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About: UA Record is the globes first 24/7 connected health and fitness system. Track sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition. Set and reach targets, connect and sync devices, and follow dudes and UA athletes. Receive personalized insights to support you feel, look, and perform better. Use the complete and potent UA Record release on its own or with UA HealthBox. Track and Analyze Sleep, Fitness, Step Activity, Nutrition and Weight Log workouts including gym, running, fitness classes, yoga, outdoor workouts, and more. Use your device's GPS to map your routes and see how far and how speedy you run or ride. Connect your UA Band, UA Heart Rate, or another Bluetooth Smart heart rate straps to track heart rate for any type of workout, including gym, treadmill and yoga. See sleep, fitness (workouts), step activity, nutrition and weight activity all in one zone. Use any Mobile device equi ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 97MB Developer: Under Armour
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Under Armour Record Reviews and Comments:

my Ua scale is not syncing to my device after I restart because I kept getting a wifi error. Actually it's absolutely worthless. Horrible!
~ Dianne Ramdhan
Not syncing with Samsung Health release. Usually ask to enter height before attempting to sync with the Health release. And nothing from the Samsung Health release is synced; no sleep, no fitness, not even steps.
~ Hank Chavers
why am I doing all that clicking just to log my workout? it's also hard to search the right options quickly to do any logging
~ Pushkar Varma
Doesnt sync properly with Samsung Health even though all permissions and sync options have been enabled. The step time is highly questionable. what a pity. The UI is by far the finest I have used so far 😭😭😭😭
~ Lloyd Heath
using the wear os on the fossil sport connected to pixel 3 xl is unreliable. 7 out of 10 work outs dont ruin because the watch apo crashes or the device release does. the hunt launches for a replacement
~ Paul Strong
Endomondo has a better interface. What's the difference between this release and Endomondo? Thanks.
~ Juan Martinez
was solid until i got actual Under Armour accessories. got the health box and none of it seems to quite work well with the release. investment down the drain. can we obtain a functional modernization please? id really like to run liking the UA ecosystem again.
~ Sacasanovakidd
I can't connect with Samsung health since the modernization... Sigh.... Had so high hopes for you guys, but the disappointment continues... I think I'll just go use fitbit again...
~ Benito Cuevas Amézaga
Would probably love this release if it now synced all stats between MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun. Would also like MapMyRun to sync to MyFitnessPal. If they all worked together would be freaking nice!
~ A Google user
hard to use too many options/questions I just wish to turn it on, use it, and turn it off.
~ A Google user
The release sucks It used to work cute nice but actually the smart scale wont sinc. I cant modernization my profile (and yes ive tried resetting, reinstalling, turning on and off Bluetooth etc). There are some major bugs UA needs to address and fix because the release used to work but its really starting to be a bastard.
~ Bobby Bergman
Some glitches at times create it frustrating. But overall a nice release, used it over a year.
~ Mark Frederick Sr
It's installed by default on the HTC exodus, and it doesn't work with the UA HTC scale. It works with the iPhone. This is a default release PREINSTALLED, its ridiculous that has not being tested on this device owned by the same company.
~ Federico Bartolomei
Cute useless, won't sync with Samsung health and under armor is the release my insurance will sync with. Unfortunately nothing has worked that they claimed me to test when I've requested support. Since I have to manually log everything I'll probably uninstall release.
~ betty terrazas
I love it! Nice release to track workouts, sleep and caloric intake. Also helps interactive tracking amongst another apps and devices. nice job!
~ LeeJ Gatorade Roice
Ua Scale no longer working after an modernization tried to set it up again and actually it won't even connect to the device is this getting fixed any time quick or could I just buy a Fit-bit Aria cause if I have to do that then I will not need this release either
~ Charlie Cruz
POS will not even complete profile setup. claims unable to protected profile. uninstalled and reinstalled 3x. Dont waste your time!
~ Brandon Miller
It used to be nice. Actually it is all useless, the entire health box no longer syncs with device. So I have a band, heart rate monitor and scale that are worthless. Does anyone know where we can send it off to be recycled?
~ Yara Davila
Horibble release. Won't sync with scale. Won't log into the correct profile, can't delete an old profile and can't even send an error report for any of the many troubles I've faced. Not sure what the target of this release is besides a nice idea to raise your blood pressure.
~ Louisa Albanese
Integration with Samsung health does not function. Samsung health values do not transfer to this release. The apps are connected, and permission is given, but no sync.
~ Matthew Irwin
What a waste of dollars. i have a UA band, but i cant even sync it to the release. When i test to complete the profile (sex, height, weight), I obtain an error.
~ Ryan Aguillon
This release crashes far too often. And these crashes are usually mid workout. It also lacks informations for proper tracking of weight lifting. The only positives of this release are group challenges and syncing with devices. Those devices all come with their own release so to be honest this release added no value for me.
~ Darius Leland
This release is terrible. It has been destroying each 5 mins. This makes all connected devices almost useless. I emailed customer help, will see if they support at all.
~ Matt Campbell
Doesn't sync to MFP Have tried to sync from both apps, but just obtain an " Invalid API request (unhandled server error)" error message and it never goes to the login page.
~ Tania Jennings
Worked for years with ua scale, heart monitor and band. Just started acting up recently, shutting down and no longer syncs with ua scale. Frustrating fix release please!!!
~ A Google user
most shamelessly intrusive release. It needs my territory stats to connect to my heartbeat sensir. This is simply the most brazen policies violation.
~ Ali Syed
Very upset the smart scale will no longer work. We restart the scale and required to sync with our newest devices and actually my scale will not even claim us our weight. It's fully useless. It wouldn't be so terrible if just the smart informations were no longer available but to not be able to simply weigh yourself anymore is unacceptable. spent an hour on the device with customer help just to search out the scale and release is only compatible with older operating systems. Please create a fix!
~ Davis Paint Works
Frustrated Beyond Belief! this is the only release I can use with my UA chest strap and the damn thing doesn't work! Each time I test to sync my band to the release the release boots me out! over and over and over!!! SO aggrivating! 😠
~ Tisha Sch
Soft doesnt sync properly wirh Shealth, myfitnesspal and stops recording workouts mid idea through workouts. This has veen happening consistently for the last month. Soft has been rrally buggy lately and i need to restart my watch eveytime i test to run up the release. Nice concept in theory but really doesnt deliver.
~ Isaac Sandoval
I only need this release to sync time from Google Fit, because the silly designers of the release my workplace uses for their wellness tool helps UA apps, but not Google Fit. So this could just be a easy bridge between the two. But a several months ago it just decided to stop syncing from Fit. I've cleared caches, uninstalled and reinstalled, unlinked it from my Google profile and relinked, and it's just broken.
~ Gordon Pettey
I downloaded this to compliment the UA fitness pal release, but to be honest I did not need to. The step counter is not nice and I feel like I can easily live without the another informations. I use the fitness pal to calculate my calorie intake and log my exercise. I use a different release to track my steps, but honestly, just enter your activity lvl in the fitness pal and you've got the calories you've walked off covered
~ Fresh Dizzle Maxi
Will NOT sync with SHealth. Come on UA, this is not a nice idea to retain loyal customers. Overall design of the release is nice, but.... Worthless and waste of storage on my device if it won't work as designed. Need an modernization SOON to fix sync troubles!
~ Adam J. Bunting
I love how I can track my progress and works with another Under Armour apps! I just came back to edit as I went to see another's comments. I also have found that it won't sync with my Samsung Health. I'm also thinking to obtain a Fit Bit, is it going to sync properly?
~ Deanna Walts
It would be a nice release if it supported Wear OS Watch. I would love to be able to use this release with my Fossil Sport and track sleep, steps, and heart rate. Please add!
~ Chaz Christensen
it just doesn't work, plain and easy. no steps recorded, no sleep recorded. manually enter sleep and it does record it. doesn't sync to anything. Nothing. CAPUT, ZILCH, ZeRO, NADA. no target to having this release on your device at all and their help is none existant.
~ Warren Coulter
This release doesn't sync steps with samsung health and samsung gearfit2 pro. it won't track heart rate either. would be inderstandable but UA claims UA Record syncs with Samsung health. UA takes about a week to reply to a support ticket and none of there recommendations work. oh well, seemed to be a decent release.
~ Michael Carpenter
I have been having many troubles with his release. I have reported many troubles as well and none have been addressed. It wont allow me modernization my weight. It doesn't track half the options (and I do have Additional). Some days it skips upgrading my stats all together. I looked up the reviews on Google Test and everyone is complaining about the same things for few months. What is being done about these troubles and when will this release be modernized. I am using this with a personal trainer. You are wasting my time and dollars here. I purchased the UA band so I should track this stats and you guys are not bothering to fix what this release is supposed to do.
~ Kristy Tardif
I use the release everyday because it tracks steps and sleep well, but it's a mostly piece of junk. It crashes on startup close to everyday. It has syncing troubles between the wristband, heart rate monitor, scale and release. The heart rate monitor readings vary so wildly that I've stopped using it at all. Under Armour has stopped upgrading or helping the release at all.
~ Greg Calhoun
I really love the concept of this release, and I often love the execution. Often, though, the execution is problematic. I have the UA Band, Under Armour's native device, and I frequently have problem syncing the time from the device into the release. I have to close the release and reopen, or turn Bluetooth off and back on, multiple times to obtain it to sync. Getting connected to dudes has been a real pain, especially if they use Apple. There appears to be no integration with another UA apps like MapMyRun.
~ Paul Taylor
I uninstalled this release in a fit of fury. The release would silently ruin in the middle of my workout. Claim you use other release to log your reps etc. Well this release quietly crashes in the background so when you finish working out and you to go see your calories burned and average heart rate etc turns out the release has nothing. I admit it only happened about 5 times but that's 5 times too many. Frankly this puts doubt into my mind as to whether I could buy my fitness trackers from UA or not.
~ Orielsy Diaz