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About: Check the weather around you and all over the globe at a glance. Rely on the accurate weather forecast and adjust your schedule to the weather coming in. You wont even have to look out the window as the release will create you feel like you are already outside! Weather is sometimes hard to predict. This accurate weather release allows to search out a detailed forecast wherever you are, for any time of the day or for the next 7 days just by tapping on the icons: - Actual and Feels like temperature - Wind speed and direction - Pressure and precipitation stats - Sunrise/sunset time - Weather Radar & Rain maps and another needed weather time accompanied by live animations and graphics. You can easily switch between detailed or compact layout to obtain weather stats that is relevant for you. In addition, you can check weather forecast even without opening the release. A vis ... Show more
Genre: Weather Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Apalon Apps
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About: Professional thermometer uses phone sensors to detect current temperature and shows it in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. Application is a easy to use tool for checking ambient temp around you. It does not need Internet connection cause it does not use outside servers and sensors. All you need to have is an Android phone as usually our phones and tablets have ambient temperature sensors. This precise thermometer is easy to use and available for everyone for free!...

Developer: DoWy [email protected]

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About: This is professional version of Weather Forecast, in this version: - All ads were removed - Full features - Free up to date & Premium support Weather Radar Pro is one of best weather apps with full features: Local weather, weather map (wind weather map service) and weather widgets. Weather map: Local weather radar app free with a lot of radar scope: Rain/snow, temperature, pressure, windy, clouds, humidity, waves, and storm radar. Forecastle: Forecast now, hourly forecast and daily for...

Developer: New Technology Series [email protected]

Similar Apps Like btstWx Pro Alternatives
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About: btstWx Pro offers all the features of the free btstWx app. Those features include various views showing live weather data from your weather station... within 4 seconds. In addtion to those features, btstWx Pro offers a special polar wind speed/direction graph that replaces the 4 graphs in btstWx. The PolarWind Graph displays Wind Speed and Direction on a time-scaled polar graph. Three time options are available: 10 Minutes, 30 Minutes and 60 Minutes. For WeatherFlow SWS users, the PolarW... Developer: BTST - Samuel Grant [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Weather updates&temperature report Alternatives
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About: More than 50 million users choice! A Popular weather widget app for you! This weather widget is a full featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast app. With this thermometer app, you can get daily and hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts, daily&7 day weather updates, fancy clock weather widgets, weather news and global weather. Features Realtime local temperature checker & live local weather This clock weather app displays weather te...

Developer: Weather Widget Theme Dev Team [email protected]

Similar Apps Like KRCR WX Alternatives
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About: KRCR NEWS Channel 7 is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android. Features Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available Future radar to see where severe weather is headed High resolution satellite cloud imagery Current weather updated multiple times per hour Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models Ability to add and save your favorite location...

Developer: Sinclair Digital Interactive Solutions [email protected]

Similar Apps Like KRON4 Wx - San Francisco Alternatives
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About: Never let the weather catch you by surprise again. The trusted weather experts at StormTracker 4 deliver San Francisco Bay Area's most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps, you'll get a local forecast that is customized for you. Download the KRON4 Weather app for fast, accurate local and national weather at your fingertips. With its personal alert notifications, you'll know when significant weather is heading your way and when to ta...

Developer: Nexstar Digital (formerly LIN Media) [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Montana Weather Authority Alternatives
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About: The Montana Weather Authority App provides: Access to station content specifically for our mobile users High-powered radar; the highest resolution available Future radar to see where severe weather is headed Current weather conditions, as well as weekly and hourly forecasts from our extensive computer models Ability to add and save your favorite locations Fully integrated GPS, so you can receive updates for your current location Opt-in push alerts to keep you safe when...

Developer: KHQ, Inc. [email protected]


Similar Apps Like CBS Sacramento Weather  Alternatives
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About: Get real-time local forecasts from our trusted meteorologists. Explore interactive maps, receive severe weather warnings and important updates, and share your weather photos with the CBS Sacramento newsroom. Features: * Hourly, Daily, and 10-Day Forecasts * Customizable Layered Maps * Hi-Res Satellite Imagery * Exclusive videos and stories fromCBS13Experts...

Developer: CBS Local [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Weather radar: Snowstorm Alert & Hurricane Tracker Alternatives
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About: Weather Radar a powerful yet easy-to-use weather station right on your phone, with snowstorms and severe weather alerts. Real-time animated weather radar images on a highly interactive map enhanced with warnings, provide accurate weather forecasts that will prevent bad weather from taking you by surprise. Weather radar: Snowstorm Alert & Hurricane Tracker reflects the real-time weather conditions and provides you with the detailed meteo information you need to know: current and "Feels Like" t...

Developer: Devy Tools [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Weather Live forecast  Alternatives
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About: Weather Live forecast App has all weather functionality feature that you need in your daily life whether you are a farmer, office worker, construction contractor. Weather is uncertain and can cause difficulties in making your daily plans. Stay updated with the latest weather observations and the most accurate future weather forecast. Whether you plan to go to school, work or outing the weather can affect your decision that how to commute..Weather Live forecast App can keep you well aware of th...

Developer: Carino Earth Maps Free Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Chronus: Live HD weather icons in 64-bit color Alternatives
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About: Only for Android 8.0 and above in 64-bit color. Live HD 64 bit color Weather Icons is a set of weather icons for Chronus and CyanogenMod cLock widgets. To use the Live HD Weather Icons, download Chronus: Home & Lock Widget from Google Play. IMPORTANT: Additionally to the main application widgets Chronus and not separately used. ?id=com.dvtonder.chronus To apply this theme: Chronus Settings > Weather Panel > Icon set > Live HD 64 bit> OK Icons in normal resolution: ...

Developer: fancybox [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Breeze Wind Meter Alternatives
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About: Breeze works as an anemometer, just using your pinwheel! Average wind speed measuring mode with real time chart, wind direction display and simple calibration. All you need: a mobile phone, a plastic pinwheel and 2 steel paperclips The typical wind range is 1-8 m/s: the full scale is limited by the pinwheel structure...

Developer: Gaia Consulting [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Mugla Weather  Alternatives
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About: Mula blgesi iin gerek zamanl verileri sunan Trkiye'nin ilk blgesel hava durumu uygulamas. Anlk, Saatlik ve Haftalk hava durumu Gerek zamanl imdiki hava scakl, hissedilen hava scakl, rzgarn hz ve yn, nem bilgisi, saatlik ya milimetresi Haftalk hava tahmininde gndz ve gece hava scaklklar, rzgar hz, yn ve ya olasl yzdesi Mugla Weather hava durumu uygulamas mensnde Hava Durumu, Ya Radar, Uyarlar, Kar Kalnlklar sayfalarna ul...

Developer: Mugla Weather [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Good To Run  Alternatives
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About: When will it be good to go running? See weather forecasts, wet-bulb globe temperature, condition flags, air quality index, and UV index, all in one convenient tool. Perfect for runners, joggers, marathon runners, athletes, and more....

Developer: Good To Forecast [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Marshmallow Weather Icons Set for Chronus Alternatives
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About: Marshmallows is an add-in Weather Icon Set for Chronus, Crius and the CyanogenMod's cLock Home & Lock Screen Widget. Installation 1. Chronus Weather Icons - Marshmallow theme isn't a standalone weather widget, make sure you have Chronus/Crius/cLock installed. 2. This theme is only supported on OS 3.4 and later. Credit Chronus: Home & Lock Widget can be found at Play Store. All credit goes to DvTonder for his great widget....

Developer: N.A DEV [email protected]

Similar Apps Like MTRL Weather Icons set for Chronus  Alternatives
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About: MTRL is a material Weather Icon Set for Chronus, Crius and the CyanogenMod's cLock Home & Lock Screen Widget. Installation 1. Chronus Weather Icons - Material theme isn't a standalone weather widget, make sure you have Chronus/Crius/cLock(CM) installed. 2. This theme is only supported on OS 3.4 and later. Credit Chronus: Home & Lock Widget can be found at Play Store. All credit goes to DvTonder for his great widget....

Developer: N.A DEV [email protected]

Similar Apps Like MyFlight Forecast Alternatives
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About: MyFlight Forecast is your best personal weather station providing current weather conditions as well as daily & hourly weather forecast based on your flight. MyFlight Forecast does not only offer real-time weather information and forecasts but also comes with different features and information such as flight conditions, potential flight and airport delays and turbulence forecast. We will let you know everything about where and when the next rain shower is located relative to your flight. ...

Developer: FlyHome, LLC dba MyFlightForecast.com [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WMap Accurate Weather Updates Alternatives
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About: Get weather updates easily for free on your android phone stay up to date with real time forecasting updates. Weather app also offers widgets for home screen. Weather: Real time forecasting: Get weather apps & stay updated with climate changes for real time local weather alerts. The climate widgets are accurate weather reading for weather app. Multiple widgets: Accurate reading of weather is precisely from real time weather updates. Get your current location weather updates by turning on...

Developer: The Apps Arena [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Weather Forecast Weather Channel App Weather Live Alternatives
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About: Weather Forecast Weather Channel App Weather Live. Weather Forecast works like weather network & weather radar with weather channel. This Weather channel app weather forecast local weather network will let you track rain & view current temperature. Features of Weather Forecast Weather Channel App Weather Live & Weather Tracker: Todays Weather Update - Local Weather Network Weather Channel is weather map weather forecast app with weather tracker and radar widget . Get live reports and d...

Developer: Weather Forecast, GPS Maps & Street View, AR Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Degrees LA  Alternatives
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About: Get your temperature in degrees relative to 70 degrees Fahrenheit....

Developer: Mediadrake [email protected]



Weather Live Free Reviews and Comments:

fors recipients to buy not nice for if babes click him nice release for fishing and another recipients not nice for all why Editor's pick present this release needs kick ass you editors i think you and Google tool with recipients
~ khan k1
This release includes time from the nearest weather station from my home, whereas two another known weather apps use time from weather stations over 15 miles away. I search this release to be the most accurate for actual weather conditions near me.
~ Brent Leslie
very useful release. love to see how my weather is and what im expecting. each day i wake up.
~ Charlie Brown
l didn't expect such detailed stats. Actually I can better plan my activities. Thank you. It's too warm for snow. There is no global coverage.
~ Cheryl Jeter
Pretty well designed interface allows awesome time visualisation. High accuracy in weather broadcasting.and very needed widgets. Thank you for your nice release.
~ Bakr Al-Tamimi
This release has been extremely needed and useful in planning few trips and itineraries out of state as well as providing accurate forecasts for my everyday routine. I reccomend it highly for anyone that is looking for a nice release to support plan your days around the weather!
~ April Torres
The graphics separate from another weather apps. Lots of cool informations and actually my go to weather release. Thanks!!
~ Bob Johnson
This release sucks. Constantly wrong. Today shows its raining currently, and it is sunny out. Ridiculous!
~ Scott Streich
Rather inaccurate. Eg tonight we have 61kmh winds and the release claims 17kmh winds. This was in Tawa, Wellington, Newest Zealand. The weather I saw was trees getting blown down, branches being blown off giant trees, equipment being blown around everywhere. It happened the day I posted my review.
~ Vasquez P
I thought I'd test this great weather but cannot test because it's pressurising me into buying it or take a trial to take a trial you got to place your credit card information in or some form of payment I thought this person was nonpaid can't write the tool butreview the recipients who wrote the soft to pressurise you are not glad total waste of time if I should have given you not stars I would have done
~ M Hall
very terrible accuracy - actual temp off by 16 degrees - forecast high off by 8 degrees. I uninstalled. Be careful, their stats page claims installing the release gives a subscription trial period and they will bill profile at end of trial period AND that uninstalling the release does not automatically unsubscribe, so you should still end up paying monthly after uninstallation. sounds scammy.
~ Dane Hutchins
brilliantly accurate weather release. speedy precise and exact to where I live. gives out all time that you need from wide to moon set.
~ Emma S
I supposed to have a annual subscription, and it renew on August, but suddenly actually I have to subscribe again. WHAT ??
~ Mäřloņ Fřäņk
Weather is off by around 10 degrees, that's quite a margin. My exact territory is Pudahuel, Chile. Has happened ever since I installed the Soft, although the weather for my second territory (Spain) is accurate. The weather I saw tonight was 23°c when there was around 12°.
~ Matías Amaru Valdivia Silva
It's a fun and cool release. I understand that recipients who created it shoud be paid for their work hence the banners. But gosh, they are all over and in your face. And I am not willing to pay for a weather release to obtain it without banners. Especially when they are so many another nice ones out there, for nonpaid and no banners. Too terrible, I won't use this one, like I claimed, it is cool. I remember years ago when it had no banners and I used to suggest it to all my dudes...
~ S B
The weather territory tracker does not work properly as I work in the suburb of maroubra , n.s.w. Sydney Australia and it claims bay gardens which is a Chinese restaurant which is in the suburb of Broadway, Sydney Australia which is five subscribers north west of my territory so if I am going to out and I check the state of the weather .The rain forecast might claim I will obtain rain in an hour but in actual topic I will obtain the rain an hour and half earlier.
~ John Lewis
$13 a year for an release that Claims me less stats than the nonpaid weather underground release? I want that the weather would be modernized as quick as you launch it instead of each half hour. I'm a truck driver who is usually on the transport. If it was nonpaid I would rate it closer to the weather underground, but being that I paid for it, not so much.
~ Dan Cigno
Love this release. Simple to view and I love being able to request the forecast for any castle I enter including international ones. Displays weather for total of 10 days.
~ Linda Hovind
Nice nonpaid ver - Love that it has the temperature in the task bar at the top of my device. I can easily unblock my device. look to the left of the date on my Samsung Galaxy s8+ and see the temp. If I wish more stats I can scroll my bar down and see my info, where it quickly gives me a brief weather modernization like light rain early sunny afternoon. etc. By clicking into the info or release I can see the weekly forecast, weather alerts, and pick multiple territories I wish speedy access to
~ Jen Snider
ACCURATE and RELIABLE! I usually obtain the newest, accurate and reliable forecast from this Soft as compared to all another Weather Tools I have tried.
~ Curt Spikes
not long had the release but so far i think the release is really nice and have been liking it, i tried lots of apps before getting this one of which they didnt work so i didnt think this one would but it does and am loving it, so thanks
~ paula spelling
I really like that it shows the temperature in the status bar. It's a decent weather release, but a tiny hard to understand sometimes, specifically when it come to parcipitation.
~ Z Meyers
I love this release. I pay the subscription because its now worth it. I only wish one addition...the ability to report air quality to you, so another lung challenged recipients know which thing is going to trigger them. Like smoke, pollen, pollution, dust storms(yes they happen in alberta), etc...
~ Rachel Oliver
Thank you Lets me know what is happening around the country supports me plan in advance as how the weather is turning out, I also allow my family know what to expect from the weather, thank you again I would like to see a map to track the weather
~ John Barron
I bought this release to avoid advertising and I am satisfied with its functionality and reliability. The release gathers feedback from players about local weather conditions and that provides a more accurate forecast. The National weather satellite time is the norm... Great!
~ Theo Hollins
Love this release. That it follows my territory in true time and keeps me apprised of impending weather conditions where I may be heading. I am traveling a lot this next year and this release is going to be very useful in knowing if I am driving into tornadoes/hurricanes/extreme storms. It will let me to create adjustments as required before getting stuck in the middle of the boonies somewhere trapped in a risky storm. LOVE IT!!!
~ S Pratt
Weater upgrades are necesary, nice, and usefull. Thank you. Your Weather Live Soft, has been of use to me in many instances, in guiding me for my travels to another localities. Without it, I would certainly have been messed up by adverse weather conditions of those zones, which proved to be fully different to my locality of departure. Hold it up!
~ Thembinkosi Mchunu
I paid for the super release for the hurricane tracker worked for a week and hasn't worked since. would give 5 stars if it worked. (Previous review was 12/13/18) Modernization May 19 2019 started working again a couple of months ago, I don't know why but it is working. Well see if it continues to work thru the hurricane season when I really need it. So for actually it gets 5 stars
~ Rick Wells
i was looking for live weather broadcast during a tornado watch. THIS APP DOES NOT PROVIDE THAT. i tired to cancel instantly but should not figure out how. i wrote the developer who never responded and TADA! I got charged $4.99. there is no idea to ask for a refund, i guess the developer made sure of that. . my subscription is actually cancelled on the SAME DAY AS THE CHARGE BUT THE DEVELOPER HAS A "POLICY" OF NO REFUNDS... HOW CONVENIENT FOR THEM WHEN THEY WON'T REPLY TO EMAILS.
~ Kevin C. Hall
As accurate as weather can be. I enjoy it because of the interactive map as well as the fact it's nonpaid and has the most detail. I loved underground before this release but it just kept destroying so actually I am using this for 2 plus years and love it.
~ Carolyn Hough
Like to know if this is use globe wide how you obtain your temperatures, notice a the odd times that l obtain asked if this weather is right, or if l sent what l think it is it stays the same for age. Between the another weather setup l use outside, that's is idea more accurate. This release needs to be worked on??.
~ Mitchel Roos
Right at my fingertips, I can see the actual conditions once release is opened. I can then scroll down to every parameter setting, radar, precipitation, hourly etc. I have the Additional release, which is inexpensive but to have a weather release in my pocket with this stats comes in handy.
~ Mark Tannenbaum
I enjoy being able to look up the weather at anytime. I haven't had any troubles with the release so far, everything is nice, very accurate! I have no complaints about it, I love the release. I look at it all the time, one of the first things I look at in the morning and last thing before bed. Thank you to this release.
~ A Google user
Installed W/L a several weeks ago, well done squad, found it to be as accurate as possible, all the stats relevant to your chosen zone. One of the finest available, will hold this one on, Thanks Again W/L, hold up the top, accurate stats.
~ roy slater
I've been using this release (although the older ver on the release shop) for about 6 years. My custom homescreen design is built around the circular widget. That ver stopped working in terms of upgrading territory, time and weather. Just switched to this ver only to see that it's going to cost me £50 over the next 5 years if I wish my homescreen design to look the same and have access to the same interactive maps as the another ver. That's not cool. Can anyone suggest an alternative?
~ Oliver Pohlmann
Pleasant to the eye and simple to use. Lots of stats broken down hour by hour and what to expect. Extended forecast allow's you view few weeks out. This release gives you the actual temperature for your specific zone. The graphics are nice and when you launch up the release, you might see stars or clouds or fog or rain, etc. Well you obtain the picture...literally!
~ A Google user
Still 5 stars!! Soft is nice do not have any complaints at this time. Was wondering tho if developer should add major and minor times both a.m. and p.m. major/minor times everyday. Can do without the blue/golden times they do not interest me in the least. Just a thought!! Hold on nice work!!! C. Finest
~ A Google user
I decided to give you other test. After trying 25 another apps, yours is the only release that seems to accurately track territory and time. some of the another apps had slightly better looking widgets, but hands down you are still the most accurate. Surprisingly, reloading the release this time, the glitch went away. It's back to looking and acting like it did before upgrading my device, actually I'm glad. Thank you.
~ Steve Boggs
one cheating release. dont ever test the nonpaid trial. they will automatically charge your card with out asking after the nonpaid trial is end. never to claim that this is so useless so that I have to delete it off my device a several days after I installed it and still charge me long after that . Large battery drainer. If you wish your device die soonest you can. You gotta download and pay for this harmful release.
~ Tawn Krutgul
The release's look and feel are beautiful but... the weather forecasts are VERY often wrong. For instance, it claims actually "massive snow", 2 degrees C, when it is fully sunny, not a cloud in the sky, it hasn't snowed in a month and it is 12 C outside. The temperature shown on the info is usually wrong, different from all the another apps, and you can't obtain rid of the info by sliding it to the side. Pity.
~ Anik Buhlmann