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About: Find Wattpad At Wattpad, were connecting a global community through the power of the storyline. On Wattpad, you'll search all the stories to hold you hooked! Find nonpaid stories and ebooks created by writers around the globe. Whatever youre intowhether its romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action journey, fantasy, young adult fiction or fanfictionyoull search it all for nonpaid on Wattpad. Read Save your favoured stories and take them with you wherever you goeven offline. Cant place Wattpad down? Simply sync your profile so you can easily pick up where you left off, whether youre on your laptop, device or device. Connect Join the community! Connect directly with writers and another readers and discuss the newest plot twists by leaving comments alongside the newest stories. React in true time as newest chapters are added, share your favoured lines or make pretty ... Show more
Genre: Books & Reference Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Wattpad.com
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Similar Apps Like Book of Encoh, Jasher, Jubilees w Audio, Free Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: - Book of Enoch - Book of Jasher - Book of Jubilees With Audio, works Offline and for Free!...

Developer: Daily Bible Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like New Happy Chick Emulator Tips Alternatives
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About: New Happy Chick Emulator Tips: Aplikasi ini memberikan tips bermain Happy Chick Emulator agar kalian dapat memainkan semua platfrom game. All Game Happy Chick Multi Emulator Happy Chick Emulator Happy Chick Tips Happy Chick Tutorial Happy Chick Guide Happy Chick Emulator Happy Chick Emulator All in One Emulator PS1 PS2 PS3 Dindong...

Developer: Petrick Geming [email protected]

Similar Apps Like hints for thief-simulator  Alternatives
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About: This is not a game, better read the title and description of this app in order to avoid misunderstanding. This guide is intended only to assist people playing this game very well. We will be providing you the latest information on the game. You will find a full walkthrough, guides, tips, tricks, and strategies, that will help you progress in the game. Master the game today with this app. Perfect app for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced players. Don't forget to share this app ...

Developer: crop ltd. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like W50m_Test_DF_02  Alternatives
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About: tTest... Developer: GPDC UX Tester [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Odyssey MAP & GUIDE Alternatives
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About: AC Odyssey MAP & GUIDE is the companion you need as you explore the game world. The guide is easily searchable and offers a huge amount of detailed information about the game. MISSION WALKTHROUGHS With the tutorials for each of the missions in the assassin's creed game's history, you'll be 100% completing the game in no time! AND MORE! This application is not affiliated, maintained, authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Ubisoft or its affiliates....

Developer: NM [email protected] _SFNuoeM4Js

Similar Apps Like Lulubox - ML & FF Guide  Alternatives
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About: Features Update New Version...

Developer: Kalah Telak [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Collector - amiibo edition Alternatives
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About: The ultimate companion app for all Amiibo collectors! Created by a fan of amiibo's for fans of amiibo's * INCLUDES ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF * * INCLUDES MONSTER HUNTER AMIIBOS * * INCLUDES NEW LEGEND OF ZELDA AMIIBOS * * INCLUDES NEW KIRBY AMIIBOS * * NOW INCLUDES ALL ANIMAL CROSSING CARDS - SERIES 1, 2, 3, 4, PROMO and NEW LEAF CARDS* ** ALL NEW STATS SECTION ** *** INCLUDES ALL NEW SPLATOON SERIES FIGURES *** Easily manage your amiibo collection and keep track of whi...

Developer: Applauz Media Solutions [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Bible Verse About Marriage Alternatives
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About: Couples who wish to show their devotion to each other and to their faith often turn to Bible verses about marriage when planning their nuptials. These scriptures on love from the Holy Book serve as spiritual and sentimental reminders of the love that you share, and provide you with a way to honor your religious beliefs while celebrating with friends and family. Marriage Bible verses give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and emotions, even when other sentiments may fall short. There...

Developer: Emansridev [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Pro Gems For Clash of Clans Tips - coc gems guide Alternatives
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About: Pro Gems For Clash of Clans Tips - coc gems guide This is a good app for fan of game Clash Of Clans to calculate the number of gems you need to buy for a certain amount of gold, elixir or time. Special Generate Gem For Clash of Clans Prank will help you to manage your game account this app will guide you to be a king of the game! like that you can make prank your friends. this is the best guide to get you the best hints for clash of clans game. NOTE : This app is not a hack for clash ...

Developer: One World Publishing [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Use Case Guide Young.Live Stream  Alternatives
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About: Use Case Guide Young.Llive Stream is how to app application. This application is step by step for learn to Streaming as well as see real-time program. With Young.Live you can live streaming, conversation with other individuals, broadcasting and find fascinating streamer that you wish to view it such as appealing streamer or favored game banner. Young.Live Me cost-free application is available for any person. Young.Live Me is making advances to the video gaming community, which is called live ...

Developer: Pitider Tran [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Tzotzil Chamula - Biblia  Alternatives
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About: The New Testament in Tzotzil, Chamula Alternative names: Tzotzil de San Cristobal las Casas, Tzotzil de Simojovel, Tzotzil de Huitiupan [ISO 639-3: tzo] Published: 1998 Liga Bblica Internacional Text: 1998, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc., Orlando, FL 35862-8200 USA This app contains the full text of the New Testament. Internet provider data use charges may apply for watching linked videos. This translation is made available to you under the terms of the Creative Commons license...

Developer: Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Complete Criminal Checks  Alternatives
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About: Complete Criminal Checks is your fast and free source for criminal court, Department of Corrections and sex offender record archives. In addition, our advanced multi-database search automatically scans hundreds of active warrants, most wanted and missing persons databases daily covering all 50 states and various county/city/state Government APIs and public searches. We've been collecting criminal data for nearly 2 decades! Many times (depending on the state), a sex offender or prisoner will b...

Developer: 32ONE Web [email protected]

Similar Apps Like OBA Young Adult Guide Alternatives
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About: When you had your 18th birthday, you became an adult by law, but what does that actually mean? From the right to cast a vote in the next election to entering into a lease agreement for your first apartment to serving on a jury, you are entering a new and exciting world of rights and, more importantly, responsibilities. This information is provided to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as an adult in Oklahoma. THIS IS JUST A GUIDE; IT DOES NOT CONTAIN LEGAL ADVICE. IF YOU NE...

Developer: Levant Technologies, LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like AWC Energy UA Calculator  Alternatives
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About: For use with the International Code Councils 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) or International Residential Code (IRC), this app provides wood solutions for the Total UA alternative method. Opaque wall U-factors are calculated based on improved fenestration performance. Either an unknown opaque wall or fenestration U-factor can be determined. The app also gives insulation requirements needed in various wall assemblies to achieve the opaque wall U-factor. Wall assemblies include...

Developer: American Wood Council [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Holy  Quran Search Engine Alternatives
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About: Holy Quran Search Engine with many search capabilities and Objective Quran Searcher - Search through Al Quran text. - Objective Quran Searcher - Arabic Tafsir -Al Quran recitations by many famous reciters (more than 70) (need net connection) - English Translation - Program Interface for more than 20 languages. Arabic-english-french-german-indonesian-espaol Portugus-italiano-dutch-bosanski-shqiptar-swedish Trke-p-melayu-somali-hausa-swahili-uzbek Persian-Urdu...

Developer: ArabTopApp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like How To Be A Man Alternatives
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About: What Real Man Does Qualities of A Real Man How To Be A Man What Makes You A Gent This is a free ebook and audiobook "How To Be A Man" by HARVEY NEWCOMB. some of the chapters in the eBook are as follows :- On Childhood and Youth Nature and Objects of Education Piety, as the Spring of Action and Regulator of the Soul Filial Piety Treatment of Brothers and Sisters and others in the Family Behavior at School Behavior at Table Behavior at Family Worship Private...

Developer: Freeebooks TARA [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Wicca Spells and Tools  Alternatives
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About: There are Wiccan spells for practically any positive purpose you can think of. With this app, you can take these spells everywhere you go, without lugging around a big, heavy book! If you find a spell you like, you can save it to your favorites to come back to again and again. Features: - Hundreds of spells, with new spells added often - Save your favorite spells to your favorites - Take notes in the journal - Wicca calendar - Free books to learn more about Wicca - Glossary of terms f...

Developer: Big Book Apps, LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Biblia Adventista Gratis Alternatives
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About: Te presentamos esta estupenda App de Biblia Adventista Reina Valera 2000 totalmente Gratis con todas las parbolas y los textos bblicos! Son sin duda los, mejores maestros de la Vida ya que con ellas logramos entender y Razonar a profundidad lo que sucede en cada vida en este Mundo! Con esta App tendrs la Biblia Adventista siempre a tu disposicin en tu dispositivo Mvil para as tomar las mejores decisiones que influyen en los dems y en nosotros mismos! Esperamos que esta App Sea...

Developer: IntiApps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like JW Daily Text 2018 Alternatives
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About: JW Daily Text 2018 is the best daily text app for Jehovah's Witnesses, with the JW Daily Text 2018 App you will never miss a day without reading your Examine The Scripture Daily Text. Do you have a busy schedule? Don't worry with the inbuilt push notification features you will always get daily reminders just in case you've missed it. Also with the JW Daily Text 2018 App you can browse through the JW.org online library and also read the JW bible online in over 300 languages from Jehovah's witn...

Developer: Footy Tech [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Tips Tik tok Musically guide  Alternatives
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About: ??Whats new on Tik tok musical.ly on my device... Han Bol Kya Khaya Ga | The Musical.ly Queen | Acting By | Cute Indian Girl Funny video 2018 BEST Jayden Croes Funny Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | BEST Bauwa Comedy Musical.ly India Compilation 2018 | BEST Comedy India Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | BEST Gilmher Croes Funny Musical.ly Compilation 2018 | Amelia Gething Best Comedy Musical.lys Dame tu cosita funny musically videos | Pathan VS Pagal Ladki || 10 Rupaye Ke Turture Funny Musical...

Developer: Iza TeX apps maker. [email protected]



Wattpad ���� Free Books Reviews and Comments:

You could probably have someone who works at your headquarters go manually read a ebook that's been reported numerous times instead of assuming the worst and outright deleting it. Then maybe send them a flag or something claiming them to fix their trouble. Lots lovers are being immature because a certain originator isn't meeting their expectations when it comes to fanfictions, so instead of ignoring it and reading something else, they mass report it until it disappears. And you allow it happen. Cancelled
~ Kierra Compton
This is an nice release and reading ebooks makes it easier for another who can't afford to go to ebook shops and buy those ebooks. It is just a several clicks/taps and there you have it. And also this supports the recipients who dreams to become a Writer/Originator. And this release is the finest ebook release I have.
~ X_ Perucho
Wattpad is nice! It really lets you obtain out there and share your stories with others all over the globe! You can talk with another originators and meet so many newest recipients! I absolutely love this release! I even suggested it to my writers group! I am having a tiny problem with my info. Sometimes, I don't see them until hours later. (I think it's because of my internet though. I haven't really had the trouble with my time.) Another than that, the release is nice!
~ GiGi Rogers
I have been using Wattpad for years and it's a unbelievable community. I'm addicted and I'm not ashamed. But I'm disappointed in newest upgrades. Putting a limit on votes? Really? Votes are a idea for readers to present help for writers and Wattpad is taking that away. I can't continue a storyline without voting on a chapter that I like because I wish the writers to know I help them. And then I can't continue reading and I have to read other ebook but then it happens again because of the limit.
~ Elizabeth Garrison
I personally love this release. But in the last several weeks, I've noticed some errors in the release. I can't use anything, except writing, I can't read and I can't check my info. It claims that it's my internet that fails, but I don't think so. It's been going on for a while, and I really don't wanna use a release with errors. I hope you do something quick. - A ebook lover Edit: Thank you for making it work again❤
~ Aya Marie Juel Broch
wattpad is my favoured release but there are a several troubles, such as whenever you dont read a ebook for a long period of time it will go dark . Meaning if it upgrades it wont claim you. I'll claim everything else is cute nice. Like i claimed this is my favoured release so i suggest getting it.
~ Pansexual Trash
Honestly wattpad used to be my favored reading release, but lately i'm having trouble with it. About three to four days ago i can't even obtain any info, whether it is modernization or even an announcement from the recipients i follow. I have tried to log out and even used wattpad beta to solve the trouble i faced, but i think it is no use. I hope this trouble can be settled as speedy as possible.
~ Happy Bardiyah
it's nice release and has a nice stories. i've been using this release since it started. i love it. but i has a concern about buying the stories. i know it's to help the writer but don't you think it's better to buy the hardcopy of the ebook instead buying each single chapter on the release?
~ Savannah Candy
Love Wattpad and the tons of ebook choices. You can also chat with recipients privately or on your public page. You can write ebooks if you please and recipients can comment on your ebook, making it like an online ebook club with your opinions being shared. Definitely the finest reading release I've found.
~ Darren Vice
Wattpad is like a finest dude to me but today I had a trouble with it . It can't comnect to server though my wifi seems to be working properly . I can't read any of my stories. Please fix the trouble as quick as possible .
~ Smiley Moti
I love this release and its a nice platform for writers however my wattpad is not syncing with the internet even though my internet connection is nice. I even modernized it but its of no use. I am your loyal player from Pakistan please fix this bug!!!!!!
~ Yusra Ahmed
I love this release but it's sad that's it has become about dollars. paid stories, adds . The thing that appealed to readers the most was the entire no-add. what happened to that? ofcourse we should pay to obtain of the adds but I'm a senior in highschool and I still don't have a job and my mom won't spend dollars to obtain rid if adds! not everyone can do it. plus the latest modernization is wack. I miss the old Wattpad.
~ Dark Queen
After waiting 5 entire days, my info came back. Thank you. I've been on wattpad for about 4 years actually and I must claim, it's one of the finest writing platform there is today. Though some ebooks weren't fully nonpaid to read with the paid storyline system, I think it justify the fact that wattpad required to undergo the change. There's still a lot of ebooks out there, nonpaid to read. The only true concern I had about this release is the glitches.
~ Midnight Falls
For the last several weeks, I received an modernization but it's late. The time that is posted and the time that I received is different. And actually! Even a single modernization, it's none meaning my watty can't obtain an modernization. I just knew that there's an modernization in the news feed, not in the info. I even logged out then log in again and again, but no modernization showed in my info. The last modernization that I recieve is May 20. And there some of the storyline in my library modernized twice already.
~ angel vargas
hey! i don't know why this release's not working here in Pakistan since yesterday. I've tried installing it again, turning off my wifi, connecting it again, still it's not working, all another apps except Wattpad in my small are working cute nice. kindly check what's the trouble. is it regional trouble or something?
~ Fauzia Naseem
i read on it all the time, and I really enjoy that you can read another peoples stories!! It supports recipients bring out their constructive sides with their stories!! i also enjoy creatong my stories on here, I love it! Ive also had this release for 3 years actually, never been better without it!!
~ Lorelai Dreher
Before,it was a very nice and needed tool. But actually, i don't enter something. Only it claims "retry" or "Check your internet". Straight example, i don't check up my info and don't enter stories or don't find any stories. İ miss wattpad,so plase,wattpad, you correct everything. andd pleaaseee support me, most of recipients claim the same things.
~ gülnar rehimova
This release ain't working anymore and I don't know why. It keeps claiming me that I have a network trouble and it is not showing me any of my read ebooks in my library . I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's still not working. These ebooks have been my protected haven and this aap my escape from reality. please fix this trouble if you have any value of your players because it has been more than three days since it last worked.
~ Apricot Jelly
i love this release for years actually. But recetly it claims that it is unable to connect to internet and by that i just cant modernization any storyline or read. So to obtain rid of the trouble i just log out in order to log in again. buT actually it claims that there seems to be a trouble connecting wattpad. i hope the trouble goes away like true.
~ Sweet Paree
it's a really nice release in general, i would it 5 stars but with the newest look and having to pay just to read some ebooks that now sound really interesting is what's starting to steer me away. i wish the old Wattpad back where you should read any ebook with no pay and Wattpad looked better. but that's just my opinion. don't now take my words into consideration
~ Midnight
This release is my life. But until a several days ago, it stopped working. it wouldn't connect to Wi-Fi, despite having a powerful connection. I uninstalled and install it again, to create sure I wasn't doing anything wrong, but actually, it won't allow me log back in. Please look in to this, I love this release and it's stories too much to allow go.
~ Ayesha Fatimah
i need support! i've been using wattpad for over 5 years actually and never have i ever faced this trouble! i can't see my info, read stories from my library, click on newest stories, see my messages, NOTHING is working, it claims unable to connect to internet and failed to load test again later and its been a week actually, wattpad is my life and if this continues i m going to die like literally! DO SOMETHING I NEED SERIOUS HELP I M GOING NUTS!!!!!!!
~ ana khan
I would have rated it five stars, really its that nice! HOWEVER recently I've been kicked out of my profile for absolutely no reason at all. I test to log back in but it claims my profile no longer exists... but.. it does. I'm very disappointed in Wattpad, I've been using it for a several years actually. I don't even know what to do for my profile. I guess it's lost. RIP.
~ Omega Wolf
This is a nice release. But recently I have been having a bit of problem. See I've changed my username but the originator of my ebooks still claims my old username and wont go to my page. I was wondering if there was a idea to fix this? Personally I think the authour name could along with the username. But another than that it's a really nice release.
~ Madame Madness
I love this release! I've been using this since the time immemorial,the stories are so nice and the originators are so nice. In each stories you should learn something nice and through this release you can present your talent in writting by writting your own stories and sometimes you can even develop your skills there as the time pass by. I suggest you this release Its so nice😊😊
~ Mariella Soriano
I have been having troubles with wattpad lately. I cannot find stories, or respond yo messages. Hell i cannot even modernization ny stories. I tried loghing in again, installed and reinstalled. Even tried the beta ver but IT JUST WILL NOT WORK. I cannot even launch on my browser and I have used different devices. This trouble needs to be resolved i have 5 years work in their. So please look into it and solve this trouble
~ Aisha Adnan
okay so, i am so mad with this release right actually. It isn't opening. It just claims, "There has been a trouble connecting to Wattpad, please test again later." It doesn't allow me see any ebooks, info, texts or my own ebooks. It's type of hard to post newest chapters if i can't launch anything. So, I hope this trouble gets cleared up quick.
~ KimAsh13 3
I've used this release before and it works amazingly! The reason I gave it 2 stars is beacuse when ever I test to login it claims that this profile is already in use when I know it is my passwords and username when I have checked it about 10 times! and when you do login it claims that it isn't connecting to the internet when the Wi-Fi signals are powerful! please fix this.
~ justakid k
Go back to the old ver. When you weren't milking, and now cared about your readers and writers, and not just a several. Fix the actual bugs, and don't focus all your attention on the recipients that just obtain attention. Focus on the recipients who's accounts kicked them out, and stories were deleted. We miss the old wattpad when you now cared. Actually we have to pay for ebooks, that we should read for nonpaid before.
~ Sakua Breeze
It is such a nice release. However, I didn't obtain launch it for 2 months and in duration of two months i dont know what the hell happened to this release. THAT it doesnt allows me to log in, I thought maybe because i didn't modernization it that's why it was acting this idea, even when I modernized it yesterday it was not letting me log in it only kept on showing that we have some trouble with logging in. My sister has the same trouble by the idea. I hope you solve it because I really love this release.
~ Roxy Bae
this release is my life line. nice release. I love it. but it's has been glitch in sometimes. but that doesn't matter because very release does. the paid stories are a pain, but I understand that writers need to be given rewards for their ebooks. so overall, this release is amazeballs. I strongly suggest it. thank you for making such brilliant release.
~ Total Dreamer
The ebooks you have to pay for is bull. when i first joined everything was nonpaid. (well for the most part) For a student who is in and out of the hospital like i am due not have dollars for this. Wattpad needs to go terrible to the idea it once idea. If it keeps upgrading like this they will lose a reader and writer. This release had got me through a lot so I hope you fix it!
~ Name less Reaper
what has happened to wattpad?! It's been almost more than a week and still the trouble hasn't been solved! Info and messages wouldn't appear, the players profile won't launch, and even I can't see the newest ebooks or the suggestions sections!!! Including the following and followers! I am utterly disappointed! i reinstalled the release and actually, I can't even see my library!! Fix this trouble as quick as possible!! 😑😥😡
~ shamym iftikhar
I used to absolutely love this release However, after coming back to the release after some time. I began to notice some troubles. The main trouble is that this release has become extremely laggy over the years and is slow when it comes fo sending out info. Some chapters of ebooks also don't load for me.
~ 『Entropy Mikaela』
my finest dude suggested this release to me cause she knows I love to read and write, but when I installed the release and used it for a but it kept claiming there was a trouble with my internet connection and there wasn't anything wrong with my internet at all. please fix this, its a nice release and this really is going to obtain annoying to alot of players.
~ emily lilac
i hope you guys will have a night mode ver too. my eyes are really low and most of the time i modernization my stories at night. so i hope you'll notice this tiny request coz i know im not the only one in the globe who has a terrible eye sight and gets low whenever they modernization their stories at night. ((coz that's the only time we can do it))
~ seulgiberry
What happened to wattpad suddenly? I mean I opened it through my laptop and the blog didn't launch. At first I thought there was something wrong with my internet, but no it was the damn blog which wasn't opening. After many failed attempts I installed the release on my device and guess what, it also didn't launch! I don't know what happened to it. I really like the release a lot. kindly fix the matter before you loose your players.
~ Mehru Qamar
Dont bother downloading. Glitchy release, loud banners, recommends same stories over and over as well as stories you have to pay for. Deletes ebooks when you have already given a warning of what the ebook will have in it, doesnt allow you obtain your ebook back, years of work gone because of a complaint. Upgrades constantly for no reason. Fails to launch most of the time.
~ Little_BangtanTrash A.R.M.Y
This release has recently been really tiring. Info not being shown etc. At first I used the web but then it wouldnt connect so I got the release. I cant login. It claims there has been a trouble connecting to wattpad. Fix this please. Please, why isnt it working in Pakistan? Its been out since Thursday. I was so glad when I saw the modernization, thinking it was fixed. Its not! Not even the support help or complaint wattpad blogs are not working! Fix it.
~ Tera Mason
It is really nice! I would like to recommend something on publishing though. Due to something happening on Wattpad I had to unpublish most of my stories, I don't wish to go through the problem of publishing each single one and spam the recipients who had it in their library. If you should, should you add a "button" where it publishes all the parts at once? Instead of the spam it can claim, "Claimed player has republished a storyline". If they had it in their library and it was unpublished. It would support a lot!
~ Holi Joli