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Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record   
About: 250 million recipients believe Truecaller for their communication needs, whether its for caller ID or for blocking spam calls and SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with recipients who matter. With a community-based spam list modernized by millions of players worldwide, Truecaller is the only release you need to create your communication protected and efficient. Impressive Dialer: - The globes finest Caller ID will identify anyone calling you - Block spam and telemarketers - See names of unknown numbers in the call history - Call Recording - Record important device calls and save them to your device - Flash messaging - Share territory, emoji & status in a flash to your dudes - Know when your dudes are nonpaid to talk - Backup call history, contacts and settings to Google Drive Smart SMS release: - Automatically identify each unknown SMS - Automatica ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB
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Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & Call Record Reviews and Comments:

Sorry but i have to uninstall this release. it was nice before 2-3years.actually Its worthless .before it used to present me the information of each number i find .for a year i was being patient and was waiting for it to work. actually i cannot.it doesnt present me the information for single number.
~ Sakina Ak
Hello sir i have installed this release in my small, when i enter my small number its run loading at last there came "unable to connect ". This release was running in my old aweek age but i have suddenly change my small in last 3 days, actually i am installing in this small its not working . Kindlly resolve this trouble that i can use this release... Thanks
~ Hamza Awan
Worst Banking Service.. I recharge a BSNL no. With an amount of 349/-inr and amount has been deducted from my profile and it shows that the recharge is successful but the RECHARGE IS NOT DONE YET i contact bank and they claim amount is deducted from my profile and i tried to contact real caller as well but there is no customer service no. Plz contact me ASAP and resolve my trouble....and i mailed them also but there is no respond from them and the add file option is not working also
~ Mansoor Bariwala
awsm release with awsm informations this release create simple to identify the person. i have got many unknown calls in a day but actually with the support of this release i can easily find about that person .you all could test this release and take the advantage of this release ......im sure you feel glad after using this release create your own truecaller id first and then run using it
~ im_vaishali _Dhiman
Exceptional release! I have not had an release that I have rated before, none! This 1 made my life so much better I never expected that to happen not even a thought that it would. Tried others that were to do this but not even close to it. Thanks Truecaller! James
~ James Love
I'm using release since 1 year. before some months release was working nice. But actually it's going pathetic. just run loading long time and then shows the msg that "no internet connection". i tried to contact help center but same error is "no internet connection". Tools service is worst day by day.
~ Zeeshan Asghar
Merging of calls and sms onto one screen is a terrible concept. It is actually hard to differentiate. Also I prefer to see all the calls in one screen rather than splitting into Contacts, Others and Spam.
~ Guru ide nan id
it's a very nice release, i am using it from last 2 years and it was working perfectly all right but for the last several days it's giving an error ( unable to connect, test again later) i deleted the release and re installed it but it gives the same error even during the registration process, i can't even register actually. i am using it in pakistan and having nice internet connection but doesn't work to register ever.
~ Macci Tent House
its not working. i am trying for last 20 days but its unable to connect. cant even register the number. it usually claims unable to connect plz test later. i have red many reviews about same trouble. its just happening in pakistan only.
~ muhammad ali
first it was working nice...actually it's not working as i have reinstalled it after formatting my device. it keeps on loading and loading after entering my device number and nothing happens after that (only it keeps loading) and after long time an error appears sometime which claims "it is unable to connect, test again later"
~ Akbar Khan
The release doesn't seem to be working. I changed my device and actually when I launch the release and test to register the release to my number, it keeps destroying claiming "Unable to connect, test again later". please support. I need it to work guys. Will give 5 stars if it runs working again.
~ Malik Asim
Tablet rang, I pick up, it's other call supposed to be spam caller but only when I hang up the call then only the spam red notice came out. What's the purpose of installing this release and not supporting to screen calls.
~ Jacklyn Nge
Very sad. Suddenly, truecaller release dtopped working, i uninstalled it, then imstalled again. But when i enter my small number for activation, it claims "unable to connect please test again later". I am facing the trouble since 04-06-2019. How to fix it.? Please support me to solve it.
~ Waqar Hassan
The release is okay and all but what I don't obtain is why does it doesn't allow calls come in? Sometimes, I obtain my calls fine. But sometimes, I obtain a large-a$$ info from the release that I missed my call. This is a true trouble here. I'm uninstalling. I'm not returning until you fix this.
~ Parna Biswas
I'm using these release since 4years & I'm so glad with it but if they can add some informations like call recording to a specific number only in manual section & recording could be done on background of the calling without any pop or logo of recording, without knowing others, it will be more interesting to use...
~ Arman Ali
I had real caller in oppo F3 and it worked so well. Quick i changed my fone to samsung galaxy J5 and the app claimed should not connect test again later. And i tried about a hundred times and i couldn't obtain access to this release. Actually I've changed my fone to vivo and the same trouble is appearing again. I've tried it a hundred times but app is not working. need support.
~ Seerat Fatima
So far, so nice...does what it claims.Considering it's a nonpaid release the banners aren't fully annoying or obnoxious. The interface is player friendly and there are a ton of customizable options. Will test it out a tiny longer and modernization my review could any troubles arise but so far it's earned the 5x stars!!
~ Amy Goulais
its a very heloful and nice release.. i am using it for 1 year but since last several weeks this release is not working properly.. whenever i test to connect it claims unable to connect please test again later.. neither its showing another contacts status if they are busy on other call or they have kept it on silent. i have reinstalled it and actually its not even registering.. i dont know what i have to do actually?
~ Samina Sahar
The release is truely nice. I am so gkad to have a release like this. This release includes payments for electricity, water and more. Not only but it also shows the name of the caller and Claims whether it is a spam or a prank call. I think everyone in the globe could have this release. Thanks to the one who made this release.
~ Sidharth Shyamsukha
truecaller squad... kindly contact me........its urgent. i am having a serious problem with Truecaller, since last several days it was not working on my Samsung Galaxy S10 handset properly. so I delete it and again install truecaller release and since it is doesn't installed so far despite of few attempts. Surprisingly its blog is also not working on my all devices. i am unable to contact with Truecaller company to ask them for rectify this trouble. kindly advise me what could I do actually??? .
~ Dr. Asif Munawar
The release won't go forward after the obtain started screen, gives error "unable to connect, please test again later". My internet is fine, i have been trying to sign in at different times but it doesn't work. Its been acting up since a month so i uninstalled and reinstalled it but cant sign in actually.
~ Ammara Jawad
I am unable to pick the option to block top spammers since today. I accidentally disabled it and when I tried to enable the function, it gives a screen to claim that I could sign up for super or gold. Is the information not available on nonpaid ver anymore? It gotta have been with newest modernization. Please fix, otherwise what is the use of Truecaller if spam calls still gets through but you advertise in your release description that it blocks top spammers...?
~ Werner
What's happening to this release. First it stopped find number Then it automatically signed me out I tried again to login but it's only loading and loading So i uninstall it and install a newest ver but still its loading and loading after i write my no. Please do something about it.
~ Ali Raza
Adding more and more informations doesn't create any release better. Please hold it for the purpose, for which it was initially designed. Please dont force players to approve it as default SMS release. Despite my denying it to be default SMS release, it blocked some of informations of my Stock SMS and dialler release. Would wish to rate it Minus 5 actually. Though, it was better release in earlier times.
~ Malkhan Singh
Truly finest release. I am player of this release for last 3 years. From a couple of week, this release stopped searching/identifying unknown numbers. I reinstall this release, but each time it shows error. I think developer wants us to pay subscription fees.
~ Mehran Butt
I am unable to activate real caller on my device. I am using huawei colleague 10 lite. Previously it was working absolutely fine but when i factory restart the device, it's not activating. Once I enter the number on the release its starting loading the next page but the page is not showing up. It's hold on loading and end up with an error "Unable to connect. Check again later" And I am trying it from past 3 days. HELP ME !!!!!
~ Nabeel Xheikh
I paid for the upgraded service and tried it out for few months. I found very tiny needed informations above and beyond stock apps already installed in the device. Which would still be worth the dollars if it wasn't for their horrible policies policies. They accumulate a entire bunch of unneeded stats about you and share it with another companies. If you're thinking about using this release, create sure you read their policies policies and know what you're giving up for what tiny of this release provides.
~ Miss Kitten
Love the idea and the convenience this brings. have been using this release for quite some time actually but just recently after changing my device release is stuck at "lets obtain started" screen and after some time "loading" it just gives an error "should not connect to server" I have stable internet connection but release is not working. Hope this can be resolved
~ Qasim Mir
I found it to be a very needed release when I first installed it back in 2015. It was a primary tablet with 512 MB RAM. However, I've been unable to sign up after installing it on my device a several weeks ago. This device has 2 GB RAM and up to date Mobile OS but your release doesn't seem to work on it at all. We average players are not supposed to fix your technical errors, you're responsible to create your release work on all compatible devices. I wasted my whole day trying to figure out how to create it work on my device with no luck. I will NEVER install this release again!
~ Sultan K
I disabled all the release permissions, including info access earlier today. However, I was surprised to see a info from the release right actually. Baffled by this, I opened app settings and surprised to see the info permissions (all of them) was turned ON!. I am cent percent sure that I did not do this. It is obvious that app has turned info access on its own.I seriously doubt whether players can rely on this release anymore regarding their time.
~ Akhil Krishnan
I am a super player of truecaller release in Pakistan but since past month this release is not working on my newest Samsung A30 device. It keeps claiming me unable to connect please test again. I have tried so many times but same massage over and over again. Should you please claim me what's wrong with the release or there is an any trouble in Pakistan for this release? Waiting to hear from you ASAP.
~ Bilal Amjad
I'm not a subscriber. The release identifies spamming based on time provided by their players and I have the option to block them or not and also to edit name and genre. In Brazil, spammers change the device number frequently to overcome this. Recently I had to reinstall the release because it stopped suddenly, for the first time in more than 3 years. I don't use as my default device/msg release due to advertising nor it identifies my contacts.
~ Thais Machado
Last day i restored my small and after completing restoration process i installed this release but it's not running. The message "Unable to connect. Check again later." is showing on the screen. I tried many time but it's not running, what's the reason, what type of error is creating trouble. Please anyone claim me solution to obtain rid of it......
~ Trophia Alith
I have subscription of this release. However, it is a week so far but the release is not working properly and I have tried every and each possible way to obtain rid of it. Actually when i reinstall the release, it only gives this message "unable to connect, please test again later". I have tried to use different connections and wifi services, but the trouble still persists... Please support!
~ Juned Ali Shah
my old device hanged when i used this release. but this comment is not about the release. I just wanted to target out the comment section on basically each playstore release. Recipients are unhappy with any release no matter how nice it is. They are so negative in the comment section. however, IRL, all of you strive to maintain a positive attitude. Why does not anybody have a true persona?
~ Adithya Kuduvalli
I found it meaningless to migrate from nonpaid player to super player. I had subscribed to obtain rid of the banners but they are still showing banners. i shot many requests to them but they were late to reply and couldn't solve the trouble at all. I had attached screenshots to present them the banners but they had adamantly denied that the banners are effects of their release. Waiting for the subscription to end and then uninstalled it fully once and for all.
~ Rupak Barooah
Additional member. Soft displays banner identifying call as spam but is still letting the call through and ring my device. Yes, it is set as default release and is not being battery optimized. It used to never miss. Samsung Note 8 with newest upgrades. Also, why no option to pick up and hang up to protect voicemail? . Call Control can do it each time. Drupe can do it. Why not tool it to pick up, mute and hang up in like 250ms? . Lacking option to define default SMS release. Pressing "message" in the call log will only launch Tru Caller ID sms release.
~ Brad Passino
I installed this release last 3 years, till last month it was running nice, But Due to zone reasons i had to restart my small device and then i reinstalled this release. After that whenever i wish to place my number to connect to server, it usually claims unable to connect to server test again later. I have tried many time but it isn't working. Please resolve my trouble. I am frm Pakistan.
~ Samar Raheem
Useless release, doesn't block spam calls. When a spam call is received, my device still rings completely. But when I later check, release shows number as spam number. I have enabled blocking top spammers. I required this release to block spams only, but that's not happening, the release is not needed for me. Also after each number is blocked, it hold asking whether I wish to block SMS as well, which is a type of annoying.
~ A Google user
This release stealing our time and it's selling it in thousands in dark web in just thousand rupees. The permission given to the release doing more than that.... like my payment and another things. In super option it doesn't shows any bonus or territory. Actually it's not believe worthy. I will go for another options. I am also requesting it could be. There is no smoke without any fire. We recipients have no option to know what is real and what is false. All things came from the media.
~ subhendu mohapatra