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About: TrayMinder is created by an experienced orthodontist to support you stay on track with your clear aligners (such as Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Clarity, etc.) and obtain the finest possible effects from your treatment. TrayMinder is like your finest buddy along the travel to a great smile. It supports you stay on top of your treatment all the time. You can track how long you wear your aligners every day, be notified if you leave your aligners out for too long, obtain a reminder when its time to switch to the next aligner, take teeth selfies to document your progress, and much more. Key informations: TREATMENT Setup an existing or newest treatment in secondsno sign up needed! Run a newest treatment/refinement or adjust your treatment plan at any time TIMER Timer with run and pause button to track the number of hours you are wearing your aligners every day Works magical ... Show more
Genre: Medical Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 12MB Developer: Mars Lan
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TrayMinder Aligner Tracker Reviews and Comments:

Nice release! Highly suggest it!
~ A Google user
Used this for a week, I like how you can place a reminder. Straight and simple
~ Novitria Fajar Ilmayani
Love the release!! Super useful with a lot of needed informations!
~ Carolyn Gao
It's a nice concept but not well thought out. It could track the time the trays are out, because the timer running 22hrs per day is going to slay your device battery. And manual inputs could be the same, i.e. input time off, not wear time, because that's easier to remember and gives a more meaningful overview when you check back when you had lunch or something.
~ Victoria Starkey
I really enjoy this release. I want i knew about it from the very beginning of my invisalign treatment. I started using it on my 24th liner and am excited about seeing the changes with the teeth selfies!!
~ cheryl martin
I love it! I want i knew about it from the beginning especially since i usually forgot to wear them. Gave it 4 stars only bc i think it would be better with a widget to add to home screen it would be more convenient to run and stop and also a reminder often you look at your device. But overall it nice.
~ Amber Duke
Neat release, does just what I need :)
~ Priya Mittal
very needed to allow me know how long I wear
~ Agnes Liu
Straight and simple to use.
~ Leonides Jr Valencia
Great. Using this release makes me realize I'm not wearing the trays as much as I am supposed to.
~ A Google user
this is a very helpfull release
~ Fred 20
Really want there was a widget! Otherwise, nice release. Very simple to use!
~ lisa faraco
nice release, nice at reminding me to place my aligners back in and to change them weekly. also shows how many hours ive been wearing my trays every day. suggest for fellow invisalign wearers for sure
~ Ngarere Pere
please bring on a widget. im Fully goibg to forget to use this ap without having it simple to access, then end up deleting to create zone. widget widgey widget 😁
~ A Google user
after modernization, it takes ages to load the calendar and the release keeps freezing. i cant tap the another options either, the icons aeem not to react
~ Barbora Vinczeova
release is nice at what it claims, however I found that you cannot backup the time to cloud or your device. what could I do if I change my device? manually reenter all the time?
~ Narendra Mannan
Nice release. Several informations that can be added and would be really useful: 1 - A widget to pause/run the timer; 2 - Integration with Google Assistant or IFTTT, so that we don't have to touch the small or launch the release to pause/run the timer
~ Shubham gupta
Simple to use. With newest modernization you can see how long you've worn every aligner. These seems to be a bug in there. I adjusted my treatment plan, and actually the hours per aligner shown are not correct (I adjusted run date and actually the hours per aligner present zero at aligner 1 and thinks that I'm wearing aligner 3 🙄)
~ missmarizca
Extremely needed and simple to use! One tiny recommendation I have would to maybe contain the option of having a dark theme for the release. I would definitely pay to have a information like that.
~ Louai Hassan
Very useful release for keeping track of aligner wear!
~ Stefanie Farmer
Better than the invisalign release, however there are no terms of how to use the release, and the FAQ section is fully blank which doesn't support! I dont think there is a possibility to view a time lapse video of your progress, which would be a nice addition. I have paid £1.49 to have the release banner nonpaid and help the developers.
~ Liz Harris
Here's a list of what I can't do with this release-go back and clear out the days of non-use while i figured out how to use it - enter the time I was supposed to wear every aligner rather then go back into every and each one and restart it. And the largest trouble - if there was ever an release that needs a widget to create it simple to turn on and off, this is it. Idea too many taps and time each time you launch it.
~ Marley J Hogan
had a trouble but speedy to reply via correspondence.
~ Sheri Richardson
The release can't seem to track when I've place the aligners back in. I've even used the edit function, and all it's done is adjust the wear on and off time to its own setting. Additionally, the "reminders" are pop ups, not even audio alerts, so if you're not near your device, you won't see the reminder. Overall, not worth it. Just use the timer function on your device.
~ Jaby Girl
The Soft is convenient and very useful with time tracking.
~ Laura Tucker
Only using release for a several days but so far very impressed. Soft does everything required and works well. Even made allowance for the daylight savings clock change, great detail!
~ Fergus O'Hea
downloaded the release to support w discipline around keeping my aligners in. the release is very simple to use and useful.
~ A Cheng
This release is nice for anyone with Invisalign. The only thing its missing is a widget so i can run/stop my timer from my home page.
~ Billy McKee
Very useful keeping track of time, but I want the alert reminder for putting them in was more aggressive and should be adjusted volume-wise. Otherwise, nice release to hold my mouth on track!
~ Jessica Schabow
Very needed release. My only recommendation would be to be able to change info sound. Modernization: even after the newest version, I still obtain the same info sound.
~ George Kontopoulos
Super. This is a nice idea to create sure I'm wearing my aligners for the right amount of time, and the selfie is better than the Invisalign release itself. Top marks.
~ Colm Linehan
I love it, it's simple to track time of wearing. Info are a nice information, as well as countdown to a great smile and teeth selfie :) It is a bit slow at the times, but otherwise it works ok.
~ Mojca Kregar
I love this release! It supports me hold track of the hours I'm wearing my Invisalign aligner and keeps track of how long I have them out. You can also edit your time, so if you're like me and forget to hit the run button after you place them back in you can edit it to the right time. This release does have timers too and you can take pictures of your progress.
~ Mindy Henning
Switched devices from an s8 to s9 and lost all my time was devastated. I posted a very unhappy review and was contacted directly from Tray Minder who were extremely useful and were able to restore all my time from my old device to my newest. Currently there is an trouble with Mobile and the transfer component. If you have any troubles contact Tray Minder and they could be able to support.
~ Jacqueline Cowley
needed! i like the selfie concept but my fwd camera is terrible so i would like the option to upload or to use the rear camera!!
~ Sally Bosson
this is a nice release BUT during the 2 months ive been using it the release has only reminded me to place my liners back in once. any another occasion it's never made a sound or showed a prompt. considering that's the main reason i wanted the release it's really disappointing
~ S Rodney
I love everything about this release. Supports me stay on track without guessing at my times or setting separate device alarms. Only information that doesn't seem to be working for me is the ability to upload selfies into history (ex. I found this release during tray #3... i would love to add a historical selfie to tray #1 and the FAQ suggests that this is a information... however the menu option simply doesn't exist in the selfie screen).
~ Serenity M
Simple to use. Just what I was looking for when I got my aligners. The release makers could consider tweaking this to appeal to another recipients who deal with removable braces, e.g., parents whose babies wear a Pavlik harness.
~ Beth Young
I've loved this release since the run of my Invisalign treatment 5 months ago. Keeps track of everything that's important, simple to edit your plan and mostly loved the pictures it takes. Please bring back the mirror view as an option. This is how most, I assume, track progress by looking at our pics as if you're looking in a mirror. I understand it's useful for those that add pics taken by devices, but it just really threw me off comparing screenshots I've saved months ago to a newest reversed view.
~ Laura Hancock
I just started using this and it's fully accurate, while Invisalign's official release usually gives me 24 hours a day no matter how long I wear it. One tiny thing is that the day I started aligner #1 is usually red on the calendar (because it's suggested to switch in the evening). I hope that can be fixed somehow. (P.S. Shouldn't the saved pictures be cropped as they're shown in the release? I viewed the pics outside of the release and there was everything I didn't wish to capture in the background 😂)
~ Felix Ng