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About: "Much better, much more known, much more player-friendly - USA Today "Straight enough that anyone can use it, versatile enough that everyone has some use for it" - Wired WeChat is a messaging and calling release that allows you to easily connect with family and dudes across countries. It's the all-in-one communications release for text (SMS/MMS), voice and video calls, Moments, picture sharing, and releases. WHY USE WECHAT: MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING: Send video, picture, text, and voice messages. GROUP CHAT & CALLS: Make group chats with up to 500 recipients and group video calls up to 9 recipients. FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality nonpaid calls to anywhere in the globe. WECHAT OUT CALLS: Create calls to landlines and small around the world at weak rates (in certain regions only). STICKER GALLERY: Hundreds of nonpaid, fun, animated stickers to express your feelings fro ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: WeChat
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Similar Apps Like PSAHPERD PD Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: PSAHPERD brings professional development and advocacy to Health & Physical Education Teachers all over PA. This app gives you access to the current workshop and presenters' information.... Developer: MobileUp Software [email protected]

Similar Apps Like SHare Alternatives
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About: Stay on top of what is happening with colleagues anywhere you go. Chat, share and get the latest updates all in one place. Were always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected] Made with love in Switzerland....

Developer: Beekeeper [email protected]

Similar Apps Like The Link - UC Health Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Link, an app for the employees and clinicians of UC Health, offers news and information for and about the 11,000-plus people committed to advancing medicine and improving health in Cincinnati and across our region....

Developer: Staffbase GmbH [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dark it Browser Alternatives
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About: Dark It App changes the color of the most used assets on your mobile: facebook, instagram, twitter, e-mail and internet. The background is switched to black, and the letters are switched to green, orange, blue or red. Concerning the internet, it also works as a navigator that changes the colors of all visited websites. The change makes the mobile more comfortable to the eye, as most of the bright light is gone, avoiding red dry eye and also skin aging. It also saves battery on mobiles with am...

Developer: Dark it App [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Motorola Modality Services Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Motorola Modality Services helps your Motorola phone respond more intelligently to motion, phone orientation (e.g. face up/down) and stowed state (e.g in/out-of-pocket). Note: Motorola Assist and Motorola Active Display use this service. Keeping it updated allows you to benefit from their latest features....

Developer: Motorola Mobility LLC. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Emotional sticker for whatsapp - WAStickerApps  Alternatives
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About: Emotional sticker for whatsapp - WAStickerApps all emotional emoji sticker for whatsapp all sticker are open source from telegram and all are copyleft sticker...

Developer: WAStickerAppS [email protected]

Similar Apps Like NHA-IS Alternatives
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About: The National Highway Authority of Pakistan was created back in 1991 through an Act of Parliament. Its Mandate has been to plan, develop, operate, repair and maintain the National Highways & Motorways alongwith strategic routes of Pakistan. NHA is a custodian of more then 39 National Highways and Motorways having more then 12000 kms of road network. It covers 4.6% of the total national road network yet 80% of the commercial traffic is on NHAs network. N-5 alone carries 65% of the commercial tra...

Developer: NHA Software Team [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Bollywood Whatsapp Sticker - WAStickerApps  Alternatives
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About: Are you a fan of hindi or bollywood cinema? Then this is the must have sticker pack for your whatsapp. Express your love in SRK style, express your friendship in filmy style. So What Are You Waiting For. Tap and install this WAStickerApps . Features: Variety of sticker of famous Hindi movie dialogue and song. You can request your own sticker and I will surely add it in next new version. Ads Free. Always Update The App and Be With Latest Version Because New Dialogue OR Sticker c...

Developer: Suman Mondal [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Pubg stickers for Whats app (WAStickerApps) Alternatives
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About: Get your latest sticker absolutely free. Every week new stickers. Graphics used in the application is the property of organisations , companies and firms related to this topic. We respect company policies and not spreading any wrong information. 90+ Sticker available now....

Developer: Dheeraj Rijhwani [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Stickers para Whatsapp - Arepa y Mantequilla Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Por fin han llegado los stickers a WhatsApp! Y por ese motivo te presentamos el Pack de Stickers de "Arepa y Mantequilla" donde caricaturizamos la comida predilecta de todos los Venezolanos, la arepa y su fiel acompaante la mantequilla, que podrs usar en tus conversaciones gracias a un pack de 25 stickers Naguara e buenos! Qu ests esperando? Nota: Compatible con los nuevos Stickers de WhatsApp WAStickerApps (WAStickers). 100% Venezolanos...

Developer: Kechup Animation Studios [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New Fashion frenzy guide Alternatives
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About: Welcome to this Unofficial guide for Roblox Fashion frenzy guide! created by the fans of the app Roblox Fashion frenzy guide! We will help people understand the app in order to download this guide and be ready to learn in this app Roblox Fashion frenzy guide! Tricks If you are a fans of Roblox Fashion frenzy guide! game, then this is one of the best guide game for you. Guide Roblox Fashion frenzy guide! game contain many useful game guide, guide & tricks, walkthrough, hidden secrets, and man...

Developer: mmnlc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet Alternatives
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About: Kiwi Browser is made to browse the internet, read news, watch videos and listen to music, without annoyances. Browse in peace. Kiwi is based on Chromium and WebKit, the engine that powers the most popular browser in the world so you won't lose your habits. We hope you'll love Kiwi as much as we do. Note for power users and supporters: We have a Discord (chat) community where you can discuss development and share ideas: Main Features: Based on the very best Chromium In...

Developer: Geometry OU [email protected]

Similar Apps Like HTC Messages  Alternatives
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About: HTC Messages makes it easy to send, receive, and manage your SMS and MMS text messages. Features: - Send and receive SMS and MMS text messages - Send group message(s) - Search by keyword(s) - Back up and restore SMS text messages - The user can set block list for spam messages - Support thread view in conversational style - Secure box to keep privacy - Block contact(s) - Sorting by date and name...

Developer: HTC Corporation [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ZenUI Dialer & Contacts Alternatives
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About: ZenUI Dialer & Contacts is an all-in-one contacts, dialer, and call log app that offers powerful phone call features enabling you to block calls from unknown callers and spam senders, use speed dial, link duplicate contacts, run smart search, view history with all important info and personalize your own theme on your dialer, call log, and contacts. Block calls from unidentified callers Get rid of annoying phone spam using the Smart blocking feature. Block calls from unknown and private ...

Developer: ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. [email protected]


Similar Apps Like AT&T Messages for Tablet Alternatives
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About: With AT&T Messages you can send and receive text and pictures messages from your tablet or computer. Your messages are stored in the network so you can continue the conversation even when you switch devices. AT&T Messages uses your AT&T mobile number, so whether you send messages from your phone, tablet or computer, everyone will know the message is from you. To use AT&T Messages on your Android tablet (version 3.2 of the Android operating system and higher), press install, then open the app ...

Developer: AT&T Services, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ManageBridge  Alternatives
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About: Everbridge ManageBridge brings the same set of rich communication features available in Mass Notification to administrators who frequently use smartphones and tablets. The free, native mobile application is available to Everbridge clients, providing them with more control than ever before over their critical communications. With ManageBridge, users can access the Everbridge Platform from any location, monitor notifications via a graphical reporting interface, and initiate communications from ...

Developer: Everbridge, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Vesta Mobile Alternatives
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About: Vesta Mobile is an application that electronically verifies service visits and documents the precise time service provision begins and ends....

Developer: Datalogic Software [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Good Afternoon Images Gif  Alternatives
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About: Good Afternoon And Have a Great Day Good Afternoon And Have a Nice Day Messages Good Afternoon Romatic For Lovers Happy Afternoon For All Afternoon Images Wishes Love Gif Is An Application For You To Share With Your Family Friends And Lover The Best Wishes And Greeting For Afternoon Enjoy With Our Application Afternoon Images Wishes Love Gif And Make Relation With The Best Images Good Afternoon Animated Images Gif And Fixe Images ... say good Afternoon to your friends your lover or yo...

Developer: NewLooks [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Arabic Love Quotes ❤️️  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Feeling in love? Arabic Love Quotes is here for you! On a daily basis, our team makes a tremendous effort to find the perfect quotes for you to make your day better. Arabic Love Quotes brings the best quotes about love that enlighten the hearth and warm the soul. Love quotes that are put on beautiful backgrounds and are ready to share. Arabic Love Quotes They say that Arabic is a beautiful language that is rich of words and expressions. Imagine quotes in Arabic about the most univers...

Developer: J7 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Veterans Day Stickers for WhatsApp Alternatives
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About: With WhatsApp stickers support, this app supports sending customised Veterans Day Stickers to show your tribute to veterans. This is a new feature added in Whatsapp and we are offering some stunning stickers to make your Veterans Day Wishes special. This is very simple. Just Install the app and click the add to WhatsApp button and you are done. Then go to Whatsapp, press emoji button and in that you can find stickers tab, and you can start sharing the Veterans Day Stickers. Please no...

Developer: VELAN [email protected]



WeChat Reviews and Comments:

The release block me with no reason. I never see like that before. Just a joke. Support center to busy to do something. Rubbish release.In my country don't work at all. Viber, WhatsApp, Hangouts all much better so I will be back for one of that.
~ Matyas Szoke
worst release experience ever. like another comments mentioning that you obtain blocked for no reason, I confirm this. me and 2 another dudes in a trip in China got blocked for no reason. We hoped we can use it to talk with our families from home. Don't rely on it, aparently it's used by prostitutes to obtain paid via this release and another tax evaders.
~ Nature Vibes
The safety check is such a preventive measure! It doesn't let any newest player to sign up if you font know any already existing wechat player? How can i sign up if it is so?? Why zone on public platform of you don't wish newest recipients to use it? Waste Soft and it's developers!!
~ Niraj Jain
This is the worst release ever. i created an profile and got blocked tye very next day. i tried to unlock it but didnt manage so i created other profile with my second number, it got blicked the next day as well. Both because of suspicious activity when i didnt do anything wrong.
~ Krinera Kabanje
I will not give my star for nonpaid😏 this release is useless,it kept blocking any profile I have created with no reason. At the same time asking dude who is not my dude on Wechat to unlock my profile ,where on world will I obtain that. And I have read this same trouble over and over from different recipients around the globe, Can't the squad do anything and solve this at once.
~ Delilah Babi
Honestly I'm really disappointed. I created an profile last week and today all of sudden it was blocked for suspicious activity, the same happened with my dudes and since I know no one with a 6 months old profile I can just claim goodbye to mine. This is just sad.
~ FatDoinks s788
The rate of profile blocking is getting worst, My profile was blocked for over a week, I tried unblocking it, but they request a dude support, I don't have a dude around to helpe and I don't know how to contact one, I submitted my report to the wechat support center but no respond or any changes in my profile
~ Pascal C.nwerem
can't make a profile if u don't know any1 that's using wechat, the safety on the web won't allow u make an profile, they expect me to go door to door to search some1 using wechat to scan a QR code in order for me to launch a profile, DOOR 2 DOOR HAHAHA, WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE SITE, if u send a correspondence to the address supplied above they respond instantly claiming correspondences don't obtain reviewed u gotta use FAQ, IT DOESNT WORK!!!
~ Morne Van der meer
This release blocked me from logging into my profile within 24 hours of creating it, and has been blocked at least each another day. It keeps claiming I'm blocked because of suspicious activity or multiple accounts registered. All of my registration stats is legitimate. I only have 1 profile. I only have 1 contact (also with legitimate stats) because I am using this while my dude is in China for 2 weeks. None of the unblock troubleshooting options work. This release would be nice if it now worked.
~ Paige
terrible experience. need to know someone who has a WeChat profile just to sign up? what's wrong with anyone to use the release if they dont have any dude who have been using this release. need this release for PTE preparation; i did managed to ask a randon stranger to support me sign up but actually i am logged out because of session expire and can log back in because of suspicious activities
~ Sajjan Mishra
info don't work even after choosing option. Their support zone doesn't let you to report the trouble. This happened to my dude as well, he wasn't getting his family's upgrades while he was away because of this release. we both have to consciously check and launch it which is ridiculous.
~ Iris Wong
Worst experience in my life. There safety system is too high. Without any reason they block my profile. I launch this release and profile at night but next morning they block my profile without any notice and reson. After I test to contact with them but they don't respond me yet. Worst experience.
~ abrar sahol uddin
downloaded the release before traveling to China to stay in touch with family at home. profile immediately blocked without ever being used. can not unlock it with out a dude who has had wechat for over 6 months (I know no one on wechat) and the wechat help webpage shows error 404 webpage no longer exists. how are tourists supposed to contact home when everything, even China's own apps, are blocked!?
~ Lea-Ellen Catt
i downloaded the release used it once. after about a couple of weeks i attempted to use it again and then i obtain a info claiming me my profile has been blocked of suspicious activity. then i need to test this puzzel release then send an sms to my device then it asked me to enter a device number of other wechat player. i dont know many recipients who use wechat besides one another dude who has forgotten the device number they used. this release is unusable waste my time. clearly. fkn disgusting.
~ Julian Kuy
okay, this release is on test shop so i dont have to self download each upgrades on their official blog. - Im one of the 'old' players that using QQ profile to login, and i have 3+ profile, so each time i ask my self to unblock my Wechat profile, if this support. most of my dudes still using QQ to chat, and Wechat is no more than a payment option.
~ Tom Hu
please support me. i already have an profile. but that profile linked with my old number. i can login but im stuck at safety verification. i no longer use my old number. im also use newest device. and i dont have any dudes can support me with this verification. please support me :(
~ Degawan Degawan
I won't give any stars at all.This is a scumbag company and I'll never encourage my dudes to install it.How many times do you think that you need to verify an profile?!Just because I deleted the profile I have once installed back then I have to go through different safety barriers which you guys have set up to present how secured is your release?!!Stop being a cocky bastard Tencent!Even a renowned social media like messenger doesn't need such pathetic verification!!!!Stop showing off f****** damn!!!
~ Nicholas Oun
stupid release. only allows registration if a previous player of the release confirms me. such a stupid release. there are many another apps to download instead of this one and with no stupid requirements. I uninstalled it at once. this release is the most stupid release for communication. I don't need it cuz more nice apps are there for the same purpose
~ Sally Marzouki
Having to constantly log into wechat on my pc using my device is ridiculous!!!! I am not able to back up any files or log in when my device (that i have to use to log in) is dead. There needs to be an correspondence profile or another log in option. This is extremely inconvenient when you have no another idea to access your profile!!!
~ Amanda Britton
Your sign up process is a hassle. I am in an a rural zone and no one nearby can scan the QR code or check my small number in their wechat release. Why not create it easier by not involving another players? Why not allow a code be sent to my number to verify my profile instead? You should have gained a player but your registration process is much of a hassle.
~ Marvin Donoso
often I launch this release it claims your profile is blocked due to invalid soft Or activity please request to unlock your profile. it's hell. I have to use this release just because one of my dudes is in China and no another option is available to communicate with her. it's really stressful to register myself often I launch this release. and after registering myself I have to request to my dude to approve my request on weChat. wooww i really hate this release. it's waste of time & memory too.
~ kajal patel
it used to be nice until I returned to the states from Japan. I've been using T-small cellular time and japan wifi to access wechat just fine until I arrived in the states, then suddenly wechat doesn't use cellular time anymore. when i have wifi turned off, it'll claim "network unavailable" and give me a "service access failure 1, 1" trouble and won't allow me send or obtain messages using 3G alone. I've tried to reinstall the release, clear cache, clear time, change the settings... to no avail.
~ Celine CC
This is so frustrating. I can't even sign up using fb. And worst even if I sign up using my device number, there's a safety verification that needs to be done. For what purpose? Please fix this large trouble in your release. We need to make wechat profile for work and business purposes but it's too hard. 😩
~ Mery Vlogs
I don't even know how to sign up! When I filled in the stats the sign up, the password I place usually obtain rejected no matter what I test. I tried to place in numbers and underscores but it never seems to work. It's anoyying and actually I can't even sign up. I'm claiming you if you respond with an correspondence profile to write something, it's never going to work.
~ Hau JP
OMG it's getting on my nerves!!!! why it's not working??? i got my profile blocked because i entered wrong password for few times because simply i forgot it, then i remembered my password and followed the instructions, asked my dude verify me and then it was claimed that it's complete and wanted to go home page and run again. hoped it would work!! but it didn't, it claimed that it's blocked and wanted me repeat it all. i did it. but it's not unblocking me?! please, i really need to use WeChat!
~ Anujin Munkh-Uils
just lately im not getting we chat call or chat info. my info in settings are checked. also, one of my contacts is missing from my list of recipients i chat with. how do i add them back? i never had such troubles about 4 months ago. it was great. actually it is a mess. i even reinstalled it, hence losing years of chats. no support!
~ Jackie Stefan
This is the worst Soft ever. I purely downloaded it to support my mother unbock her profile (because for some reason you need someone with the release to do that). Each morning I recieve a message that my Acc has been blocked due to "suspicious activity " and I have to go through a entire process to unlock it. To delete the profile there has to be no "suspicious activity" for two weeks. Meaning that I will never br able to delete it due to my supposes (and UNREAL) everyday "suspicious activity".
~ Jana van der Merwe
Used to contact a dude in China, was blocked after a week for creating "a fake profile" and the way for proving your profile is true is both convoluted and broken. If you can obtain through to the correct page it requires a contact with an profile over 6 months old to confirm you are true, and even after doing this is didn't appear in the dude's release. The release itself is incredibly primary and appears to do nothing special. Disappointed sadly, will just stick with correspondence for my use topic
~ Matthew Brown
One of the worst release on the planet. The only reason they are in existence is because another social media are not allowed in China. Created an profile yesterday to contact a dude in China and 24hrs later my profile was locked out for some suspicious log in. All I did was one device call. The more 'smart' thing is that I need to search other player who has a 6mths old profile to support me verify my profile.
~ Jegatheeswaran Manoharan
I had dollars in this release, sent to me by others. out of the blue this release asks me to upload a photocopy of my ID and a picture of myself before I should have access my dollars again. This was not what I expected when I signed up, amd actually they have basically taken my dollars without my permission if I refuse to give up my policies. Anyone else who wants to protect their identity could withdraw your dollars asap.
~ Meladie Cao
Absolutely an indispensable release for anyone going to China. This was the only idea i was able to communicate with my family back in the States while i was gone. i will use this for video calls actually, as well, while stateside. Finest thing was the ability to scan signs and such written in Chinese and have the release translate. Don't leave home without it!
~ David Healey
Downloaded this release because my son is off to china quick and was claimed that this is one of the several messaging apps that works in China. During the registration process my profile was instantly blocked due to 'unusual' activity?! Yes, very unusual trying to make an profile! I contacted them via their blog and they corrected the troubles straight away.
~ Ray Burns
Appalled. Heard really nice things about this release and when i got to use it briefly,it was nice. Then it logged me out of the release for some reason and its been a nightmare since. Id forgotten my password so thought "no trouble, I'll use the verificafion code process". Only to then search out they were claiming me there had bren illegal activity on my profile! I'd used it for barely 48 hours. Ridiculous. No idea of contacting them or system is usually busy when you request authentication. Poor.
~ Hayley Maye
It doesn't work. At all. Nothing about it works. You nees to have a dude add you for verification BEFORE you can use it, but you cant be added because your profile isnt verified or activated. So you go round in circles creating newest passwords and entering the same device number each time you launch the release as without the impossible verification procedure, your number will not be registered. Makes absolutely NO SENSE.
~ Brotha Priovski
Hi, I'm Malaysian and I pay a visit to Japan, most of the Japan are available to use WeChat pay, however when I test to create transaction during the payment. It couldn't pass through! Is it because I'm using a debit card? Of course, I'm using Malaysia visa card. Or is it essential to only use credit card? Please respond this message and possible deliever me a feedback to learn the procedure of the WeChat Pay. Do you have any instructions/official blog that teach or to follow?
~ Sapphire Yue
The release is very great except for several things. I opened my first profile and it was blocked within 48hrs for no reason. I opened the second one the same thing and there was no suspicious activities whatsoever, there was no unusual registration and obtain back a blocked is so tiring. If you don't have a dude you can't be unblocked this is unfair. It's discouraging. Actually I have lost my business contacts. If the WeChat squad can atleast give us terms to follow to avoid all this blocking.
WeChat is nice for texting and has an wonderful range of beautiful, nonpaid stickers. However, after less than a week, I've been locked out of my profile twice for "suspicious activity" and need a dude to support me log back in through some convoluted process. Their support center claims if you use Project Fi, then they suggest using a different device number to connect... Unfortunately, this is also the only device number I have. I like the release, but the login process really ruins the experience.
~ Rin Wang
WeChat is by far the WORST social media release ever. You can’t see who viewed your messages, and the “message in a bottle” doesn't even work at all. The recipients using it are idiots. Huge study groups are practically useless because recipients are extremely ignorant and defeats the purpose of having it. Emojis are rip-offs as well. “WeChat releases” is fully BOGUS as it does not even work at all. I'd pick any another release over WeChat and the only reason I installed it is for the sake of my education.
~ Emily Wong
Downloaded as my partner is in China for work. Simply doesn't work. Straight away it wouldn't recognise the password I had just set. It then claimed I should obtain a dude to verify, but it wouldn't work at her end either. Unistalled, downloaded again. This time, she was able to verify me, but when I received the code from Wechat to complete the process, it came up as blocked again. If I test to login actually, it claims it doesn't recognise the password (again). Waste of time. 10 days with no contact ahead.
~ Gareth Frazer
i am trying to create an profile but it keeps on going back to safety. i followed the instruction this release claimed contact a dude who used this release and to support me register but what it gives me is a feedback to download it. But i already download it i just wish to create an profile. why does it is so hard
~ Regineee Reyes