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About: For musicians from pros to beginners, whether you sing, test a brass, woodwind or stringed instrument or any kind of guitar, this release provides a set of information-rich practice softwares that gives fun and rewarding feedback. Its much more than just a tuner! So what makes the TonalEnergy the finest selling song practice release? It's an all-in-one release, with a state-of-the-art tuner, an advanced metronome, prepared orchestral strings and guitar tuning page, a piano keyboard, sound analysis pages, and audio recording capabilities. Its simple to use. Options like the Goal Tuner or Pitch Tracker are on all the main pages. TonalEnergy supports players make rewarding and attainable targets during a rehearsal or when working alone. Colourful analysis time pages and audio recording informations enhance the experience of practice. The metronome is cutting edge. ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 45MB Developer: Sonosaurus LLC
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TonalEnergy Tuner and Metronome Reviews and Comments:

this is the finest tuner
~ Gamerstown
There is nonpaid options that work just as well and even better. I wasted some dollars plus for some reason this release stays launch and doesn't work while filming which is the reason I purchased it.
~ Justin Garcia
Well done, worth the price.
~ Kevin M. Pfeiffer
As I am currently concentrating on drumming, I'm more interested in the metronome information of this release. The thing that persuaded my decision to buy this release is the fact that the metronome is cute robust. I especially like the voice count, as this makes drumming to the metronome a lot easier for me. as far as the another informations are concerned, I haven't really evaluated them much. I do trust that they'll be needed though since I am a multi-instrumentalist.
~ Stephen
I am a musician and have many tuners on my device. This release is really premium for some reason and I felt it instantly. The intonation interface is calming (how? ). Plenty of temperaments and also pitch playback with different timbres for tuning by ear. The metronome has a great tap tempo setting and I especially appreciate the tuner and metronome combo. I don't use my another apps because this one is tuning and practice all in one.
~ K W
I love this release, it has everything I need and then some. But unfortunately recently I had to uninstall it due to very high battery drain. I personally don't think the developers have spent much time trying to optimize this release for mobile devices. Having to deal with constant crashes and freezing create this really hard to use. I really want I should use this release because I love it, but being someone who is in school all day using it I cant afford to have my battery die. My want to the developer - Spend some time optimizing it for large mobile flagship devices. I love mobile but because this doesn't work all that nice on it I have many times contemplating switching to an apple device. I own a galaxy s9+
~ John A
This release is so much more than just a tuner/metronome. The analysis information is such a potent software that can be used in personal practice or with full ensembles. Use it to visually see the consistancy of articulations, pitch, intonation, note tendencies, quality of long tones, etc... I use this with all my students and it works miracles, giving them a visual representation of each aspect of their sound. I would highly suggest it for all musicians and educators.
~ Bobby Brown
There are better nonpaid apps and this doesnt refund once purchased
~ Str8rep
The newest modernization basically made the metronome useless. Please revert.
~ Simon Stevens
Lots of equipment under the hood.
~ Ted Maciag
we the recipients
~ Ian Josue Maldonado
its nice even my band teacher uses it
~ Ru UwU
I love this release.
~ Stephanie Presley
I usually use the metronome but it helped in a family member's practicing 😊😊😊
~ Xiangyu Chen
this release is by far the finest that I have found, highly suggest this.
~ micah delcambre
Nice release and awesome customer help. Very, very satisfied.
~ Jim Jones
Nice informations, but release is unoptimized and has extremely high battery drain on my note 9.
~ Samuel Hazen
i found out how to fix my trouble. nice at highly recomend
~ David Cooper
love this release, has everything a musician would need to stay in tune and hold in time
~ Jack Meyers
very great release. i mostly use it for tuning and metronome informations.
~ A Google user
We use it for strings and vocals, plus metronome. Finest we've found yet.
~ Brian Clark
I'm having problem with the upload information, I'm pressing it but nothing comes up and i have an important due date for something, please fix this😢
~ Courtney Bennett
The analysis mode is an essential software.
~ Stephen Dunkel
It works perfectly actually! Thanks to developers for quickly fixing the trouble of distorted/slow sound when testing the metronome in the background. Incredible release!
~ Derek Reed
needed. lots of informations.
~ Steve Larson
THE BEST TUNER AND METRONOME EVER! Seriously, I have too many nice things to claim! Just obtain this release you'll love it! Each possible tuning, type of instrument, brilliant brilliant release!
~ A Google user
I have this on Mobile and IOS. Unfortunately on my Samsung S7 the release has a bug. The central note indicator (inner circle) does not work. Sort that and it will be back to a 5!
~ Martin Shakeshaft
So far behind the Apple release that it can't be used for the same shows. I literally sent the metronome file from my iPhone and this ver is SO far behind I couldn't even use it to rehearse my ensemble. Please fix, too far behind for a professional organization...
~ A Google user
Nice tuner and nice all around functionality! However, the metronome is glitchy from time to time and the beats don't line up with the light flashing on screen.
~ Juan Avilez
My band instructor recommended we obtain this. So I did and I'm glad I did it supports a lot especially since I test a saxophone, if you any kind of a saxophone you know the struggle of having no note ever perfectly in tune.
~ The Grinder2K17
This release continues to amaze me. When I first saw it there was only the smiley face tuner, and actually I csn practically use this for everything I need to practice. I'm incredibly glad that the developers continue to work on a product that already stands on its own.
~ Nate Craig
this is the finest tuning release out there. its nice having a tuner, drones with different voicings, equal and just tempermant, a metronome, and a recorder all in one zone. I HAVE ONE COMPLAINT! i want this was a standalone release and not on my device. practicing 3-7 hours a days and using this a lot eats my battery. and i see and obtain distracted often someone texts me. yall could create a physical product of this with bluetooth capabilities. oh my god i would be in heaven...
~ daniel ryan
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TUNER. Honestly, it is the finest five bucks I ever spent in my life. This release has each information you should ever wish, all simple to use and accurate. It has made me a more awesome muscian. Worth each single penny!
~ Leah Wheeler
For 4 dollars, this is embarrassing. There are nonpaid metronomes and tuners which are more reliable and comprehensible than this. Sometimes when the met runs in the background, it slows down ~20 bpm until I reopen the release. It goes through battery faster than any of my another apps and lags out my device. There are many another stupid troubles which would take a couple days to fix, but it's been a couple days, and they're still not fixed.
~ Nate Johnson
Tonal energy does it all, I have had another apps in the past, so don't have to look no more when practicing tones on my sax nice release
~ Malcolm O'Connor
Originaly the release was not working properly when runing in the background. Thank you tonal energy for taking thw time to read reviews and fix this trouble! Actually it works flawlessly!
~ Anthony Giust
i enjoy so much with this release..a bit challenging to hit the right tune . as a beginner to song, a nice support and walkthrough to search the field...thanks..
~ randy Doromal
emailed the developer for glitches and within a couple upgrades addressed all my concerns! absolutely love this release!
~ Oscar Garibay
Previously, my only complaint was that there was no option to turn off the visual tuner information, because at my lvl of skill, I only need a pitch drone to tune to, and a visual tuner is now distracting to me. They have actually added the capability of turning off the visual tuner, as well as the capability of turning off the note name and number of cents. So I am upgrading my review to 5 stars. If I run into any troubles, I will send feedback. Nice pitch drones and metronome
~ A Google user
Just discovered this release - it is fully comprehensive and absolutely nice! Nice effects using equal or early temperaments. You can visually see everything that is happening to the sound of a note.
~ Robert Turner