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About: Voice Access is an accessibility service that lets you control your device with spoken commands. Voice Access can be needed for recipients who have difficulty using a touchscreen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury, or another reasons. For support using Voice Access, visit Voice Access support. Voice Access provides voice commands (currently English only) in three genres: - Basics and navigation from any screen (e.g. Go back, Go home) - Gestures to interact with elements on the actual screen (e.g. Click next, Scroll down) - Text editing and dictation (e.g. Kind hello, Replace coffee with tea) You can view on-screen support by claiming What can I claim? within Voice Access. You can also see the full list of voice commands by going to Voice Access Settings and choosing Present all commands. Steps to turn on Voice Access: 1. Go to Settings > Accessibility. 2. Choose ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: Google LLC
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About: TOYA wants to create a community where you can feel comfortable, where you can make new friends, you can communicate with friends and even face-to-face video chat. Popular people show their charm, make friends, and get fans. We have people from many regions and can recommend different content to you. You can also switch regions to meet different people. Our current user base is very large, mainly young people from universities. But our goal is not limited to this, we hope to attract more grou...

Developer: toya live [email protected]

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Developer: SmartLife Digital [email protected]

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About: : - - - - , , - , , - ...

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About: Diyanet leri Bakanl "Namaz Vakti" Uygulamas Bu uygulama ile dnyann her yerinde Namaz Vakitlerine ulaabilirsiniz. zellikleri: - Setiiniz tm ehirlerin vakitlerini grebilirsiniz. - Bulunduunuz konuma ait namaz vakitleri otomatik olarak grntlenir. - Kble ynn bulabilirsiniz. - Namaz vaktine ve ncesine alarm kurabilirsiniz. - Yaknnzdaki camileri harita zerinde grntleyebilirsiniz (Trkiye iin) - Ezan ve ezan duasn dinleyebilirsiniz. - Aylk Namaz Vakitl...

Developer: Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı [email protected]

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About: Unfollowers instagram - Who Recently Unfollowed Me It is the most complete application to analyze the Instagram followers (ig analyzer) and find unfollowers and who unfollowed you on instagram. With this unfollowers instagram app (unfollow spy) you will not only be able to get the complete list of all the unfollowers on Instagram or who do not follow you back, but you also be able to analyze your followers to find out who recently unfollowed you, whether they are mutual followers or fans. ...

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About: Islamic Calendar Plus 15 Muslim Apps One of the most popular app for muslims, gives you access to Islamic Calendar, Quran, Qibla Compass, Prayer times, Athan, Duas, Ramadan time table, Islamic greeting cards, Zakat calculator, Tasbih counter, Masjid locator & Halal restaurant finder with Daily Verse, Hadith and Quote reminders! App Features: View current Islamic & Gregorian Calendar dates! View a list of Islamic Events for any Year, Hijri date on App Icon, Moon phase for current da...

Developer: ImranQureshi.com [email protected]


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About: With Screen Mirror, you can share your device's screen over WiFi and access it from a remote browser from any other device in your WiFi network. Screen sharing is easy: just open on your remote device, start the screen mirroring process on your Android device, scan the QR code and the mirroring starts immediately. As simple as that. No additional software on your remote device is needed. Screen Mirror is ideal if you need a second screen: if you would like to show your phone's screen at a...

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About: Parents Tracker is an exelent GPS tracker for those who you love. Check texts, messengers chats, call history, contact list, and other phone data from the target phone. The application shows data from the phone of someone you care. This mobile app makes it easy to get connected with your family. Parents Tracker collects: - phone calls information - texts and messages - collect and read text messages - Viber / Whatsapp messeges - location tracking - check GPS location - movements h...

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About: WiFi Speed Test - WiFi Signal Strength Meter is a useful WiFi tool which helps you test WiFi Speed and WiFi Signal Strength. WiFi Speed Test - WiFi Signal Strength Meter makes it easy to test your internet speed and help you Find the sweet spots in your WiFi network. WiFi Speed Test - WiFi Signal Strength Meter will test WiFi speed and show WiFi speed test results quickly. WiFi Speed Test - WiFi Signal Strength Meter can show your current WiFi signal strength and detect WiFi Signal Str...

Developer: WiFi Extender - WiFi Enhance & WiFi Analyzer [email protected]

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About: Showbx for Android : HD movies & TV Shows - Free Movies 2019 offers you free movies that are popular at the moment and you can view movie trailers without having to register. Showbox for Android : HD movies & TV Shows application we provide a synopsis of each film with the aim of making it easier for you to read the picture of the film you are watching. Besides this HD Movies application we also provide the best quality and is perfect for all smartphones. What are you waiting f...

Developer: Tube Hub [email protected]

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About: Everyone who loves gacha Life game this is a walkthrough to play the game smartly with lot of cheats and tips fell free to play the gacha studio and meme for free...

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About: Smart NFC Pro is ad-free version of "smart NFC" free app - The fully loaded, easiest and best NFC app to automate tasks using NFC. Smart NFC has the simplest, easiest and coolest UI and UX that makes all NFC related tasks super easy; be it simple NFC detection, reading and writing NFC tags or automation of your daily tasks or be it advertising and promoting your product using NFC. Smart NFC does it all. Only app to allow you one tap NFC based audio, video conference. ADVANTAGE SMART NFC Pro -...

Developer: Tantransha [email protected]

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Developer: social app 14 [email protected]

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About: Messenger Paralle Space - Dual Space - Clone App Why All Social media & Networks in one app 2019? If you are actively using 5 or 10 social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest etc, then you need to install individual apps for each social media in your mobile device. And obviously each social media app will consume your space, battery and internet through back end services, to avoid all these problems we introduce "All Social media & Networks in one app 2019". ...

Developer: Venus Star [email protected]

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About: Screen rotation, screen rotate, screen control, screen lock, screen rotation lock, change screen, screen rotation control,screen rotation app Specific Features: Rotate screen to different directions with just 1 click: Auto Rotation: screen orientation is determined by a physical orientation sensor. Portrait: the screen is in a portrait orientation. Reverse Portrait: the screen is in a portrait orientation; the opposite direction from normal portrait. Sensor Portrait: the screen is in...

Developer: KAMIN STUDIO [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Mercury Cleaner-Booster, CPU Cooler & Apps Manager  Alternatives
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About: Mercury Cleaner is a fast and powerful tool for all Android devices. Whether its managing your storage space or helping you browsing safely, we make it easy to be your most productive assistant. Heres what youll love about Mercury cleaner: - Junk Files Cleaner: Clean junk files and useless cache files to free up your space. - Boost Phone: Speed up you phone by optimizing memory and closing redundant background apps. - Manage Apps: Manage the apps in your mobile smartly. More f...

Developer: nabatee [email protected]



Voice Access Reviews and Comments:

i dont have any experience, but hope getting better service 😘
~ khalil rahman
It shows on the notch. That's terrible.
~ JM Demisana
this is Very useful for us....✌
~ Mr Rana Ahmed
very needed app i like it
~ Manveer Singh
Please create it not turn off itself 😡😡😡
~ Matthew Soon
~ Ian Hodge
i like this release it cool and nice informations
~ Peter Daudu
works well but please allow me use my bkuetooth headphones instead of the device mic.
~ Ibrahim Peek
cool but please do something that I can set google assistant's name
~ Marc X
There are troubles when we have to unblock the device
~ Sharad KAPTE
Nice release but I hve facing a trouble with my accessibility I hve to opn it again & again
~ Aditya Pal
when kind text with voiece, it doesn't actually that i completed and types what i claim, like "tap next" or "number 9"
~ Dimitry NeverMind
it cannot identify what I claim. I started to het battery weak before one single sentence finished.
~ anr
this release is absolute garbage. vice commands hardly ever work.
~ Dan Jackson
horrible all it does is hold me on Google and won't allow me out I had to wait for a info to send me here deleting right NOW
~ Manz are Hot
Not working. I have followed the guide as it claims but it doesn't response.
~ Kuru Zohny
it so cool!! i hope release help more foreign language!! 😎
~ Trịnh Trọng Trần Bá
it destroyed my device . i have to factory restart it actually. wrecked my device. Can i sue you???
~ Eknath Naik
SuperB, Hands up Google you could be arrested for making recipients's life simple!
~ Gescale Darati
very terrible ... most time can't identify words like scroll down, numbers like 2,4,13 .. can't unblock divce with graphic screen before look pattern
~ Mostafa Anwar
I don't like this aap in this informations is nice but aap shows numbers on screen makes this thing useless. Google voice access run in background with locked screen, actually you claim the password the voice access unlocked your small.
~ Krushna Mohite
I am glad at starting but voice access doesn't work on some time, and it takes time to do a work but overall it's a nice app I am sure that google LLC squad Mack it better then actually
It is quite nice but, I do want it should come in offline mode to.
~ Sarah-Jane Holl
Voice match turns off by itself in the Google release. I don't know if that has anything to do with the no recognition of the OK Google voice command. It only works again if I lock and unblock my device.
~ Alejandro Londono
I like most of it for hands nonpaid use. Very convenient when my hands are dirty or wet. I have had few occasions where I should not respond my device at all and since I've uninstalled this release it hasn't happened again.
~ Martin Annandale
It's a wonderful release for recipients with mobility troubles. However, it's almost impossible to use it to write an correspondence using the Gmail release. Any recommendations or release to do it simpler? Very grateful
~ Jorge Rabadán
alright Google finally giving us what apple cant a true idea interact with device during driving. it works better than i thought. even works with my lyft drivers release.
~ Eddie Torres
This release doesn't help my device.....It Claims that my device is switched universally.....what does it mean..? I can't understand.......😕😕😕
~ Technicians of game
Why doesn't it work offline? I've downloaded the offline Google assistant boxes!? Not very available if you have to use it around wifi, unless you're rich enough to have time and be in cell range. 🤔
~ Nom
Should not be worse. I purchased an mobile device just for this release. fully useless. it can't scroll down, it just lists "which one?". I'm so disappointed. it also shows few numbers on one news article. There's so much that don't work that this device will be returned tomorrow. I'll return to my iPad. I really thought Google would do a lot better than this.
~ Sten Sandvold
A very nice release.. Only trouble that I encountered was that my YouTube had started to act a bit different than usual. I am unable to understand the reason. Earlier I was able to remove the actions that come on the video that is being played with just a tap but actually I am expected to tap a certain button to remove them which is cute uncomfortable... Another than this the release is nice.
~ Aditya V
I think this model is different from Google assistant model because most of the words detected by assistant was kot detected by voice access. hope you fix this quick and another thing is while testing song, voice access is also alive which leads to song discontinuity so that it is not able to pause song with voice access
though the release is nice but it required to improve more. it cannot understant difference between 2 and too. whenever i claimed 2 it outputs too.and other trouble is it cant do some Nessesary things like Turn on time/territory e.t.c.it sometimes stops working when time connection is on. it couldn't analise voice well like google assistent .whenever i claimed a thing it writes other..hope in next modernization it will be fixed.👍
~ Soudip Das
What is the trouble giving such a nice release and displaying annoying accessibilty info on top of the screen Im oppo a3s player and experiencing this once i wish to use voice access (mobile oreo 8.1) the accessibility info is so annoying.
~ Wei Heng Chiew
This is my life saver release. I have been using this for the past 3 months on my screen broken device. I am performing all my everyday tasks based on this voice recognition release only, really useful release from Google
~ Akhil Krishnan
Very great nice concept, works okay. Until you need to do a find, like in Google or schpock. They do not usually present a find button, so have to use find icon on keyboard. Adding vocal find command would overcome this.
~ Richard Stevens
the newest patch seems to have a memory leak or some another battery hogging trouble because it seems that from the last patch it usually is on the top of the list for battery usage and specifically and using so much battery that the charger can't hold up overnight I woke up with my device at 78% instead of its normal hundred percent and I looked and there a info stating that this release is using too much power from the device care menu I'm using this on an s8 device hope this supports
~ Blight Tana
nice release almost 99% hands-nonpaid operation. the number one thing I do not like about it after trying it out for a several weeks. This path will roast your battery to almost nothing in no time flat. fix that and I'll reinstall it. I couldn't figure out who the longest time one of my battery died so quickly.
~ Jake Stone
Broke my existing regularly used voice commands like "take me to work", the number identification is a great concept, but some functionality is askew - I wrote an correspondence to my wife but it retained the "Compose Correspondence" text at the end of the short message I sent.
~ Colin Wilson
Nice release for the intended use, but I was hoping it would be more of an 'eyes nonpaid and hands nonpaid' app. Google already can do what I need by voice so I don't really need this. Nice job though on supporting those who are unable to use the touch screen.
~ Darla Lord