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UoL Timetables   
About: Timetables allows students and staff at the University of Liverpool to retrieve personalised timetables complete with campus maps. Fully overhauled for 2017, the all-newest release contains a host of newest informations, chosen by you, including: - Offline mode - Regular "busyness" indicator - Timetable find - Lecture reminders - Modernized calendar and list view - Alerts for back-to-back lectures and clashes - Watch past lecture videos on Stream direct from the release - Push info for emergency room changes - Watch extension
Genre: Education Developer: The University of Liverpool
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About: The University of Montana Moodle app provides an easy and efficient way to access your online coursework. View all of your course information, assignments, and activities on your mobile devices....

Developer: Blackboard Open LMS [email protected]

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About: Squarecap is an intuitive student engagement application that motivates students to attend class and provides real time feedback between students and teachers. Squarecap makes it easier for teachers to track attendance, administer real time quizzes, and stimulate class discussion. Squarecap records student responses instantly so you’re never left waiting. Our application runs smoothly on any Wi-Fi network without lag time or high bandwidth usage. Turn large lecture halls into small cla...

Developer: Squarecap, Inc [email protected]

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About: In this application you have access to all news of Brawl Stars, the new game of Supercell! Find out when they'll launch Android World Brawl Stars instantly! Features : * News from all about Brawl Stars; * Gameplay Tips and Guides; * Todos All Brawlers Wiki (+ content coming soon); * The largest community about the game in Brazil; A Tips for all Brawl Stars players for both beginners and top players. Tips, a description of all the characters, maps - all in one place! This guide will...

Developer: Md Miraj Khan [email protected]

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About: Çöz-Öğren uygulaması, Anadolu Üniversitesi Açıköğretim Sistemi tarafından, Açıköğretim öğrencileri için ve herhangi bir konuda kendini geliştirmek isteyen kullanıcılar için geliştirilmiş bir mobil uygulamadır. Eğer Açıköğretim öğrencisi iseniz, uygulamada ilk olarak fakülte ve bölüm bilgilerini kaydetmenizi öneririz. Böylelikle uygulamayı kullanırken her seferinde fakülte ve program seçmek zorunda kalmazsınız. Çöz-Öğren uygulamasında, FAKÜLTE-PROGRAM-DÖNEM hiyerarşisini kullanarak ya da "...

Developer: Anadolu Üniversitesi [email protected]

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About: Learn effectively up to 33 foreign languages with only one app which has them all included and commit words and phrases to your long-term memory. With the "Language Coach", you will soon achieve great results on the path to mastering your chosen foreign language, thanks to our unique learning method. The "Language Coach" is ideal for all those wishing to learn some words and phrases for use on holiday, as well as those looking to brush up their language skills. Our unique method combines v...

Developer: Jourist Verlags GmbH [email protected]

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About: ���� 1분: 살아있는 영어 표현 내 꺼 만드는 시간! 꼭 필요한 표현만 유튜브에서 콕 잘랐으니까, 보고만 있어도 내 꺼 되는 영어 표현!​ ���� 주제로 묶여 있는 표현 비슷한 상황/표현을 주제로 묶어 제공하니까, 더 체계적으로 표현을 익힐 수 있어요. 매일 새로운 주제와 표현이 업데이트 돼요! ​ ���� 영어 표현 따라해 보기 표현을 따라하면 어색한 발음을 콕 집어주니까, 조만간 나도 원어민?! ​ ���� 100% 무료 앱! 전 국민 영어 실력 향상 앱 케이크는 무료입니다! “He can speak, she can speak, why not me?” ​ [필수 접근 권한 상세] 저장 공간: 썸네일 및 녹음 파일 저장 및 열람 휴대폰/기기ID : 디바이스 내 저장된 기기 관련 정보 확인 Wi-Fi 연결 정보 : 영상 시청시 데이터 소모 여부 안내 [선택 접근 권한] 마이크: 음성 녹음 * 선택 접근권한은 동의하지 않아...

Developer: Playlist Corporation [email protected]

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About: View the FMEA Conference schedule and bookmark sessions and concerts that you might like to attend, or quickly add them to your device's calendar. Bookmarks are synced between devices and the FMEA website through your FMEA login. Click the "Now" button to jump to sessions that are currently happening or start within 15 minutes. Quickly search sessions by name, topic, professional development module, and keywords. Search exhibitors by name and keywords and find which aisle they are located with...

Developer: Josh Bula [email protected]


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About: The official Kingston City School District app gives you a personalized window into what is happening at the district and schools. Get the news and information that you care about and get involved.             Anyone can:              -View District and school news              -Use the district tip line              -Receive notifications from the district and schools              -Access the district directory              -Display information personalized to your interests         ...

Developer: Blackboard Inc. [email protected]

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About: eSMS/Student is the mobile form factor implementation of the student-centric interface of the Eller Student Management System, or eSMS. Please note: to use this app, students must be currently enrolled at the University of Arizona, and have logged into the web portal for eSMS at least once to validate their account. eSMS/Student will allow the user to do any/all of the following activities: book, reschedule or cancel an advising appointment with their designated advisor; book, reschedule o...

Developer: The University of Arizona [email protected]

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About: The Shurley Online Service Portal App is the perfect companion to your Shurley English digital text. This app allows existing subscribers to view their Shurley English materials on their Android device. Access: In order to access your Shurley English materials, you must have a valid Shurley Online Services Portal username and password. Please follow the instructions as prompted on the screen. Features: Log onto Shurley Online Services Portal with valid username and password View all acti...

Developer: Shurley Instructional Materials, Inc. [email protected]

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About: Math for primary and secondary school students. Improve your math fluency through thousands of multiple-choice tests. You will receive a grade at the end of each test. For 1st class/grade: • addition and subtraction up to 100 • basic geometry 2D/3D figures and symmetry For 2nd class/grade: • multiplication and division • ten based system and place value (expanded form of a number, value of digits) • metric units of measurements (units of length, weight, volume, area - meters, km,...

Developer: Holucent [email protected]

Similar Apps Like WakeUp课程表Pro Alternatives
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About: *请不要随便将Google Play上的安装包分享给他人,因为启用了App Bundle,它仅与你的设备兼容,在其他设备上会有严重的兼容性问题。分享时请告知他人应用名称,在国内的应用商店下载即可。 目前支持从国内多所高校的教务系统自动导入课程~未来将会支持更多。 主要特性: 颜值很高; 自动导入课表,只要选课网上有课表就可以生成; 支持周数显示,并正确显示单双周课程; 手动添加课程方便简单; 简洁轻巧,没有广告不臃肿耗电少无后台,启动速度极快,生成课表后即点即看; 桌面小部件也做得很好看。...

Developer: YZune [email protected]

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About: HELLO, welcome to the USA. This app will help you FIND all that you need. FindHello helps refugees and immigrants settle in the United States. Search maps and links that list reliable resources just for you – services to find a job, lawyer, healthcare, learn English and more. FindHello is partnered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to help refugees, immigrants, and those seeking asylum in the USA. FindHello connects you with everything you and your family need to feel comfortable and sa...

Developer: The Refugee Center Online [email protected]

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About: بعض ميزات التطبيق * امكانية التنقل بين الدورات والدروس في وضع عدم الاتصال * دورات منتقاة من قبل مختصين في مجال الحاسوب * دورات في مجالات برمجية مختلفة * سهولة في تصفح الدورات دورات لجميع المراحل ( مبتدىء,متوسط,متقدم)...

Developer: Shodrs [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Música Gratis En Mi Celular Baladas- Pop- Tecno Alternatives
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About: Radios sonadas actualmente con la mejor música encuéntralo aquí gratis,con esta aplicación gratuita tendrás la posibilidad de escuchar música ya sea Baladas, tecno, pop y muchas más canciones variadas con las mejores radios gratis, te permite escuchar las mejores músicas en español con las transmisiones e vivo, si eres de las personas a quien le gusta escuchar canciones de baladas románticas, o le gusta música variada, esta es una opción muy buena, además podrás disfrutar de esta música en el mo...

Developer: Sueño Real - Otro Mundo [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Company Officer 5th Ed. Study Guide Alternatives
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About: Flash Fire will help fire service personnel prepare for written examinations based on IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th Edition. This study guide app includes a test bank with 800 multiple-choice questions based on the IFSTA textbook. Each question is page-referenced to the book. Flash Fire allows you to take a comprehensive exam, study questions from a specific chapter of the book, or even build your own exam based on the chapters you wish to study. Our exam prep app ...

Developer: Code3Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like The Zones of Regulation  Alternatives
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About: The Zones of Regulation ( is a framework for thinking as well as a curriculum geared toward helping students gain skills in consciously regulating their behaviors, including the management of their emotions and level of alertness. This, in turn, leads to increased self-control and problem solving abilities. Leah Kuypers is the author of the book, The Zones of Regulation (2011, Social Thinking Publishing). The Zones of Regulation was featured as a promising practice ...

Developer: Kuypers Consulting, Inc. [email protected]

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About: DESCRIPTION Increase assists you in learning to read quickly while maintaining comprehension and retention. Its sole function is to pace your reading by playing a repeating sound in your headphones. Each full round sound played is to represent one line of text completed, and your task is to stay up with the sound. USAGE Using this app is simple. It is a pacer! Put on headphones, pick up a book, and set the speed to a comfortable rate. Then increase the speed a few steps. Read until this fee...

Developer: Calico Labs [email protected]

Similar Apps Like MVCC mobile  Alternatives
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About: The Official App of Moraine Valley Community College. Quick and easy access to student info, campus maps, news, events, and more. Stay connected and receive important College announcements and messages....

Developer: Ellucian™ [email protected]

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About: Learn your new words every day with out a hustle or information overload. - Impress your friends and colleagues with your increased vocabulary - Prepare for GRE, IELTS and other exams - Write professional Emails with greater vocabulary and confidence We are proud to tell you that the app has the perfect list of words with meaning and example on how to use it in a sentence with phonetics....

Developer: InSi8 [email protected]



UoL Timetables Reviews and Comments:

Reliable and needed release - any timetable 'troubles' (and there's been plenty!) have been with the uni's newest central timetabling system and not the release itself.
~ Jason Hollis
The closing confirmer is pointless and the release could be re-written to latest API. Also minus for lack of possibility to export timetables to system calendar.
~ Jacob Janisz
Doesn't like changing between days or formats, and if I test to view the next day, it'll just obtain stuck on the day I was on originally, with no lessons displaying. It's a nice concept, but it gets really annoying and clunky. Please support!
~ M
Don't know if it's just radiography or the entire of health sciences but nothing shows up. Was hoping I'd finally have access to my timetable on my device but no. Could probably mention the courses it won't work for in your advertisement.
~ Sam Shone
Each entry is titled "Val Bartley." If I press on the ones that are lectures, it Claims me the venue fine - a small improvement from last year. For all another sessions, such as clinical skills, it displays venue as "undefined." Modules are also not shown; everything from lectures to clinical skills is listed as "consultation skills" under their information. I only know it is clinical skills etc because that is what is listed in liverpool life. The release still isn't much use compared to last year unfortunately.
~ R Khan
Much better after newest modernization.
~ Sam Jones
Very nice release. Has everything you should ever need in a timetable release
~ Harris Hanley
Everything you should need in a timetable release
~ A Google user
Idea better in this most newest ver, just need to modernization the another Liverpool apps to the same standard actually :)
~ Joseph Jackson
Keeps claiming me my username and password is incorrect when I know it isn't. No option for 'forgot password' for me to restart it either
~ Lauren Oates
~ A Google user
Nice equipment
~ Chris Pettet
Great design!
~ A Google user
It's nice!
~ Bogdan Cristian Toba
Brilliant. Clean and clear
~ James Samyeli
Much better since the modernization
~ Eleanor Bennett
Nice, however the info don't work
~ Jake Ward
This Soft is far better than the previous one 👌 I love it
~ A Google user
Soooo much better than the old ver. Really speedy to navigate days.
~ Kim Evans
Much better. Would be nice if we should add things to the calendar / feedback our outlook to it.
~ Mary Threlfall
Incredible, well detailed a heavy improvement on the earlier release. Very nice ui, loading times and simple to locate stats about classes and territories for UoL students!
~ Uditvanu Das
~ A Google user
~ Louise Sharples
Not working on Mobile 6.0
~ Liliana Caldeira
My 2nd google maps.
~ A Blessing from Above
A gigantic improvement on the previous ver, it is much easier to navigate and I like that it has info for every meeting in the timetable.
~ A Google user
It's nice but it would be better if you should use it as your own sort of calendar at the same time and add in your own another tasks or meetings
~ Lydia Ashfield
Was working fine for a while but actually isn't showing anything on the timetable. I've tried relogging and reinstalling but it's not fixed the trouble.
~ Harvey Williams
It's a nice timetable release for uni however it would be nice if it also included official end of module exams and class tests on the timetable as well, rather than only showing class tests as it does actually
~ Rizwan
Recently modernized. Was ok to run with then wasn't showing a single lecture for mobile. Fully useless considering it is required for uni. Please fix it
~ Abby Donnelly
~ Ishy Rad
Does what it is supposed to
~ Chris S
It's alright
~ Jetl4g
Very needed release to have.
~ Tetragon 213
needed, present the map for us
~ A Google user
Brilliant idea to view all of our timetabled lectures
~ A Google user
I cannot seen any courses on it suddently, please please fix it as quick as possible
~ A Google user
This release is idea better than it used to be! It should be even better if exams were also visible, and there should be a zone to add your own meetings to share with another students, for meetings or even self study.
~ rosiethemoo
The release is nice, however not all of my room have the correct territory on the release. For my song class it just claimed song gigantic teaching room. It didnt have a building name or room number so it took me a while to search
~ Richard Bradford
Very needed release for day/week planning, etc. However, I want that the info for meetings occurred around 30 minutes before rather than 10. Currently I'm already on my idea to them when the info appears so it seems type of pointless.