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Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)   
About: The Wear OS by Google release, previously Mobile Wear, syncs your smartwatch and device so you can obtain more out of your watch. Receive proactive support from your Google Assistant, see important messages, track health and fitness, and more, all from your wrist: GET PROACTIVE HELP FROM YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Stay on top of your day with proactive, personalized support and needed shortcuts from your Google Assistant. Receive commute times, see upcoming reservations, check your flight status and more. TAKE YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS FURTHER: Monitor your progress towards two activity targets based on health suggestions from American Heart Association and Globe Health Organization, Heart Points and Transport Mins ROCK OUT WHILE YOU WORK OUT: Control your favoured song right from your wrist and stay motivated through the last mile STAY CONNECTED AT A GLANCE: Check important info, t ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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About: Stay on top of what is happening with colleagues anywhere you go. Chat, share and get the latest updates all in one place. Were always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected] Made with love in Switzerland....

Developer: Beekeeper [email protected]



Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear) Reviews and Comments:

this is just sad. I've had 3 tic watches and 3 fossil q explorist watches and they all do the same exact thing. google....how many time do recipients have to sit and complain that the damn watches are disconnecting. as of right actually, my watch has been disconnected for 5 hours with no access to the internet. I can obtain info but I can't use the any of the functions that makes the watch, a smart watch. you guys screwed everything up. theres PLENTY of recipients having this trouble. this is sad.
~ Rip Knoxx
Just like all of the rest of these newest reviews, the most newest modernization has rendered my smart watch useless. The Bluetooth on the watch claims that it's connected to my device but it's unable to pull any info or territory time or anything else. The watch's battery is depleted from 100% after just a several hours actually, which leads me to trust that the watch is getting stuck in some type of unlimite loop attempting to establish or maintain a connection. I'm not sure what the trouble is but none of the standard troubleshooting feedback provided by Google help are fixing this anything after this modernization.
~ Samuel Blake
Nice release, for tracking blood presure, heart rate , exercise tool to track medical conditions ,treatment recovery and percription cources for medical checkups and medical drug effency and sucessrates . could be compuslery for all medical conditions percriptions and treatment processes , god knows doctors have a hard enuf job might create there job a littel easyer and improve dignosios probility and reduce fatality rate for percription processes. would need a chart with cource tool durration.
~ John Hanrahan
With the lastest modernization troops are fixed on Imperial. Tablet language is set to English UK, so it could use SI, especially for weather. Setting language to German or Japanese (both SI countries) does not change the weather from F to C. Why Google? Only two countries in the globe use the Imperial system, so stop forcing it on us!
~ Tenshi Hara
as far as face watches , my option doesnt not contain "my social" my husband has same release and his does have that option , any concept why my is not available ?
~ Zulema Vargas
not surprised. what happen before. the older modernization from several months ago were nice. this modernization is pissing me off because my watch used to connect on itself on older modernization and i were so exciting. but this one is not connecting on itself. it not self thr watch. this release are affect all watch. last night my watch connect until in the morning it didn't connect. my device sns my watch were with me thr entire Time. i don't mind of the battery. i do mind of connect the watch which it don't work.
~ Steven Bajdo
Just like EVERY OTHER RECENT REVIEW of this release, my watch is ALSO constantly claiming it's disconnecting from my device. I've tried everything, but nothing Google has claimed has solved the trouble. Their solution is "factory restart everything." My battery on my watch drains very quickly (because it keeps trying to reconnect to my device) even though this release claims that it is connected. There are numerous complaints about this trouble. Google, instead of claiming everyone they're wrong, fix the trouble!!!!!
~ Joey Schantz
It's not what you'd expect from a company like Google. It can be clunky, sometimes freezes (on the watch) and a newest trouble im having lately out of nowhere us the weather temp changes from C to F randomly. This morning it was on F. Actually it's suddenly back to C. Yet there seems to be no option of changing it. Be it on the watch or in the release on device. I don't seem to be alone, judging by the Mobile forums on the internet either.
~ Paul
I've been using Mobile Wear watches since the first generation, and I can finally claim that it's a failed product at this target. Not only was it initially released in a beta state, it has gotten worse with every newest modernization and newest watch I've bought. Constant connection dropping between the device and the watch, terrible battery life and no end to lag. If you are considering a smartwatch, obtain a Samsung Gear or just save your dollars. Google could be ashamed of this whole Wear OS project.
~ Connor Kemp
Hi , the swipe mode of answering the calls on my moto 360 2nd generation doesn’t present , instead a solid mode shows that i can just respond or reject the calls. In addition I cannot set calls on my device speakers by answering the calls on this solid mode. The similar picture attached to this correspondence. Thanks
~ Nima Gouran
Modernized: I ended up needing to factory restart my watch as well as my device (had some crazy troubles going on with my device). Once I did that, this release worked perfectly. My watch has a longer battery life and is working better than ever. Plus, I can pick which calendar to sync to my watch. That's a major plus. Apologies and large thanks to the developers.
~ Jenni Bolton
im seeing the newest modernization with tiles and im not sure how to gwt thw modernization since the talk of tiles i have received 3 Wear OS upgrades and i haven't received the tiles yet on my Summit 2 really regretting my $1000 buy and really thinking about switching back to Samsungs Tizen and my Gear S3
~ Ben Roberts
Finally works as advertised. This is an release that has to just work. I do not care what it looks like at all. And actually ir does work very well. It sure took a while to obtain there!
~ Christian Dysthe
I have dropped this release to one star. This afternoon I received an modernization to the device and watch apps and I no longer have the tiles that came with the April modernization. I have no clue how you obtain them back. Pitiful!
~ Robert White
after the last modernization the battery is not charging. it was on charge overnight and has only charged 36%. Support.
~ Anjna Buhecha
GARBAGE! STILL! For 3 years actually. 2nd review. Watches don't connect! Company refuses to reply and resolve! Program still gets 2/3 idea thru and stops. Never finishes! I have thousands of $'s in Kors, Haweis, LG's, Zen Watches; NONE CONNECT! I'm using Samsungs and Garmin watches. I have left feedback on setup troubles for 7 days straight on feedback section. No on answers! NO ONE! Why have a feedback option if you dont read them? Inept, irresponsible, brain dead company. AVOID!!!
~ Rich OnePlanet
It disables info for random apps when it upgrades. In respond to Googles comment, I know how to fix the trouble, I just dont wish the trouble occurring each time the release is modernized
~ Paul Clark
can't connect my device to my watch, the message Couldn't connect to device is usually there. I've already checked all of the recommendations on your support web page.
~ Rafael Hernández Guzmán
- Google maps info gotta usually display on watch like before - YouTube testing controller gotta be in info, currently, it just display when testing video on small but when it accidentally lost from watch so cannot see it then
~ Sirisuk Jintaviwatwong
overall i love my watch and wear release. most recently, I've noticed that when i have my device connected with my car, no correspondence or text info come to my watch anymore. once I'm out of the car, it works fine. i think i could be the one to judge if i don't obtain notified. is this by design?
~ Herbert Branam
I used to only lose connection each actually and then. After the modernization few days ago, it becomes reality. My watch is unusable. Oh please dont respond me about checking the bluetooth or what not. This is just a comment. I know you cant support me.
~ Don
I have been using the Tic Watch E for nearly a year actually and I have yet to see Wear OS produce an modernization that takes advantage of the devices functionality and most importantly battery life. Since the May 22, 2019 Modernization there is a tiny 'yellow' bar that appears on the right side of the home screen and a 'blue' bar that appears around the home screen, the step counter has does not restart, despite power cycling the device twice, and the battery life of the device has diminished. Booting up the device from a full charge depletes 10% of the battery.
~ Blue Marvel
Since the modernization this week, battery life has gone idea down! I've had my watch off the charger for 3 hours and it's down to 43%! What changed?!
~ Kathy Isaac
frustrating release keeps claiming that it is trying to modernization / search upgrades then has to be manually stopped. does this each month or so, for a several days then is okay again. Sony watch 3 and currently P20 device (used to also do it on old device)
~ Brian Morrall
normally love Google products and love my newest Michael Kors watch however... nothing's working properly and it's hard to search support. info come through for calls without vibrating, texts are not coming through at all even after switching text apps and a factory restart ?
~ Angela Bartol
still cant obtain calls info from WhatsApp on ticwatch pro also when i obtain more than one picture i cant launch them on the watch, also y have a smart watch and cant test mh Whatsapp audio....😑 guess its not that smart. i think i needs a lot of work
~ kendell willie
pairing system is garbage. watch is paired with device, but wear os is too stupid to continue setup unless both device and watch are at the same spot..... Wear os is the trouble.... just continue setup.... after finally getting the os back up and running you have to uninstall wear os on the watch then reinstall and do this process each two months.
~ Scott Winterringer
love it, please add a lefty/righty mode. flip flop. some days i wish it on my right hand, some days i wish it on my left. it will support with my tan lines and also hold my wrist movements from pressing the side buttons. thank you hold it up over there 👍
~ XxMizeryx X
Nice release, working well... But gigantic disappointment with Google pay release on wear os, I thought since standard gpay is available in my country, the gpay service on watches will be too, and for some time it was, judging by the fact some ppl were really pissed when Google blocked this in many countries... And since I did not do any prior research, I upgraded my older watches without NFC to newest ones with NFC for nothing! Really pissed off too...
~ Mirek Gajdečka
This release is getting better and better. But what we wish is an improved/faster/bug-nonpaid ver of Wear OS. Tiles is revolutionary. Please throw some bucks at Wear OS to develop it further just like Mobile. And I think it'd be a nice concept if Google opens Wear OS to OEMs. (Just like AOSP)
~ JD
I have used Wear os (Mobile wear) for years and with multiple devices and it has work with my Samsung Note 9 no trouble up until the modernization and the release just hangs on the wear logo when lauched. I have done the usual like uninstalled the release and tried to re-pair the device and the release still hasnt worked. Is there an modernization that will support it work with my note 9 again. I obtain a response from Google claiming me to do exactly what I had previously claimed I had done....well done for reading the trouble.
~ Mario OReilly
Generally a decent OS for wearables, but few GLARING deficiencies within the Google Fit companion release create one wish to investigate Tizen, Fitbit OS, or others. 1. (Lack of) Swim tracking: My Fossil Explorist watch is swimproof, but since Google Fit DOESN'T HAVE A SWIM-TRACKING APP, what's the target? 3rd party apps like Swim.com and Swimpro are poor (hard to use, drain battery life). How did you conceive of us using a swimproof watch without being able to know elapsed time, number of strokes, distance? 2. No built-in SLEEP TRACKING (3rd party apps are almost nonexistent, and the one that does exist "Sleep as Mobile" is poor). The Huawei Health release (for Mobile & Wear OS) does integrate sleep tracking, but I don't have a Huawei. It's moot. Why isn't this primary functionality an integral part of Fit, since newest smartwatches include all manner of sensors? 3. EXPORTING FITNESS DATA: The most primary requirement of devices that track health/exercise, could be the ability to EXPORT all that time, so you can analyze it on your PC (and not just look at it on a small device screen). Is there no ability to export all that Fit time to my Windows PC to track my progress?
~ Russ K
Why no sleep tracking which is a very primary information an Mobile Wear could deliever? There's no proper release when the Mobile wear maker doesn't deliever. If exists then I have to install many apps (Wear OS, Google Fit, the maker's release, sleep tracker…) and sync across them daily! Why can't you create it all-in-one, easy and simple like Fitbit?
~ J- Gm
Why do I feel like I'm gambling each time I modernization this release? Once again no communication between watch and device. Now, this release fully FORGOT about my watch! I have to set it up all over again!
~ Brian Lemieux
Google is making e-life more hard than it needs to be. contacted fossil and they claimed it was a google trouble. I have the release on my device, the contacts are synced. it's the stupid frowny cloud. THE UPDATE MADE THE CLOUD FROWN. attn google: please don't send me a feedback claiming me that I'm not doing something right or that I missed something, my watch worked perfectly until your modernization. SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING SWITCHING TO APPLE! all because of how you hold messing with our watches. STOP ALREADY
~ stephanie williamson
Really nice and battery seems very nice!! But i'm waiting for the "tiles modernization" which provides a lot of more stats than only the watchface should! Please roll out the modernization faster, or are there brands that dont obtain the "tiles modernization"? I'm currently on ticwatch s2.
~ Mike Schouwenaar
I have the Asus ZenWatch 2 for 6 months, and I am very thankful to it. I mostly use it as a standalone. However, I have filled it with third party apps, like a browser and a file explorer. I have also downloaded song, which I test through a test shop release.... I'm also very disappointed with the March modernization, which made the battery vanish almost instantly. So, I think that you could add your own browser, file explorer, Calendar, song user and all the another apps that are considered primary on a small device!
~ Dimitris Zora
After the newest modernization info silencing is broken again. Getting info on both the watch and device while wearing the watch. Also Google Authenticator will no longer load on the watch. Edit: The developer response is not useful. I know how the settings work and it was working fine until the last Wear OS modernization. You guys have broken it many times before and have broken it again. The trouble is not with the manufacturer.
~ Ben Newlin
The newest modernization causes to vibrate longer when the watch is set to vibration mode. This happens no matter if the info is set to normal, longer or double. Otherwise, I like the modernization with the newest "Add to tile" option for the right side swipe. Although it would be great if they have more than 4 option tiles to add, perhaps this should be expanded in the next modernization?
~ Johnny Lee
Its okay. I recently bought a wear os watch coming from a samsung watch. I really expected more, much more from google. Samsung has many, many more informations in the release. Specifically about info. The Wear Os release only has 2 and they dont really even work right. I have it set to silence my device if I'm wearing my watch. If i take my watch off, my device fails to notify me of any info. Like its in do not disturb mode. Google, please add and fix some things.Look at Samsung
~ Brock Bowen