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Voice avatar - make prank video   
About: Voice avatar is a funny release for you to create hilarious video! Create jokes with interesting voice and share with your dudes! Download actually and test yourself! Informations: -AI technology to make these voice avatars -More than 40+ voice avatars -Create funny voice you wish -Add newest avatar daily -Share with your family and dudes -Simple to create funny video: just pick avatar and claim something you wish Come to create nice videos! You will love it!
Genre: Entertainment Size: 11MB Developer: Lucky Game Time
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Voice avatar - make prank video Reviews and Comments:

you have to pay for it and give you very less options than you thinck
~ Alyssa Coyne
This doesn't even work! You think I'm now going to pay for pro when it can't even work for nonpaid? No thank you.
~ Jada
this deserves nothing it doesn't even work so I don't even think it could have one star being generous about this
~ bossy girl
this release is AWFUL it usually claims there's no connection even at my house I'm tired of that and I will be deleting this release it's terrible just no
~ Rafael Cazares
this release sucks don't ever obtain it. you have to pay for each single tiny thing
~ beautiful gacha
I used the james Charles, and it literally only claimed hey sisters. like yes that was part of my sentence but what about the rest???
~ Savanna Walters
this release sucks you claim something and it does not finish your sentence and it does not claim what you claimed i would not even give it a one
~ Marissa Ireland
I HATE THIS APP. It didn't allow me in the release for 3 days. And when I finally got it to launch it didn't change my vioce. This release is stupid!! It is FAKE!!!
~ nikki darnell
it just plain sucks that's all I must claim, I would've given 0 stars if I should've
~ Loui bub
this is the most horrible release ever do not waste your time on it believe me
~ mia moreno
its dumb i only can take a picture its dumb and i have buy it its so dumb who ever made this your dum. create it nonpaid dumbo like everybody test to talk and it doesn't work so 1 star for me so obtain you release right lad 😡😡😡
~ Sokruon Carter
this is plain out stupid when i go and place my voice in it claims not available!!if you dont fix this RIGHT NOW waisting my time and yours dont download it stupid GAME!
~ Diane Shealy
I now wanted to give 0 out of 5 but I cant but anyways this release is really stupid it wont even allow me do the voice it just claims the service is unavailable and it really sucks also the banner showed something fully different than what the release now is
~ Hamoudy Harb
~ Victoria mayes
~ Brae and Bren Jones
this release claims it's nonpaid. then when you go on it barely has any celebs to pick from because you need to buy a trial. this release is so terrible also because it cant claim what you are claiming 🤦‍♀️ and there would be more celebs on the banner than the actual release. smh
~ reagan person
The voices are berry acurate but you just create it SO HARD to hears you wrong,it keeps trying so hard to create you obtain the nonpaid trial,and it even makes you wait 3 mins after each use of hero..This is not what I call a release..I call it a nightmare. :(
~ Jade Tea
This release sucks. Usually i test to do it it Claims me to obtain pro snd when i press the x it makes me wait 3 mins for it. And when i test making the voices its just a deep voice. Thsi release is the worst. I would give it -5 if i should but thats not possible. This release is the worst and i woldnt suggest this to annybody ever. Fix these troubles. Goodbye.
~ Magical Memories
it sucks i couldn't do anything becuase it hold asking me to obtain pro they wish $50 thats idea to much for such a terrible release like this
~ E. E. Brown
This voice changing release is nice!! It records your voice and video, then change to celebrities’ voice immediately. After shooting the video, you can save it to your device and share to your dudes to prank them. It brings me and my families so much fun. We spend hours in the release each day!! My 4-year-old daughter loves it. Want there will be more celebrities and characters in the future, especially for babes. Overall it is a nice release.
~ Mohammed Said
omg, the peoole who one stared this, u have to buy equipment because that is how the devopers obtain their dollars, and recipients in the comments are complaining about it works. "someone claimed that u cant even recognize my iwn voice." thats how it works, dummy
~ SixSafe 2837
Poor. Don't download this FREE release, unless you feel like waisting fifty dollars.. I'd give zero stars if I should.
~ Faedra Burrier
i did not even obtain to use this release because it would only let me to use the pro I should not use the normal one I had to pay each month to use this release I do not suggest it
~ LolaMarie
I thought the release was hilarious. but why do you have to pay at all? and if so who the f is gonna pay mothly?
~ nick_the_greaser_ig
this is the worst release ever i first did james charles and then did dr phil but it still did the same voice i used with james charles there is so many celebrities in the banner but barely any in the actuall "release" this release sucks
~ Ilaria Rondinelli
It just plain out doesn't work. I got it for my tiny cousin so she should test on it and nothing worked. Everything is locked until you buy the full release. Do not suggest.
~ Alyssa Houchin
The release sucks, it won't even allow me do a person before trying to create me buy pro, so, the release doesn't work, I HATE it
~ JohnDoesGirly The Queen
there is actually idea to use it, there is a paywall right after you pick the celebrity. nobody wants to pay $50 for a nonpaid release.
~ Jone 2020
this release is poor. you have to buy the nonpaid trial first in order to do the voices. this release is using us to obtain dollars by getting us to buy the nonpaid trial
~ bby. _luver
Don't waste your time downloading!!! the ONE time it worked it picked up one word... and heard it wrong. WASTE OF TIME AND PHONE SPACE. I would give it 5 stars if it at least should pick up your voice!!!
~ Misty Jewkes
poor. didnt even recognize my voice, wanted my to pay $50, and it made you wait 4 mins to create other one. it also wants your camera which is pointless
~ Da_nnys
It couldn't understand what I was claiming and often I did something it just claimed "that's sad". And the "waiting" thing is stupid and to buy pro, nobody would
~ Priscilla Trauger
worst release ever 50$ membership fee for hot garbage it dose not work and each time I test to claim a sentence and have the release claim it back with a different voice it just responds with "what are you thinking" in the voice
~ Logan Jaeger
Looks like a normal release, until you tap the screen once. It'll ask you for $50 to now use the release. This company also advertises on Snapchat which is annoying to see when I tap through.
~ Vitamin_Bleach
I hate it soooo much. And its because when i record it doesnt seem to recognize my voice, and you have to wait for 40 seconds to pick other one. and why does it stay in the same recorder like really?? this is stupid im sorry but you seriously need to fix this pls:(
~ Kayla Ramirez
do not download this release. it's not as nice as you think. in order to test the release you need to buy PRO which costs $59 which is idea to much dollars just to test a release sooooooo DON'T obtain the release. thank you ✨
~ Selena Espinoza
do not obtain this release it dose not work I tried to record and it did not work the camera is messed up it claimed something like it couldn't record my voice because of something this is just a poor release do not obtain it WASTE OF MONEY😡😡😡
~ Queen Vee
it's not even nice cuz if it were then it would allow us access the voices but it doesn't so that's what makes trash..the nonpaid trial thing is just literally going to waste your dollars on nothing, I thought this was going to like be fun and you know test different's literally just something you have to pay with that you're really even going to use it's very useless tbh I'd rather recommend you all not to obtain it because instead of testing with your voice you end up paying for trash nice luck♡
~ yum yum
Poor. Just poor. You cant do anything without paying. And I dont understand why whenever you have the choice to run a nonpaid trial, you have to run paying when the trial is over. So either idea you have to pay. That happens on each release that offers a nonpaid trial. This is just other one of those apps, but you have to pay to use it period. Dont obtain it. You'll be disappointed.
~ Ruby Kaehler
Product sucks, everything is locked behind an expensive paywall so no target in using it regardless cause you can't. Plus a trial run is freaking fifty dollars, what are the developers thinking we are this gullible? What makes you this worse though is they posted misleading ads in another releases, and the release turns out to be a desperate dollars scheme. Want I should have a zero star rating for this degrading content and lies.
~ Ultra Reign