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About: Tor Browser for Mobile is the only official small browser supported by the Tor Project, developers of the globes strongest software for policies and freedom online. Note: For this version, you also need to install Orbot, a proxy app that will connect Tor Browser for Mobile with the Tor network. For the upcoming Tor Browser for Mobile stable version, our target is for Orbot not to be essential to connect to Tor. Known trouble: Our Safety Slider is actually under Safety Settings, but because of a tiny trouble, its only showing up after you restart the release. We plan on fixing it for the next version. BLOCK TRACKERS Tor Browser isolates every blog you visit so third-party trackers and banners cant follow you. Any cookies automatically clear when youre done browsing. DEFEND AGAINST SURVEILLANCE Tor Browser prevents someone watching your connection from knowing what blogs ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 32MB Developer: The Tor Project
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Tor Browser for Android (Alpha) Reviews and Comments:

Doesn't connect after the last modernization. Please fix it. I gave high rating before. It stays on 25% loaded.
~ Nariman Tursunov
unusable as it loads to 85% and stops will test again on a more stable build. sorry
~ Allan Tong
doesn't now work? it just gets stuck. stick with the another tor release.
~ Kat C
This release usually keeps on destroying, closing and stopping repeatedly each time I attempt to launch and run it, making it almost fully, essentially and seemingly unusable.
~ CybherPunk CryptoDataSeeker
This release is nice for anonymous internet browsing. It really does protect one's policies.
~ Ashraful Alam
pls support -tor control part not created - Tor control port file not created - Unable to run Tor: java.io.IOException: Control port file not created: /time/time/org.torproject.torbrowser_alpha/app_torservice/lib/tor/control.txt pls support
~ Mishael Unknown
First time you run bootstrap is slow. From then on load times fine; can browse as normal.
~ Zachary Smith
can't connect to any web. edit: it works actually great!!
~ A Google user
worked until 25/03/19 modernization. Actually it opens to a white screen and shuts down. No clue as to why, so its back to orbot/orfox.Still broken after 16/04/19 modernization.
~ A Google user
EVERY time I follow a feedback then return to the previous page, it returns to the top of the page instead of where I left off on the page. I'm expecting a newest desktop in a couple of weeks, and will test Tor browser, but with Mobile, it's just not for me.
Terrible release does not work. Each time I use it, it keeps taking me to a page where I can donate or sign up to a newsletter. Maybe I am a idiot and don't know how to use it, if so allow me know.
~ Mad Gecko
Still no modernization or fix for the NoScript trouble. Firefox has a patch out, but it doesn't seem like Tor Browser is following. EDIT: That's Fixed, but still not working on Kitkat
~ matthew bergeron
I've also tried to launch this Soft Release of the Tor Browser and this was idea worse than the another ver of the Tor Soft. Receive your own priorities synced and development focused to make a more viable Soft that will work for everyone...
~ Bleu Water
Many primary informations do not work. You cannot save a picture for example. You click to save but nothing happens. even the set as wallpaper does not work. To refresh a newest picture of my wife, I have to use chrome. I hate the resource usage and personal stats hungry company google, but al least it works.
~ JD Ward
Overall nice, thanks for finally making an mobile .app, makes secure messaging easier on the obtain go.
~ Viktor Amdi
Before i modernized it would not connect, it had worked before, but had recently stoped, so i looked for an modernization, using a 4.4.2 lg, and after the modernization the release runs with a white screen, and quick after crashes.
~ A Google user
The newest modernization seems to block web redirects. there isn't a idea to create it continue. They also removed most of the settings. It also doesn't present stats about what relays are being used. It was better before in those ideas.
~ Collin Brooks
How can i revert to previous ver? I do not wish to use the actual ver. It can't even run. The oversimplified interface makes me don't wish to use this release even more. Please revert the UI changes.
~ Viansyah M
magnificent work tor, was expecting a browser like this, though need more customization for smooth player expirence. i apreciate your hard work... well done
~ Rasel Bhuiyan
so far Google is the default find engine and it doesn't run traffic through tor network. upd. on the second boot, the second trouble seem to be gone
~ Hui Ti
Modernized ver is garbage. OverSimplified ver took away server selector. Actually no longer able to connect quickly, has been sitting without proper connection for over 10 mins. Absolutely garbage! Edit: does not connect. Soft is 100% useless
~ Matthew Stoumbaugh
DONT REPAIR WHEN ITS WORKING. It was doing fine before this modernization.After the modernization it stopped working. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Mobile release developers. Why you have to bombard with upgrades. will give 5 stars back after its repaired
~ Aldrin Sangma
I've read high praise of the tor project but I have to claim the release is generally useless for me. Whether it be ISP, WiFi or the blogs. Then again I am not looking for the dark web which may be more welcoming.
The newest logo is nice, it would be a really nice default logo. Functionality/UI is nice, however I have encountered a trouble, where the audio of 1 or more videos, still plays, even if you switch to other release and then back.
~ John
Does what it's supposed to do. The only regret i have is, since this project is based on principles of freedom, players don't obtain to easily switch their guard relays. Also, there is perhaps no idea on mobile to see the circuit / from which our time is travelling like in Desktop ver. Another then that, bravo Torproject Squad.
~ Do You Know Da Wae
I am having a nice experience using the Tor Browser. It is speedy, player-friendly and most importantly it's protected. So a large thumbs up to the developers of this app.
Did everything to obtain this release to work, though it ended up being a complete waste of time. I even tried to download Orbot as the Tor Browser "apparently won't work without it". That was also a waste of time, as was signing up for the Tor newsletter which I thought may support in some idea. I can see that this release is installed on my small, though when I click on the release icon, nothing happens approve having to run this entire ordeal over and over again. What a complete waste of time.
~ Nate 321
I am surprised how nice this release performs. Previously I used orbot+orfox which had serious connection troubles. But this release never gave me any problem. Nice job guys ­čĹŹ
I have subscribed for the Tor Browser. Actually there is a stable ver, but I am kept with the alpha.
~ Nucleus Rhyme
Doesn't wish to load on App Time. Keeps claiming Bootstrap loading. Trying to connect to server. Won't go further then that. Works on WiFi though.
~ Timothy Dougherty
loving it so far and appreciate all the work, wondering if I could be using it with orbot and if there are any known troubles? I had problem depending on the wifi I was on. I was seeing logs in Tor starting and deactivating orbot so I assume they're meant to work well together?
~ Jackson Wong
so far seems to be functioning correct thoufh i have notoced a several troubles. there is sometimes lag (2-3 seconds) when opening the menu and for some reason long press on an photo wont allow you save.
~ Vorticalbox
Not able to connect from small. - Cookie Auth file not created - Unable to run Tor: java.io.IOException: Cookie Auth file not created: /time/player/0/org.torproject.torbrowser_alpha/app_torservice/lib/tor/control_auth_cookie, len = 0
~ Madhusudhan Stv
Nice release for quickly accessing Tor on the go. Not suggested to use mobile ver for serious policies concerns though. Also would like screenshots enabled.
~ Abhigyan Das
What happened? With newest upgrades it doesn't work at all... :(( Is there a idea to downgrade it to previous versions. I need it for bypassing my school dormitory internet.
~ Igor Caro
I read about you, and maybe it works just as discribed. But there are 2 things that I don't understand, if it works then why when I visit abc to watch a present, I obtain a message like : you are not from US... and second, which is worse, if I pick google as find engine, it won't work and I obtain this message :"Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your pc network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Why did this happen?" So why can't I use
~ Galax Time
How many stupid recipients are there? It clearly claims this is an Alpha version, not even a Beta yet. So, for an Alpha version it's working cute fine on my not top of the line MotorolaX4 running Mobile 9. Read the information before you install. Krikey, apparently Trumpian stupidity is global.
~ Aron Sebastian
Great! A tiny slower than chrome and another browsers but WELL WORTH IT for the elimination of distractions like excessive advertising. not to mention the greater safety, no cookies, and no history. I've already started using it most of the time.
~ Prettiestcool X
It's all still acceptable. The connection is speedy, secure, and anonymous. The trouble is I can't save photo often I clicked "save photo". I don't know if it's a bug or purposedly made like that, but if it isn't a information then just remove the option to save photo.
~ Robby Ghozali
The Alpha ver is quite useable. You'll have to sacrifice connection speed, but that's the usual price to pay for anonymity. It has one quirk: When opening a feedback from other Soft, you're taken to the browser's run page. You have to go back to your Soft and follow the feedback again.