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About: From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and daily interests, when it happens in the globe, it happens on Twitter first. See all sides of the storyline. Join the conversation. Watch live streaming meetings. Twitter is whats happening in the globe and what recipients are talking about right actually. More highlights: - Watch super and exclusive live streams directly from your small device. No profile needed. - Go Live with a tap or sit back and watch meetings unfold from around the globe. Timeline - Find what your favoured sports, news, politics, and entertainment thought leaders are talking about - Experience dynamic media like pictures, videos, and GIFs - Retweet, share, like, or respond to Tweets in your timeline - Write a Tweet to allow the globe know whats happening with you Search - See what subject and hashtags are trending actually - Fi ... Show more
Genre: News & Magazines Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Twitter, Inc.
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Similar Apps Like Surrender at 20 - LOL Alternatives
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About: Surrender at 20 brings you League of Legends content ranging from general news and developer talk recaps to the latest PBE updates and unexpected leaks! Official Website: Starting off as a Facebook group for Moobeat to spread inane amounts of League of Legends news among his friends, Surrender at 20 began it's descent into the realm of League of Legends news in late February of 2011. To the surprise of Moobeat, his little news blog continued to grow and grow... [email protected] picked up a lot...

Developer: League of Updates [email protected]

Similar Apps Like BBB 2019 Câmera Ao Vivo Atualizada  Alternatives
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About: Fique por dentro da casa mais vigiada do brasil, BBB ao vivo e online...

Developer: TresPontoZeroRh [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Podcast : Serial Podcast  Alternatives
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About: Change you bad habits by start making new good ones such as listen to podcast in different fields that can make you life much easier, health podcast will save you body, news podcast will keep you up dated with the latest news from all over the podcast world and channels, being able to listen t your serial best podcast anytime anywhere best podcast is the serial podcast Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story - a true story ...

Developer: ALIAK LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Pope Francis Daily Alternatives
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About: Live News from the vatican 24/7. God's word in the palm of your hand...

Developer: Daily News Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Podcasts : Therapy Of Black Girls Podcast Alternatives
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About: Therapy of black girls Therapy of black girls podcast from Change you bad habits by start making new good ones such as listen to podcast in different fields that can make you life much easier, health podcast will save you body, news podcast will keep you up dated with the latest news from all over the podcast world and channels, being able to listen t your Therapy of black girls best podcast anytime anywhere best podcast is the Therapy of black girls podcast The Therapy for Black Girls Podcas...

Developer: ALIAK LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Conservative News - Mobile Conservative News Alternatives
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About: Conservative News Mobile brings together your favorite conservative news sources from Fox News, The Liberty Daily, The Drudge Report, Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit and OAN. Read all top hot stories at ease on your mobile and tablet devices. All Sites are accessible from the menu. You can save your favorite articles for later viewing. We take you right to the sourced page from within the Conservative News Mobile app. Highlights: - Read news articles optimized beautifully for both...

Developer: MTPH Software [email protected]

Similar Apps Like The Providence Journal, R.I. Alternatives
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About: Download our app and get 24/7 access to in-depth news, politics, business, lifestyle and sports coverage from our award-winning newsroom. In addition, our local Breaking News Alerts mean that youll always be the first to know about the important issues facing our community. The Providence Journal has been keeping Rhode Islanders in-the-know since 1829. With our app, you will be informed, prepared, and up-to-date with in-depth news analysis and breaking news as it happens....

Developer: GateHouse Media, LLC [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Breaking News  Alternatives
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About: Breaking News stories appear in real-time as it happens. Breaking News App, the fastest source of reliable reporting in the world. Trusted by the largest community of people around the world, wherever you go. No registration required. Customize news source from "Settings". Get notified of what interests you as push notifications. No pesky permissions and nosy background data usage. App delivers breaking news from major news source around the world like CNN, Fox News, Reuters, NYT, CNBC, Fo...

Developer: rainieskie [email protected]

Similar Apps Like G1NBC LIVINGSTON COUNTY MI Alternatives
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About: G1NBC is a media company with brands in Broadcasting, Internet and Publishing....

Developer: G1NBC APPS [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Arab TV Magazine Alternatives
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About: Find all information about arabic TV channels, their website and program, schedules, and how to watch these channels. you can share your channels in our app as well, to reach out for many users. Starting for TV schedules from arabs countries like (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, maroco,)...

Developer: Waram Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Podcast : The Minds Of Madness Podcast  Alternatives
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About: Change you bad habits by start making new good ones such as listen to podcast in different fields that can make you life much easier, health podcast will save you body, news podcast will keep you up dated with the latest news from all over the podcast world and channels, being able to listen t your The minds of madness best podcast anytime anywhere best podcast is the The minds of madness podcast An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind whic...

Developer: ALIAK LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Noticias Mundiales  Alternatives
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About: En esta aplicacin reunimos informacin de las noticias de todos los pases, tambin tenemos deportes, humor, anime, cine, tecnologa, arte, autos y motos, vdeo juego, mascotas, salud, turismo y mucho mas. Mantente informado con las noticias de: *Argentina *Bolivia *Chile *Colombia *Costa Rica *Cuba *Ecuador *El Salvador *Espaa *Guatemala *Honduras *Mxico *Panam *Per *Repblica Dominicana *Uruguay *Venezuela Y mucho mas....

Developer: Coyol Games [email protected]

Similar Apps Like RAIL magazine Alternatives
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About: RAIL is Britains market-leading modern railway magazine. Our journalists take you behind the stories that make the headlines while our contacts in Westminster bring you the latest in Government railway policy. Published fortnightly, RAIL brings you - Exclusive UK railway news - Unrivalled, expert, in-depth comment - Unbiased, apolitical industry analysis We cover the latest news on operations and maintenance across the UK network, including coverage of services provided by Netw...

Developer: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd [email protected]

Similar Apps Like USA News Headlines  Alternatives
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About: Get Today Headlines with all USA Famous News Papers and Magazines...

Developer: PREETI NEHRA [email protected]


Similar Apps Like G1NBC THE BIG CHEESE  Alternatives
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About: Man and his wife and their talented crew. Through dedication, humor and crazy antics, they take badly damaged and broken antique collectibles and turn them into museum quality pieces world-wide....

Developer: G1NBC APPS [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Podcasts : The Brendon Show Podcast Alternatives
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About: The Brendon show The The Brendon show podcast from Change you bad habits by start making new good ones such as listen to podcast in different fields that can make you life much easier, health podcast will save you body, news podcast will keep you up dated with the latest news from all over the podcast world and channels, being able to listen t your The The Brendon show best podcast anytime anywhere best podcast is the The The Brendon show podcast Go behind the scenes with Brendon, the world's...

Developer: ALIAK LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Cape Cod Times, Hyannis, Mass.  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The award-winning Cape Cod Times and CapeCodTimes.com are the best sources of Cape and Islands news and information in the region. This app connects you to complete news, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, obituaries and weather coverage no matter where you are located. We alert you about traffic delays and school closings and give you full access to our photos, videos and our lively opinion section is at your fingertips. ...

Developer: GateHouse Media, LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like VOA Horn of Africa Alternatives
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About: / Ibsa gabaabaa/beeksisa / ...

Developer: VOA (Voice of America) [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Rome Reports English Alternatives
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About: With the click of a button, relive the best moments of key pontificates like Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II. Thanks to "Rome Reports Premium," you will be able to see our agency's exclusive content: documentaries, special reports, historical content, art, music and much more. The new Premium platform allows you to watch 'The World Seen from the Vatican,' a world-leading news program about the Pope and the Vatican, posted exclusively for you every week. Every d...

Developer: Rome Reports Premium [email protected]

Similar Apps Like JSNews - JavaScript News  Alternatives
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About: JSNews is app for JavaScript programming language that keeps you updated with latest JavaScript news, articles and updates from top JavaScript developers and blogs. Being up-to-date with your language of choice is crucial to become a better developer by learning what is hot, trending and best practices. JSNews gathers latest information from various sources and gives you all updates in a single app. It also collects blog posts from top JavaScript libraries such as ReactJS, VueJS, Angular and ...

Developer: MahamSoft [email protected]



Twitter Reviews and Comments:

The March 19th modernization rendered the release unusable on my device. About 10 seconds after I launch it, the release freezes and I can't do anything to change it. It stays frozen until I close it. When I reopen it, it does the exact same thing again. My device is very capable and loads related media apps flawlessly. Please stop putting out these garbage upgrades. (Edit: The trouble has since been fixed, but it's still bothersome that the tweets on my feed aren't in a chronological order.)
~ Samuel Clamuel
If I should just give a 0-star rating, I would. My profile has been locked for days. I've been using twitter for almost 9 years, and because of your faulty system, was locked because I'm "below 13 years old". I already sent my ID in the form provided, and nothing's happening. Please hurry up.
~ Zero Laureano
what's happening is that you locked me out of my profile (for absolutely no reason at all) and i've not received my verification code. thanks. and plus you've unfollowed everyone from my profile until zero and that made lose many twitter mutuals. you were my favored and had five stars from me until this happened. please look into it asap or this one star review will still remain.
~ ariana loves joon.
i can reassure you twitter is a wonder of a social media, I love how what you base your profile on puts you in the community with recipients of the same interests, there is the art community, sports, anime, song, releases, fandoms, personally I'm part of the art community @Ghostly_ Ghost and another than that the recipients are very supportive and type 5 stars please download this release :D
~ Ghostly _Ghost
Can no longer Turn Off Retweets. Timeline is filled with another recipients's likes and it clutters the feed. Has become unpleasant to frequent. Twitter Help doesn't respond to inquires. Reported accounts that have been found to violate alleged terms of Twitter don't obtain banned and go unpunished.
~ Frank E. Ly
The release is cute nice, the only, but gigantic, source of irritation is the random refreshing of the timeline whenever I'm right in the middle of reading a tweet. I would like to be able to refresh the timeline myself when I pick to do so, but I have yet to search how to stop this involuntary function, if it's possible at all.
~ Irina Rauta
Twitter is the finest platform to write one's view , opinion, emotion, desire, and creativity in very precise idea and that can be acknowledged by worlds' renowned personalities and scholars. One can also obtain enriched by different views and stats to satisfy one's Intellectual capabilities. It connects recipients at different corners of the globe together on common interest. It also flourishes brotherhood among themselves to war
~ Shabbir Jamal
Soft is freezed every time I enter on a thread. It is not usable, release does not reply. Horrible modernization, I can't use the release. Modernized on 8 May and still freezed. Please solve this. It is happening just on Xiaomi devices? Will you solve it?
~ Javier Fernández
Search a idea to track my old accounts and delete them please. I made an profile years ago back in High School for a class never wrote down the stats wanted to use Twitter again to hold up with news come to search out my newest profile got suspended for no reason aswell as multiple accounts under the same number. I won't change my number. Sorry but I don't like Twitter.
~ Astra TheGuardian
I give the Twitter Mobile release 2stars because ...It is not giving me a very nice experience, not all that nice. Why would you trouble a restriction and remove some of the person's followers up to about 50 persons upon the liftment of the restrictions? And why would you be restricting or banning recipients anyhow just for trying to build up their profile by following many recipients! What's wrong with that huh? I really hate these parts!!
~ Franca Chijioke
I have to be honest, a five star rating is A LITTLE MUCH in terms of not needing improvement on the release. It's nice, it's swag and it provides you with short snippets of the news and drama with equipment. But we still wish Mega Dark Mode and Donald Trump Is on it, so not the most great social media. At least they don't have "comedians"😂
~ Gabriela Thomas
I don't normally leave reviews, but this newest modernization is absolutely terrible. Freezes and crashes each five seconds when all I'm trying to do is scroll or launch a tweet, making the release fully unusable. Fix this please, it's ridiculous!
~ Holly Norton
It's just FINE! I would love to see it being more organised and present the newest tweets usually, I mean like it usually shows me old tweets for the most part when i launch the release and like i have to launch an individual ID if i wish to check if there are any newest tweets by the person I am following. I didn't like Twitter at all though. I just use it to hold up with the news.
~ Epiclifery Active
I'd quite happily let Twitter to be a platform for Nazis I'd they would sort out the ridiculous jump-to-the-top-of-the-timeline when you come back to the release after an hour or three away due to work. I wish to be able to scroll through the posts in chronological order, not be taken to the top of my feed EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
~ Neil Armstrong
No 'I don't like this tweet' option. I follow a lot of animal welfare and vegan pages. Unfortunately they post a lot of graphic photos to obtain the message across. As I don't help the industry I test to avoid seeing these sad pictures. I can hide them on my laptop no trouble, but for some stupid reason there's no option in this release. Another than that it's okay.
~ Jonny Chaos
censors conservatives badly. i obtain locked out of my profile regularly. i got shut down with no rule violation for claiming cnn is fake news. since i got a newest number and cant verify old one, and since help claims my correspondence or username don't exist which is BS because they spam me with correspondence each time i report. they promote liberal hate speech and fake news, but censor true news from right. Twitter Fb and google are all corrupt for censoring the right when platform is supposed to be neutral.
~ hockey rules
Poor. Idea too many promoted tweets. Seems as if 1 out of 10 is one. Give an option to pay and stop this. Also present more tweets loses where you were, making the need to scroll down trying to search where you were. No timeline marker to present last read.
~ Access Denied
I thoroughly enjoy my time using Twitter, in fact it has become my favored social network service. My only gripe is that the Mobile release has yet to obtain any modernization about the "Lights Out" information. It is fundamentally unfair for Twitter to version a newest information on the iOS release first; it could wait until that information's ready to be implemented on both platforms. Be fair to your Mobile players.
~ Jude Timothy Rizane
Hey Twitter, I tried to contact via correspondence on your old help correspondence about this but unfortunately you no longer monitor them. So reaching out to you here. I changed my correspondence on my Twitter profile to other correspondence but I can still login to my profile with my newest correspondence AS WELL AS my previous correspondence with the same password. If I have changed my correspondence then that means I don't wish to be able to log in using my previous correspondence. Should you fix that for me, please?
~ Rajesh Sapkota
Aight, there are a ton of troubles with Twitter. 1. Constant freezing and destroying, no it's not because of the device, I don't think that thousands of recipients who are experiencing the same trouble has the same device as me. 2. Extremely terrible help squad, when you have an trouble with the release or the help squad itself, sending a report won't support, they won't reply in time or ever, report a couple of times and you'll obtain accused of spamming. 3. Anti nonpaid speech.
~ Skyler Shapiro
heyy, Twitter. I have a serious trouble here. i created newest profile, and Twitter ask me to call me by device number(?) and then, i wrote it down. and then it's written: "you have exceeded the number of allowed attempts to verify your device. please test again later". and yeahhh, i test it again and again, but, that phrase usually present up. what am i supposed to do??? I can't make Twitter Acc, how can i use Twitter? i already correspondence you (that's written in here), but it's useless.
~ Your Snowflake
Twitter has come a far idea on Mobile, especially in regards to accessibility with TalkBack for the blind and visually impaired. unfortunately poles still need work. poles can be read along with choices, but when choosing a choice poll effects are not shown. please fix. another than that great ☺️👍
~ Morgan Pimentel
Modernization 5/12/19 As of my actual modernization the release seems to be running smoother. Knock on wood that if this happens again, that they will reply sooner than 2 months to fix it. Not bumping up to 5 stars due to how long it took to look at the troubles recipients were having.
~ Taijey Reese
Like many another reviews, we all have troubles with Twitter when we're scrolling. It still freezes when we scroll through our feed. You guys haven't fixed it at ALL. It's been months. Please fix this. EDIT: The trouble has been fixed. A tiny lag when scrolling sometimes but it doesn't ruin anymore. 👍🏼
~ Emir Talla
Tweets usually showing "This media is not available because it contains content you've chosen not to see" even though I have "Display media that may include sensitive time" turned ON. This is very annoying. This trouble is not present in small web ver. Please fix it.
~ Myson Jebavaram
I opened the release and tried searching for something. It claimed 'Cannot retrieve tweets at this time'. I have a GREAT internet connection. I tried upgrading the release to see if the trouble will be fixed. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Please Twitter obtain your equipment together.
~ Jamie Williams
Oppo A57 player here 🙋 and just like the another players of Oppo A57, the release freezes/crashes each time I launch it. Uninstalling and re-installing it doesn't create any progress at all. We wish this trouble fixed as quick as possible. And if that happens, I will a better feedback than this one. 😊
~ Lourdes Anne Miranda
androids still dont have the high contrast setting, or the thing that lets you see what recipients you follow follow other person, and we dont have the black night mode setting. for some of these settings, iphones have had them for months. and the release crashes often. please fix this.
~ Brianna Angel
This release is for twits, it's that easy. Social media blogs and apps are now anti-social. These large companies are the aggressors of the nonpaid recipients. I pick to inform myself with research and stats gathering. Not these idiot tweeters. Quit this BS release, and allow it implode with its lies.
~ Andrew Wenzl
Twitter is better than all another social medias by far. from the community to the terms. Twitter doesn't mess with us and now has some cute neat informations(like the lotus flower heart) that Fb and Ig simply don't understand. Twitter also doesn't change major systems which is why we like it. Ig and Fb waste our time when Twitter simply doesn't
~ kaamil noble
Are you sure yall "fixed the bugs"? cause my twitter's bugs ain't fixed it still freeze's when it comes to threads. Due to this trouble I have to use the Chrome ver and i claim you i do not like the Chrome ver so please do something about the threads "trouble". (p.s: if this trouble is fixed i Will literally give yall 5 stars until then be glad with just 1 star.)
~ Serena George
I have modernized the newest ver and I'm still experiencing the "freezing" and "destroying" when I want to read threats. This has been going on for MONTHS. Why is this trouble not solved yet? Many has voiced out their frustration. Please take this matter seriously. You're newest modernization is not "nice" if the trouble is still there. :)
~ Sarrah Az
Nothing like twitter to connect and communicate. One of the finest apps that is changing the globe. Of course, it brings with it a very sharp double edged sword. If you are not careful, it might harm you very badly. I only want the management of twitter are better equipped to tackle misuses. It also shouldn't be partial to anybody. All the very finest to one of the most important social media Platforms.
~ Sridharan J
I usually don't have troubles with the twitter release but since the last modernization I can't find for anything at all. It'll claim "cannot retrieve tweets at this time. please check your internet connection." I know it's not an trouble on my end because i tried on both wifi and through my device's internet. Please fix this trouble! This is the only time I've encountered a trouble like this on this release.
~ G3N 0V1S
1.) Videos test no longer than 10 mins after that I have to delete cache to obtain videos to test again in 10 mins 2.) If you're browsing at the bottom of your following list and hit the back button and it instantly returns to the top of the list very frustrating 3.) Info are working better but they still stop after a while never to be heard from again unless you refresh the Twitter release lol 4.)UNREAD BADGE COUNTER doesn't work at all
~ James Mallin
truly nice how this release gets worse rather than better. Do download it if you need notified of the same thing multiple times even after using the info alert to access the content. Modernization 29 March: info actually even more persistent! how are you doing this 21 April: I actually have 3 permanent info. Are you hiring macaques as programmers? because that would be cool but you should at least send me a picture. 21 May: still no picture of the macaques, info still stuck.
~ Malcolm Phillips
push info have been randomly disappearing before I obtain to check them, and especially if I go to the info tab, even the notifs that can't be checked there, like post info, will disappear. Even after many upgrades, this still happens. also the icon is gone from my home screen and release drawer, I had to come to the test shop to launch the release, until I uninstalled and reinstalled.
~ Catarina Marques
I want I wasn't so dependent on Twitter, because I really hate this release. It constantly auto-refreshes when I'm in the middle reading something. "Newest tweets" is full of tweets that are hours old, no matter how many times I refresh. On the find page, the find bar is deliberately hidden. Why go out of your idea to create the release more inconvenient for ordinary players? And this is without considering more general troubles of Twitter, such as the unwillingness to combat hate speech and bullying.
~ Richard Austin
It is a generally nice release, missing a several informations, for navigation find and settings. One thing I would like to see changed is the fact that If you respond to someone in the release, you could usually be able to see it in your home/timeline. Currently you can't see it unless you visit that person's page - if you can remember it! Would like a "to the top" button/icon. Would like a Favourites section where I can easily search/tweet to.
~ Eric R
Edit: i did modernization, and so far so nice ! glad you fixed it :) thank you !!................................ It freezes, ALWAYS, ever since i modernized ! I can't scroll up nor down. It just freezes and crashes. Uninstalling does nothing. I'm one of the oppo a57 players, and I'm sure they're having the same trouble. Fix this please. I can't use your release. I have been waiting for a month, hoping you'll fix it but it's still the same ! halp twitter :(
~ pat_ abellana