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About: Receive your family and home ready for a tornado. The American Red Cross tornado release is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it. With interactive quizzes and easy step-by-step solution its never been easier to be ready! Ahora disponible en espaol. Informations: Simple to use Spanish language toggle to switch translation directly inside the release. Audible siren when NOAA troubles a Tornado warning for any of your monitored territories letting you know when its time to go to your protected room plus an all-clear alert when the warning expires (Note: Alerts' sounds will NOT override if device is on vibrate or in sleep mode) Straight step-by-step instructions to support you know what-to-do even if the cell turrets and TVs are down. Prioritized actions for before, during, and after requires no small connectivity S ... Show more
Genre: Weather Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 35MB Developer: American Red Cross
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Tornado - American Red Cross Reviews and Comments:

Nice release. I would give it a 5 if it would let me to delete expired warnings.
~ James Webber
this release is newest to me and i hope I never need it , but I'm trusting this release to warn me of true terrible weather , ide be better rating release after it now warns me of something , till then I'm just trusting the release .
~ James Morgan
I want I should delete the messages when they expire. Stop them from continuing to present on my device when I turn it off and on again.
~ A Google user
it does not have the technology to alert you if your volume is off. I turn my volume off from 10 at night till 7 in the morning so it's cute worthless for me and anybody else who turns their volume off at night.
~ Michael Hosto
ill set it here first , have not used it yet, I will allow everyone on her know , I am in the path for tornadoes in my zone , last year this time we had 5 close calls with in 5 miles of me . idea to close for words !!
~ Glen Westphal
If u a otr are in tornado alley alot This really is a gotta have release Lets be protected out here and knowing whats going on around us is a key target i highly suggest this to all over the way truck driver
~ shawn bowland
This release works!!. just was under a tornado warning and it was very loud and claimed me to take cover before my local ppl..
~ Dottie Buderacki
this release is nice it usually allow's me know if there's a tornado in my zone or even any another zones u wish to be aware of so download the release it's nice
~ Tyler and Reid
Was under tornado warning yesterday. It did not go off. It had been going off each 5 mins today but we have no alerts in this zone.
~ Ayla Myers
so far i like the release but i am just becoming familiar with it..i am still not sure how i know qhen one is close bu if i am slewpong though. ..i guess i will just have to learn.
~ Lisa Velez
i just downloaded it and I cannot figure out how to delete the old warnings from April 10th! It still claims monitoring 2 hazards.
~ H Snyder
I have been chasing storms since early 70s, i have few apps and storm awareness tools on my device, when i obtain close to tornado warned storm, this release usually notifies me first.
~ Craig Needham
Severe Weather release is doing its job. we have watches and warnings out at present time. It has been keeping us modernized. Thank you so much for this release.
~ Bob S
Alarmed me before my Tornado sirens went off that claimed take cover. Very nice release to have for territories that can't here the sirens going off also you can add family territories and alert them of what is going on in there zones.
~ shantea gibbs
Nice Soft,The Soft alerted me at 2 Am that there was a tornado warning in my Moms castle,I was able to warn her by device,Thank you!!!
~ Patrick Murphy
Not very specific. I live in one county and there were tornado warnings in counties over an hour away and my device was going off and scaring me. I have the release set for my city, but it goes off if there's a tornado anywhere around me whether I need to take cover or not.
~ Tara Deal
Need to work on your product before putting it out there. Uninstalled it. I need something I can depend on for an emergency.
~ Kelly Harms
Reliable alerts of true-life threats, provided in a timely manner. Simple to understand and take appropriate response actions.
~ James Harper
This release never made a peep. We noticed rotation approximately a mile from our territory and the local sirens started about a minute later. Red Cross release didn't work for us.
~ Jani Elliott-Cain
I would love to see a severe weather release that will sound an audible alert even when your device is on silent.. Which is when most of us would now need the alert while sleeping!!
~ Sherrie J
There needs to be a loud audible warning. An alert posted to the top of my device is not going to support if it is the middle of the night. We live in between 2 cities and don't hear the sirens. I am going to look for an release to deliever me with this.
~ Heather Unknown
ABSOLUTELY HELPFUL. It supports place my mind at ease. The tornado warnings are on target which is the part that I search most useful. And your monitored territories are easily found often, anywhere.
~ Andrea Brownrigg
Love this release! Whenever inclement weather is approaching, I obtain notified instantly whether it be rain, sleet, snow, high winds, severe thunder/lightening or tornado. Makes me feel protected.
~ Kathy Ehrman
I just downloaded it. I hope it works because. I live out in the country where we dont have a nice warning system. and also we dont usually have service on our devices. I hope it still works if we lose service.
~ Marissa Keener
I liked this release until they modernized it and actually it won't test the tornado siren if my device is on silent. The entire target of it was to wake me up during an emergency without another apps going off.
~ Eddy Pickrell
so this release only gave a info for a tornado warning when it was supposed to sound an alarm. Even double checked the settings but no audible alarm sounded. Thank goodness it was while we were awake cause it would've been worthless if we had been asleep.
~ Jeff Bartz
This release has a very loud siren that alerts you to severe weather. I am generally a very deep sleeper and this release is loud enough to wake me. I feel a tiny more at ease during severe storms knowing I have this release!
~ Heather Hood
useless release...I appreciate a organization like red cross...but this release is garbage just like all the weather apps.i downloaded it because there were tornado warnings in my zone..the apps radar map is not true time it's got stupid quizzes? hard to understand and doesnt give me important I formation I need..1 star and uninstall
~ My Enduro Challenge
Great, does what it claims it will- Alarm goes off when the National Weather Service troubles a TORNADO- WARNING and it coincides with the Tornado Warning Sirens in my city so I'm confident it's accurate
~ B. Quinn
I am thankful for the Soft. It works well but has a tiny flaw which I think can be corrected with a tiny coding/moderation of commands ๐Ÿ˜‰ The trouble is adding an addition territory to monitor. You can't add it on my cell. It ask if someone you love lives there, to tap yes ...but it has no Yes within access to tap.
~ Cat Nipped
I can monitor for severe weather at my elderly parents' home and warn them of an approaching storm. They live in Tornado Alley, but have no pc or Internet service. I really love this release and appreciate the alerts it gives.
~ coashddjj2
Usually accurate. Can monitor multiple territories. Have had this release for few years actually and grabs your attention much more than ordinary weather apps when you need it to. I monitor a gigantic zone in the Texas Panhandle so I can alert drivers to quickly changing conditions. You never know when a driver isn't able to obtain time, but he might be able to obtain a text or device call.
~ Angel Grider-Sturgill
this is the finest release ever. one time we were asleep and did not know there was a warning and than it went off. it would be very very useful for the recipients who place off the tornado warnings if it did not work they should place this release on a speaker and that would warn everybody. finest release ever.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
~ Matt Kimbrell
This release is nice. It works perfectly and dose everything that it claims it can do. I enter some zones in Texas that were expected to have severe weather so I should play the release it got a several watches and lots of warning. I like the premium tone for the weather alerts that the release provides it is very loud and gets your attention idea better than having to use a standard info tone that device has. Actually I have a weather release that works and can depend on.
~ A Google user
The release is nice for alerts and warnings as the weather is occurring, but you cannot delete old alerts, the alerts continue to pop up for few days after the meeting, and you obtain alerts after the meeting has passed the warning zone and is continuing to head away. The aggravation factor is cute high.
~ Leon Pace
I had my volume off which to the finest of my understanding is why the warning did not sound the alarm. That does not work for me because I like to place things on silent when I go to bed. I only wish the tornado alarm to override that. Also I got a visual tornado warning statement from this release but there was no tornado warning issued in my zone. There was only a tornado watch.
~ Morgan Field
This release needs to be modified to accommodate a loud, repeating alarm that requires player action to silence. A tornado warning in the middle of the night while we're sleeping that simply beeps quietly one time is virtually useless. I hope the civil alert sirens awaken us. This release as it is certainly won't. Sorry Red Cross, not feeling very protected tonight.
~ David
Alert system is not robust enough. A tornado went through the next city over in the middle of the night and I only got a push info. The alarms on a tornado release need to be able to override the sound settings and be able to wake recipients up. In another words, this release fully failed at the ome thing I really required it to do and I should have DIED from it.
~ Mike Lieder
I downloaded this release so I should be woken up if a tornado warning was issued for my zone, but it has not once given me a info. I've checked my release and device info settings variety of times and everything is set to trouble an alert with sound if there is a tornado watch or warning, but I never even obtain a pop up. The tornado sirens went off four times yesterday and I am again currently under a tornado watch, but I can only search that stats out by now opening the release.
~ Mary K Jacobi
This is a nice release. The alert for the tornado warning came on today even a several seconds before the sirens and sent us right into our shelter. It also gives you a brief list of the main things you need to remember in the case. I installed this because I am scared the castle emergency sirens are not loud enough to wake me up at night, the release's tornado alert however is loud enough to wake up anyone, I would think. There is a different alert sound for tornado watch/ T-storm warning (those would be just your regular info sound). You can also see if relatives or dudes you connect with on the release are okay. The release runs humbly in the background until it is time to create its appearance. Thanks, Red Cross!
~ Stefanie Ebisch da Cunha