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Trulia Real Estate: Search Homes For Sale & Rent   
About: Trulia supports you search the great home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle to buy or rent. Receive an authentic feel of what its like to live there with crowdsourced local insights, 34 neighborhood map overlays, and local stories and pictures. Browse modernized MLS listings with robust find filters, easily plan launch houses, and customize immediate alerts to stay ahead of the true estate supermarket. Trulia True Estate Key Informations: NEW! Trulia Neighborhoods - neighborhood stats, all in one zone Tour the neighborhood with original pictures, local stories, and drone footage Receive a genuine feel of the neighborhood with the What Locals Claim information, ranging from whether recipients feel protected walking alone at night to if recipients decorate their homes for the holidays Browse 34 neighborhood heat overlay maps including crime, schools, price trends, amenitie ... Show more
Genre: House & Home Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Trulia
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About: MISSION: Help our customers to get a zero brokerage property at 10X speed. The reason we exist is to help our customers to get a property ASAP. We are a PROPERTY listing platform, where the owners or the current flatmates(we call them host of the property) can come up and post their property and users of the app i.e our customers can have a look at the wide range of property options thats available on our platform and can get the contact details of the owner/host and can then directly contac... Developer: Team Hestia 365 [email protected]

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About: Lamison is online store for all Furniture items that you will need for your home, All is made with our hands from very good materials. Choose the best for your home from Lamison Store....

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Developer: gRhapa Solutions [email protected]

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About: For Landlords Only. Keep your AC System running clean and free of costly repair , due to the AC filters not been change regularly. This app will track and give monthly reminders to your tenants to change the filter. This App uses GPS, pictures and date to verified that it is your property, where and when the filter is being changed. The app will keep a history of every filter changed and if a repair is caused by the tenant not changing the filter. The tenant will be responsible for the repai...

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About: Homes & Land is the first publication to create a fully interactive magazine that connects directly to your mobile device. The Homes & Land app lets you scan any listing photo in Homes & Land magazine to access more property information, additional photos and connect with agents. Simply hover your mobile phone over any image in Homes & Land magazine and the app automatically connects you to that listing on Homes & Land.com. Save your favorite listings to your Homes & Land profile to view them...

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About: The Pearl App will provide you seamless access to your building, including a convenient way to pay rent, request your car, submit maintenance requests, reserve amenity spaces, schedule visitors and even unlock your door, all from your mobile phone....

Developer: Pearl Properties Commercial Management, LLC [email protected]



Trulia Real Estate: Search Homes For Sale & Rent Reviews and Comments:

Trulia is simple to maneuver and stays up to date, I use it often in my find for our newest home. Also by using the release it contacts you of newest listings fitting your actual requirements. Thank you Trulia
~ Tina Hogan
They are usually right on top of EVERY listing!!!! If its under contract or contingent. Great release.
~ Carol Baker
the only thing i want trukie did that zillow has ia to seach a entire state with ease. the only idea i can is by outlineing the state. also needs an option to pick houses out of land
~ savage beast
nice release, allows you to see local houses, and has useful softwares for either planning for the future or house buying actually.
~ Herms Oreos
So much better than Zumper and Zillo. Simple to Navigate and set filters. A life saver for renters and prospective home buyers!
~ Cheryl Bishop
It keeps locking when test to view a house on my devices. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still does the same thing. Has not usually done this.
~ Warren Render
These homes are superb here in North Carolina . I can not wait to buy one. I will be moving from California.
~ Monica Bradley
The release doesn't let you to see a complete list of all of the properties for sale in your find zone, even if you don't fill in the filter options. It does notify of some newest listings, however it repeats them as newest listings.
~ Anita Wright
I check the listings here all the time. This release gives upgrades on homes that are my favorites even when they are from multiple cities or states.
~ Kelley Studholme
nice find web, more information and accurate pictures would be useful. have driven to web's and been surprised by settings not shown by the pictures. ..
~ Kerry Moltzan
Functional release with touch sensitivity troubles. I will be looking at one home near a neighborhood and it will be about one full finger span away from what I am trying to touch, and the release will pick the neighborhood and zoom in even more than essential each time. Infuriating, but otherwise that release does what its supposed to.
~ Brittany Varn
trying to search a house to rent. it's ok to use for that. but it keeps sending me alerts for "no pet" houses. I'm not getting rid of my dogs, so why would I wish to look at a house that doesnt let them? cant turn it off as far as I know and I've tried even from the blog.
~ Trevor Tapia
this is the finest release for viewing home in any zone. i love the ability to remove the boundaries and see all the homes.
~ charles moss
So comprehensive, had all the information I've ever required. I would think of something I wanted to know and kept scrolling and there the stats was. Very satisfied with the player friendly aspect. It had a great layout too.
~ Charlie Coffman
I love all the different ideas of evaluating a home on Trulia. It's my go-to find for evaluating houses and trying to search what I wish!
~ Laurel Jones
Won't let me to log in with my E-Correspondence and password. I know it's correct b/c it worked on the small web. I don't wish to log in with Fb.
~ bull6599
Nice release, EXCEPT for the placement of the "correspondence" button on the listing page. Its idea too simple to hit when using gestures to go back on my S10. Once accidently hit there is no idea to cancel the request, which leads to multiple calls/text from realtors over the next 48 hours
~ Jason Sheppard
maps is the trouble. very terrible and why is there not an option to preload maps...google maps has that option but this ap apparently doesnt.
~ Tidnaba Irata
I use this release everyday and actually when I test to find or see more stats on a property the release shuts down please fix this. I have limited time to look for a zone and this was my #1 release but sadly it doesn't work I have uninstalled and reinstalled a fews times and the same happens
~ Jennifer Burkhart
The functionality of trulia is probably the finest of all the realestate apps! its simplicity is nice, picture quality is nice, and the layout of property information is nice.
~ Victoria Tolbert-Ashley
Great, simple to use. I like Google view, but have not found it yet. The web is useful doing research on the crime and restaurants, recipients...great web.
~ Dawn Taillon
I really like this release. Gives all stats I need except that I think the property taxes are consistently too weak for the price of the houses. Another blogs that present same houses have the taxes at about $100./ month higher, making estimated pay'ts that amount more. Still better than another apps that don't even give square footage!!!
~ Jan Temple
really terrible they offer homes at any price range but their third party realtors usually claims the home is sold or it's a short sale. and they're pushy usually trying to obtain you pre approved before you even look at anything. I mean yeah I wish to drive 80 miles away to see a 2/3 br. home waiting has tolls and time for nothing. And we've been looking for over 8 months actually all the same answers and pushy recommendations. Would give this an 4 star if it wasn't for I claim there shady/pushy customer service.
~ James Simmons
I've seen homes for sale and when I look them up on Trulia it claims it is "off Supermarket" . These are homes that habe been for sale for some time. The only idea to obtain stats is to call the # listed. Is this because they did not list it on Trulia? How or where does Trulia obtain the sale stats on a home?
~ carolyn L
I like how simple it is to search properties, but the newest modernization makes the Commute information obtain hung up. It won't shop my work address, and then just spirals if I click on the commute button.
~ D White
love this release. I've found a several unbelievable homes on this web with honest landlords. in my opinion this is the finest web to go to if you're looking for a nice home and honest recipients(landlords).
~ mona brown
this one mostly works it works better than the Zillow one and there's a lot of nice options you can see it's tough all over I guess it would be great if they just had a near me type of information that would be cool so as I travel I can see what the housing values are where I am without having to kind in every individual city
~ Nick Erdody
Some functions freeze it become unresponsive. I'll obtain sent push info/suggestion alerts. But clicking into the release, nothing happens and alerts are empty. Adding a commute destination doesn't work. My work address in San Francisco keeps displaying as Francisco, IN
~ Anthony Prinze
Trulia has a lot of homes that range from the lowest to the highest. Sometime I do obtain confuse because they have the same house on the supermarket available and on the same page for rent. Please correct this Trulia the potential tenants will better viewing the release.
~ Priscilla Roberts
All I search is sold homes. I've deleted my filters and started over, repeatedly varified that "Sold" is not picked. Yet I can not obtain one property that is still for sale to populate on my map. Customer service consists of frequently asked questions.
~ Michelle Merkley
The commute information is not working. When I test to add a destination the release just ignores it. Also, please bring back the boards, my faves are so messy and I have such a hard time finding what I wish because everything is scrambled together.
~ Giselle Landaverde
I use Trulia as a renter and to search roommates. Love the alerts for saved searches. Tends to be more searchable than Zillow or Hotpads regarding housing atttibutes (e.g. amenities, pets). I do want it allowed searching for specific addresses to let for cross-checking stats from another blogs. Sometimes stats cross-posted from Zillow gets garbled, e.g. the distinction between rent and utilities.
~ Josh Marxen
Constantly crashes! Use filters in a find/ ruin, click on one of the alerts in your feed/ruin, test to go to your saved houses/ ruin, test searching in a newest territory/ ruin! This used to be my go to release for house hunting but the unreliability and lack of developer notice or concern Claims me it's time to uninstall.
~ Mario Woods
The filter information no longer works - I'm searching for properties of a certain size (1+ acre) and the find function is showing me newest-build properties smaller than 1/4 acre. I'll be deleting the release.
~ Trish Robert
Simple to use. Territory is simple to navigate. It shows the school & neighborhood rating(500 Stars for that)... That's super useful so you'll know what you're moving your family into or around... Keeps you up to date on newest territories... I can go on an on... Anyway, really nice Soft.💖💖💖💖
~ Kamille Zabek
I started a find and paid the app fee...and was turned down for the only pet friendly apartment in my find. My filters specified my budget and pet friendly apartments. All the apartments they sent after I paid the fee were a several hundred dollars over budget and "no pets". Also 3-4 bedrooms after I specified 1 bedroom. simple dollars for Trulia, BIG FAT RIP OFF FOR ME. GRRRRRRRRRR.
~ Mary Riker
truly horrible experience. they wish you to make an profile, but that does not give you the option of permenantly removing equipment that dont apply to you, or give you another primary options. anyone ever tried looking for a house in florida, woth no option to exclude 55+ communities, you are left spinning your wheels. how about an option to exclude properties that are on leased land. after 3days of reviewing some couple hundred listings, i kept going over the same same same properties. what a nightma
~ Taffy L
Can't remove feeds. I still obtain upgrades on homes I'm not interested because deleted feeds hold sending me upgrades. Emailed the devs and received no response. Go into the release and check the Customer Help feedback, it doesn't do anything. Nice release with tremendous potential that seems like the devs have abandoned.
~ Jeffrey Evans
The release is really nice, but should be better. I love the Crime map. But want I should remove saved searches. There are important fields to renters that aren't usually visible on the release, but they are on the desktop ver. Fields like Picture Thumbnails so you can browse faster when you are looking for a grassy back yard. Usually the very last picture!. Also, Pet restrictions and Availability Date could be needed to be entered by the poster. Would save a lot of unnecessary phonecalls!
~ MS Baxter
Too many errors, glitches, irrelevent listings that don't match my find criteria. Filters not working. I've noticed that Trulia no longer responds to player complaints, too. I hold getting listings in a state that I deleted from my find 2 months ago. Either fix the glitches in the 'feed' information, or obtain rid of it altogether. Also hate the popup asking if I love Trulia. Is that how you track how many players are using the release?
~ Kay Brown