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Todoist: To-do lists for task management & errands   
About: Life can feel overwhelming. But it doesnt have to. With Todoist, you can hold track of everything from easy errands like grocery shopping, to your most ambitious projects so you can run getting things done and enjoy more peace-of-mind along the idea. When you dont have to worry about forgetting to-dos, youll feel more calm, in control and motivated to accomplish your targets. Todoist supports obtain all your tasks and thoughts out of your head and onto your to-do list anytime, anywhere, with true-time sync on all of your favoured devices including your Mobile device, device, desktop and web browser. Even when youre offline. Todoist is the finest to-do list release right actually. Its available on virtually any platform you can think of. Its clean, speedy, simple to use and makes accomplishing tasks on your to-do list lightning-speedy. - The Verge With Todoist, you c ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Doist
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About: My Grocery is a simple and easy to use app that makes products buying a snap. Spend less time while shopping, save money and keep track of your to-do items on the go or while at home. - Fill your shopping list with just a few taps - Get smart suggestions when adding items - Manage lists and products easily - Adjust list sizes for easy use on the go - Export your lists via SMS, E-Mail and more - Cooperate with friends & family to complete your lists - Create and manage an unlimited numbe...

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About: l.ist is simple. Just make one list. Or two. Or ten. Keep track of whatever's on your lists. Groceries. Clothing. Birthday wishlist. Even have it remind you before you leave the store to make sure you got everything. Like we said, that simple. Oh, and you can change the list color. If you're into that. And if you have Android Wear, view your list from your watch. If you like reading lists from your wrists....

Developer: Nasah Apps

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About: Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have access to your information when you need it. Input typed notes or scan handwritten notes. Add to-dos, photos, images, web pages, or audio ... and its all instantly searchable. Create notebooks, organizers, planners. Organize notes any way you want and share with anyone. And Evernote syncs your notes and notebooks across your devices so your information is always with you, everywhere you go. "Use Evernote as the place you put everything ...

Developer: Evernote Corporation

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About: Ever Accountable is a powerful tool in the fight against pornography. The price is 6.99 per month after the 14-day free trial. This app gives you the freedom to use your device how you like, while holding you accountable for the choices you make. We believe that freedom coupled with accountability is a much better motivator than internet filters that try to block you or force you to behave a certain way. We don't password-protect your settings or prevent you from doing anything. You can even...

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Todoist: To-do lists for task management & errands Reviews and Comments:

Only about each day reminder i rate 5 stars. Another apps can't cause Mobile powersave system. This release has a trick or something, and it keeps me remind. Thank you!
~ Max Dext
The release is really nice. I took some time to search all of its informations but at last it's worth downloading. It's like your normal to-do list has come to life. Nice one.
~ Uday Chourasia
Really nice. Used Google hold normally but it's better since it offer automatic scheduling and rescheduling options. Rough time with tuition but when I graduate I plan to use super.
~ Sébastien E. Philémon
Todoist is absolutely nice and fully love it after switching off Wunderlist once Microsoft started breaking it and fully love it, which is amazong since I liked Wunderlist so much (I stopped once Microsoft started breaking it). The only complaint I have is that the annual cost for getting all of the informations is a tiny high so my liking, hence the 4 stars. Create it a tiny lower or male it REALLY worth the $$ and it'll easily jump to 5.
~ Andrew Sinzinger
I really like this tool, it's been very useful keeping me organized. the only down side is i had to obtain the paid ver for some of the finest informations but i think it was worth it.
~ Rachel Lazarus
so reminder is a super information. then just place a price on the release. this feel like a scam. i looked for a easy FREE app here. wasting my time.
~ Nga Nguyễn
todoist is simple to use, has all the informations I wish, and really organizes my life. release changer, highly suggest!
~ A Google user
Finest release for keeping track of clients, jobs and bills. Looked a long time for something like this. It's nice for tasks too
~ Kerm Tattrie
been using todoist for some months actually nice release but need to create the google home experience better. it would be nice if it would ask to set a time and date and would i like to change the title of the context when it asked if you would like to change the context, add a label and transport to a different project.
~ Damien Watkins
It's really handy for specific dates and genres, but I would love it if there were more customising and theme options that are not for the super box.
~ Monica Huisamen
I use it for writing things i need to do later. i like how you can priorities equipment. i also like the information of repeating equipment. simple to use. nice idea to obtain organised
~ Kit Ng
In the parlance of our time, this is the G.O.A.T. to do list release. Especially for Mobile. Especially if yoy use Outlook for work. 12/10 would to doist again.
~ Greg Fries
Nice for recipients that like lists, I have the nonpaid ver and it does enough to hold me pleased. I'm sure there's much more to search in the paid ver but for my use topic this is fine
~ Stan Hassett
The UI looks nice. Love the dark theme. Trouble is I downloaded this release because it was advertising watch compatibility in the pictures but the release is nowhere to be found on my Galaxy Watch Active, which was the only reason I chose this specific release.
~ Dani V
no longer syncs with alexa. useless for my needs edit: thanks for the response. I'll raise it by two stars in the benefit of doubt. hope Amazon solves your trouble speedy, as alexa is integral to your lists.
~ Elliot Leonard Price
I cannot live without this release! It's the first and only list making release I have been able to now use and ditch paper. It is rich in simple to use informations and I love that it syncs everywhere. Super well done and never any glitches.
~ Kelly Bancroft
I hold coming back to todoist... why is that? ive tried 30+ task managers, but hold coming back. You definitely need to review your tasks weekly but its just a reliable software.
~ Jeremy Smith
It is simple to use and has helped me organize my tasks. Having it on the xomouter and my ohone makes it more available. Regular correspondence reminders supports as well. Nice release!
~ Erik Queen
It needs far easier editing of individual tasks for more information, including bulleted lists and another softwares. Just having an overview of To-Dos is insufficient in many instances.
~ Gregory Cummings
Overall very nice. Just a but frustrating that informations such as reminders and notes are super informations. Also, moving sub-tasks about can be a bit fiddly but I understand they are working on revamping that system. Has been perfectly serviceable it spite of these things though.
~ Thomas O'Toole-Mills
I love this release so far. It has helped me maintain my focus during the day and remember what us important to me, rather than reacting to unscheduled interruptions that steal time.
~ Margaret O'Connell
Remains very needed. Only minor irritation is icons for super informations are visible, so occasionally click on them to be claimed they are not available, leading me to cry at the machine. Also if a task shows as overdue because I forgot to mark it done, I would like to be able to mark it finished yesterday
~ A Google user
Lost half its use once they got rid of seeing babes genres in the widget. I use ToDoist for homework assignments and I used the parent functions for assignments to categorize what class the assignment is for. Without being able to see all my parent/sub folders from the widget it kills most of the use of the release. I went back to an old APK but then I started getting prompts that the release would stop working if I didn't modernization. I still use it as a grocery list with IFTTT until Hold is fixed.
~ Andy Byrd
There are apps with more informations and 10000 another things inckuding making coffee for you but this one takes the cake. Straight, no fuss and straight forward functionality. Hit the ground running.
~ Sponge Bob
There is an trouble in this release where comments dont present up on small release but you can see it on desktop or web. I have to logout from the release for the comments to appear. This happens each actually and then. When it happens, I just need to logout and login but I search that inconvenient. Pls fix.
~ Princess S.
Honestly, I dont know where I would be without this release. I talk about Todoist all the time! It's simple to use, but rich in informations (assigning priorities, nesting tasks, etc) -- plus the Karma information is nice for keeping me motivated. My one and only complaint is that when I'm trying to reschedule tasks, I often run into a bug that either insistently changes the due date to some random time and date, or outright refuses to change the date at all. Fix this and I'll be glad to rate 5 stars!!
~ Spectral Heart
decent release for device use although there are better options if you strictly wish to use only one device. what makes this stand out is the integration with another devices which is also where the largest trouble the release has. For the past month or so this release has a bug where it will delete reoccuring tasks you checked off in the wearOS release which makes the finest information of this release unusable. hopefully this will be patched in the future.
~ Kevin Habib
Really useful and nice software to have. Love that I can just reschedule things to different dates when I don't obtain around to them! Has definitely made it feel like life is more manageable when I can just add something as I think about it and schedule it to the most appropriate date... supports me not feel overwhelmed under an avalanche of things to do! Nice release :)
~ Joshua Taylor
One of the most needed apps I've ever used. It has a charming, professional interface that takes to-do lists to other lvl. For someone whose life runs on systems, this is imperative to making sure my day gets done. It has saved me many times and offers some great bonus informations with a super subscription that is very useful but possibly not essential for everyone. I should go on but I'll just claim test it and create your own conclusions.
~ Paul Nagy
Real to its claim! This all-in-one release is definitely a productivity booster (unlike another mainstream productivity apps I've tried.) ;) Simple to use, nice interface, very rewarding (esp. when you see your karma lvl goes up).
~ Lizette Arcillas
overall nice release. seeing if tbis coukd replace omnifocus which i have used for years for i required cross platform, this met my needs well. pros - cross platform (windows, macOS, iOS, Mobile); cons - can not set task durations, macOS players will that need to integrate with outlook will need some scripting to create work
~ Brendan Flynn
it's clear to me that this is the finest todo release, and I've used it for a long time, but having reminders be a super information is just unreasonable as it's impossible to use a todo release without them. I'll be switching to TickTick.
~ Josh Deakin
it's wonderful! it's changed my entire idea of working and reduced my stress lvls enormously. Im doing a PhD and juggling few really challenging and unpredictable roles - todoist is supporting me stay on top of a really complex range of tasks.
~ Sally Morgan
Todoist is the most important release I use. It's a tremendous idea to hold track of professional and personal projects and tasks, create lists (weekly menu, shopping lists), collaborate at work, and hold track of my babes' responsibilities. Doist is an ethical, bootstrapped company with a customer-centric vision and a regular version schedule. If I should marry Todoist, you know I would.
~ Eli Rothman
Todoist is an awesome release with awesome help. I use Todoist to support stay on top of the flow of stats coming at me, have and also utilized the repeating task function for regular checklist equipment. I also love using the labels for contextual tasks, like correspondences, calls, errands, at home, at pc, etc. It's been a release changer in my ability to be productive and efficient. Todoist help is nice, too. If you're looking to become more productive and retain a sense of control over the things you are (and are not) doing, HIGHLY suggest this release! I also suggest reading GTD.
~ Lauren Levenson
buy the super ver! i have tried many apps for my gtd. but this is the one that works. its got an simple UI so you can add and edit tasks without going into different screens. you can priortize itsms which i search very needed as it shows you what is your primary focus
~ Santosh Patel
eventhough i am disable and terminal, todoist allows me to be productive. I can not claim you what a unbelievable gift that has been to me. It pushes me to live life to the fullest! I praise God for this tool ... there is life after a career. Thank you!
~ A Google user
The splash screen claims the profile is nonpaid forever. But to have reminder of meetings / tasks a fairly fundemental aspect to a task reminder release its £3 per month. That's quite misleading. #response to the developer. Thank you for responding. The main target is that a reminder function is a key aspect of a to do list rather than a super information.... finest wishes with the release.
~ scopio african
I tried multiple list/schedule apps this week, this one (fingers crossed) is working out nice. I am using the nonpaid ver for 3 days so far, simple to understand and if confused, many tiny videos to present the different informations. I also have fallen in love with the complete for the day, I war with depression so keeping lists supports me know I am accomplishing things but this release goes above my expectations with the graph showing how you are doing, thank you programmers
~ Heather Goslow
Pathethic! you have to pay to obtain a primary information such as reminders on your device! Reminders could be nonpaid as it's primary core requirements for any to-do release. Also need option for Subllists like Microsoft todo release.. Guess I'll switch back to "Microsoft Todo" release which by default has reminders and comments for FREE!. Todoist need to learn..reminders and comments could be nonpaid. I rather pay ONE-OFF for the release than pay £5 a month to obtain reminders!
~ Vikas P