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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)   
About: See what your car is doing in realtime, obtain OBD fault codes, car performance, sensor time and more! Torque is a machine / car performance / diagnostics software and scanner that uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management / ECU Layout your own dashboard with the widgets / gauges you wish! It can use the GPS to deliever tracker logs with OBD engine logging so you can see what you were doing at any target in time It can also present and restart a DTC / CEL / fault code like a scantool. Supports you fix your car and supports hold repair costs down! Torque also informations: * Dyno / Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque * Can read Transmission Temperatures (machine dependant) * 0-60 speed timings - more accurate than just using plain old GPS - see how speedy your car is (or truck ) * CO2 emissions readout * Customisable dashboard & p ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 12MB Developer: Ian Hawkins
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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car) Reviews and Comments:

I've been using this release for a number of years actually, along with an ELM327 Bluetooth adaptor. It's been an absolute saver on so many occasions, on many different machines. Without doubt, the finest release I've ever purchased.
~ Jon
love the release and it does work very well, would like to see a tiny Improvement out of some of the equipment it will do, it will claim me my fuel trims and a ton of another things but for some reason it won't present me oil pressure which is one of the main reasons I bought the release
~ Joel Stimson
I purchased this release for an mobile device, but I can't obtain some of the functions to work. In the 'Play Scores' part of the release, the menu button doesn't appear at the top of the screen, so I have no idea to access the O2 time graph information. I also have this release on an mobile device and it has the menu button at the top of the page. This is very annoying, because the O2 time graph is one of the finest informations. There's a related trouble in the 'Graphing' section of the release. Please fix this.
~ 444Helmut
Only release i cant share with my family because the developer won't change the default setting and i can't even buy it actually either. No response via correspondence even after multiple requests. It's a decent release and the first one i paid for, but newer apps are coming with newest informations too.
~ James K
Unfortunately, it's been a week, and the developer doesn't bother to respond me over the correspondence - therefore the review. I have OBD2 device "EXZA® HHOBD OBD2" (feedback below) As far as I know, this device could work with the release. I have managed to connect the device via blue-tooth to my device. But the release recognizes only partially the device. And in fact doesn't work as it could or designed. Would not suggest the release. The developer is unresponsive which makes it even worse.
~ A Google user
love the release but it has a several troubles with mobile 9. it won't allow me import my dash from my old device and clicking on equipment in the release takes about a million tries before it works. I've used the release for years and it would be a 5 star release but doesn't work with mobile 9 and I use the release for my job
~ Cody Phillips
The nonpaid ver was snappy and responsive, I paid the $5 and actually it's slow. The tachometer upgrades slow, throttle input is slow, it's just slow in general. Tried all the settings and still slow. 99 Subaru if that supports you explain why the nonpaid ver was better than the fee ver.
~ Jeremiah Bailey
Nice Soft, Used it for a long time actually. I will give the review but first I have a question....if anyone should support asap that would be nice. Once I restart the check engine light, is there any idea of checking the monitors readiness? So I know when to obtain it in for inspection before the check engine light comes back on if I don't have the resources to fix the trouble
~ Jut Caryl
OK, better options Does not load your cars time automatically like my last readers soft, you have to enter it manually. Takes you to 3rd party blog for codes. Previous reader had own engine.
~ Thomas Meisch
DANGER: APP has know Samsung glitch. Soft ALWAYS tries to connect. U MUST force close after every use or Samsung glitch slows device and another apps r slow n can't refresh. UPDATE: Been abt 2wks. Actually device shuts off ALL DAY LONG! Literally on/off each 5min. or so. I hear T-App restart jingle all day. Need APP to fix car. Uninstall after 4 sure. Receive true gauges instead. PROS: Gauges and scanner saved me $$$ within 5min. of download. Would've changed wrong part. Looks great PLZ FIX! Samsung Note9
~ Martin Velazquez
This release has worked perfectly, with four different BT ELM readers and five different devices and devices. Recommend that players expecting $2500 worth of performance from a $5 release just RTFM! Then afterwards do some online research to learn what they're doing wrong before leaving a terrible/ignorant review. Check the nonpaid ver and if it works, do the right thing and help the developer.
~ Bud Boggy
I think this is the only five star rating I've ever given. First soft I've seen that worked as advertised out of the box. Obviously well tested before deployement. Another apps constantly needing upgrades as if still in development.
~ A Google user
You can set more than 1 machine profile, but you will not have a clean run, the gauges that work with one car might not work with the another, so you need to do a full setup often you setup in other car, so machine profile is a joke.
~ Lino Veiga
Reads all the gauges live, but it won't even shut off the CEL. It reads the code, but when I attempt to delete it, it acts like it is, but the light stays on.
~ Chuck Wagon
By far the most needed ever made in my opinion! Not to mention the finest, most useful and most frequently used software! I was raised like your average woman in oklahoma, we're lucky if someone teaches us to change a tire for the most part. I just took an interest in working on my own machine about a year ago so learning has been cute tough until actually! With my tiny Bluetooth scanner and this release all the guys are coming to ME with thier hats in hand asking for support with thier machines!! LOL
~ Mariah Dutton
works better than expected...! on my cadillac cts, i bought an OBD2 code reader, installed this release. capability is nice. monitors everything. clears check engine light, it works...! thank u 😎👍
~ Gary Freitas
Absolutely Nice! I don't know about anyone else but this connects to my obd2 reader just fine as long as u know how to connect it correctly! No complaints here.
~ jackie g
I had 2 codes misfire in 2 cylinders, and check charging system, I replaced wires and plugs, and a newest alternator and no more codes, it did a nice job diagnosing my car troubles. It's a gotta have if you have a older car.
~ Gregory Sampson
This release got me out of problem when i broke down on the motorway, it claimed me what sensor to look at. I checked the sensor and it had come loose, i plugged it back ip and away i was. I think its definitely worth having this release, it should do with some work here and there, like with the battery voltage and lack of reading. if its got a voltage reader to this day i haven't seen it, if its there it gotta be tucked away out of web or nit very clear to me.
Never connects to scanner, maybe 10% of the time it will connect. The lite ver connects quickly each time. I would think the pro ver would be better.
~ Damon Coombs
I have had this release for about 2 Years actually. It works well for everything I need for regular way driving and For racing. But actually the last 6 months I am not able to hit any of the buttons it is not registering when I am touching it I have to happen a 100 times just to obtain in the settings there's nothing in nearabouts touch sensitivity Please fix trouble claim then I only give it a 2 star but if the release now works for you it does deserve a 5 star rating nice release
~ Drew Deavers
Soft has never failed me, but pairing is a bit of a headache, and there's no grid system to the release so icons can overlap or fit between screens. simple fix usually but irritating. Purchased Pro because the guy still did a phenomenal job with the release all things considered.
~ Adonis Francisco
Every time I run driving I run Torque and everything works ok (in the background), but when I click the release to see dashboards, trip distance value runs to be random (therefore fuel consumption too). This happens realy often and app for me runs to be useless actually. I tried to contact with the developer to solve the trouble, but unfortunately with no response.
~ A Google user
after using the lite ver for over a year to check and clear fault codes from different cars, i decided to buy the full ver and am annoyed that i didnt do it ages ago. the full programme is idea better at checking for faults and for giving highly informative stats which will support pre-diagnose faults. hold up the nice work guys.
~ Paul Easley
It's a nice concept if it decides to work with your specific OBD2 adapter. If it does work, it will ruin constantly and restart the gauge cluster that takes a long time to set up. If it was a nonpaid release that would be ok, but for an release as expensive as torque, I expect it to work atleast some of the time. Save your dollars.
~ Nick Clarke
I need to know, why this release cant connect to japan cars (right hand drive)? For example Nissan Teana, Nissan Tiida. Also I cant connect to Infinity QX4 1998. All another cars are fine!!!
~ Arthur Babayan
It worked perfectly till one day it did not. It runs just fine and I can scroll down and up on the installed plug ins. Check choosing one and most of the time I am tapping but it won't enter the plug ins. I am using OBD Url MX. Hardware has the newest modernization. Sent correspondence but no response. How can I obtain a refund?
~ Andrew Lim
I love this release, I use it each day to and from work. It supports me drive better, by reading my gas milage, has a tach, as my 5 speed does not, supports me watch my voltage for my stereo system.. 5 stars, only because I cannot give 6!!
~ Xwisit One
I'm still learning how to use this release to it's full potential but it has never failed to amaze me, very clean and useful specially for OBD2 check engine diagnostic codes etc.. well done to Ian Hawkins and the Developer/Squad..
~ William Taufa
Absolutely love this release. Had it for almost 10 years and used on many different machines for diagnostics as well as just regular stats. But we are actually in the Mobile Auto era and this release needs to become a part of the Mobile Auto compatible apps list. It is just a natural complement to the AA idea. So Ian, if you read this, please create this happen.
~ Greg Hess
I heard this release to be finest but since day 1 it usually had connection trouble, irrespective what connection kind I use (bluetooth or wifi). On another hand I tried Machine Scanner it connects without any trouble. I really like to interface of this release however it would be nice if anyone can support with connection trouble, if not it is of no use
~ Vamshi Gupta
Very unreliable. Connected to OBD2 unit about 3 out of 20 tries. Frustrating. Checked 4 different apps thinking that maybe the unit was defective, but all, except Torque Pro, connected right away with no troubles. I'm getting my dollars back.
~ A Google user
This was a nice release til the Mobile 9 (Pie) modernization came to my galaxy s9+ and my newest galaxy s10+. actually i cannot pair with the bluetooth adapter at all. i have an OBD LX Bluetooth adapter. i hope the devs have been notified or please feel nonpaid to contact me because i use this release 3 - 5 times per week. thanks
~ Clyde Barrow
Finest OBD2 scanner/reader release on the supermarket, both nonpaid & paid versions... cost of this release & a **"GOOD"** quality obd2 adapter is a fraction of an actual handheld scanner actually a days... **Please when buying an obd2 adapter, do your research, spend a several bonus dollars for a true quality unit. there are a ton of cheap copy cat wanna be's that cannot help this apps accurate/detailed specs and in depth machine reading and simply will ruin & cause troubles running this release...
~ Dale Harris
this is the second time I've paid for this release. I paid the first time and then I started seeing an profile authentication alert and that was all, my subscription was lost so I have had to pay again for this and it's really not cool.
I was claimed that this release was the finest so I purchased it. I've been using other release named carscanner and it has never given me any troubles. However, this release, Torque "Pro" has connection troubles and doesn't work most of the time. Hence, I am requesting a refund. Thank you in advance.
~ Vibhav Naicker
important stats. this is nice the upgrade to paid is 110% worth it. however if like me you upgraded. uninstall the "lite" install. the two conflicted on my device and made me almost give up as it was disconnecting and connecting like furious. but out of luck I decided to uninstall lite and it works amazingly actually. using with a panlong obd 2 sensor and Samsung note 9 device.
~ zachary paine
It works well, but should use some ui improvements. Using it on a small, I often have to repeat an action to obtain it done, since buttons and menus aren't that player friendly. Anyway, it gets connected to my cheap Bluetooth device on a matter of seconds and the stats available does obtain read almost in true-time.
~ Andre Ferreira
Really like the release. Its the first screen on the radio. BUT! It takes so long to connect. I'm 2-3kms into my trip before it connects. If I shut off the car, but leave accessories on, then restart the car, it wont ever connect again until I force close the release. Searched everywhere for an respond/solution to no avail.
~ Chris Welch
i have used this for about 6 months actually and so far it has worked for what i required it for. I drive a 2010 BMW 535i xdrive and BMW did not place a temp, voltage, oil pressure, or boost gauges in the e60 series cars which is why i got the release so i can monitor these. The only trouble I have is that this release does not have an oil pressure reading, which is really odd and that is the reason for only 4 stars. If they do an modernization and add oil pressure and it works i will give it 5 stars.
~ Aaron Laro