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About: UC Browser is a nonpaid web browser for mobile devices with Speedy Download, Time Saving, Advertisement-Block functionality, and supports you access song, video, cricket stats with smooth experience. Customized cricket information is available on UC Browser. You can visit many cricket blogs to help your squad, and watch cricket live stream, and check out match scores on UC Browser. You can also check your train status, train ticket booking,seat availability, and another train enquiry on UC Browser Main Informations Upgraded Web Browsing Experience Tiny Window Mode Speedy Download Cricket Card Information Time Saving Advertisement Block Video for all tastes Fb Mode Night Mode Upgraded Web Browsing Experience The most newest ver uses our special self-developed U4 engine that performs 20% improvement in web connection, standard help, video watching experience, pe ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 41MB Developer: UCWeb Inc.
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UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure Reviews and Comments:

Adverts everywhere!!! Why, UC browser? After everything, you decide to contain banners on your menu and there's even the banner that covers the entire screen! This is such a large turn-off and I know it's intentional 'cause it's a idea of making some bonus dollars. Don't you guys act like you don't know about these banners because everyone is complaining about them and nothing has been done so far. Pls work on them and until then, I'm not coming back. It was great using this release for years but today, I'm switching.
~ God'spower Okpali
worst modernization so far. it will take long time to load a blog. it is not the internet for sure.
~ ALL Apps!
I usually enjoyed UC, but this ver is one of the worst of all and full of bugs. After turnig page back, you can not go forward again, but you have to reload the page. The release closes itself unexpectedly so frequently and uses so much memory. I had to uninstall fully as it affected to system stability and the performance of another apps. I am so sorry!
~ Fayzullo A'zamqulov
This release is useless 😠! @#$& It has no use as if you wanna download anything then it will run downloading but when you launch the download screen, you will see that the task is in waiting even if there's no task downloading. Even if by chance, the download runs it will never end ! I mean if the file is of 900.5 mb it will fully download it but then also it will eat the battery life and also the time and it will continue to download it even if it would present 900.5/900.5. Its hecked up ! 🤬😠
~ Halfway Crooks
Used to be a nice browser. Actually it'useless ! Cute much whenever I tried to load a webpage, google automatically redirect me to a page to see if I were some type of robot. This is due to UC unknown traffic request that seems to be violating google's Terms of Service. This only happens since I download the newest modernization 23 hours ago.
~ Firdaus Yahya
This used to be my fav browser, but recently it is showing some troubles like showing inappropriate banners and such. The release even started to download some inappropriate contents on It's own. Please fix this or I'm switching to chrome or another browsers😡😤😠
~ T MM
very terrible app. they are compelling to install. don't ever install, this one. damn app. i hate compelling. i hate this one.
~ Manu joseph
ok. I face only these many troubles. mp3 hunter (blog) cannot make the mp3 and it is unable to download.
The previous modernization has fixed the downloading trouble especially for videos and apps. It is actually more stable and speedy. Thank you for solving that trouble.
~ Katlego Mogane
Downloading videos are definitely speedy but sometimes the download will stuck at a certain target and I will pause the download and run it again but the trouble is the download would run all over again from the beginning and all those time I used is wasted. please fix this.
~ Christian Faustinorio
It does not work on my device and yet I had really required it at my first glance Meaning; it is useless to me coz I have the release but it claims UC browser has unforturnately stopped
~ Magezi James
its a grear browser, except for one thing. THE FRICKING FORWARD BUTTON IS MISSING. in zone of the forward button is the share button which can also be found at the menu (the middle tssk bar button) this annoys me sp much because i cant go forward when browsing. PLEASE FIX THIS CAUSE I REALLY DONT NEED THE SHARE BUTTON.
~ Anthony Lucero
This was my go to browser for over 3 years but lately all I have been getting is banner after banner. I have uninstalled and reinstalled , cleared cache , memory ect. nothing seems to work. until this trouble is addressed no mor uc browser for me.
~ Carlos Minaya
guys do not use uc browser. It allow's you go on unauthorised blogs which are not secure. It automatically redirects you to other web. It has fake adds and much more fake things. Use usually google chrome. I am going to uninstall it.
UC Browser was my most used browser, but the last modernization is horrible I cant download and when the browser download it only download 10MB to 50MB of the file and when the internet speed gets to high its stop working, the popups is opening again and again and again it dont matter if the add blocker is on or of
~ nico Groenewald
whats wrong with this release?? I was scrolling pages and in the midst of it it stops scrolling and claims uc browser is not responding!! so i have to close it and re launch it and run searching for the pages all over again and the blocker doesn't block anything if anything it shows more banners
~ Meban Sylliang
ads appear very often on the screen. i hope you will fix this trouble. while watching the video, when I click test button it takes me to next page... please fix it speedy😂😂
~ Hemant Rajbanshi
i m using uc browser as my deafult browser but i having problem actually! i m web developer and it doesnt helps bootstrap! so many bootsrap animations are not supported including primary things like accordion , tooltip , drop and down etc all another browser help bootstrap but why uc does'nt help it?
~ Rohit Rocks
I wrote a negative review and they removed it. They're advertising scam banners in the info! I write about it and they remove my review! You are tools! UC browsers Indian developers are thiefs and tool! Hold removing my reviews I dare you! I'll hold writing it as many times banner you remove it.
~ Fem Marak
I have been using UC browser for past 9 years but not anymore. I am uninstalling this release and so could all of you. The release has gone from the finest browser for small to just plain hindrance. I really want i should restore the browser to the previous versions of 2-3 years back. With each newest modernization its getting worse with banners. I am sorry to claim UC you have fallen from grace and gave in to your greed. Its really sad but for the first time my small wont have a UC browser.
~ Prathamesh Tari
UC has made downloading worst. If I pause the download and resume it then the entire downloading runs again even if it is about to finish. Other thing is banner-block. Its useless as UC inserts banners everywhere. It shows banners based on our newest searches which is sometimes humiliated (you know what I mean).
~ Jaspreet Billing
Uc browser is a magnificent browser to be found in the test shop. Faster downloading, and usable browser. I deleted this release cause I don't think that it is usable but it was really required for me to download vedios and afterwards I downloaded it and actually I can download it faster. Thank you so much for this.
~ Juhy Jojo
So frustrated leaving UC actually. Why can't it write time on external sd card. I mean after all these years still you have not enabled this option. Lad, if you don't know how to do it kindly ask someone. I have lost valuable time many times just because ...... Whatever lad goodbye forever.
~ Ahmad M
This release is nice but the newest modernization is worse. because I can't back when I enter a blog. I have to close the release after that I can enter other blog. This trouble could be fixed. The authority of UC Browser could solve this trouble. But still I love this release.So I am giving 5 star to this release
~ Tajwar Tatabi
actually I am glad 😃😍 , thanks to solving my trouble, actually I am rating 4 /5 😍😊 this release my previous rating 1/5 🙄😢 , right actually I am found only one trouble with this release " this aap may not be optimised for your device" I hope you are sloved this trouble as quick as . my device model "Lenovo pad 4 8".
~ MD Choudhary
the apps usually hang/freeze actually in the menu because of the banners, it's bothering because i usually need to end task this release actually because of that banners problem 😡 - trouble solved after the last modernization, thanks dev
~ Jo Ragan
I'd give it a 5 star but this newest modernization sucks... It's hard to download... The downloads just keeps on showing waiting even if it's just 1 download your doing. I have to close the release multiple times to obtain it to download. PLEASE FIX IT!!!. Modernization : the browser still does the same thing after the modernization but actually it's just worse this sucks
~ ashwin lottering
Used to love UC but actually there are just too many adds. On opening the release itself, there is an add. And ever since the newest modernization, downloads are no longer going as swiftly as they used to. They fail too frequently and sometimes they just stop in the process of downloading until the files were paused and resumed again.
~ Same Nongtdu
Not nice and not glad with the experience. The browser leads to unknown blogs of terrible contents while downloading videos whereas another browsers do not lead to. Downloading using UC ,in my experience ,has not been possible .It also leads to Test Market demanding downloads of another apps. It will be a nice support if you fix this .
~ Oormila K
seriously?? who have this concept of putting share button? and better yet, why is it located on the forward button? is this some type of a joke??? who the hell even think this is a nice concept?? Seriously, place whatever share button as long as the crucial button (like FORWARD BUTTON) edit: well sure, but i never use the swipe information, you know why? because it often accidentally going backwards and forward when im just scrolling through web page
~ Fuad Fikri
5 stars because i am using this for many years , but please i need a tiny support from you i need the uc news which is only needed to the horny recipients because in all languages its only about sex sex sex example mostly in tamil telugu hindi please in sometimes the news causing me very irritating please block the local authore or erase the usnews system its not only for me please to all our culture ia destroying in some ***** social networks but uc is not like that pls hav a change in uc news pls 😊
~ Raghavi Priya
this used to be nice. actually too many banners, too many pop ups, too many errors. despite having banner blocker on, they will create you watch an banner before you can watch your vid. but before your video, a popup will appear on newest tab. sometimes this may be the cause for the release getting stuck when it appears that more popups wish to come up. you will need to close the release and reopen. downloading has frequent errors. redownload doesnt work. you need to go back to the web and download it again.
~ am game
I swear the quality of this release just goes down, first all the banners and actually pop-ups download automatically because of the newest information. I can't even pick the folder in which I wish my download to be saved to.
~ Miichade Cornelius
It's nice but when testing video, ir will go to a newest tab with a crazy address like virus in a newest tab and it will go to lazada release. It repeats often. I can't even change the quality of the video before downloading. Please fix this. I am irritated by it.
~ Mark Lee
UC Browser enables you to follow the true short videos. You can obtain abundant funny videos like the Tik Tok style from the UC present and the Status in UC based on your interests. UC Browser also enables you to download, share the videos you like. UC Browser for Mobile is a nonpaid release that enables you to victory dollars and vouchers by inviting dudes. UC Browser enables you to find, download, and share funny videos, status videos, trending videos, and so forth. There are also functionalities such as F
~ A Google user
I give 0 star🌟. when I launch this release banner(winning a prize) annoying me, while browsing Pop-ups redirect... even built-in banners block can't block banners properly it usually present banners while using this release. so older ver is better than Quick ver. sometimes full screen banners disturb to me thats time i can't press the screen. I have closed the release and though launch it to use I got same banners trouble. This release safety is also low compare to another browser. No more need to use it. So I had uninstall it.👎👎
~ Thenthen Ningthoujam
Very poor banners. So poor to the extent that it appears even when I'm not on the release... It pauses my video when I'm watching videos, it obstruct connection when I'm testing 8ball pool and I've lost countless releases because of banners. My device returned to normal when i deleted the release. Work on Adverts trouble, it used to be my favoured browser
~ Emmanuel Irhivboje
I'm glad with work that UC Browser has done. Of course, UC's been known for the download speed which somehow company has still maintained. I've been using it for past 3 years and have faced troubles. I'm glad that UC squad has been quite responsible and active, my reports were treated with an outcast courtesy, but since my device wasn't nice enough, bugs and errors were usually faced. However, this, I'd claim, is the finest browser on Test Market, I'd recommend you to download it. Cheers!
~ Hizber Lee
UC Browser is one of the finest browsers but there could be a idea to uninstall the useless add-ons. Not each add-on is handy for everyone. And about the upgrades, the file size obtain larger and larger on each modernization. I'd really appreciate it if there's a idea these troubles can be taken care of and I'd surely give a 5star. Thank you for working on it on the next modernization.
~ Zoson Fanai
This release is actually unusable: Although they claim there is an banner-blocker, it actually inserts banners EVERYWHERE. Need to browse your favoured blog? REDIRECT pop-up! Need to go to your bookmarks? FULL SCREEN pop-up! Need to watch a video? ANIMATED Pop-up! The release runs in the background constantly & eats battery life. It has, on more than one occasion, spontaneously downloaded whole banner videos without permission or indication it had done so. Used to be nice. Not anymore.
~ Devon Gideon