Speech support. Now all your favorite books & comics will always be with you in one place. Unleash whole power of your device with hardware-accelerated OpenGL rendering, including Olen GL ES 2.0 and 3.0 optimiz...

Developer: AK2

Similar Apps Like NPMA Field Guide Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The NPMA Mobile Field Guide is the essential tool for pest management professionals to identify, control and eliminate unwanted pests. In addition to providing pest-specific information on control strategies, behavior and biology, this app offers hundreds of images and also allows you to store images of pests youve encountered in the field. You can also email pest info to your customers directly through the app....

Developer: National Pest Management Assocation


Similar Apps Like KY UOR Reference (KRS Codes) Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Need to view the violation codes for Kentucky? You can easily navigate through a menu to find any violation you'd like. It even includes a search function to filter out the list, making it easier to find that specific code you're looking for. It also links directly to the online version of the KRS. If there is a feature that this app doesn't have and you want it, let me know!! I'll make it happen if I can. If a violation is hard to find, let me know why and I'll optimize the search to m...

Developer: Blacklisted App Development, LLC.

Similar Apps Like Purdue Tree Doctor  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Purdue Tree Doctor app has been developed by experts at Purdue University to help people better identify and manage tree problems caused by a variety of factors, including insects and diseases. Landscape professionals, arborists, and garden center personnel can use this app to improve communication with their customers. Information in this app is useful in the Midwestern and Eastern United States. Features: * Identify tree problems by matching damaged plant parts to over 1000 high-re...

Developer: Purdue University

Similar Apps Like Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Sobriety help, in your pocket. Whether you're new to AA, or you're a seasoned veteran, this is the easiest and most useful app to aid in your recovery. Features the full text of the Big Book, prayers, personal stories, speaker tapes, sobriety calculator, meeting finder, notes, and more! Features: ***NEW: Speaker Tapes - Listen to speaker tapes from AA meetings from across the globe Sobriety Calculator - Enter in your sobriety date and see how far you've come in days, weeks, months,...

Developer: Big Book Apps, LLC

Similar Apps Like Horton Hears a Who!  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Join Horton the Elephant in this interactive book app from Dr. Seuss as he discovers a tiny planet called Whoville that he agrees to protect from harm, to the ridicule of the other animals. Explore pictures, learn new vocabulary, and follow along with three fun ways to read! Will Horton be able to protect Whoville from harm? Explore Horton Hears a Who! - Dr. Seuss: - ENCOURAGE literacy skills with highlighted narration -FOLLOW along with three fun ways to read! - LEARN new words by tappin...

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Similar Apps Like Life Recovery Bible Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Life Recovery Bible is today's #1-selling recovery Bible and is based on the 12-step recovery model. It was created by two of today's leading recovery experts, David Stoop, Ph.D., and Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed., to lead readers to the source of true healingGod himself. Features: - Full offline-text of the New Living Translation - Recovery Notes: Placed throughout the Bible text, these notes pinpoint passages and thoughts important to recovery - Twelve Step Devotionals: A reading chai...

Developer: Tecarta, Inc.

Similar Apps Like Talatek FedRAMP Quick Guide  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Talatek FedRAMP Quick Guide for Android: This app is a handy, portable, organized reference to the FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) Revision 4 controls. FedRAMP, is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. This approach uses a do once, use many times framework that saves an estimated 30-40% of government costs, as well as both time and staff requir...

Developer: Talatek, LLC



WolframAlpha Reviews and Comments:

Wanna know the size or velocity of the ISS? This is your release. Need support working out a quadratic equation? This is the release for you. Wolfram Alpha is like the Swiss Units knife of automated computing and can support with just about anything you can throw at it.
~ Jeff Guy
This release is a multi-faceted calculator and pc which answers all mathematical questions but also has an encyclopedic engine that provides deep analyses (zones of astral bodies, life expectancies for different animals) supplying marvelous avenues of exploration. This is like a Google find engine for numerous numeric troubles.
~ jg fisher
Nice but it's constantly timing out when trying to display full step by step. Even though I have super profile. Very frustrating because I know it can do it, maybe it's overloaded and my request is not important enough? Would appreciate this being fixed.
~ Mr Squiggle
Wolfram Alpha is an wonderful service, but this release utterly sucks. Response times are so dreadful that it often appears to be fully stuck loading a response. Uninstalled due to the total lack of usability.
~ Bryn Barker
I love how needed it is. It can be used for almost everything, from solving complicated equations to asking what an egg is (literally did that). But since they changed the background to yellow (it was about that time) it doesn't work for me. It claims "network error" each time. Internet is connected. Reloaded the device a hundred times. My device is Moto g4+. Mobile ver 7.0. Not sure if the trouble is with the device itself since another apps also do that. Is there any known troubles with this?
~ Mike Dizhur
Only lacking feyncalc for powerful and low forces (10^7 lines of code or 10 k hours) for you can do it on desktop at college which would be the right time and environment. We will test to integrate with cad for the iron lad energy source. but Would be a nice add on software for the physicist or another fields including condensed matter. Those reading please use atomic density matrix by simon and feyncalc on your notebook to complete your knowledge in Physics. Its the cutting edge and can be done by msc. I am trying to obtain on the squad to break its glass ceilings. I am on the transport or will pitch to obtain feyncalc on the tablet.
~ Harish Ravi
THE ULTULTIMATE! (Not a typo) Pronounced (ull-TULL-ti-miht) Super-duper, Fully Gnarly, F-ahh, no, hold it clean. But THAT cool! Equipment that can live in the bathypelagic and hadalpelagic but not the abyssalpelagic territory of the Oceans? YUP. GOT IT. Listing of the Planets sorted by Escape Velocities? EASY ONE. GOT IT. - Tip: Less is more. When searching for a topic, don't use a 15-word sentence. You can still search it, but use the MAIN WORDS, pick the closest choice, then allow IT walkthrough YOU.
~ Michael Car
The release is nice definitely suggest the super profile if you're in college. However if you're trying to take the integral of any trig function to a power greater than 3 you are out of luck because it will not compute the respond. Again for the most part this is very useful but each actually and again it cannot support you and just claims "timed out".
~ Mark Prentice
Nice! A portal to a entire newest globe of knowledge, remarkable step by step solutions for maths, sometimes unable to solve complex troubles And please add etymology queries. For example: If asked for the etymology of house, it simply gives English.
~ A Google user
Spends a long time "connecting to server". Takes 5 mins to solve a easy quadratic equation. Not my internet connection. Any respond to this? Being worked on? Any feedback would be appreciated. Helloooooo.....?? Anyone???
~ David Venter
Cool but still so limited, it can't understand queries that even suggeseted by developers. I just went "examples" tab and chose"transportation", the first recommended find is "Mini Cooper Roadster", so i chose it, sadly i got this effects "Wolfram doesnot know how to interpret your input". I like the concept of returning structured time instead of text based google idea, but still needs either more time or more computing power to become really potent
~ Mhd Ali Moraly
This release used to be awesome some three to five years ago. Explore engines nowadays are slowly including many informations that WolframAlpha has, while it is stuck in one zone. (Not claiming that this is a find engine!) I would adopt that this release is in many topics still needed, but overall it is not worth the dollars. Not mentioning the slow computing speed. The input way isn't even suited for math troubles, though that is the most needed information (at least for me).
~ Adam Svoboda
Excellent computing engine
~ Jan Novák
add please cyrillic help
~ Serhii Kusyk
Just a great software....
~ Michal Kvasnicka
it does what it claims on the can
~ Ronan Allen
very very great
~ Niels Fiedler
the finest of its type
~ Guybrush Threepwood
Very needed release.
~ r mcgranahan
its cute nice.
~ Joshua Harwood
I love this release. It csn solve almost anything possible.
~ Viral Chitlangia
Nice. Benn using for years
~ Johanan Harrison
very nice tool language.
~ melvin walter
this is an ultimate release for maths.
~ Durgesh Kumar
Major dealbreaker. back button exits release instead of going back.
~ André Rønning
Got to have this release if you wish to do true work with math!
~ andrew baker
Really great, often I have found here what I need. thanks
~ Pepa Zdepa
So much fun learning algerbra. Fully suggested. THIS IS A MUST-HAVE! :D
~ Іван Пилипко
Soft refuses to run claiming it was sideloaded. It was not.
~ Marco Lussetti
The"Wolf" has become my go-to source of esoteric (and easy) answers to life's persistent questions.
~ William Meloney
Why did I have to repurchase this release? I bought a several years ago and it's actually disappeared from my profile.
~ Alex J Turo
i paid for the release and it keeps destroying after giving me the effects (Samsung S9)
~ Giovanni Desiderio
Nice release. Gotta-have for STEM students.
~ Will Rosa
Many times relevant stats is not displayed and it just claims timed out and takes too much time to do calculations , still it is a very smart release.
~ A Google user
What a smart tool that and respond almost anything that I wish, Normally I use this for math , I love the step-by-step solution, I love it. Hold it up.
~ TheRedstoneNetwork [TH] RCEP
This is such a useful release! Especially the step by step part; life saver when I miss an explanation in class and have a play to study for! The only suggestion I'd give is to have a tiny chart available somewhere that explains how to enter the formula into this specific calculator so it computes it as valid. Like for integrals for example.
~ Yasmin B
Extremely needed and a steal at this price. The step by step solutions are nice if you're still learning math or just stuck on a certain trouble and the syntax allows for such a broad array of inquiries that I almost usually search the respond to what I'm looking for. Probably the only release that makes me want for more microtransactions because I almost feel guilty for how much use I'm getting out of it.
~ GaussianBluff
I bought this release a while back. it suddenly screwed me over and my buy just disappeared. I paid again because I use this often, but this is unfair. if you expect recipients to pay once each 3 years or whatever, list that in the plan.
~ Sophia Nasr
Absolutely appalling. I wanted this release to revise my maths. Looking for the formula for volumes ended with the release giving a reference to Wikipedia. Trigonometry lead to an irrelevant line graph and vectors provided a periodic table. This is an atrocious release, an absolute disappointment and waste of dollars.
~ K. L.
quite great, but there are some informations which are still not there and I would like to have them as quick as possible , for example one of them are, you can't go back to the previous find effects and for doing so you've to kind in the entire thing again and again which is quite annoying.
~ Arpita Sinha