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About: TouchCall- Unpaid international calling release. Call to any cell device, local or abroad actually! Download this VOIP wifi calling online release & enjoy nonpaid calls globe wide to any small & landline! Even if your dudes or family have no network access, TouchCall can still connect you for nonpaid. Informations Unpaid Global Calls Fully FREE CALL Tablet 100% Unpaid & global device call nonpaid. No contract, no hidden fees. Enjoy high quality nonpaid calls in over 230 countries! Infinite Call Credits Different nonpaid call credit offers: hold cat, install apps and more. Clear & Stable Calling Dial away and create high quality device calls with voice quality that is crystal clear, just like making device calls from a landline! Our technology automatically detects and adjusts to your connection speed, which means more stable calls. Why Use TouchCall ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 10MB Developer: YOLO NET
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TouchCall - International Global Phone Calling App Reviews and Comments:

The credit for several countries is quite high like 5000/ min l would have given 5 * if the rates were a bit weak
~ Fati Z
please add sms option , remaining everything is nice
~ Rejin palliathu
its really nice. and helpfull.
~ Shibram Roy
Great. but But many credits were taken. It was better to slash a several credits with a tiny credit
~ Samir Khan
Wow lovely release 100%✓✓✓✓✓ nonpaid calling but call rates so high and credit earning hard
~ A Google user
Nice release. Simple to earn credit by testing release
~ Aayush Roy
this release is very benefits for each on to support savings dollars and nonpaid international calling i also use it Thank for Tuchcall
~ Ali Awan
I like d release very much but d call rates are too much especially if ur making calls to Nigeria,. is too too much. Pls test nd do something on d rates.
I like very much this release, nice call quality and thanks
~ Amirtha Rajan
worst quality of voice waste of time waste of Time
~ K Reddy
its very cool for nonpaid mins but adds are too length
~ Yasir Ahmad
just voice not clear. can you give us nice service.
~ mulyanit kiwi Tri
It usually shows sever is not connected.I cant create a call for a long time.. why it is happening?
~ mrdul paul
give 3 star because I made a call and got voice correspondence not even talked to the person and they took 5450 credits not fair this is cheating
~ Mary Hamza
really nice. loved it. this is really wonderful
~ Rimsha Khan
there is no option to register by my own device number. how to register by device number? please inform
~ Khaled Baig
worst release ever!! It usually shows server not connected.what is the use of this release if can't even connect allow alone be used for calling.
~ Aqsa Kunroo
So far I dont have any troubles with it but it's making it hard to call to newest Zealand.
~ Tamra E. Clemons
is very clear calling but very expensive we africans why is our to expensive not considering how we pass through with hard times in Africa
~ Fortune Ifeanyi
very great release and working release.one tiny bug is that after some calls it claim come tomorrow. plzz i request you bug fix plzz
~ Whatsapp status Fanclub
sound quality is weak...on the another side of the device person can't properly hear my voice...
~ Sujata Bhattacharya
please reduce the the credit rate of India to Bangladesh. Thank you squad for this essential apps in hands.
~ Bivan Halder
I'm from Bangladesh i used to use it and it worked really well but from several months it is not working it claims, connecting to server.
~ Musarrat Zeba
nice release but too much coin for calling nigeria. why cant you weak the coins is very hard to obtain it
~ Ademokoya Adewale
release itself is nice but the call quality and experience is not satisfying, thats why 3 star is given and may change in future.
~ bestabid
100 per cent reliable and no gimmicks. Get if you wish to. Otherwise earn points through add. Nice job .
~ Chong Eik Tong
very great release one person place my number in black list but i calling from this release I cath that person easily because this call is not showing my number going different numbers I like this release its really useful for me
~ Siva Kumar
Nice, but actually I will give three stars because we can't create more than 6 or 7 calls per day whenever this trouble is solved I will give you five stars back!
~ Antizar Arya
very nice release! I am pleased with this one! The one i had before this one was s£!t!
~ fernando martin
the call quality is poorer than terrible. my humble request please improve the call quality .
~ afsar ali
globe's most useless release. for god sake please DO NOT waste your time. i wish to rate it 0 out of 5.
~ Milky Way
It's a call release that blocks you from calling cause u named to much ? why I'd give it zero stars if I should.. idiots
~ Ed giigg
Server keeps re-connecting, can't use the rewards, each time i test there's an excuse, even the call Quality is fully worst. 😒😒😒
~ Lezysul
allows you to create calls to anywhere to any device and it's simple to earn credits
~ Jamie Espinoza
after the modernization in release... it is not equal for all.. we have to test again and again so it ( may or may not ) send more insects for gaining score... Need Some More Thinking From Customer Target Of View.
~ Sri Harsha Satish
What's the trouble ?...... Usually disconnect.... failed to call... please solve it.... didn't solve ........i am using small time..not wifi....so that disconnected ?...but i can watching ad easily ! ....?????
~ Mir Mohsin Bashar
It's my first time, i just downloaded it never even used these release to create any call yet !
~ Terry Tyson
I like the release it is clear to call but they needs 3920 target to call Nepal. That is too much and it is hard to earn target. i can not watch the video. to obtain the target i need to wait usually regularly i can not obtain the target. if they fix these troubles it will be finest calling release.
~ Gan Nepali
the charges is too much from beirut to Nigeria. pls fixed this cos you have to wait for weeks by testing with cat to collects coin to call for just a mins. and how can i place my no in the settings cos i can't search it there so that the recipients I call can be able to know that am the one calling.
~ oba'binrin Show
very nice appln.can call any number. our number is being hidden. i love it.. But one tiny bug is that after some calls it asks to come tomorro.that could be improved.Rest Everything is Excellent
~ Never Back Down