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About: Wallet is your personal finance planner that supports you save dollars, plan your budget and track spending. You will become your own finance manager. Actively plan & manage dollars. Receive a report concerning your finances, together with the recipients you believe, across multiple currencies, banks and financial institutions. Upload your Loyalty or Reward cards too. Receive and hold full control of your finances. Tracking your dollars just got easier. Do you have something that you need to save up for? DOWNLOAD NOW! WHO SHOULD USE WALLET Chuck your notebooks, spreadsheets and budget for clear, tangible targets that are simple to track in true time. It may be for your holidays travel, education, family, car expenses, tiny business expenses or any another expenses you might have. Wallet by BudgetBakers is not just a finance expense tracker, report or budgeting release. Its a ... Show more
Genre: Finance Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 37MB Developer: BudgetBakers.com
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Wallet - Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker Reviews and Comments:

The credit card integration is just terrible. When I pay my credit card bill from my savings profile the transaction appears as other expense meaning my expense breakdown is essentially doubled. It lacks investment banks that Mint has and it's a tiny expensive for what it does. I would pay at most $9.99 for a life time pro profile. $60 is a tiny ridiculous and this is coming from someone who builds apps for a living. It does have a nicer UI and nice graphs tho.
~ Benjamin Sweett
Not worth having, it very rarely recognises transactions for what they are even from large name companies. For example you've got mcdonalds going out as an investment or tesco going out as electronics. I did correspondence them but got no response. the amount of time it takes to change all the labels on all the transactions I may as well add it up myself.
~ Andrew Ludlam
The release has some really nice informations though the largest drawback, which essentially renders the it useless is that some linked credit card accounts present up as a positive balance which fully throws out the details. This looks to have been mentioned quite alot in the help pages with nothing done to remedy the trouble. Definitely won't be paying for super once my trial is up until this has been fixed.
~ Josh
Honestly, I was horrible at keeping up with my finances. Even if I should do all the calculations in my head, now separating out what required to be paid what ammount was so hard to identify in my head because I would just see one large number for my paycheck and go "I have plenty". This release gives you plenty of ideas to separate out your dollars and balance your accounts so that you hold better profile of your spending.
~ acehigh lion
The functions of the release would be nice if they would function properly. 1. Bank transactions have wrong dates (night before actual payment) 2. Transfer between synced accounts appear as "Outside of wallet". I change manually but change isn't saved. 3. Customer help is non-existant. 4. Planned payments from bank profile don't have "Innacurate payment" option. 5. There is no possibility to plan transfers between accounts (eg. from Actual to Savings profile). Solve theese and I'll rate 5 stars
~ Deea Piulitza
I love this release. Allow's me track all my expenses. I would love to see some savings option, for example, set a monthly saving of 10% for investments. Related to Budgets, but in reverse and with percentage (it would be cool to be able to pick percentage in budgets too). Thanks and nice work!
~ Tomas Hurrell
I wish to like this release, but my personal experience has been poor. The UI is awesome and the release itself is packed with informations. My trouble is that it just refuses to connet some of my accounts and if you test to go watch a video or browse the web while it's attempting to connect it will auto back out to the login screen and cancel the attempt. Capital One is a cute known CC company but no matter what it wont connect. Same with my Ollo CC.
~ Donald Landers
This is a cute nice release that i will hold using: can manage multiple accounts and currencies and sync with bank. The categorisation of expenses is often wildly off but simple to amend. My largest trouble is the transaction date for expenses from my synced profile is not the transcation date at all and rather the day it clears from my bank profile. This means i cannot view my spending patterns accurately and functions like the weekly budget are pointless because expense dates are wrong.
~ Bridget Latter
I'm a super player and I cannot sync my hdfc bank profile. I have synced one more profile and it worked fine. But when I test to sync another profile it claims wrong credentials, I deleted the player time and release and tried again and it logged in and gave me OTP. But nothing happend after submitting OTP.. Again if I test syncing it claims wrong credentials although my credentials are correct.
~ Ashok saravanan
really nice release to support you save, you will see how much dollars you are spending and what you spend it on. At first it was hard to hold putting in every transaction until I found a info option in the settings, it gives a info when you are in a shop or a business that reminds you to track your soending. I've had this release for 3 months and noticed I have saved more every month actually than compared to the months prior to downloading. Have your babes download use, it will support you and them.
~ Ryan Mora
My bank feeds stopped working on the 23rd of May, 3 days into my nonpaid trial. There was a message about it claiming it ahould be fixed by the 26th, fair enough. However once the message was gone and I assume meant to be fixed, my bank feed won't reconnect. I made a help ticket on the 27th of May and on the 2nd of June, I'm still waiting on a response. The help of this release ahould be a lot better than it is and I have basically missed my whole trial. Search a well supported budget release instead.
~ James Green
I have been using wallet since last 3 years and this release is very useful in keeping records. Thank You for your efforts. But today when i wanted to check some budgets of 2016, it is not showing records before 1 December 2016. Please claim me if you should support. I am feeling really disappointed because if my old budgets are going to disappear then this release will be of no use for me from actually.
~ Akriti Sakshi
It might a bit expensive but if you have dollars difficulties or like me on a tiny fixed income, well worth it. Help is very nice, I've never had to wait longer than 24Hrs for a response. The thing I like most about wallet is the safety it gives me. we all market on line and I weve all read the scam tales. Wallet is as close as you can obtain to having your eye on your accounts 24/7
~ Nigel Keeping
In the first time i was starting to watch my expenses and then when i saw that is interesting i was starting to reach targets and so on. In the final i was buying the super profile and actually i see everything that i wish, plus it is syncronised with my bank and that's nice. Btw, my bank is Banca Transilvania and it is working nice so if you wish some support i can support you with the release if you need some. I wasn't sure if the sync will work but actually i'm sure that is working nice! The finest wallet release!
~ Nicolae Posmagiu
the release is nice, but it synchronize with the bank profile only once a day in working days, there's no idea to synchronize if you wish. Another thing is that, the expenses we have paying with card, the release doesn't let us to change the genre until it's "cleared by your bank". Like, the release supports, but should do much better than this...
~ Eduardo Comin
A nice app to centralise all your bank transactions in one zone. It doesn't know to assign the same genre to transactions from the same vendor. It doesn't know how to manage credit cards transactions where you divide a transaction into monthly payments so it duplicates the records. The help is terrible as nobody replies to topics for weeks and they close them as resolved without confirming the fix. Overall is getting better.
~ Iulian Maxim
Very terrible app. Wrong Calculation if you paid for Credit Card it will consider both side Credit. The loan usually positive and it will increase your financial value. The help is very terrible I sent them 2 ticket one they close it without explanation after 5 days and the another one they give me an respond which clearly present that no one read my ticket and they consider the topic solved and forget to mention also it took the 5 days to response
~ Mohamad Basheer Alhamwi
how are planned payments still not fixed?! I have them set up to be applied on the first each month, today is the 3rd and they are still not applied? this is basically the only reason I'm using an release like this and such a primary information is simply not working still...
~ Szernex
I purchased the super ver. Had troubles. Sent correspondence asking for support. Nothing happened except for the correspondence informing that the troubles would be taken care of by the technical help squad. One week passed by, still nothing. And actually my second correspondence didn't obtain any news from the squad. What's going on?
~ Hang Do
I've used this release for the duration of the nonpaid trial and fell in love with it, I'd love to hold using it but each time I obtain paid it doesn't obtain track as an income, instead it pushes the "initial value" of my saving profile. This causes my "spendings" and "cashflow" to be the same all in negative since all positives aren't adding up, they're just pushing the initial value further. My bank is HSBC AR. Allow me know if you can fix it and I might give it other test
~ Gerardo Sabetta
This release is nice for expense management however i think there is a bug with it. I use the widget on my device home screen. It's nice but each time I shut down my device (e.g. when i am sleeping) and turned it back on (the next day), the widget will be there but all the stats (the balance figures etc) will be gone. However once I opened the release, the widget will have the stats again. Please fix this bug.
~ LWT Loo
I hate and hate and hate this newest ver. They removed the intervals I was used to for the widgets, I can no longer obtain "last month" to compare. Not mentioning, ally widgets are useless the idea they forced me to use. And also lots of bugs, like if you test to import a credit card statement from an OFX file that includes last year's time, it set them to the future, it ignores the year. I have some planning payment that usually present up one day before the original setup. And more it doesn't fit here
~ Hugo Leonardo
I was glad to search an alternative to Mint who have actually just flood you with banners. The product is promising. It has the small release and a web ver. However, the web ver does not have all the informations of the small ver (rearranging the order of accounts, budgets). A major zone that needs improving and is a bit of a deal-breaker for me is.. BUDGETS - they have weekly, monthly but not bi-weekly which is when a lot of recipients are paid. Also it does not present you budget versus income., in fact it adds the income to the budget which does not create sense so you really have to not place the income in there. This is a serious flaw since that is a major reason for wanting to use soft. If this was fixed I would gladly pay for the soft as the rest of it works well. It would also be great if when you clicked on a widget in the release such as Income that it would take you to a list of the transactions. Basically, all the widgets could click-through to logical detail.
~ Melonie Holmes
I elected a temporary "nonpaid" trial of their super services but I am unable to connect with my bank (an option only available to super subscribers). I opened a support ticket. no response so far. should be a wonderful release if it should successfully interface with known financial institutions.
~ Michael Gutierrez
I'm ready to request dollars back and switch to other, less buggy, better supported, more convenient, streamlined and simple-to-use release. I'm on super here but it does not feel like super at all. Adjusting balance does not work, all accounts are becoming negative whatever you input in whatever idea. Also, your pemium help sucks large. Please ask your help squad to respond to my request "ADJUST BALANCE goes crazy, Wallet 6818". Two weeks, no respond. Shameful.
~ Ed Whitehoof
The release looked interesting and clean. upon install realising i had to pay to connect my bank accounts was annoying but i was curious so paid a fee and off we went. 1) dollars flow shows my credit card balance as positive dollars rather than a negative balance. 2) no easy idea to see income and expenses 3) after a several days, my Bank stopped syncing even when i logged in again. just obtain an error that my bank is unavailable test again later. 4) expenditure pie chart didn't present transactions it based off
~ Brandon Neff
So very disappointing. The release worked well for me for about a year, but then I switched my actual profile. I double checked Wallet worked with First Direct before switching, as I would have really liked to continue using it. Wallet advertised First Firect as supported. Turns out it isnt though and they falsely claimed this. Actually I've already paid for other year's use of a useless release and they won't reply to my correspondences requesting a refund. Such a shame, but you could probably avoid.
~ Gareth Kirkman
Very potent release. I've seven bank/credit card/PayPal accounts registered in the release, all modernized automatically, and the release makes cute nice guesses at categorising them. There are also another dollars and investment accounts registered that I modernization manually. It's so satisfying and reassuring having our overall financial position immediately available. Modernization: knocked of a star as I'm having difficulty linking transfers between accounts already downloaded, while it works OK to manual accounts.
~ Alaister Copland
Got my bank sync trouble fix in two working days. The release syncs down and auto categorised all my expenses and income (Nice Information, what i have been looking for). Though they are not 100% accurate and the syncing part is not a friendly experience (can be frustrating when the syncing keeps failing), it did give me a better picture how to categorised things myself. Major drawbacks are some major banks are not supported and import is a bit rigid. Overall, nice release and lots of potential.
~ A Google user
Was !forced! to modernization to the newest Wallet. Originally I had a choice whether to upgrade or not, but apparently what I prefer isn't important anymore. I very much dislike the newest look of the modernization, especially the look of my favoured information; the graph. Not only did the graph's appearance change, but the graph shows less detail when it comes to the x and y axis. This release went from the finest dollars management release, down to the same lvl as all the others. Would easily give 5 stars if I should go back.
~ Theron Wells-Wright
I am facing couple of troubles: 1. bank auto sync is not happening sometimes. I need to manually refresh it which take some times. 2. I am not able to figure out monthly net income. eg for a month.. income - 100 USD expense - 60 USD net income = 40 USD I see some complex graph which is not needed for me.. If my queries are resolved, I may revise my ratings.
~ Jamshadali P.K
So far, so nice. I used Mint for years and have been looking for an release to compete....this does everything and so much more! I just want I should refresh accounts more often.... or manually.... UPDATED FROM FOUR STARS... I'm deleting and will continue my find. I paid for the profile and it NEVER syncs my accounts, ever. No description of buy information and duplicate entrys..... I liked it at first but actually I'm bald.... I ripped out all my hair! lol. Save your dollars!! And Hair!!!
~ Coral Whale
I used this release for a several years actually. The newest modernization is forcing me to make an online profile with them. I only wanted a local budget tracker on my device only. I do not wish my financial stats stored in the cloud. What is really upsetting is that I cannot even see what my profile balances were before the upgrade, unless I wish to make online profile? Why would a company force someone to shop their financial stats online?
~ JT Thomas
A nice release for sure! I have two troubles currently. I don't know how to add dollars from a certain profile directly towards a target. The second "trouble" is that I would really like a widget for the home screen displaying the target percentage. this would motivate me majorly and support me save up. When these are added I will surely add the 2 more stars!
~ 2lol 555
First of all, it's a nice release. The first week was great. It recorded everything, the bank profile synchronisation is a greay informations. Even I upgraded to super profile because of it. But then it failed to connect since a week ago and there is no fixing from developer. The another trouble is I submitted a ticket weeks ago about the commas placement, not even a respond. Surely worst customer service ever. Fix this and I might continue the subscription and give you a decent ratings.
~ Cornelius Joko Kristanto
The finest release for finance tracking what I ever use. I don't use a lot of informations like bank sync or budget but I am active player of web and create a lot of records. I wish to buy this release but it is so expensive for me. If I can buy only 1-2 bonus accounts it will be nice (different plans and different price). Thank you, your release create me glad.
~ Andriy Utvenko
I have used this release since 2014. Overall this is great, providing lots of informations and simple-to-use UI/UX. Records can be synced on web immediately. You can also buy lifetime licence to unblock such more needed functions as exporting to csv. Before the review above, I couldn't search where to filter all records from beginning. Upon choosing periods (this month, this year, etc), actually you can swipe right to pick the date range. That is why there was an respond from BudgetBakers below.
~ Kawin Khanobthamchai
This release has literally changed the idea I spend, track, and manage my finances. Aside from being able to immediately view a summary of my expenses in-release (with charts and graphs), I can also see my cashflow and spending trends. There's a speedy filter function for every genre, payment kind, and even date range. I can easily add expenses and even make templates for my most common expenses. The integrated debt manager is also the finest I seen from all another apps I've tried.
~ John Paul Gonia
I purchased lifetime because I really liked the connection to my banks. However it stopped working. I can no longer connect due to an unknown error and also because there is already a connection to the bank(when there's not) . Bank connection is really buggy, but works very well when... Well it works. I'm now spending more time talking with help than using the release...
~ Luis M
I have been using the release for about 6 months actually. It is extremely well designed, reliable, and pretty. The automatic bank profile sync information is a lifesaver, we hardly need to enter time manually. Genres are well thought out, and the release uses AI to learn the proper genres over time. Budgets are super needed. I also use labels (mostly to mark records that I have checked). I also share access with my wife so we can both have a view on the family budget. Nice release, hold up the nice work!
~ Mirko Jurisits