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About: Usually know whats happening on the way with Waze. Even if you know the idea, Waze Claims you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in true-time. If traffic is terrible on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? See whats happening - Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive Receive there faster - Immediate routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time Know when youll arrive - your ETA is based on live traffic time Pay less for gas - search the cheapest gas along your route Drive with Mobile Auto - use Waze on your cars display Usually search the idea - pick from a tons of voices to walkthrough you while you drive Be ready, drive with Waze!
Genre: Maps & Navigation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Waze
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About: DigiHUD Pro Speedometer is a GPS based digital heads-up display (HUD) that shows and can record useful speed and distance information for your journey. Ideal if your vehicle speedo has died, you want to verify your vehicle speed or you just need to know your speed when cycling, running, flying, sailing etc.! Although we strive to make all readings as accurate as possible they are only as accurate as your device's GPS sensor and should only be regarded as approximations. * PLEASE ENSURE THA...

Developer: James Moss

Similar Apps Like Maverick Pro  Alternatives
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About: Use offline maps and GPS even without an internet connection. This app is great for hiking, boating, geocaching and other outdoor activities. Multiple global online maps: MapQuest, Open Street Maps (Cycle, Public Transport), Bing, Yandex, Ovi/Nokia, OpenSeaMap. Multiple regional online maps: Ordnance Survey (OS Maps - UK), USGS Topo, NOAA RNC Charts (US), Canada Toporama, OutdoorActive (Germany, Austria, South Tyrol), Esri (Topo, Physical, Imagery, National Geographic, Oceans), H...

Developer: Code Sector

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About: The worlds #1 Boating app! A favorite among cruisers, anglers, sailors, and divers. This version has a tablet optimized interface. Find the same detailed charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters. This app includes the Navionics+ subscription. To subscribe for other areas, tap Menu>Charts>Add Region. Alternatively, a free version is also available on the store that offers basic features, and you can upgrade to Navionics+ In-App. NAVIONICS+ includes: Download of chart layer...

Developer: Navionics

Similar Apps Like A-EFIS Alternatives
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About: A-EFIS is an Electronic Flight Instrument System for airplanes that runs right on your smartphone/tablet. A-EFIS works perfectly with the internal sensors of your device and it is an ideal EFIS to always have as a backup. A-EFIS makes use of digital filtering methods and state-of-the-art stochastic models in order to achieve exceptional accuracy and robustness. ATTENTION: A-EFIS ONLY WORKS ON FIXED-WING AIRCRAFTS. NOT TO BE USED IN HELICOPTERS OR GROUND VEHICLES OF ANY KIND, BECAUSE IND...

Developer: Charalampos Baltzakis

Similar Apps Like Boating Asia&Africa Alternatives
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About: The worlds #1 Boating app! A favorite among cruisers, anglers, sailors, and divers. Find the same detailed charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters. This app includes the Navionics+ subscription. To subscribe for other areas, tap Menu>Charts>Add Region. Alternatively, a free version is also available on the store that offers basic features, and you can upgrade to Navionics+ In-App. If you have a tablet, please search our HD apps. NAVIONICS+ includes: Download of chart laye...

Developer: Navionics

Similar Apps Like Navier HUD 3 Alternatives
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About: --- For Navier HUD 2 users ---------------- Navier HUD 2, will have no further maintain, is replaced by 3, but you can download Navier HUD 3 for free from your order history or the below link, and no need to purchase Navier HUD3. Navier HUD 2 link : ?id=idv.xunqun.navier.premium ------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE: Needs 3G connection when navigation NAVIER HUD New navigation concept Navier HUD is a navigation App designed to use for the HUD (Head-up ...

Developer: Whilerain Studio

Similar Apps Like Seapilot Alternatives
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About: Professional marine navigation used to require an expensive GPS plotter. Now, same technology used in merchant shipping is available for your Android device. Use it to navigate, to plan tomorrows boat trip or reminisce about yesterdays. (PS. Even works in your sofa at home.) Seapilot is free to install but requires that license and charts are purchased on seapilot.com....

Developer: Seapilot


Similar Apps Like Avia Maps Aeronautical Charts Alternatives
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About: The reliable and straightforward Aviation Maps for Pilots and aerospace enthusiasts around the world. Simply choose any 5 by 5 degree area on earth and download relevant data for offline use. The map features over 50000 airports and 11000 navaids around the globe, just as airspaces for currently 42 countries on all continents (except Antarctica). For clarity and commonality to paper charts the map is themed in the style of ICAO Annex 4 (Aeronautical Charts). The app is suited for pre-flight r...

Developer: Remy Webservices UG

Similar Apps Like CoPilot Truck Energy - GPS  Alternatives
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About: CoPilot Truck Energy is the only truck-specific GPS navigation app to provide up-to-date maps of North America enhanced with GEOTrac Systems comprehensive off-road mapping service featuring oil and gas specific map data and facilities, including wells, compressor stations and plants. With CoPilot Truck Energy, drivers and crews in the patch receive spoken, turn-by-turn directions for safe, efficient access to off-road locations and wellheads. In addition to improved driver safety and produc...

Developer: ALK Technologies, Inc

Similar Apps Like Promo Codes for Lyft  Alternatives
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About: Here you will get free coupon and promo codes for Lyft taxi. New user are welcome to get free rides or free credit for the taxi fare. Lyft taxi is an amazing taxi alternative that quickly matches you with a Lyft driver nearby. It is convenient, yet much cheaper than traditional taxi service. Lyft is booming and expanding so there is a lot of pushing promo codes for recruiting and luring new users. So if you are new to Lyft, please go to New User tab to get your free rides and promo codes...

Developer: Vulenipas

Similar Apps Like GPS Speedometer Digital Free: HUD Display Odometer Alternatives
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About: GPS Speedometer Digital Free: HUD Display Odometer app is totally functionalized analog speedometer as well as digital speedometer new. GPS Digihud speedometer free app will help you to determine the car speed & also GPS speed for other traveling vehicles. GPS speedometer app also has a great functionality of heads up display and perfect new speed checker. Speedometer GPS new app is one of the best and reliable from all other digihud speedometer free apps. GPS speedometer digital free: HUD disp...

Developer: Travis Apps Studio

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About: GPS Live Map Navigation - Smart Traveler is having smart maps navigation properties for GPS navigator to travel along with GPS Compass 2018 and Digital Speedometer GPS in one app. Smart navigation of the GPS tracker app clarifies all approaches form best GPS route finder apps with this GPS Live Map Navigation - Smart Traveler. This live navigation app has fast GPS voice navigation free feature with best route finder app functionalities in GPS Live Map Navigation - Smart Traveler. Live maps satel...

Developer: EBSLTECH

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About: GPS Area Measurement Calculator helps to calculate the GPS area or GPS distance with best accuracy. Place your points on the map and then calculate area between the points. It also measures the distance with great accuracy. You can choose from a variety of units including meters, feet and miles. After dropping the markers on the map it calculates the total land measurement and shows the final calculation. With GPS Area Measurement Calculator you may also find out the distance between the mul...

Developer: RamsonTech

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About: Here you will get free bonus and promo codes for Lyft driver. New as well as existing Lyft driver are welcome to find promo codes to earn cash, credits or a combination of both. This is an amazing taxi alternative that quickly matches you with a passenger nearby, yet you can earn more than the traditional taxi service. If you are new, please go to New Lyft Driver tab to get your BIG Bonus.On the other hand, if you are already a Lyft driver, there are many rewards and specific city bonus...

Developer: Vulenipas


Similar Apps Like GPS, Maps, Live Mobile Location & Driving Route Alternatives
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About: GPS, Maps, Live Mobile Location & Driving Route enables & Locate your friends on a Map, Navigation Finder friends find you. GPS, Maps, Live Mobile Location & Driving Route Use GPS Maps. Experience best Maps, Offline maps to search, get directions & navigation & Street View Live. No.1 GPS, Maps, Live Mobile Location & Driving Route, GPS Route Finder - GPS, Maps, Navigation & Live Traffic Family Locator GPS Mobile Tracker Find you Nearest Places. GPS, Maps, Live Mobile Location & Driv...

Developer: Onex Games

Similar Apps Like Fake GPS Joystick - Mock Location Alternatives
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About: Fake your location coordinates with on-screen Joystick. Clean black design with easy to use interface. App Features: Fake GPS location with one tap Tutorial available in English, Spanish and Portuguese Select place by tapping on map No root required Move on-screen Joystick Modify Joystick speed Favorite any place Joystick will appear when you start mock location. Any foul usage of the app, including cheating will not be supported by developers....

Developer: ToolsPRO

Similar Apps Like Rastrear Celular  Alternatives
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About: Nueva aplicacin para rastrear cualquier celular, al ingresar el nmero empezara a localizar y luego se conecta automticamente al GPS indicando su posicin....

Developer: kikebolso

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About: Explore world famous places with live satellite images & tour of beautiful landmarks with street view 360 panorama by sitting at your bed. Discover world wonders tour with live earth map 2019. Find 3D photos & live location of your home, realize live map satellite view real time natural mountains, arenas, restaurants etc... Live Earth Map 2019 - Satellite View, Street View is a powerful tool to enjoy live earth view real time. Explore your home from space with live earth map HD. Visit live e...

Developer: Global Street Map - Live Satellite Earth Map 2019

Similar Apps Like Instruments for Wear OS (Android Wear)  Alternatives
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About: This app integrates our altimeter, speedometer, GPS tracker, stopwatch, compass app and more all in one app. You can run all instruments individually as normal apps, watchfaces or complications. Additionally the "Instruments" app and watchface integrates them all in one interface. Features of the full version only: - Graph and map display on watch - History of recordings - Full customization options This app is compatible with all Wear OS smart watches. e.g. - Sony SmartWatch 3 - M...

Developer: appfour

Similar Apps Like Marine Traffic Ship Tracker: Vessel Positions Free Alternatives
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About: Marine Traffic Ship Finder - Vessel Positions Free app displays the world wide ships position on live earth map. With this marine tracker new app, you can easily search your relatives location like friends and family with boats position finder feature. Vessel tracking app or marine traffic locator on maps app is one of the best ships position finder apps. Ships position finder new app is connected to the largest network of AIS receivers and Aquatic radar. Best ship tracker app starts in full ...

Developer: Wayout Apps Studio



Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation Reviews and Comments:

cant beat Google's offline mode when you predownload the map you wish to use and too much hassle trying to log in and out especially after an modernization. also sometimes spotify can't be detected so have to close release and use independently. another than that only the vibrant colors of the release while using map and beautiful icons while on the transport is the only thing going for it.
~ brask310
love that it keeps me aware if I go over the speed limit(can turn off) +police territories+ construction zones+debris on the way and accidents notated by another players. works nice in my newest mobile compatible stereo with touchscreen. I just plug in my device and connect via bluetooth! its variety less memory- easy background- search specific fuel stations you wish along the idea & more. simple to use in city and gives me the finest option to my destination. beautiful icons are a premium!
~ Chelle is a Surviving Sheep
It would be really REALLY great if you had the option to change the carpool button to the volume button, navigation button, sound button etc. I'm not crazy about carpooling or ridesharing. Please give a concerned citizen the option to not carpool. I barely believe my driving, so why believe anyone else's?
~ Colleen Carr
This release saves a lot of time for me, and i really love its informations. However the mobile auto informations are like the 5 years ago ver of the same release... I don't understand why they don't invest time to create it entire? As I'm exclusively use it with Mobile auto I have to grade the ver for it.
~ Lajos Kapcsándi
finest GPS Tools but my only trouble is when the apps is modernized last 2 days it doesn't connect to the grab driver apps. i am a grab driver and this apps are very useful for me. so i hope that you can modernization again sooner. So we can use this unbelievable apps that you have. for actually im using the google maps because it can connect to our Grab Soft. but still I'm waiting to your modernization Wase release. thank you.
~ Mark Andrew Reyes
Doesn't let for no tolls even though I pick no toll route. Doesn't let a change in route option while plugged to the car. Maps is buggy. Sent me to the wrong destination twice, but google maps got me there with the same addresd plugged in. No option to intentionally re-route to avoid traffic - instead it sends me in a circle back to the traffic I was trying to avoid. Adverts pop up that distract while navigating/driving. The last 2 upgrades removed my ability to post warnings to another drivers.
~ M J
I use this daily to go to work which is a long commute. However one thing I would love to be able to do is to be able to leave a note after I passed the spot for instance for a call or a pothole if it's not protected to leave the message to go ahead and be able to do it after the fact would be great. Also having reminders that do it on a repeat basis instead of having to do them individually.
~ Nicole S
I only use this with Mobile Auto. I really like the display. The map is more readable at a glance than Google maps. It is nice for commuting. The info are nice. When working through Mobile Auto, adding a newest destination is hard if not impossible or I just don't know how to use it.
~ John A
after i upgrade my mobile on my note 8, waze hold detecting gps and cannot function. is it possible that you guys fix it quick to be compatible? it has been ongoing for 2 weeks. eventho it has detected gps, it brings me all over the zone. waste my time and petrol. i have emailed to samsung as well. i hope you guys can fix this.
~ Janice Loh
Sadly, Waze is flaky and locks up a lot when I use it via Mobile Auto to navigate on the screen of a 2017 Honda Accord. Furthermore, the "hands nonpaid" informations aren't usable. I have found no idea to reply to or report way hazards without looking at and touching the screen. [I don't use the car everyday. I hope the lock-ups and random ruin messages are gone with the past several applications.]
~ Tommy Trussell
Normally a 5 but since the 5/28/2019 modernization the release is not behaving well. The territory arrow is jerky, pointing in the wrong direction and idea off from my actual drive. The inaccuracies with the territory arrow are causing the release to give incorrect directions and drive times. I love this release and use it each day. Please fix it! My device is a Samsung Galaxy 9+ completely modernized on Verizon.
~ Farrell Scott
Once Nice Soft Going Downhill Speedy. Interface is so much better than Google maps, but Waze is no longer reliable. Frequently Claims me to turn on territory services when they're already on and set to high accuracy. Today kept claiming waiting for network entire idea home. was sending me in normal route, probably cached, even though that route was bumper to bumper. Switched to Google Maps and it correctly redirected me. The another day guided me to an intersection that doesn't exist.
~ Patrick Smith
Used to be my favoured release. actually the worst release on my device. wont even load past the player agreement page when i upgraded to a key2. back to google maps :( UPDATE: still aweful. still destroying. still garbage. what happened waze? how do you go from being the finest to worse than mapquest?
~ D. Maxwell
Waze is the absolute gotta have for anyone who will a navigator never be. Since I have waze I am not scared to obtain out more and not obtain lost. This app is beyond superior, it has everything and waze has not failed me yet. I really like the fact I have freedom to set it up as I like. Thank you Waze originators!!!!!!!
~ The Butterfly
I've been using Waze for years, and have usually loved it, but the release has gone to absolute garbage the last month or two. whatever they did.... UNDO IT. it takes me to the wrong territory CONSISTENTLY, the zone markers are usually off by at least half a block, will claim you to take 5 mile loops on the highway when you enter a territory .5 mile away, vocalize incorrect directions, freezes, and crashes numerous times a day. trash.
~ Ewa Pinkowska
Brilliant graphics and nice release! but I really dislike the newest (bold) font, when it goes back to the old font (or a setting that changes the font to the old one) it's definitely a 5 star release. also lately when opening the release it doesn't go straight to the map it firstly goes to the Waze release logo for a second and it's really annoying. PLEASE GET IT FIXED!
~ sam smith
I love this release. The reason I dropped my rating to one star (previously) is because the release has grown so gigantic that I have not been able to modernization it for 3 weeks. I have unistalled each release that is not essential, cleared my storage, and moved each release that would relocate to the SD card. To no avail, I still don't have enough zone for the modernization. I am very disappointed. Please rethink what is in the release, and what is server side, and obtain as much as you can server side.
~ Fast Responsive
I love the concept but it doesn't give the quickest routes. The another day I was driving about 30 miles to my house. It claimed me that it would take 1 hour 30 mins and to take the local route with all the traffic lights. I decided to obtain on the interstate instead and travel time dropped instantly. Then it claimed me to obtain off at each exit, trying to obtain me back on the local route. As I passed every exit my travel time went down. It ended up taking me about 45 mins to obtain home. USE GOOGLE MAPS!!!
~ Kevin Loughery
I think this release is nice! I love that there are navigation voices to pick from and that there are live upgrades on way conditions. I'd like to recommend having a HUD function though! Also I think functions on the release should be clearer? It's a mess to test and change or add stops sometimes. Might also be great to have the projected costs of erp haha
~ Grace Ho
I like it. I prefer it over Google maps bc it does reroute you during your commute. The one fault it does have is I just want it would factor in the lack of human curiosity at busy intersections especially in large cities. Idk how times it wanted me to slash across a way in LA with no light. Its almost impossible without almost causing an accident. And maybe add in stay to the left or right to stay on a particular way.
~ Raphael Simmons
Up until a year ago or so the release was finding nice routes, but since then the routes it suggests are terrible. Maybe the programmers changed its algorithm, or they decided a newest approach. whatever the reason may be, use Google Maps or another apps, Waze became garbage.
~ Mr. S.
Wife shared territory. Was not able to use it to search her to support with car problem. Even after she sent the trip stats. It would have been a nice release, if I did not have to use search my iPhone to locate her and support. Everything else is nice. But this trouble trumps everything to me. I specifically kept this release for my wife and I to search every another in topic of emergency. Another informations work very well.
~ Johnny Anderson
The release has few benefits and simple to use, however recently the release just closes without warning. Also, after buying a newest device when I downloaded Waze, it asked for contact permission and will not approve no for an respond. I have not given permission and will not, so I will have to search other release. There is no reason why I could be forced to share contacts. I understand why they wish permission, but making it mandatory is not required, especially when I don't need assistance to them.
~ Nap Town
I cannot search a idea to change the setting to take me on the route with the shortest time against shortest distance. I use Waze or Google Maps each day on my commute to avoid traffic, but Waze is usually trying to take me off the highway through a city where it takes much more time. Changing routes whike driving is also not working so I can't claim if I'm going the finest idea. However, it is nice seeing what hazards are on the way based on what recipients post.
~ Angela Lane
You can't find along the route after you started it (okay you can, but it only shows effects near your destination, not close to you. Not useful on a long drive.), the beep and message functions don't work, and it crashes a lot. It's got potential but somehow after years these things still don't work. Stick with Google for actually.
~ Alex Taylor
Used to be nice. Actually it seems to have troubles more and more often. I hold having to switch over to google maps in the middle of traveling because this release won't detect my GPS half of the time. Also, I understand the need for banners, but they usually seem to pop up away the worst times, like when im trying to navigate a confusing intersection or downtown zone.
~ Dennis J
I cannot depend on this app because I never know if I will be able to obtain audio. Each time I am in a rush No Audio. I end up guessing and driving blind with no simple idea to fix it. Once in awhile I am fully shocked when I hear the audio but the next time nothing. To me the voice directions are the most important part. What's with the silent treatment / no audio? Not glad Not able to give review because No Voice comes wirh Warnings .
~ H. Cio
1) Zoom-In lvls are insufficient. 2) Way Names are insufficently displayed when zooming in. 3) Compass isn’t available both during realtime and off-time. 4) Got a lot more to improve in relation to routes refresh. Soft MUST BE able to search newly calculated less traffic routes by activating TRAFFIC ALERT when it finds newest route(s). 5) Optional selections to turn it ON or OFF when discovering newest routes while navigating on actual route. 6) By comparing actual route and newly calculated route(
~ Win OfficeTrading
TERRIBLE APP!! it literally puts you on the route with the gotta traffic!! google maps is much much MUCH BETTER!! yesterday i had to sit in an hour and a half of traffic in the morning and two hours and ten mins of traffic in the afternoon to obtain to and from work!! i googled Google maps and it took me 50 minutes this morning. don't use waze!!! so Google maps all the idea!!
~ D D
I had a terrible experience with the release. I was driving with my device on dash. It was exposed to sunlight, temperature was about 25 degree celcius. Suddenly the release claimed device too hot and abruptly shut down the. My device was still on, just the release shutdown. I was still in the middle of my travel, I had to then use goggle maps, which claimed nothing about my device being too hot. My device wasn't too hot at all. With that claimed, the release is great, but shutting down in the middle of my travel!
~ mahlatze magagane
This was working nice, until today. On our idea home from Virginia, to Pennsylvania, both our devices kept getting routing errors. We like the up to date stats, but few times, it sent us to zone, we had been to before, and it wasn't the same zone. Tried upgrading but still having same trouble. Google is what we are using actually, to obtain home.
~ John Pierre
I'll give it three stars just for the hazard avoidance stats, which is usually nice during the day when there's plenty of players on the way. At night, when we like to drive, you're not going to obtain a lot of actual reports. But that's all i can claim nice about the release. It's worthless for now navigating, never has the same route as my Garmin, Google maps or gps built into the car. Most of the time it just claims, 'can't search route'. ETA is idea off when it does search a route.
~ Jimmy D
used to really like this release, but after the modernization, it fully sux! often i kind in a destination for directions, its claims something went wrong, test again later, and if by some miracle, i am able to obtain it going, all i can see are the different icons on the screen, but the map never shows up, and the distance and time doesnt modernization. create it work again, and it'll obtain a better review
~ Sean Matthews
check gas prices popups all over screen while driving ....is this a joke?... doesn't seem to be a idea to turn it off , this release also crashes frequently and i usually see "something went wrong" when i hit exit i mean shut down , don't ask me twice!!! absolutely horrible just horrible!!!!
~ david cunningham
Love Waze! I have been using it for years. I use it when I am just drive territories even though i know where i am going so that i can see if there are any troubles on the way. It has definitely saved me time when there has been an accident which caused a gigantic back up. It gave me other route that got me to my destination very close to when I was supposed to arrive in the first zone. The only trouble that I have had is when I got my newest device I should not obtain my profile back so I lost my addresses.
~ Pam Lake
This used to be a nice release, but its changed for the worse lately. Between the release thinking I am driving on different ways to the insistence of re-routing me back to it's original route (instead of calculating a newest fastest route), I search myself shutting it down and not bothering to use it any more.
~ Jeanine Bergeron
I used to love this release, but with every modernization, it's gotten worse. Right actually my main trouble is: 1. If the territory isn't on BEFORE starting up the release, the release just won't work. It never shows me actual traffic stats and will not detect the territory even if it's on. Also, if my territory isn't on for a several mins, it doesn't work. I thought maybe it was a device trouble, nope when I upgraded my device it was STILL happening. It's extremely annoying and makes my commute even more frustrating.
~ Shelbie Donaldson
This used to be my favoured GPS release, but my largest complaint is that it doesn't take me on the easiest, quickest, and straight forward route which is annoying...for an example if Im going somewhere and the finest and fastest route is to go straight on 95, it will create me exit, and take me on a winding course only to end up back on 95.... when I should've just stayed straight on 95 and arrived at my destination sooner...what happened to this release???
~ Maryann Nkansa
The release works well on the device, but it is horrible on Mobile Auto. Not only does it regularly freeze when searching for destinations, but stops still cannot be added into the route. In addition to this, the reporting information is broken on Mobile Auto. It only displays the first two rows of reporting options, and scrolling is impossible. This release desperately needs to be optimized for Mobile Auto. Also, the release constantly times out for routes over 300 miles.
~ Lewis
Was excited to approve the modernization today (, believing that my troubles were finally being addressed. Nope. Not even slightly. Anytime the map is visible, the entire device continues to bog down and transport extremely slowly, hanging and freezing. But if I go into any of the Waze settings screens, everything moves smoothly. Clearing time and/or reinstalling does nothing. Glad I had the presence of mind to backup an older ver ( that still runs smoothly. Going back to that. 👎🏿
~ Walí