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About: WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging release available for Mobile and another tablets. WhatsApp uses your device's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to allow you message and call dudes and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and obtain messages, calls, pictures, videos, documents, and Voice Messages. WHY USE WHATSAPP: NO FEES: WhatsApp uses your device's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to allow you message and call dudes and family, so you don't have to pay for each message or call.* There are no subscription fees to use WhatsApp. MULTIMEDIA: Send and obtain pictures, videos, documents, and Voice Messages. FREE CALLS: Call your dudes and family for nonpaid with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in other country.* WhatsApp calls use your device's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice mins. ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
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Similar Apps Like Vidz Alternatives
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About: With Vidz you can save all your favourite videos, from all the main social media platforms, for free. All your videos are added to your private list so you can watch them anytime you want, without any interruption. All the main social media platforms are supported....

Developer: 4vid [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Titan Browser - Incognito & Safe Web Browser Alternatives
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About: Main Features of Titan Browser: - Incognito & Safe Browsing Mode - Lightweight Package Size - Fast Browsing Experience - Built-In Video Player - Free To Use With Titan Browser, youll get a fresh new web surfing experience! - totally secure with your privacy to use Titan Browser by our incognito browsing mode. - the package size is within - very fast to load the site content, esp. videos; - with our built-in video players, you can watch the videos smoothly; - totally free to...

Developer: Titan Dev. Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Meme Stickers Pack for WhatsApp Alternatives
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About: Share with your to your family and friends using WAStickerApps the most beautiful stickers! Includes + 500 new stickers : Funny, Dank, Pepes, Celebrities, Joker, Quotes, Kermit, Pepe the legend, DANKiest memes, Rage Memes, Twitch, Hands, Llamas, Emojis and many more. And now with special Christmas stickers! TAGS: WAStickerApps, Download Free Stickers, Emoji, Fun, Sticker...

Developer: HD GIF wallpapers [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New Kannada Stickers  Alternatives
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About: 70+ New Kannada WhatsApp Stickers New Kannada Stickers: Doddanna Mukhyamantri Chandru Dheerendra Gopal Bank Janardhan Madi Ajji Manju Malini Rekha Das Vinaya Prasad Sathyabhama Dingri Nagaraj Ethape Channag Heludri Whats New : ** New Kannada Stickers App will have smaller app size** ** No Need to Update App Regularly** ** Download New Kannada Stickers from Online** You will get new update with brand New Kannada Stickers on every weekend. *Best Kannada Stickers App...

Developer: XD Creatonz [email protected]

Similar Apps Like My SMS Reader Alternatives
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About: My SMS Reader is an application that allows you listen to your text messages (SMS) at the time you received them. It is also possible to listen to all messages you have sent and received. Like common SMS apps, messages are grouped in conversations. This allows you to have the experience of listening a text message conversation as if you were listening to a real conversation. Besides, this app allows you to select the gender of your contacts so you can listen to a male or female voice as appro...

Developer: Zahui Software SA de CV [email protected]

Similar Apps Like RADIO KANAL FM Alternatives
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About: Cette application permet d'couter Radio Kanal FM qui met de Lom...

Developer: LAWYER JEAN-LUC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Metalyfe  Alternatives
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About: Discover the benefits of modern blockchain browsing. PRIVATE Your privacy and identity are never compromised. Your secure login and browsing data are encrypted on the blockchain, ensuring you and only you can access your data. SECURE Protect users from from malicious breaches and leaks. With a decentralized ecosystem and the use of blockchain technology. SMART BROWSING A browsing experience as unique as you are. Access and consume information in a new and revolutionary method called Boa...

Developer: DAP BCN Desarrollo Servicio S.L. [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Best Yandere Simulator: Rise of Evil Instructions Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is Guide for Yandere Simulator is a third-person stealth game with dating sim elements for PC. Even though its an indie title, the complexity of its mechanics is quite impressive. The action takes place in open locations at high school and its outskirts as well as the protagonists home. Since the available levels are roamed by students, teachers, and other people, and after we have scouted the area, otherwise we might attract attention of bystanders who may call the police. Therefore, fi...

Developer: FANS RBX Ltd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like CAI Los Angeles Chapter Alternatives
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About: Community Associations Institute Greater Los Angles Chapter provides information, education, and tools to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them. This app makes it simple for chapter members to find resources, participate in events and receive real-time updates on the chapter news. Download today....

Developer: CAI-Greater Los Angeles Chapter [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Caller ID : Name Address Location Tracker Alternatives
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About: Call Id & Name Location Finder is the Best App For Identifying And Find Your Mobile Numbers & Location, Unknown Callers , For Identifying And Blocking Numbers, Unknown Callers ID Finder. "True ID Name - Address & Location Works Like A Mobile Number Locator, Find call, Reverse Phone Number, And Track The Location Of the Connection. Caller Id Finder & Locator Provides Complete Information Of Any Indian Mobile Number With Its Service Provider. Caller Location Tracker Helps You To Search A...

Developer: Photo Editor & Game Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Police Radio Scanner 2019 Alternatives
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About: Police Scanner and Radio is the best police scanner or police radio out there because it is FREE but gives you all of the same features and quality as the paid radio apps. Police Scanner and Radio lets you listen in on live emergency (firefighter and police), military (marine) and transportation (airplanes and railroads) conversations taking place over the radio waves. Scan what's being said so you can be the first to learn breaking news in your area. (Please note it is legal to listen to, b...

Developer: ID Caller Name INC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like LuluBrowser Privacy  Alternatives
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About: At LuluBrowser, we believe the Internet shouldn't feel so creepy, and getting the privacy you deserve online should be as simple as closing the blinds. Our app provides the privacy essentials you need to seamlessly take control of your personal information as you search and browse the web, no matter where the Internet takes you: Escape Advertising Tracker Networks Our Privacy Protection will block all the hidden third-party trackers we can find, exposing the major advertising networks tr...

Developer: Free4Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Messages Plus for SMS & MMS Alternatives
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About: Messages Plus - the most smart & beautiful Messages app with fast, and packed with fully customizable themes, fonts, wallpapers, ringtones! Messages Key Features - SCHEDULE SMS Delayed SMS message give opportunity to correct the wrong message Never miss any big moment with schedule SMS Messages - CUSTOMIZE SMS THEMES Tons of amazing messaging themes Customize SMS background as you wish - AWESOME MESSAGES CUSTOMIZATION Customize texting bubble, SMS bubble, color, font & wal...

Developer: Onion SMS [email protected]

Similar Apps Like PTA Mobile Registration for Overseas Pakistani. Alternatives
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About: PTA Mobile Verification. PTA Mobile Registration. PTA devise verification. Dirbs PTA. Dirbs app. Dirbs dvs android app. Dirbs dvs. PTA Mobile Registration. DRIBS PTA PTA Registration. PTA online Registration. DIRBS PTA. DIRBS PTA mobile registration Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System's (DIRBS) objective is to ensure a healthy growth of mobile device ecosystem in Pakistan. DIRBS will ensure use of legal devices on the mobile networks. The import, use, and growth of lega...

Developer: BAP Developers [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Recover Deleted Photos Videos From Sd Card Guia  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: If you have problems to see the images that you have been storing in your mobile phone, there is a high degree of probability that they have been deleted. In addition, if to discard this option, when reviewing the cell phone it discovers that it is not software or hardware problem but, effectively, the images are not there, it is more likely that you will panic and do not know what to do to recover deleted photos and videos from sd card. In order to help you recover your images, the application ...

Developer: Swiming fullap [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rick & Morty Stickers ���� WAStickers WAStickerApps Alternatives
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About: You are one step away from downloading THE BEST app to share sticker packs with all your WhatsApp friends. With the best Rick & Morty characters that cause a sensation in the TV show ALL THE STICKERS OF YOUR FAVORITE RICK & MORTY CHARACTERS TO USE IN WHATSAPP 100% FREE! You can chat with your friends with the new stickers of the characters: Rick Sanchez Morty Smith Jerry Smith Beth Smith Summer Smith And many more that we will offer in the future! Do...

Developer: C. S. M. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Stickers Dragon Ball for WhatsApp  Alternatives
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About: Collection of various characters, memes, chibis, symbols and others of the Dragon Ball anime to use in the conversations by the application. Requirements: You already have whatsapp already updated and you can send the default stamps already in whatsapp, if you already have you can download this app, with it you could get more cards, if you can not send yet do not download this app because it will not work. Keyword: WAStickerApps, Sticker WhatsApp, Get Sticker WhatsApp, WhatsApp Sti...

Developer: EasyCodes BR [email protected]

Similar Apps Like InstaAlert v2  Alternatives
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About: InstaAlert is a smartphone and cloud based solution that can send alert text messages with current location, on just a one click of a keyfob button. Alert is sent in case of Help requested, Fall detection & failure to do daily Check In. InstaAlert is designed to promote safety and can be used for: Campus & Industrial/commercial applications, Lone Workers Note: The InstaAlert is NOT a replacement for 911 or your local emergency system. In case of emergency please call 911....

Developer: Ayantra Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New FaceTime to Video Call Advice Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: It can be helpful for the young users and also to the older ones, which are less familiar with technology and getting the right assistance can become very helpful, even when it comes to the daily activities or the daily operations that everyone does, as making a FaceTime video conversation with your friends. This New New FaceTime to Video Call Advice free to download and use without any locked features throughout the lifetime. This comes with comparison data so you can get information that w...

Developer: ting max App [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Univers2019 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Univers2019...

Developer: Electra IT [email protected]



WhatsApp Messenger Reviews and Comments:

Getting even worse I've been using this messenger for a long time since you had to pay for it. There were times when it was really known and demanded. Actually it's not. I'd claim the first thing is policies if there was any policies. Other gigantic trouble is backup system. Do players really need to use Google Drive for this? Do players need stories information in messenger? Why are there so much troubles with messaging, for example, too slow delivery? OMG, devs should just easy ask you to switch to Telegram.
~ Nana Banana
U DON'T HAVE TO STOP US FROM USING OUR PHONES BY SPAMMING US SAYING WE'RE BANNED FROM USING YOUR APP, BAN ME FROM YOUR APP NOT USING MY PHONE I EXPECT THIS TO STOP!!!!!!!Had this before FB purchased it, paid for it back than, than I used GbWhatsapp which is so much better than this, actually FB is forcing us back to this terrible release, implement the informations of GbWhatsapp has and create recipients wish to use your release. Loved it B4 FB purchased it, promised banner nonpaid forever actually its a gigantic mess. Allow us use GBWHATSAPP!!!
~ Ray V
Dear Whatsapp, I really love ur release, but can you place themes setting on Whatsapp? So we can changes the color themes of Whatsapp. Ofc green is your officiall theme color, but sorry I'm getting bored of ur look. It's just my opinion bcs I'm often jealous of my dude's whatsapp look that using unofficial apps. But surely, I stayed on to use the official app though I was really hoping for some color themes option.
~ Marintan Yulianti
Just Got Banned for using a modified... Ok i understand but the only reason i was using that GBWhatsApp was because of 3 informations, can you WhatsApp Inc Squad please add these these information 1. Various wallpapers for every chats, like a had a pic of my mom as a background on her conversion with, and had a different pic as background on my dad conversion, almost all my chats 2. i was able to download the funny video post that they post on the status 3. i was able to upload videos longer than 30sec
~ Sbuda Hood
Conveinant and player friendly VOIP app that is nonpaid. Immediate messaging, voice and video calls happen in a matter of seconds and the app uses Wi-Fi or Cellular time for communications. Attachements and voice notes can be sent throught the chat and groups can be made easily.
~ Abdullah Khair
I have been using the release 3 years, Its been nice does not interfere with use of device. I particularly like having some degree of device policies, more recipients's use it and the ability share gigantic files. I have used it to easy what's release call and video call internationally, with fairly nice effects.
~ Prittika Roy
I use whatsapp each day to talk to my family and dudes back at home. I would love to see a newest interface, remove whatsapp at the top, we know what release we're in. And change that terrible green or let us to customize our home page, related to the chat background. And let sending all stickers including the ones that woule go to messengers actually
~ Andreea Badea
WhatsApp is functional since long actually. Many old messages hold on circulating like this babe is lost ,hall ticket/ documents found ,4 Kidneys available fire caught etc. Most of the time it has helped recipients genuinely. some of them were genuine at a particular time while some bogus or fake. There could be an option for us to report such message as old or fake or misleading to WhatsApp so that WhatsApp take it down and stop further forwarding.
~ dipika padliya
Hackers were able to remotely install surveillance soft on devices and another devices using a major vulnerability in messaging release WhatsApp, it has been confirmed. Not only fb that also owns WhatsApp and Ig knows everything about its players but it can't protect the consumers from hackers too. Zuckerberg is perving on us. Welcome to large brother.
~ V Alexopoulos
It is not deserve any stars so do proper work at least recipients will obtain benefits but you rascals are not doing much and better work. It is such a dump one on which no body can trust because you all are not doing any work and each time asking about stars. without working how can you ask about stars and feedback. fully disgusting. so do better job satisfy recipients by your work till that you don't deserve any nice remark nice feedback otherwise all recipients will claim you rascals. so with all dedica
~ Anjana Singh
I rely on whatsapp for communication file sharing, it hasnt allow me down, its simple to use and conveniently boxes loads of informations, like. Voice notes, file sharing, sharing pics, sharing online feedback, sharing pics using camera, voice chat video chat.... I would love to see a primary scanner integrated in whatsapp for speedy sharing, and also maybe a primary answering machine, that asks recipients to leave a voice note if call gets missed.
~ Imran S
Hi WhatsApp squad, This is just an suggestion that WhatsApp can add a reminder information to their release. Recipients are so busy nowadays that they need to place reminders for important activities. But even the reminders place on calenders/correspondences are missed. Whatsapp is one release that recipients browse so frequently nowadays. So if one can place a reminder on Whatsapp and Whatsapp pops/messages to the player for the reminder on the set date/time will be very useful for recipients. Please consider the suggestion.
~ bharat kushwaha
I love this release, I've been using it religiously for over 4 years actually and it has never dissapointed. It kinda sucks that banners may be introduced into the release next year, and I'd really love to see the Whatsapp Wallpaper designs being modernized. Those photos are beyond depressing at this moment.
~ Njabulo Mposula
From failure to other! WhatsApp is getting worst from day to other, and NO SUPPORT at all, I got my device number BANNED in the middle of business conversation! Emailed em 4 days ago and still nothing! Tried other 2 different device numbers, Still getting an error message then You've been BANNED! How the heck this could be a Social app while it prevents recipients from reaching every another through it! Nice alternatives are already there, Uninstalled till they fix it! If they will ever!
~ Mohammed El zayat
If you don't wish recipients to use unofficial 3rd party WA then you could give us option to theme it, change bubble, ticks or at least to change the colours aside from that ugly green you use for decades! Seriously, it looks so boring, garish and outdated! By how often you modernized we would thing you would upgrade your UI! I only use it because my contacts do, if not by necessity, I rather use something else!
~ Badzlina Lizzy
WhatsApp is usually be my primarily aplication for chat, making a call or video call. I would've been click that 5th star if only a trouble wouldn't exist. I got some troubles with video call. I should create a call as i want but when i test the earphone the sound goes back to speaker, when i switch it to normal call, the earphone back to its function... Is there any idea to fix it? Btw I'm using Xperia XZs with sony earphone...
~ Wishnubroto Gilang
Whatsaap is really a cool release for messaging and sharing multimedia. Only trouble that I observe with WhatsApp is that we can only login to our profile using our contact number. Suppose I am using WhatsApp in my small device with the same number that I am using in the same device. Unfortunately I lost my small device and suppose actually I cannot obtain back my number which means I cannot recover my profile. There could be an alternative to login apart fron OTP way.
~ Shubham Panchal
wonderful but... very simple switch from iOS to mobile WhatsApp however I cannot stress this enough. please add a setting that wakes up the device when you obtain a message so that newest Samsung s10 players can create use of the edge lighting when the display is off. the s10 no longer has a led info so this would be a nice step in the right direction
~ Loush McPotato
i have been a lot of troubles to obtain and send messages without being fully launch, specially the light! I have urgent appointment with my husband that is far from our country and if l leave the small stoped without turn out it we can't obtain messages from every another. it turns off automatically without we do that!.
~ Deny Cruz
I am concerned that I have had no info of the insecurity of the release and the need for an modernization as mentioned in the BBC news. there is also no provision in the menus to achieve an modernization. seemingly one has to Uninstall and reinstall presumably losing all the messages. I will be satisfied to be advised differently.
~ A Google user
Like some another players I am not getting info when I obtain msgs, only when I launch the release do I see any msgs. This has been going on since FB took over. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the release but still no nice...UPDATE EDIT: Nothing has changed even though more players are being affected. we are being IGNORED by WhatsApp, no support in the "support" settings either.
~ derek s
Why I am unable to unjoin a anonymous group? There has to be a provision of prior permission of the individual who is being added to an unkown group. Generally if someone adds you then you have the option to unjoin it but if the person kewps on joining again and again. then you don't have any options to unjoin it. I feel, the need is there to give player's the right to decide that wether he/she wants re join the Group or not. Hope someone, somewhere is reading it and might be able to clearify.
~ Harish Pandey
WhatsApp was hacked and offenders installed sophisticated spyware on an unknown number of recipients's tablets. The terrible actors were able to install surveillance technology by phoning the goal through WhatsApp's call functionality, giving them access to stats including territory time and personal messages. The hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability by calling the goal via WhatsApp. Even if they didn't pick up, the malware was able to infect the goal.
~ Dave O'Brien
The worst thing you should do was discontinue the infinite message forward, it's very frustrating to send the same message to only 5 contacts at a time. I don't know what you were thinking when you made that change. Please explain the rational behind it. Why no feedback regarding previous comments, why bother asking if you can't respond.
~ Joseph Williams
Hackers are able to remotely install surveillance soft on devices and another devices using a major vulnerability in WhatsApp. It involves offenders using WhatsApp's voice calling function to ring a goal's device. Even if the call is not picked up, the surveillance soft should be installed. The call would often disappear from the device's call log. How many recipients are targeted? Will a fix for WhatsApp remove the spyware? who knows?
~ Peter Lapic
Yes. Whatsapp has been a nice medium of communication since it inception, but the major trouble 80 percent of recipients facing actually is the trouble of sharing vital stats to dudes or group of dudes. Whatsapp limited it to just 5 which is so alarming and disturbing... Sharing vital stats to dudes, family and group of dudes could be even more important than ever which you recipients can create it upto 100,possibly... I will appreciate if whatsapp Inc will look into this matter as quick. Tnx
~ voplink blog
It's a very nice chat release. My one HUGE complaint is that you can not control the online status. Sure, you can shut off the read receipts and last seen which is fine, but, there is no idea to stop the release from showing your online status when in foreground (stalker's dream!). Thus eliminating any form of real policies. Deliever a idea to change/control the online status like another top chat apps (viber, telegram)and I'll gladly rate you five stars. Until then your release will remain just one star.
~ Randy Hines
Zero, catastrophe, first of all it can not be activated with SMS. It's even worse that, when I contacted the support squad, they behaved like I was illiterate, persistently the same things - restart the device, reinstall the app, the format of the device number is not as nice. As I fell from other planet. Shame.
~ Dragan Veljanoski
This release is frustrating me. I'm unable to download my contacts status like before. I was saving another recipients's statuses even with cheap devices, actually I am using Huawei P20 but I can't save. When I launch a person's status and go to the 3 dots for options, there's only "mute" written there and no another thing. I hate to ask recipients to share status it's irritating.
~ Sphiwe Ndhlovu
My dudes and families have complained that they obtain call from my number when I never dialled! When they respond it shows "connecting".. I have an modernized ver of WhatsApp but this trouble still persists. Right actually my wife received a call from me, matter of fact I named on her WhatsApp number a while ago which showed "calling". The undialled call that they obtain is some type of miss call info? I dont understand. Please clarify If it's a bug then it needs to be fixed ASAP.
~ Adel Jaan
The release is nice, but there is one thing that really bothers me. When I turn my device horisontaly for typing, you can't use the whatsapp emojis it's usually onther emojis that is not designed by whatsapp, but by the keyboard and they don't look the same and it really irritates me. I would love it if I should use the normal whatsapp emojis even when I use the keyboard horisontaly. I hope you understand the case and will see to it, I'm shure I'm not the only person that has this trouble. Thanks.
~ LaLa Music
malicious! In order to access the release, you have to obtain a text message. actually that your device is linked to the network, you can't use the Soft unless you give access to your entire device. so I'm order to create a device call, you need to let access to your contacts first, then you can create calls to anyone. same goes if you wish to send a text message. Those are signs developer will be using and version your personal stats to another companies without your knowledge. I do NOT suggest!!!
~ Tristen Robbins
i had to restart my device. ever since then i havent been able to obtain back into whatsapp. doesnt send sms or call me to allow me obtain back in. doesnt give me any true help that supports me. it keeps claiming me to wait because I have apparently recently connected. the release also doesnt give a clear option to sign back in. P.O.S setup. needs to be fixed.
~ eleutheromania
I've been using the release for 4+ yrs, its been nice, doesn't interfere with use of device. I particularly like having some degree of "device policies", more recipients using it and the ability to share gigantic files. I've used it to call internationally, with fairly nice effects. Occasionally I was unable to obtain through, but most of the time I was able to reach my party. The inability to obtain through may not be due the release! I'm very pleased with this release and highly suggest it!
~ betty ledet
Just uninstalled and reinstalled WhatsApp again! According to the CBC's news, today, to obtain rid of the spyware installed by hackers! Why was this not right away posted by you? And send as an alert? Had to hear this actually for the second time the news channels, where they recommended to uninstall and reinstall! A public respond would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! I do enjoy WhatsApp messenger as keeps me connected with my family and dudes! 4 stars only because of this fiasco!
~ Renate Lutzenburg-Boczek
May be the finest for others but it has given me a hard time. When it was most important for me to access my profile I was not given permission to do so. Firstly it asked for 12 hours to wait for getting otp then it asks for 24 hours to wait. After trying for 10 times you obtain otp once that too after 2-3 hours(when it gets expired). This was the worst experience from WhatsApp. On asking for support these recipients send you a correspondence that you are using an unofficial release and blah blah...
~ Manan Bordia
A notice was place out over in the news stating that due to a trojan or virus, that recipients could modernization their release. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU UPDATE THIS APP!?!?!?!? I am no newbie. I know how to modernization apps. It is not typically hard to search the modernization button or instructions on how to do it. NOT SO WITH WHATSAPP! I have no concept how to modernization this release, or if it has been modernized automatically, or what is the newest ver and what the release modernization ver is so that I can verify I am protected!
~ Military Piper
sometimes blurry and drops calls at a rate of about 1x per 6 hours but then would pick back up within a minute or two. honestly it deserves a 5. it's nonpaid, international, minimal downtime. I've had calls last for up to 36 hours with very very short interruptions. maybe 5-10 mins. and it's usually because of my or the recipient's connection to the Internet.
~ ProceraAVH
The design is so outdated. A overhaul adopting Google's Material Design is much required. The animations are funky and the lack of dark mode is such a cute disappointing. The media compression algorithm is downright terrible. I don't even wish to use the Status information because each picture, video or GIF seems to have been taken with a potato. And, to top it all off, you are planning on adding banners to the Status bar... Come on. And actually WhatsApp calls ignore DND. GREAT.
~ Willian Macedo
I love this release I have encouraged many ppl to also give it a test. You are in control who can see your status. A pop up appears when someone who is not in your contacts on your page, and you can delet . Needs fixing...to be able to obtain rid of contacts that you approved of in the past, but no longer wish...Modernization 5 /15/19 whatsapp was hacked!!! Why were we not claimed so by developers...
~ Ireneie S.