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About: weZoom as a weak vision aid extends the functionality of primary magnifier apps by adding color filer modes, picture sharing, intuitive gesture control and one-hand operation. The main target of this release is to help recipients with weak vision by providing an simple to use digital magnifier. The main informations are: Color filter modes for high contrast (black-white, black-yellow, blue-white, blue-yellow) Adjustable threshold for the color filter modes Smooth magnification up to 8x (extendable) Exposure compensation Switch between manual focus and auto-focus Freeze of the live video preview (you can still change the magnification lvl in this state) Picture sharing (e.g. with OCR or massenger apps) Volume key actions can be enabled Context: Digital Magnifier, Accessibility, Poor Vision Aid, Visual Impairement, Poor Vision, Lens, Magnification, Zoom, Macular ... Show more
Genre: Medical Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 2MB Developer: loviapps [email protected]
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weZoom - Magnifier and Low Vision Aid Reviews and Comments:

Great release
~ Marcelo Vega
~ William Turney
sangat bagus ada pilihan warna
~ Ilman Ladunka
camera comes up
~ Rose Gul Akin
Very needed release
~ Sumanth S
Can not use to read printed words.
~ A Google user
unbelievable supports weak vision.
~ Stu Curtis
Thanks for this release. Very usefull!!
~ A Google user
I'm weak vision and legally blind; this release supports so much.
~ A Google user
I just started to use this release. And so far it's better than all the another magnifier apps I've ever used.
~ Imoinda Nurse
awesome release. I am legally blind & this is simple to use. easy interface with all the informations that you need.
~ Kenny Meyer
this release is very useful I did not hope to read a dictionary or a medical prescription or instruction thanks a lot recipients you have support a lot I am internally grateful to you thank you again
~ Bredio Garcia
Great release. Very needed if the camera would focus on my useless Note 4. This release has a several more informations that work really well compared to other weak vision release. Well worth installing.
~ Robbie C
Tried mucho glass utilities, quick as ur pgm loaded...GAME OVER; (in another wordz...) 'Tried the rest, only to settle on UR's ~ the undisputed BEST'
~ A Google user
Recipients like these developpers could be given awwards. If only the globe would relize these recipients's importence thank you so much i can see again. Corrie Visagie.
~ Corrie Visagie
tl;dr : ui is too complicated and autofocus is trurned off at install (could be on by default). Nice for those who have minor to moderate vison troubles, however, anything worse and they will have difficulty navigating the tiny settings ui. I also belive the "gresture sensitivity" could be turned up a bit.
~ Emily Dominguez
Love wezoom. If you have weak vision this is the release for you I'm legally blind and constantly looking for magnifiers that are portable my like since I carry my device around all the time this is great. Unique thanks to the developers of this release and the fact that they're offering it for nonpaid you don't know how its support me and I will spread the word about it thanks again
~ Al Mueller
My wife suffers from RP and I just showed her this release at nearly full magnification and she managed to read an appointment letter from hospital, which she couldn't do before, even with an illuminated RNIB magnifier, that amazed us both. I played with the colour for her and found yellow text on black was finest, and reduced glare on her eyes. I suggest this release for any like sufferers. So for any carer out there, with a sufferer of RP, I think you'll search this release nice.
~ Ian Broughton
Unpaid without banners! very glad to see recipients continue to test to create better video mag apps. downsides is that its soft is not as nice as claim Visor at being a video magnifier. what i mean is that the quality/resolution is simply not as sharp as others. i have an old device real but the another apps simply work better/more clear. also tested on s9plus and again, another release (also nonpaid) are more clear. but maybe wezoom will match clarity quick! thanks for the release though!
~ Drew H
very great release. Thank you for newest functionality.
~ Bayram Meredow
AWESOME, simple and straight forward
~ mike b
this is a nice release!! as a visually impaired person I use this daily to magnify different things, and it works perfectly! the player interface is clean and easy, and offers all the informations one might need many thanks to the developer for sharing!! .
~ Hollie Baker
finest magnifier release for those who have a visual impairment! very unbelievable interface with a lot of different color filters, customization, and just really nice release!
~ Carrie Morales
Nice release. However, the release doesn't recognise I am in portrait mode. The release forces me to use TalkBack in landscape, otherwise I can't use TalkBack gestures. Also, the TAB order when cycling through the buttons onscreen are ordered badly, or the focus keeps shifting and getting to certain buttons can prove frustrating. I means TalkBack swipe left/right needs better ordering. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A50.
~ Jason Spencer
Nice player interface and informations. Better than few another 'magnifying' apps I tried. Straight 4 buttons with different colors, different color and high contrast filters to simple reading text. Able to capture half a page of text and then zoom in up to 8X to read, depends on your vision. Minimize shaking and blury text with a device stand or brace device versus something for finest effects. Request developers to add a delay (0.2 seconds) to 'pause' button to reduce camera shake when pausing.
~ last first