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About: Viber is the FREE, easy, speedy and most secure messaging and calling release. The messenger of choice for over 1 billion players worldwide! Text actually for nonpaid and create high-quality crystal-clear device calls. Viber is fully nonpaid. All you need is a time plan or Wi-Fi connection and youre nice to go. Create nonpaid international calls, send text messages, launch a group chat, and so much more! Download Viber today to connect with recipients, no matter who they are, or where they are from. Why is Viber the finest messaging release for you? Send Unpaid Messages Staying in touch has never been easier. Send a nonpaid text message, share a picture, a sticker or GIF, a video or any another file. Create Unpaid Audio and Video Calls Create crystal-clear audio and immediate video calls to dudes and family for nonpaid! Launch a Group Chat Catch up with dudes, famil ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Viber Media S.à r.l.
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About: The International Longshoremens Association, AFL-CIO is the largest union of maritime workers in North America. Stay connected and informed with the I.L.A. mobile app! Features include: - Daily Maritime News Stay in the know with relevant maritime news. Follow the top stories that you care about and affect you as a member of the I.L.A. - Upcoming Events Never miss an event with the events calendar. The calendar will list all the upcoming maritime industry events that the I.L.A...

Developer: Mobisoft Infotech [email protected]

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About: Get rid of the unsolicited calls once forever. Safely and absolutely free. Telemarketers, phone scams or just unsolicited surveys? The Should I Answer app can get you rid of all such calls. How does the app work? Whenever some unknown number calls the app checks it in its permanently updated database - immediately, without internet connection. If it finds out that other users reported the respective number as nuisance, it warns you against it. Or if you want it so, it can block it dire...

Developer: Mister Group s.r.o. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WAStickerapps - Fancymoji Alternatives
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About: WhatsApp sharing stickers are now available! Send your favorite stickers to your friends now! One tap add FUN stickers to your chat Tap this link to download more stickers: Tags: WAStickers WAStickerApps... Developer: Daimao Diary Co. Ltd. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Black - Incognito Browser  Alternatives
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About: This is the optimal browser if you want to visit adult websites, dating sites, medical sites, check FB on a friends device, watch a video or anything else without anyone finding out! Black incognito Browser enables you to have a private and anonymous web experience. The incognito mode ensures your browsing history is not recorded. The Black Browser incognito mode keep you anonymous 24/7. Features: Absolutely no data is saved. When you exit the app, all data and history is removed...

Developer: BrowseTech [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Whatscan Pro 2019  Alternatives
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About: Whatscan Pro 2019 App is the best and easy App to open Second Account in your Mobile phone. Whatscan Pro 2019 is completely up to you Web Scanner is the amazing and an awesome App to open URL in your Device. Scan the Qr code in the official website Whats Web Scan for any device. Enjoy this amazing feature of Whatz Web QR Scan. Filter the QR code to match to dual Messenger by Whatz Web Scan. Connect to your Account by scanning bar code. You can chat, download media, status message etc. ...

Developer: Technology111 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WAStickerapps - Moye Alternatives
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About: WhatsApp sharing stickers are now available! Send your favorite stickers to your friends now! One tap add FUN stickers to your chat Tap this link to download more stickers: Tags: WAStickers WAStickerApps... Developer: Daimao Diary Co. Ltd. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WAStickerApps - Emoji Stickers for Whatsapp  Alternatives
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About: The stickers have finally arrived on WhatsApp! We bring you the best application with which you can share stickers packs with your friends. We offer you assorted stickers packs so you can choose the one you like best.STickers for Video games, pets, celebrities, TV series, emojis and much more. What are you waiting for? Compatible with the new WhatsApp Stickers WAStickerApps (WAStickers). How to use 1. Download and open the app and click on any sticker pack you like 2. Click on the Add to...

Developer: STICKERMAKERS Grp, [email protected]


Similar Apps Like WAStickerapps - Gesture Alternatives
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About: WhatsApp sharing stickers are now available! Send your favorite stickers to your friends now! One tap add FUN stickers to your chat Tap this link to download more stickers: Tags: WAStickers WAStickerApps...

Developer: Daimao Diary Co. Ltd. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Religious Stickers to Whatsapp Alternatives
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About: The stickers came to Whatsapp and with them now you can also send beautiful religious messages. The Religious Stickers for Whatasapp have an up-to-date collection that will make your conversations unforgettable. This new feature of Whatasapp only works with the last update of the app, so if you have any difficulty see if you have already updated to the latest version of WhatsApp. Anything is just talking leaving a message and giving your evaluation of the stickers. WAStickerApps Sti...

Developer: secalhar.com [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 다음 - Daum  Alternatives
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About: 1. The favorite tab could be edited as the main page. 2. The real time responding RUBICS allocates your news. 3. A flower search engine is launched, which will find you the names of the flowers you take picture of....

Developer: Kakao Corp. [email protected] #none

Similar Apps Like Talkable Safe Messenger for Dating Alternatives
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About: Never give out your phone number again when dating! After matching on dating apps, instead of sharing your phone number with strangers just give them your Talkable nickname and easily Text, Talk, and see Facebook photos. Talkable is the first dating messenger created for daters: * Text & Talk without sharing your phone number * See each others Facebook photos without becoming friends * Instead of GHOSTING, end the session using a decent, fun, built-in feature! Get Ta...

Developer: Go Blaze Ltd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Go Live NA and APAC  Alternatives
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About: Stefanini GoLive is the new way to stay updated on all things Stefanini, all the time. This app is designed to keep you connected to company news, events and more....

Developer: Stefanini Consultoria e Assessoria em Informática [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Friends TV Show Sticker for WhatsApp  Alternatives
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About: Here's a pack of 30 friends tv show stickers for whatsapp Phoebe, chandler, joey, Ross, Monica and Rachel reactions and emotions keep waiting for more packs and leave a review if you want a specific sticker ....

Developer: MR ERROR [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Cristina Stickers Alternatives
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About: Stickers de Cristina para WhatsApp, todas las semanas se actualizan las imgenes y le seguimos sumando, no te los pierdas! Vamos a actualizar los packs muy seguido, mandanos un whatsapp al +5491157095084 contndonos de qu quers que los hagamos y te respondemos con los stickers a la brevedad y tratamos de que entren en las prximas actualizaciones! ------------------------ Descargo de responsabilidad: esta aplicacin no est asociada de ninguna manera con las personas de las imgenes, ni...

Developer: El Pueblo Vence [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Sponge Meme Stickers (WAStickerApps)  Alternatives
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About: Stickers with WAStickerApps compatibility Spongebob stickers for whatsapp...

Developer: Albionix10 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Group Blocker Alternatives
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About: Group Blocker is a call blocker that is based on the group membership of a contact. All contacts belonging to a specified contact group are blocked. So now you can also use Google Contacts to manage your call blocking list. Group Blocker supports two blocking methods: "Reject call" and "Answer call & hang up". Both methods are working even on new versions of Android (tested on v2.2. v2.3.3 and v4.0.3), where many other call blockers have problems with the "Answer call & hang up" method. Do...

Developer: INSADCO GmbH [email protected] _blocker

Similar Apps Like BuildingLink  Alternatives
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About: Welcome to our updated resident app, which has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up! The resident app provides the most essential components of the BuildingLink resident website. If you dont see some of the below options, they might not be enabled for your property. Track your packages Receive push notifications for new deliveries (new in this version) Submit amenity reservations Submit repair requests View your...

Developer: BuildingLink.com, LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Call Blocker - Anti Scammer, Blacklist Whitelist  Alternatives
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About: This Call Blocker - Anti Scammer, Blacklist Whitelist App is very useful, best and amazing App specially for those users who are tired of getting worng calls, private number callers or Scammers who are bothering users. Install this App and feel secure from those annoying Fake callers. This App is very accurate and authentic for android smartphone users and the best thing is its totally free of cost available on store. You have to choose a number of your choice to be blocked from anywhere...

Developer: Themes for android free solution apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like DictaNet App Alternatives
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About: With the DictaNet App (Recorder) in conjunction with the DictaNet 1 Player PC-software you get a free dictation workflow, which allows you to send dictations directly to DictaNet writing work-stations. The dictations can be professionally processed and transcribed at the PC. You can dictate your work instructions or documents anytime, anywhere - at the office, in the field, at court, or at home. You can complete your DictaNet App with the DictaNet Office Recorder/Player to a full dictation wo...

Developer: Jurasoft AG [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Almond  Alternatives
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About: The free Almond app works with Almond+, Almond-2015 and Almond 3. These Almond devices make home Wi-Fi easy with their innovative touchscreen access and Wizard with step-by-step instructions. The intuitive Almond app makes it easy to monitor, control and secure your Smart Home and Wi-Fi Network. With the Almond app, push notifications tell you in real time whos on your network and lets you block them. The app also lets you manage scenes that can be activated from Amazon Alexa. The app also give...

Developer: Securifi [email protected]



Viber Messenger Reviews and Comments:

Dark mode is urgently needed, or at the very least you need to revert to the grey background. How was this signed off?
~ Konstantinos Kakouris
you have a bug. when I go back and forth between 2 chats and one is launch, if the another person is typing in the another chat, i can see from the first chat that the person is typing in the another chat!! seriously fix this
~ Marianna Papagiannopoulou
I was bought infinite plan , the plan was will have finishing on 13.06.2019 but today unable to create a call to my family so I need to know why. I think your cheated me... no stars of you -10000000 very very worst, pathetic
~ Praba Karan
great release and been using it for years actually but there is a major flow with the hidden contacts messages. please give us the option to turn off info for that function. there are some hidden chats that i do not wish to obtain any info from. i that so hard to implement on your release?
~ m4m203
This release is not the reason for 2*, but the lack of of a Webapp is. Come on, how can one use this at office while doesn't wish to kind into their device and not allowed to install desktop release? If it isn't my dude use Viber, I would never consider using.
~ Quang Le
the release is better , but it needs some more improvements , you could have to add some for informations like ; 1 : respond to voice . 2: swipe to right on conversation to give respond 3:need some more speed for sending medias . 4:add status
~ jinN_in creations
Viber has serious trouble! When you wish to send a file to hidden chat, when you pick a hidden chat from contact list, it's not essential to kind right password to have access to hidden contact, you can kind any four digit and you will launch the hidden contact! After the latest modernization, things obtain worse! Actually, you don't need to kind 4 digit code at all. Safety!?!?
~ gogy
why it is usually breaking my info terms. even if i disable the info,it keeps ringing. The same happens when the device is on do not disturb,or even when it is silent,it is usually ringing. it gotta be a bug, i felt that Viber is hauntingy device.
~ Kirollos Elsobky
The newest modernization doesn't work properly, just black screen. Is it the newest "dark mode"? Modernization of 26.06.19: At present, everything is OK 😊
~ A Google user
I like the release the idea it is, I just really don't like the emojis. I woukd prefer if the release would allow us use the emojis from our device and hold it like tgat instead of converting them into the weird ones. If the developer is reading this, please consider what I have claimed.
~ N C
i love this release... the uniqueness is rare. plz ensure to work on these upgrades in the next ver: 1. font sizing: no option for font sizing 2. swipe to respond a chat: plz it will be convenient if you can improve the chat replying with gesture instead of long pressing. i Really love this release thanks in anticipation. Thanks for the upgrades. plz work on the font sizing as well. place an option for changing font size. thanks
~ Larry Fieldel
Used to bemy NUMBER 1 finest messenger. Upgrades are decreasing continuously the quality of the product. WHY did you remove the "correspondence messages history" information ? This was a wonderful option. Please bring it back with the next version.
~ Daniel Firre
this release is horrible! I used to love it so much over whatsapp but recently I got my babe using this and he is getting sexual content banners whenever he hangs up the Viber calls! I instantly deactivated and uninstall this messenger! how foolish of Viber to dish out such sponsored banners to a minor!!! my babe is below 16!
~ j d
nice! DARK MODE and SEARCH OPTION!🕺 you now applied our recommendations.. here's a newest one: group admin could be able to see WHO added a newest member.. he could be the only one able to add someone whatsoever..
~ Filip St
I finally gave in to Video chat & started using Viber this month, cute interesting how convenient & the many imaginable & unimaginable uses can become by simply adding a live video feed to a voice call - like I claimed unimaginable before actually very much a more satisfying convo! * * * EXCEPT -ONE REQUEST OF A VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE (Probably just to me but it might be as important to many others whom have not bothered to ask, Yet) As the ring tone for a device/video call has the ability to pick a sound or song from personal media stored on individuals device..... The incoming Text Info is only limited to the generic standard factory (weak volume) useless tones. Can you the developer please please -Please modify settings so (us) the players have the capablility to pick our own alert tone or song freely, as any another text/sms/messaging app in mobile supermarket does? - I wish to be able to hear ive received a text not continuously check the release each min possible or reply hours later to a text received which is equivalent to not bothering to replying - Thanks
~ Alex Abrahim
I'm really losing faith in Viber. The newest Community Groups are nice and some of the newest informations are interesting, but actually with the newest modernization they are inserting advertising into the Chats list. VERY IRRITATING❗❗ Looking at alternatives.
~ G C
Major frustration: Does not let me to remove a sticker box that automatically subsribed me to a group that I also cannot leave and obtain spammed constantly by it. Minor grievance: Going from one AP to other with the same SSID and password terminates a call. Otherwise ok, not much different than any another communication release.
~ Marko Docevski
Used to love this. Was so much nicer than Skype because it didn't require as powerful of an internet connection to have nice call quality. However, actually the desktop release, which I primarily use has entirely stopped functioning. No forums or help to fix it. Reinstalling does nothing.
~ Shane Joynes
i wouldn't give you any stars if that was possible. what the heck are you blocking all the incoming calls and texts if its not modernized. so basically you are forcing recipients if they wish to use it, they have to modernization it. i miss so many text and calls because you block then all. what the heck is wrong with you. BEYOND TERRIBLE!!!!!
~ SeclipseR G
garbage, it cant send file during device call, or automatically refresh on-line status, usually could reopen chat window.. dark theme look very terrible with those colors, and maps in dark theme are useless, not readable, who decided to remove shae territory button from contact menu.. god damn those decisions are really dumb. thx for attention
~ R Stark
Public accounts, essential for any dev, limited to major companies in major countries. Very clear this company is not concerned with supporting anyone another than themselves. Unless you can support them with exposure, look for solutions elsewhere. Shame, honestly, Viber chatbot otherwise great solution for what I was trying to implement at our tiny company.
~ JM Kiesel
Viber has serious troubles in the last several months 1) If PC ver is installed too alongside the small one and used on the same network (possibly even on different network), Viber will auto cancel incoming calls on both PC and small after a single ring 2) Some contacts do not work on small ver and are present as if they do not have Viber profile (inaccurate) and neither messages nor calls function, but work normally on PC ver with both messages and calls...1) fixed, 2) still an trouble
~ Han Solo
I've liked viber a lot so far. with the newest modernization none of us are receiving info. you need to fix this ASAP. only time you see the message is if you go inside the release. otherwise no. I have my dudes and family experiencing the same trouble with the newest modernization. PLEASE FIX.
~ Sanya San
I fully don't understand why the Viber info doesn't work. My device is Samsung A7 2019. All another apps are working properly. I tried many times setting up info from both device setting and viber setting. I have installed the last modernization ver. There is still no any tone info for newest message. So inconvenient and upset!!! Pls claim me why bc I still need to communicate by Viber with my dudes (otherwise I will uninstall).
~ Khanh Nguyễn
Nice release but.....missing export convo as in previous versions. Emailed help but all they claim is that information is no longer available. I actually have to copy and paste into other release just to preserve the conversations. Thanks for removing an important information I use a lot. Also its supposed to back up to my gmail profile but I can search them.
~ Jennifer Sanderfer
Worst wifi calling release ever! Nothibg js nonpaid unless you are calling another "vibers". I paid $5 for my device number then the first call i made to my docs office cost me other $.99+ tax. I emailed them requesting my dollars back and of course I never heard back. Do yourself a favor and use Hangouts or most any another wifi nonpaid calling release. This one is more concerned with whether or not you can send stickers to your contacts which it wants all of those also!
Really, really nice so far for the better part of around three years of utilisation 🙂... Connect with loved ones and others dear, but far, through the calling and messaging specs utilising (hopefully) the finest part/s of your internet connection... There are sometimes frequent hiccups in the call (really depends on a several environmental factors obviously) and that's to be expected when using this release specifically to call recipients, and if they suffer from related internet inconsistencies...
~ Ivan Bukovac
their help correspondence is a joke and would create you fill out a form numerous times to address a supposedly easy trouble. And once it replies with its automated response, which didnt support at all, it will deem your report as closed so you need to fill out a form again. repeat it until you obtain sick of filling out and decide to uninstall instead.
~ Edione Quinones
The release is so much more fun and simple to use. Nice design and can still be improved. Can you add this: find voice messages to the find option please?? Like making a library for it like what you do with the pictures ❤️ Because there are important and lovely voice messages that I wish to hear again (since there is no save option for it..... Looking at you developers....👀)
~ Elicell Ortega
Chat territory was removed after the modernization last week...I wrote a correspondence to viber customer service and they reply was efficient and they instantly modernized the viber release and territory with chat is back again....after doing so they came back to inform me that our development squad have fix the trouble. Thanks viber squad..hold up the nice work.
~ Rakesh Chand
Introducing the newest Viber 10 - Simpler, Faster & Safer! Create a nonpaid group voice call with up to 5 participants. Tap the device icon from inside a group chat or add participants to an existing Viber call Dark Mode has arrived! Take a walk on the dark side with a newest Viber theme Search previous messages in a chat by searching inside the chat itself Save dollars on calls to landlines and non-Viber mobiles with a monthly Viber Out infinite plan
~ Koy Chanty
Newest modernization made the bar on the top white and the icons purple. It looks like a hospital and it is too bright in the night. It is terrible. The dark mode is idea too dark. There are not enough options for the colours. It looks so terrible that I will switch to WhatsApp. At least it is green and not so bright. I don't wish dark and bright mode.we wish back the old appearance.
~ zweetdreamzz
Worst app ever too much banners and I don't like the thing that everyone can see my personal time and if I obtain some nonpaid stickers,it forces me to join a comunity.Even when I delete the stickers the mesages hold getting to me.Except that,when I stop a device call it shows me an add and than it's frozen.APSOLUTLY TERRIBLE!!!!!!
~ anndrej loll
Too many minuses. Release is garbage. It is a safety risk and a spy software. I am sorry but audio is far from cristal clear. On most occasions i have to use Skype for audio calls instead of Viber over the same network. It used to be better, actually it is poor.
~ Mile Naskovski
Disgusting. Do not subscribe for anything on this release ever. It is extremely hard to cancel your subscription or even obtain I touch with anyone to support you. Be warned. I'm still trying to figure out how to cancel my Viber out subscription. It doesn't present up on my Google test profile, and I still obtain charged each month.
~ Sam Aghel
I am unable to change newest small number and device for a long time and will usually failed and not deliever a code. I usually send and fill up the form for assistance, and I got no support and will claim just to respond if still not resolved, but when you respond, damn topic closed without resolving trouble. I hate it!
~ Joana Raro
Nice release. Better then whatsapp a million times. I don't know why anyone would be using the green versus the purple :D One trouble though: When I kind in my secret msg pin, it doesn't usually work. sometimes nothing happens so I have to exit the release a several times and test again. like random. It's especially annoying when I chat with someone in scrt msg.
~ spiKey0svetlana
Soft keeps destroying on Galaxy Note 9. Tried upgrading, clearing cache and time, reinstalling, rebooting. Nothing had helped. Your help squad had sent me an activation code via SMS, and that's not anywhere near my trouble. After addressing my trouble I got no response to this day. Wonderful.
~ Nikita Rogozov
All my very important threads are gone once viber do the scan thing between small and PC , and it will just claim that my registration has been expired. like BOOOOOMMM ALL IMPORTANT MESSAGES ARE GONE once I log in again. like EMPTY. This is frustrating! PLEASE TAKE IT ALL BACK
~ A Google user
Newest versions hold showing speedy respond buttons "yes", "no", "ok", "hi" under the info, which is very annoying. Isn't there a idea to deactivate this information? Apart from the above and the non-implementation of a easy "speedy respond" deactivation option in the menu, Viber is getting worse with every modernization. The recently added "speedy copy-paste" information of a message in your respond by dragging the message to the right is not convenient, as it prevents you from speedy-changing chat.
~ Labros Gravaris