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About: It's never been easier to obtain lost in a storyline. Go digital with a globe of reading at your fingertips with the nonpaid Walmart eBooks release. With over 6 million eBooks and audiobooks to pick from, theres something for each kind of reader and listener. The great escape awaits with the globe's finest eBooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and babes's ebooks to enjoy immediately on your tablet or device. Newest to Walmart eBooks? Sign up and obtain $10 off an eBook or audiobook.* The Walmart eBooks release adds comfort and convenience to your love of ebooks: Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer. Night Mode to makes reading easier on your eyes before bedtime. Lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode. Our beautifully designed, simple-to-use audiobook user makes it easy for you to transport through your storyline with a single touch. Ta ... Show more
Genre: Books & Reference Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: Kobo Books
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About: This guide is made to help IMO free users while using imo coll. This tricks list showing you how to use IMO MINI and IMO LITE, also start to use imo web. Read attentively the advices mentioned in this guide in order to use and IMOoSEARCH options. Before using of IMO LIVE try to use IMO 2018 using. This guide with tricks is also usable VERSION or IMO OLD. application that provides tutorials using imio, you don't need to bother anymore about using imo on your cellphone application that provide...

Developer: chiscomar dev [email protected]

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About: This app is a game guide for Ragnarok M Eternal Love (ROM) - Not a game player!. It's contains all key information (Rare; as we can find) about the game. We design this app for contains all information to be like an user academy for this game (FAN APP) - board communication will update soon. Now this guide app have 3 main menu 1) Guide about all characters : Basic/Rare information & strategy - how to play 2) News update : Such as Path news, Update features of the game. 3) Media - Wallpaper...

Developer: MokLo [email protected]

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About: This is guide for MapQuest Driving Direction and GPS Navigation. With this app you will learn what is MapQuest and how to use MapQuest, how to use GPS Navigation for Android and what is best GPS Navigation app for Android. Now a day driving is easy than before because GPS Navigation technology. With MapQuest you can use driving direction, turn by turn navigation, offline map and voice GPS Navigation. You can learn to use all MapQuest's features by follow step by step guide in this app. Map...

Developer: malin minla [email protected]

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About: This is an addon which includes five different creatures from the popular tower defense game called Plants Zomb2. Some of the new mobs have new abilities such as the possibility to fire peas at zombies. Its a pretty cool add-on with some very detailed models. How to spawn the new mobs? Jack-In-The-Box (Shulker): The Jack-In-The-Box is the main mob block which you will need to find or spawn in order to spawn any of the Plant Zomb2. Every time a cow is spawned in the Overworld there is a...

Developer: passtdio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Dragon Mounts Realm Mod Minecraft Alternatives
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About: Dragon Mounts Realm mod with a lot of dragons and the ability to craft armor, weapons and weapons from dragon scales. In the world of Minecraft you can find nests with dragon eggs in various biomes. Activating the found egg with will trigger the maturation process, which lasts approximately 20 minutes. The growth of a hatched cub can be accelerated by raw fish. After the dragon is fully mature, you can install a saddle on it and fly wherever you want. Also from adults you can get scales that...

Developer: dimaincgame [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Pro Bokep VPN Mania Alternatives
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About: What is Bokep VPN Mania? It is biggest collection of information about VPN technology. - More than 10 articles about what is VPN and how to use it - In app secure web search - Fresh Rss feed about VPNs Also you can download any files and have access to it from app, change app theme how you want, serfing internet and more other cool features! Install VPN mania now and have fun!...

Developer: MaryAPc [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Code Three 3Wonders arcade  Alternatives
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About: Three 3Wonders is arcade game devloped and released in 1991....

Developer: Divappcad [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Community Cash - Real & Safe  Alternatives
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About: Community Cash is a real App For Earning 100% Cash Try it Now... Easy Task = 1Rs Medium Task= 2Rs Hard Task = 4Rs Referel Code:1234 100% Real Cash And Services!...

Developer: itsadirz [email protected]

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About: Looking for games that are diverse. You can also play many people together. New Fashion Frenzy Roblox Image HD This game will be New Fashion Frenzy Roblox Image HD that has compiled map created by players. So the whole play style....

Developer: Frrkkoo [email protected]

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About: As part of the App Development Course, design is also essential in the creation of mobile apps. App Development Course UI considers constraints, contexts, screen, input, and App Development Course as outlines for design. The user is often the focus of interaction with their device, and the interface entails components of both hardware. User input allows for the users to manipulate a system, and device's output allows the system to indicate the effects of the App Development Course manipulation. ...

Developer: Make Your Dream [email protected]

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About: Discover all the features of Tango Live Video Broadcast Free with our new tips. It is our pleasure to talk about one of the greatest apps ever Tango Online Live Chat. This guide is intended to provide as much information about Tango Chat as possible. So let's go trough some details on Tango: Tango Chat filters Download Tango core chat Add new friends in Tango Live Video Broadcast Free Live-stream users may receive gifts from their fans in Tango Live Video Broadcast Free Tango scanner idea...

Developer: Live Video Broadcast [email protected]

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About: The simple premise of this book is that every time you open your mouth, in order for communication to happen, you have to sell yourself. If you don't sell yourself, communication is nearly impossible. If you do, your message will get across....

Developer: Webshinobis [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Apply EDV 2020 Alternatives
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About: Electronic Diversity Visa Apply EDV 2020 DV 2020...

Developer: 8848 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Novel Harry Pottter and the Sorcerers Stonee  Alternatives
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About: Harry Potter has no idea how famous he is. Thats because hes being raised by his miserable aunt and uncle who are terrified Harry will learn that hes really a wizard, just as his parents were. But everything changes when Harry is summoned to attend an infamous school for wizards, and he begins to discover some clues about his illustrious birthright. From the surprising way he is greeted by a lovable giant, to the unique curriculum and colorful faculty at his unusual school, Harry finds himsel...

Developer: book today [email protected]


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About: Day trading is fast, fascinating and may be highly rewarding type of investing, but it is also risky. That is why it is crucial to know all there is to know about that form of trading. Day trading is an investment strategy based on selling and buying stocks and other securities within the trading day. Weve created a full course that will teach you how to become a day trader from the beginning. Some took the day trading knowledge and work from home, online, doing just that, others do it on...

Developer: academe hub [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Gujarati Panchang Calendar 2019 Alternatives
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About: Gujarati Calendar almanac is an informative app for people of Gujarat and Gujarati speaking people across the world.Wherever you go! This application is a great tool to help you get the most out of your day, and plan your days for success. Application supports following features : 1) Sunrise, Sunset, Moon rise, Moon set, Sun sign and Moon sign. 2) Almanac 3) Good Time 4) Bad Time 5) Horoscope 6) Auspicious 7) Festivals * Users can select any date and get information fo...

Developer: Epic Calendars & Games [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 2018년11월 기도수첩 Alternatives
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About: , , 3 . , . ( ) 478 1 [email protected] ---- : 2 534-3 1 02-3662-7661 1...

Developer: 세계복음화전도협회자료국 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like tips praktis dan cerdas budidaya tanaman sayuran Alternatives
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About: There are two types of places for growing vegetables, which are in the highlands and lowlands. Vegetables that are commonly grown on highlands such as carrots, potatoes, and so on. While vegetables that grow in the lowlands such as kale, caesim, and so forth. Therefore, before learning about vegetable cultivation techniques, you need to know in advance the type of place and origin of the vegetables to be cultivated....

Developer: the bee hive chick [email protected]

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About: Edible and Poisonous Plant Identification is part of a series of outdoors survival and adventure apps designed to give information on demand at the moment of need. All plants depicted have a connection with survival whether they be edible flowers, medicinal herbs or poisonous berries to stay away from. Within this app: Over 100 Useful Plants 15 Poisonous plants Flash Cards for study Multiple Choice Quiz Each plant entry has a picture, description, habitat, growing areas and edibl...

Developer: Polemics Applications [email protected]

Similar Apps Like tips praktis dan cerdas budidaya tanaman pangan Alternatives
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About: Food crop cultivation can be interpreted as an activity of planting crops, which can be a source of main carbohydrates and proteins in the land, then can be consumed alone or resold as a source of income for farmers (growers). From the understanding of food crop cultivation, Indonesia is actually a large food-producing country. But now the Indonesian state actually needs to import food from other countries....

Developer: the bee hive chick [email protected]



Walmart eBooks Reviews and Comments:

Thanks for keeping me awake with a info at 12am
~ Tommy
This is my favoured ebook release of all times.
~ Stacey Owen
will not load the shop would really love to use this release please fix
~ chase bolin
I use audiobooks to rest they are nice , especially ones by PG Wodehouse. I particularly enjoy the narrations of Martin Jarvis.
~ A Google user
Cannot launch bought ebook! if I should give no star I would!
~ Vivian Cardriche
Not the finest. Amazon works alot better. Using overdrive with your library is nice.
~ Julie Clark
all I obtain is "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" no matter what I click on
~ Kat Butina
would not download ebook, i chatted with customer help and the trouble was resolved
~ John Turczyn
I enjoy this release because it allows me to read my ebooks no matter where I'm at
~ Tiffany Roys
love this release. eady to use and I like keeping my ebooks all in one simple to search order
~ Sandy Russell
Doesn't work. Won't go past walmart sign-in. Typical.
~ Xiong Her
Won't load anything. Only keeps showing http/1.1 service unavailable. Unusable.
~ Nicole Peckingham
Greet nonpaid ebook offerings for you to obtain your feet wet with. Thanks.
~ A Google user
Reader sucks. PDF format? Come on. i wish my dollars back.
~ Deb Scott
A majority of highlighted books and auidobooks are smut. I'm attempting to obtain back into reading and I'd rather not have to scroll through half naked photos to search the orwell ebook I'm now searching for.
~ A Google user
love books and love audiobooks even more the selection is nice and the pricing is fair. cant complain
~ Amanda Marx
Page turning information rather slow. Overall easy to use. I'd like to see My Books on the Home Screen instead of via a drop down menu. Another than that, nice release.
~ Melody McAuliffe
Stupid release, doesn't have a cart. Can't buy more than one thing at a time.
~ Rick Madsen
Reading on this release has been a nice experience. I set the page flipping to have NO animation and to be done by volume buttons, and I don't regret it. I love it.
~ Kevin
love this release. I can read on my device or device. Dont have to figure out where I left off because I switched devices. Nice.
~ Rhaunda Gilmore
this release sucks. bought a 3 month subscription and it disappeared from my profile.
~ Chad Trinkle
Soft keeps claiming me add more ebooks to my "cart" to use my bonus code, but the release doesn't even have a cart. You can only buy 1 ebook at a time. What a joke.
~ Darrin H.
Terrible. Unable to access the settings menu. When tapping a menu icon, nothing happens. Which means I cannot adjust font size, screen lighting, or any another settings.
~ Eric Westrope
Each ebook you wish with reasonable prices and variety of very nice nonpaid ebooks! Nice idea to obtain some reading done.
~ April Cossette
So far, I haven't recieved my $10 nor able to use my 1 nonpaid credit. I am going to test for this month and i hope all works out. Will someone be contacting me to fix errors?
~ A Google user
this is a nice release. lots of ebooks on it.
~ Susan Patterson
Release is an eyesore. Needs Mobile Auto help. Will modernization review in the future if things are fixed/changed.
~ Mark Allan
MALWARE! DO NOT INSTALL! The moment I installed this release, each another release on my device started destroying. I had to eventually perform a factory restart. Devs, please slay yourselves! Take a gun, place it versus your temple, and pull the trigger. You are scumbags who do not deserve to live!
~ Rideable Sun
horrible. ebooks won't download and can not contact anyone. wasted all this dollars on books. i will stick to kindle from actually on
~ Shauna Walker
Love it. Unpaid ebook caught me. Didn't think I would enjoy over a ebook but... Nice release.
~ Tim
Nothing on this release works properly . Won't even download the ebooks I purchased, so i can read them. Very dissatisfied.
~ beth neeley
I got a nonpaid audio ebook for my trial. The release kept skipping and reversing on its own. Very frustrating to listen through a ebook when it reverses each time it's interrupted by some info on my device. I got better quality with Audible and likely won't be switching out any time quick.
~ Rebecca Peterson
nice! my kobo ereader is the finest investment I ever made. I'm an avid reader, I dont have to worry about damaging a ebook if I place it in my purse and I can carry variety of ebooks at once without breaking my back...love it!
~ Vicky Morgan
since I'm on a tight budget, it's great to be able to read nonpaid ebooks. I love reading :). plus after doing price comparison, nice deals on newest ebooks. only downside is all the correspondences I received everyday.
~ Kerry Leroux
I never thought I'd be an e-reader, but I type of like having a portable ebook I can read anywhere. I still love true ebooks, but this is a nice replacement when I don't have one.
~ Jenny Moonen
worst ever! download ebooks so i should read them on the bus ride home. After 1 hour bus ride, none of my ebooks still wouldn't launch. i don't know how this release expects to compete with Amazon Kindle. Definitely not operating like this!
~ Ann C
works well. $10 discount for signing up doesn't work if you d/l nonpaid ebooks first, but i was able to chat online w/ their support personnel who gave me a $10 refund. Unpaid ebooks are how i chose to play the release before spending dollars on it, as i suspect many recipients would. I think this is a trouble & a bit of misinformation in their advertising, b/c even the fine print didn't mention it, but i'm glad they resolved it & honored their advertising, though it was a headache figuring out how to do that.
~ Cathleen C
Nice at first. Actually having troubles with skipping and suddenly stopping.
~ Sara Gray
This release is broken. I had to reload my ebook many times. When I am done with my ebook this release goes to the trash. I will not be buying any more ebooks from Walmart.
~ Jon Heinz
It was simple and easy to look for a ebook and also to buy the ebook. This release gives you a lot of ebooks to pick from. I give this a 5 star cause I found a lot of ebooks I ua e read and like at a nice price. And I also don't have to go to the ebook to search what I wish, I can just go to the release to search what I wish.
~ Kasey Lopez