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About: Finest of 2016 Soft, Top Trending Soft and Finest Self-Improvement Soft picked by Google Test. Water Drink Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy and supports you lose weight. Featured by Google Test! No.1 heath release over 30 countries, top 5 over 90 countries! The finest water tracker release ever! Supports you stay hydrated. GOOGLE PLAY AWARD: TOP DEVELOPER The Water Drink Reminder actually helps Google Fit Do you drink enough water? Do you usually forget to drink water regularly? Are you in nice shape? You need Water Drink Reminder - a water tracker release to support you develop nice habits of water drinking! This water tracker release reminds you to drink water each day to hold you hydrated. Just enter your actual weight, and Water Drink Reminder will support you determine how much water your body needs each day. R ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Leap Fitness Group
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Water Drink Reminder Reviews and Comments:

love this!!!!! the reminders are everything!!! and the customization is so useful!!!!
~ Ashely Ray Ivey
Does what it claims, simple idea to hold track of how much water you've drunk and create sure you drink enough. Not filled with intrusive banners like some apps so thats a premium
~ Engerlish
iIt works for me... Drink water regularly supports me to reduce my weight and my waist. Slowly but sure.... Thanks !!! ❤❤❤
~ octavienna hutagaol
Simple to use, gives me occasional reminders through out the day. The banners are at the bottom and not in the idea. I meet my water target actually.
~ Wendy Gianni
Finest I've Tried-simple to track and navigate and did not clog up my screen with banners. I had tried few another apps and this is my favoured.
~ Alisa Mosley
Nice to use! I've been using it for quite a time actually and it really managed my water consumption and the banners are cute bearable.
~ Maya Talih
Only one week since I started using the release. For actually is 100% what I required. Straight, simple to use and to customize. Nice work!
~ Mada Roxana
Necessary a reminder to drink water through my day. This fits the bill exactly. Also keeps a log and you can tailor the prompts to suit your routine.
~ Anton Johnson
It gives me a reminder only when I launch the release, which fully destroys the purpose of this release. Uninstalling.
~ upasika singhal
love it!! Before using this release I might of drink about 32 oz of water on a nice day, actually am drinking the needed amount of water. I drop 2 lbs.
~ Bridgette Reckley
This release really helped me to remember to drink water throughout the day. I would like to increase my goal amount so if anyone knows how, please allow me know. Nice release
~ Mistress D Doolalley
Loving it. I never drank water but this release has got me doing it. It doesn't push you too hard. It allows you to build up to where you need to be.
~ Steven Shepherd
The finest I've found. No annoying banners, as many of these apps do, easy to use, needed reminders. Definitely helped to increase my hydration. Suggest.
~ John Montgomery
Very nice interface, can easily change info settings, different amounts of water and another liquids are at your disposal, overall very glad with the release :)
~ Severyan Silver
this release tracks water i took during the day based on my body weight so i know at all time if i am ahead or behind in my water consumption. Every hour i will hear water sound from my device. I then check the moving needle on the timeline. To stay ahead, I need to hold it green. Its easy and effective. It works nice.
~ Pete Simple
It's okay... It doesn't allow you manually set your own target for water consumption, it just uses a formula and calculates based on your weight. That's handy and all but in reality it's more water than I could be drinking and the inability to lower the target means my evening is spent claiming this thing to shut up because I'm already plenty hydrated
~ Rich Crawford
2nd day install;, so far nice. customized my intake target. & my tiny bottles at bottom of screen to look most like my actual beverage containers (cuz it's the tiny information that create it funner to use).
~ Keri Ann Bourne
there is no true provlem with the release functionality. but the solution is DANGEROUS. it recommends me to dring almost 3liter water a day @ 90kg. google that, not protected. i stopped using it after getting disoriented from too much tap water.
~ Christopher Lindblom
Sometimes you obtain busy, and just forget and need a tiny reminder, this works fine in reminding you to drink your everyday Intake of water.
~ Mark D
I love the tiny icons that support me remember exactly what I drank! beautiful! The liquid sound on the reminder is quiet, yet effective. I search I drink more liquids with this release. Well done!
~ Nancy Dauer
Because I am drinking the water that is recommended and I am doing it each day. I am losing weight. It's a nice tiny release. And well worth paying the dollars for tonight habits. I have even claimed one of my dudes about it and she is doing it as well.
~ Kymmi C.
I really like this release. I'm poor trying to remember to drink water, especially when busy at work but actually I feel I'm getting hydrated properly. I like that it's customisable too. It's a 👍 from me.
~ P H
nice & easy release. minimal adds that you can exit from. I usually knew I could be drinking a gallon of water a day and I would test but I havent missed a day since I d/l'ed it. nice release and i love using it!
~ Ras Gdf
Nice tiny release. Saves you from getting hydrated in this busy globe of ours, where its quite possible to forget to driink!! With this release downloaded this never need be the topic. Neat release. Thank you developer(s).
~ Carol Archer
For a nonpaid release this has made a heavy difference to my water consumption. Occassional ads are simple to close. Im sure some would like another informations, perhaps a bit clunky, but I'm using it everyday and grateful for it
~ Peter Mead
It is simple to use especially for the first players of the release. The info are effective whenever you forgot to drink water. You can edit your own glass/cup intake measurement. And the release is player friendly without too much banners.
~ Aira Jean Joaquin
nice release minus the annoying banners and cool substitutes for liquid intake...not just water. however there is a bug. unable to watch banners and unblock photos. Squad Water Drink Reminder - recommendations???
~ Mumtaz Sheikh
if you need an release that is really simple to support remind you to drink water, there is no better release than this one. From the icons to the idea it reminds you, to how you can set your water in take target, this release covers everything.
~ Evan Leitner
I love that the info, an unobtrusive sound of a glass filling up, is noticable but doesn't interrupt what I'm doing. it's a delicate balance, and it works. I can pause long enough to drink something and hold right on going with my tasks.
~ Chaille Brown
much better than another apps. the banners are not intrusive or annoying. It is simple to use and adjust, and allows snooze option (when no water is around) it feels nice to be hydrated. Don't test doing it alone, it is very hard to achieve. This release is a gotta.
~ Greg Beals
Brilliant! It does exactly what I need it to. It gives me a zone to monitor my water intake and the push info remind me to drink (I'm rubbish at remembering to drink water throughout the day, that's why I need the release!) Love it, it's a permanent part of my device actually!
~ emu 254
4/2- Still no fix for this. Starting to look for a different release. I've usually loved this release, but recently I am getting info each hour despite my settings. If fixed, I'll gladly rate at 5/5.
~ Joshua Lisheid
Nice release! Straight interface, simple to use and reliable. Connection to google fit is not the finest but since this isnt my only release with that trouble I will bet its a google trouble... my only recommendation would be to add a warning in the release if someone records more than 1L of water in an hour or less. drinking too much is worse for you than not drinking enough.
~ Jim Orchard
I love this release! I like the timed alert reminders to drink ... I chose the one that sounds like water being poured into a glass ... recipients usually laugh when they hear it 😁 ... it supports you calculate how much water you could drink based on your weight ... and most of all, it works! it's helped me to make a nice habit, and actually I feel terrible if I don't meet my everyday quota.
~ Mala Waldron
It works perfectly, and keeps me exactly on track to stay hydrated. The alerts are not intrusive and also come through to my smart watch. I love that I can "snooze" an alert until it's convenient for me to access my drink. The flexibility of the release is nice and simple to use and customise to suit my needs. Highly suggested!!
~ A. H.
Supports me to drink something when I am busy.(usually..) Staying hydrated has helped me lose 12 lbs, in 6 Mos. Seems that many times I think I am hungry, but now just need a tall glass of water. Has helped GI troubles also. Nice release, eats no battery and never crashes for me.
~ Tom Wasser
Was weary of using other water reminder release. Another apps took over my device and even changed my messaging release. They were filled with adds and couldn't obtain anything done kn my device. This release had not given me any troubles. I have been using for a week actually. Love it. Dont change a thing.
~ Donna Insogna
Use it each day. Convenient, easy and does exactly what it needs to. I've been drinking water more consistently, even if I dont usually meet my target each single day. You've must place in the effort, just like anything worth doing. This is just an release after all, hold that in mind. This is not the solution to your hydration management trouble, you are. Nice idea to stay on track though. 5 stars.
~ Jason Welwood
it would be much better if I can just tap the widget and it DIRECTLY increases and present my water intake count (percentage circle ?) it's because that the only idea to do anything is INSIDE the release only that stops me from using it. Too. much. work.
~ Bá tân Lê Trần
Works well and easily customisable. Really simple to change size of glass/bottle. needed report to see how you are doing. Reminds you each hour (or more/less often). Love that it has a progress bar at the top which measures how you are doing compared to the target/where you ought to be by actually. Has weight tracking function which I don't use.
~ Charlotte Harper