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About: Finest Launcher on Mobile Wear Devices, Over 400,000 Customer's Choice Actually come with 3 completely customizable interactive watch faces, access your favoured apps / toggles without activate launcher. It's often a pain to launch an release on your Mobile Wear device. You have to remember its name or scroll through different lists to search and run it. Wear Mini Launcher is designed to let you to quickly run any release from anywhere. You have also access to speedy settings with the double swipe gesture. You can change the brightness of your wear device, change the wifi state, the ring mode of your handheld or create it ring to search it back! Create it looks like you! With many customization options, the launcher is actually exactly as you wish it to be. Customize the position to slide from the part of the screen you chose. You have to own an Mobile Wear device to ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 10MB Developer: Mini Launcher
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Wear Mini Launcher Reviews and Comments:

I don't like the fact that it keeps running in the background. When I'm not using it.
~ A Google user
Liked this release, but it just showed me a full screen banner for some "optimization" release.
~ Eric Lipschutz
how do i obtain rid of that horrible cleaner release that's attached
~ Ekow MacEyeson
Will it stop ads if I donate. If not I will delete it. I did PAY, and I still obtain banners
~ Jacqueline Strasser
This release actually constantly warns about memory usage and asks you to install other release.
~ Dustin Pate
Nice wear release. Like so many others I thought it didn't work anymore. You gotta need to set permissions on your watch actually and it works fine.
~ ranald neilson
Soft ruin constantly on the watch also they added a "cleaner/booster" on the small release so the release will be running in background. I don't know what is the relation between a watch launcher and a "cleaner" also a function to cooler your device XD. All this "newest" functions sounds just to spy you or to test to obtain players with lies like functions to boost your device
~ Cristian CJ
So I used this release a nice deal on my smart watch but after having to restart the watch for a newest device the release claims watch not connected and won't work but on wear os it's connected and I can use the watch with my device but yet this release isn't working really enjoyed this release till actually
~ Dylan Goodwin
Loved this, but since the most newest mobile os modernization it's basically unusable. I am stuck with a permanent info that the release will override another apps. Which is what it's supposed to do. Apparently this is for an older ver of Mobile os so maybe you need an modernization. I may just uninstall because I won't slay my battery with info I can't clear. Modernization. Same troubles but actually half the icons are missing too. Uninstalling from watch till you can figure out how to create it work properly. UPDATE over 2 months later and it still doesn't work properly. Actually it crashes on my device and just devours my device battery. Uninstalling. Too terrible because this WAS nice.
~ Lisa Ertolahti
I originally loved how simple it it to manage on the tiny screen. However if you Install a media user such as mx user, it breaks the launcher rendering it useless until the user release is removed. Modernization: After getting a newest device and re-syncing everything, Mini Launcher no longer works. it gets stuck at the screen where it claims it's syncing with the watch via bluetooth and never proceeds past that target. Skipping it renders the release useless as it will never sync after that.
~ Hannover Fisst
I really like this release but the deal breaker for me is the persistent info on my watch claiming me about the release overlay permission. It's the first thing that present when I test to use my watch and is incredibly annoying. I haven't found a idea to obtain rid of it.
~ Timothy Humphreys
Gotta release for Sony SW3
~ Peter Fedak
Keeps on destroying
~ A Google user
Not working for lord wear 18 smartwatch
~ Nick Shuttleworth
Where Mini Launcher?
~ A Google user
keeps freezing after a while
~ Dănilă Amadeus Marian
didnt work on tic watch pro mobile wear 2.0
~ Tatsu Doshi
Includes malware. dont download!
~ Joaquin Lavera
spamware with "cleaning reminders"
~ Calvin Khor
Somehow I can't obtain the hotspot tethering toggle to work
~ Patrick Baronia
Great concept. Doesn't work on my Huawei watch though.
~ Daniel Cooke
worked nice for a couple of hours actually nothing. sony smart watch 3.
~ Paul O'Regan
I don't know what's wrong with this release, works for a minute and then stop
~ ferry chalik
Useless stop working on my watch for no reason after 2 years of use.
~ Judi Owen
For me the speedy setting are working flawlessly except starting the hotspot. This is the only reason for me to not uninstall the release.
~ Max Unix
usually loved this release but actually our won't talk from my galaxy S8 to my Sony smartwatch 3. but usually worked on my Xperia
~ Tommy Frankland
Nice release, once set up through the release on device which is cute straight forward all works nice. Some google release icons dont present in the launcher release drawer though like Test Market, Test Sound etc.
~ Flex -Jitsu
Worked well enough for a several mins, but then it just destroyed and kept destroying when trying to restart. Not worth it.
~ Devin Cassidy
Nice release, but it gives me intrusive banners while not in the release. Poor practice and cant have that on my device (the banner claimed I could clean time off my device cause my storage is weak)
~ Braden Estenson
Keeps showing "You watch is not connected" notice. It IS. Each another release I use recognises this. Uninstalled.
~ Alan Smith
Added popup banners on my device in newest modernization, time to watch your reputation go up in flames I guess. Shame, it was otherwise I nice release
~ Matt Saywell
Been using this release for years actually. Was great until the last modernization destroyed the Ringer change widget! All it does actually is ruin the release on the device! Everything else still works fine, but it's literally the main thing I use! Please fix... There's an bonus star in it for you! 😉
~ Tony Blues
Soft continuously crashes on device ("not responding" pop-up) -- and when it DOES work there are obtrusive banners.. Why the banners for a paid ver? I never did obtain it to work on my watch
~ Sean Fitzgerald
Been using this release for a several months actually and it's very handy for those who don't wish to shuffle though the release drawer all the time. HOWEVER, recently the release has been either destroying or uninstalling itself from my Sony Smartwatch 3 and I'm not sure why. It even caused my watch to restart once which never happens. I assume this was due to an modernization recently, that and the possibility that AW 1 isn't being supported a much as AW 2 these days but the latter is just a guess. If you have a Sony Smartwatch 3, be advised that you might experience related troubles and could look elsewhere until it's been patched.
~ Adam -
Huawei Watch 2 - does not work. I really wanted to love this launcher!! Worked nice on watch for about 5 mins and then destroyed and would not restart even after watch reboot. Watchface just gave a blank, black screen. (n.b. Tested permissions and all were granted.)
~ Robert R
An banner popped up in the middle of reading in my browser. I understand having banners pop up while in the release, but not this intrusive behavior of having banners pop up in fully unrelated apps. I know the banner came from this release because when I pressed the recents button it claimed Wear Mini Launcher and it had the banner in it.
~ Michael Lee
Warning: it does NOT help Wear 2.0. They do not specify this in their description, and they could, since each Mobile Wear device is being upgraded to that. I tried installing it and I couldn't because Wear 2.0 doesn't let for apps on the device to install watch apps. There needs to be a separate watch release and there is none. Don't bother trying this if you've upgraded to 2.0.
~ Chris L W
Worked perfectly on Sony SmartWatch 3, but actually it claims "not connected" or at least the drawer works, but not the buttons like turning on/off wifi(device) or the constantly lit screen. VERY disappointing.
~ Joran
Nice release BUT it stopped working for me :( Actually everything claims it's connected and could be working but it just doesn't work. It stopped working as quick as I toggled the flashlight on. A pity, though, because the release itself is very needed. Modernization: reinstalled it and it started working again. Allow's see how long it will last.
~ Max Khovansky
Got potential, but some apps don't have icons in the release tray and the interactive options icons are muddled. Their should be more options for the interactive options icons too - could be any emoji. I'm using purely with interactive options with limited apps, due to the above. Will look at alternatives if not fixed.
~ Tom Whiteside