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About: Trulia supports you search a zone youll love to live. We go beyond the typical facts about rental properties to give you a feel for what its really like to live in a home AND a neighborhood. We obtain you straight to the stats you need (no more digging through piles of rental homes & apartments). And you can obtain immediate upgrades on the rentals you care about, so youll never miss out. Actually you can pick your newest rental with confidence. KEY FEATURES: NEW! Trulia Neighborhoods - neighborhood stats, all in one zone Tour the neighborhood with original pictures, local stories, and drone footage Receive a genuine feel of the neighborhood with the What Locals Claim information, ranging from whether recipients feel protected walking alone at night to if recipients decorate their homes for the holidays Browse 34 neighborhood heat overlay maps including crime, schools, ... Show more
Genre: House & Home Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Trulia
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About: To help you with the wooden planters we found awesome tutorials. Why buy a planter box for your outdoor space when you can make one instead? Creating a unique planter box at home will save you money and give your yard or deck a touch of your personality and style. With the list of 32 fun and functional DIY pallet and wood planter box ideas below, you can spice up your porch or yard in just a few hours. Wooden planters look the best for the garden or the terrace. They fit with the green atmospher...

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Developer: Loft Inc.

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About: Renting should be easy, dont you think? Well, we sure do! Let Liv be your companion as you search for an apartment, and throughout the length of your stay. Access apartment listings from all over the world and let us do the heavy lifting once you decide to apply. From the moment you move in, you have our full support via features that help you save time, stay in touch and feel secure. With reliable, paperless options, Liv protects all your rental documents via an impenetrable file storage sy...

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Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes Reviews and Comments:

One of the finest renting apps there is. Gives you so much more stats than the contest, as well. Will give 5 stars once I've used the release for a while and/or search a zone, which could be quick~
~ Sadystik Sage
Simple to use. I love that I can find without the boundaries so I'm not stuck in one zone. it gives nice information on the properties. I am not sure where I wish to transport to so not having any stats on zones this makes it simple to just look in any zone then determine if I wish to live there. I am looking for a rental actually but in the future I will use this to look for a home. Trulia is the finest release I have come across so far. I wont use any another.
~ Lisa Hamilton Art
Solid release for looking through listings, love the details for the neighborhood you are looking at. Only reason I dont give 5 stars is because the map is not responsive or sometimes downright obnoxious. For instance, I will click on a listing and instead of opening the listing it will think I've tapped the neighborhood, which then triggers an animation and hides all entries outside of the neighborhood. To obtain back to my find I have to back out and 'remove boundary'.
~ Jordan Schneider
Nice zone to search Rental properties
~ Jennifer Mcchessney
simple to use, player friendly
~ spunky sparks
I've been able to support my daughter search a nice condo in a different state. Nice pictures and description of the properties were essential because of travel schedule which made narrowing down only the most viable leads a gotta.
~ Daryl Robinson
The release keeps shutting off.
~ Rashida Raza
Organized and player friendly!
~ M Cushing
I went with three stars because it won't allow you do 2 ½ stars. This release is almost entirely useless to me. I am looking for a HOUSE to rent, and all it sends me are info to apartment complexes. Oh, and double wide trailers. Sure, you can filter the effects for single family home, but unless you're using the release to find for what you're looking for on an hourly basis, the info it sends you are all for apartments.
~ Jerry Henson
nice release. usually has simple to search content
~ Louis Green
You REALLY need to add 0-1 bedroom. The release wastes my time showing me territories I would never even bother with, because your lowest is 1+ . Most of what you present me is 2-4 bedrooms. Same goes for your rec. most of them are 2-4 bedrooms. Waste of my time searching through them to sort which are 0-1. Please add a (zero) 0-1 (not 1+!) bedrooms. Thanks
~ Winter O'Dochartaigh
I love Trulia they usually have the finest houses
~ Rick Robertson
this is not applicable in all countries
~ Rashidha Sherin p
create sure they give you upgrades daily
~ wanda johnson
very needed and love the info.
~ christopher Aldinger
nice release if you are looking for a rental and in many territories, also I like when recipients create comments on the dwelling or living in same neighborhood .. Thank you because it matters when you transport and knowing there is not a drug dealer living next door or worse one with babes above ..(didn't like claiming that but it's real) 😒 Trulia is a nice release and keeps me posted on newest rentals then I can afford ..thank you!
Simple and fun. The upgrades on homes you look at are very organized and simple to hold track of. I belive that that is the most useful attribute on this release. Nice filters. Speedy. Trulia is by far the finest release for finding homes, rentals, land, lots, and more. It's a know brainer to have this release as my #1 home seeking release. Very glad and it's kinda getting addtive.
~ Emmaly Ghorley
I love this release it's very very useful
~ Kimberly Bowman
For the most part this Soft is nice for me
~ Debbie Wright
Doesn't let me to add the commute time.
~ Vince Lieu
love how the territory stays actual unlike some I've used.
~ dot
i love this release its a nice idea to market for a newest home
~ David Simmons
usually has the modernization on homes whether it's rental or for sale
~ E Wyns
Nice informative release. Simple to maneuver through searches.
~ Phillip Lyle
Usually the fastest release to list desirable territories and never crashes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
~ Theresa Dalio
I'm watching you are nice, you are really great to have it in my socks and I enjoyed it and the Frog you know that right there is a lot of the certain cities and the Frog you know that right there is either idea I hope you are doing better.
~ Ashley Kristine
click on a zone and it backs out. highly inconvienient
~ Ryan Saullo
Ive enjoyed the idea it seeme you guys take time too think about the, tenant's.Thanks for shearing!
~ Amira Thomas
Very simple abtaining stats and getting effects I am satisfied with how everthing is set up for me to use! Thankyou for all your support.
~ Julie Charlonne
supports out tremendously saving time on looking. I like it being able to alert you.
~ Laura Hall
I really like this release it gives you lots of information about the properties and neighborhoods.
~ Janet Carroll
I love this release. It's accurate and full of stats about different homes in all zones.
~ Cynthia Shaw
Trulia is simple to use and I definitely have found a lot of nice rentals. You don't have the stress of some of these another apps. I luv Trulia! Thanks!
~ Magic Kendrick
this release is nice, simple searching and browsing, and I love how simple it is tho contact the property managers.
~ Danielle Rodriguez
I'm still searching for a zone until i search one that's when I'll rate it 5 🌟. but they do have pretty listings
~ Roxanne Castillo
why is there not an option to pick pet friendly troops I have a dog and all the ones I'm pulling up has no pets allowed no pets allowed why don't you have a check a box for pets you need one recipients have animals
~ Mike Crow
I've emailed about a glitch in the release preventing me from sending my full report (bought) to owners twice, once through the release and once from the correspondence listed here and haven't gotten even an automated response.
~ Georgia Heard
I like the release, however, I am looking for a zone to live in a particular neighborhood. I've entered in that zip code and it shows me territories that are not in that neighborhood.
~ Brian Chadwick
So far this release has been greatoy useful, and I really appreciate how often it upgrades. The only thing I'd have to claim, though, is that I'd love to see a information where you should share a feedback that allows others to view your whole list of liked rentals. I'm currently searching with a group of dudes, but we all live in different cities, so it is hard to modernization them on the homes I have liked. Otherwise, this release is simple to use!
~ The One Behind The Screen
I love this release! It allows me to obtain a detailed list of properties per the ammenties that I've typed. More importantly, you can find in any zone/ neighborhood within at least a 100 mile radius of Louisville/Jefferson County.
~ Tracey Roberts