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Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Clean   
About: Virus Cleaner is a nonpaid antivirus and safety release with Virus Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, Tablet Booster. Virus Cleaner can scan & clean virus, remove junk files, boost your device speed. It supports hold your device protected & speedy running. Virus Cleaner Key Informations: Antivirus - Virus Cleaner usually gives you professional and true-time security. Scan & clean virus to protect your device from virus. Junk Cleaner - Virus Cleaner can search & remove junk, residual, cache, and temp files. Unpaid up more zone and improve the performance of your device. Tablet Booster - One tap to boost your device speed, nonpaid up RAM and slay background tasks. It will create your device run faster. More cool informations is coming, please stay tuned! If you have any trouble, feedback, recommendation, or just wish to claim hi, please feel nonpaid to allow us hear from you a ... Show more
Genre: Tools Rotten TomatoesÂŽ score: 5.0 Size: 10MB Developer: Phone Clean Team
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About: Norton Password Manager lets you securely manage your passwords and access your favorite sites faster. Designed to be easier than ever to use, Norton Password Manager saves all your usernames and passwords and syncs them across your devices. With a new built-in password generator, you can create secure, unique passwords for all your accounts right within the app. Store addresses and wallet information like credit cards and bank accounts, so you can quickly fill out online forms for faster checko...

Developer: NortonMobile [email protected]

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About: Keepsafe Browser is designed to protect your privacy. Its fast, private, & can also be secured with a PIN code. The app blocks ad & other invasive trackers that compromise your privacy. PIN & FINGERPRINT LOCK - Keep unwanted guests from opening Keepsafe Browser FAST BROWSING - Instantly find whatever you are searching for TRACKER BLOCKER - Stop trackers from collecting your data BLOCK AD TRACKING - Keep advertisers from following your browsing activity UNLIMITED TABS - Cre...

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About: Life is so beautiful. Please love your life....

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About: Easy to learn and feature-rich application, help you to contact with your friends, family and colleagues. Just open the app and start communicate with people from around the world. Voice Message Player absolutely free and without in app purchases. Just download app, try and you will love it....

Developer: Artem Pavlovic [email protected]

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About: Recover deleted photos from mobile using this application. When you open the application we will show you an application initiation tutorial so you can learn how to use it and be able to recover your photos that you have deleted from your mobile. Once the first tutorial is done, you will understand how to use the application and therefore you will be able to see the Photos section. In this section you will see all the photos you have on your device, that is, we will analyze all the folders th...

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About: The most powerful System Monitor for Android, including: cpu monitor, storage cleaner, memory booster, battery doctor, battery saver. You can monitor cpu temperature, cpu frequency, storage usage, memory usage, battery temperature, battery health at the same time. System Monitor provides many kinds of powerful tools, including: ram booster and cleaner, overheating alarm, overheating protection, one tap boost, garbage collection, ram widget, cpu widget, battery widget, floating window. So down...

Developer: System monitor tools lab - Cpu Ram Battery [email protected]


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About: Be Accountable with Funamo Accountability! Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission to prevent uninstalling Funamo without a password. If you want to uninstall Funamo Accountability, please deactivate Funamo device admin first or use "Uninstall Funamo" button in Funamo Accountability app. Funamo Accountability Software with web filtering for Android is based on the same core technologies and features of Funamo Parental Control but customized for adults. Please check out our ...

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About: Super Clean can boost your games and applications, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery life. Super Clean (Booster & Phone Cleaner) is the only all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner that optimizes your background apps, memory space and junk(cache) files. You can secure your private data with the AppLock function. Super Clean (Booster & Phone Cleaner) Highlights: Memory Booster Free up your phone memory by killing running tasks, cleaning cache and system ga...

Developer: PhoneCaller Apps [email protected]

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About: --Offline-- :Support Spanish offline function, anytime, anywhere you needs translate --Camera-- :Photo translation, more convenient and faster, no manual input --Voice-- :Speech translation, accurate recognition of sentences, faster Lite Translater is designed for businessmen, tourists, students, or who need to translate phrases, sentences or vocabulary ordinary users. Include language translator, speech, example sentences,multi-language translation and many other functions a...

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Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Clean Reviews and Comments:

I love the release but I was wondering if u can block banners like that pop up on my home screen and I'm tried of clicking the x button too create them go away
~ A Google user
the finest of many i have tried
~ Rorey Hudson
It is simple to set up and simple to use. Too many gigantic banners. I like it enough to buy a license on payday. Quick no more more banners!!
~ Bette Hoover
Too nice release. Very needed to clean the virus cleaning. I am completely pleased with its performance.
i made a mistake and actually i have a viris i puted in my correspondence for the apps that are in danger but it claims its the wrong thing,also i did the viris check and then it sayed in danger then i resloved but i did it on other anti virus then it sayed im not protected which the another one was accurate
~ so basically im monkey
please place this on my devices ,laptop,besiness cellphone,my verizon cellphone
~ nicole lavare
This web is EXCELLENT. It keeps my device running smoothly, without troubles that should have an adverse result on any and/or all of the important informations that I have installed.
~ Ajike Spencer-Ade
I am Newest at this Cellphone after having a Flip device for 10+years. I Pray that I will usually be ready to take care of all my family and dudes who have asked for my support.
~ Carlyle Eckart
effective gadget will last longer and smoother !
~ Jeff larson
Effective, simple to operate.
~ Eliezer Hernawan Hardjo
Modernized Refunds please. credited to my accounts. Or Write a Sesloc Federal Credit Union Check. paycheck for me, Timothy Munden to dollars with No fraudulant troubles.! a True Check Hand on written. thru United Postal Service!
~ T M
I still have it in the playing process...my particular idea to recognize the magnitude of its caliber versus the worst..! You will further hear from it.Your concern is my opportunity.
~ A Google user
horrible experience with this it's full of banners the banners pop up on my home screen and I can't even obtain into my device without clearing the ads and I have tried to delete this release from my device and it will not delete even though I place it in the trash
~ Cheryl Bason
I had troubles with my device and thought a large virus got it and it did then i downloaded this release and right off the bat it cleaned all my pop ups. Nice release. i was going to obtain other device until i used this release. TY.
~ Jason Martinez
I recomend this to everyone ! It is nice.
~ Pamela Holland
nice job hold it up the banners are aknowing but thats ok 🐈
~ Ro R
Thanks recipients for your support and help with my Lenovo device. I'm very satisfied with your app and it works nice! A lot of others just took up too much time with banners. Ya'll deserve the five stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michael Webb Asheville NC
~ Michael Webb
will not complete a virus scan or cleaner use. I have usually been careful about avoiding viruses but I obviously caught one somehow. Pop Ups are monotinus. I have 4 of the safety apps and none of them work iether. PLEASE HELP WITH THIS ISSUE. THANK YOU.
~ A Google user
very great apps i like it very much
~ Rechiller Salvana
this is a cool release it keeps my device protected.
~ Diamond London
I LOVE this service!!! I recently downloaded it on my PC & after seeing how nice it worked, I place it on my Mobile!!! Working GREAT here too!!! Love it here too, going on my Phones actually!!! Referred it to Relatives & Colleagues too!!!
~ Deborah Duffin
literally life gets a tiny bit easier just by installing this simple-to-use release. I can confidently prioritize all my another everyday life tasks and remain unquestionably protected, due to Virus Cleaner's 24/7 security! I truly feel like it's one of the most reliable (Virus - Antivirus Security, Cleaner, Booster) apps the shop has to offer... Thanks Virus Cleaner!
~ J. Parker
Finest Virus Cleaner I have used!! Nice how my Mobile device gets up and running SO Speedy!! I like the fact if your device is overheating it will ring and leave you a tiny message to allow you know!!...plus if you wish to do the Ram and junk its RIGHT there with the warning that your device is still HOT!! Nice Software!!. You think your device is clear of junk,memory, it has it ALL to KEEP your device running super!! I am in testing the casino and releases,so its a gotta to hold my device from Viruses!!too!
~ Mouse Boutin
its a nice virus protector stopped a potential virus twice already
~ Vincent Taormina
works nice,, still learning this devices navigation.
~ Larry White
Thank you ! I really do like this release no trouble so far . 😊
~ Kelly Martin
It's so nice to obtain out of viruses and risks!
~ A Google user
everything works perfectly service is unbelievable im glad and pleased thank you!
~ Er Web
I love how this speed up the device. Actually I don't have to clean it just run this release and spend more time with my family
~ Donald Dahl
my device is running so better with Virus Cleaner its faster and more importantly its running right actually
~ Andrea Majors
Another than the overabundance of banners, this release is nice.
~ Irle de Biloxi
It's a nice release so whoever had it done did a very nice job will refer it to family and dudes
~ Geraldine Harrington
seems to be a nice app so far it claimed me i had 8 troubles and it fixed them...Tyvm for making this release available.....
~ Marcy Pavek
it's awesome. works particularly well for bergies living in cannon island Blvd. I c u. lol
~ Leonard Peterson
finest Antivirus release that i ever had i love it keeps my device protected i give it 100%
~ Ella Mae Hoyt
its all what it intends to do.so simple to use. like it very much. nice job guys.
~ Macro Musico
--My Only Complaint-- IT SEEMED FINE but since running It Ive had at least 5 warnings to not transport...except somehow obtain to google test &DL Virus Cleaner...does this mean that load was a mistake? It DID claim it was loaded...
~ Becky Diekhoff
(1)Works nice, you just have to stop it from a never ending attempt to hold on cleanin' till the cows come home. LOL (2)I went ahead and bumped it up other * cause if you adjust it's permissions down a bit, it'll just clean when ya pick it.
~ Larry Pops Bridges Developers
why is it? pop up adds usually pop up? it wants you to download one clean your device down load anther for virus then anther to obtain that started all this and your device still has viruses? its crazy are there any at all that will obtain the virus out with out paying to much???
~ Pamela Tipton
Pain in the butt! Like a newest baby, usually crying for attention! Here do this! Check this release! Install this! Look what I did! Did I do nice? Rate me 5 stars! Claim how unbelievable I am! There is no idea to shut me up! Google, Google, Google!
~ Marvin Perkins, PhD.