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About: Shape nature and watch it develop. Plant trees and grow a forest. Climb a mountain and enjoy the view. Accumulate berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals. Learn who eats what and search how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become dudes with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night. Search newest dudes and challenges. Be mesmerised. Find the unexpected. End up somewhere far from where you started. Allow us present you the magic of nature! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we trust in the power of test to spark babes imaginations and support them learn about the globe. We design our products from the babes' perspective to empower babes to be playful, to be constructive and to be who they wish to be. Our products contain award-winning apps that have been ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 62MB Developer: Toca Boca
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Toca Nature Reviews and Comments:

I love the release, it would be better if you should have the animals have a tiny baby, and maybe add some diffrent animals, and have animal dens you should go in. I still rate 5 stars.
~ เป็นพิษ
OMG I LOVE IT as in 8 year old i solemnly declare that this is the finest educational release in the globe to the main deployer. I suggest this release to any babe who likes nature and science expenments
~ Lilly bell
It's soo nice like you obtain to create your own tiny zone and see it grow.I love how you can create the rivers and everything it's soo relaxing to use before I go to sleep
~ Dennis King
Its nice but can you create the land bigger and add more animals and be able to test with them and equipment like that if it had that large of a modernization I would test it more often
~ Fox Luck
Its nice finest release I've played in a while, bit I can't save my land and their could be some kind of idea to create slots so you can save multiple releases
~ That-One Person
It gets boring after some time.... Speedy question... How do you obtain a refund? I don't wish the release anymore..
~ Leah and Crystal Gacha
This release is nice but it would be better if you should save your releases at least 3 slots, and please create more animals like squirrels, turtles, and raccoons, then I would rate it 5 stars. 😊
~ Jen Difranco
I love this release it supports with my anxiety and depression and it's just calming in general. I would love if there was more animals and a bigger map, but another then that it's a nice release
~ A Google user
I love it! It teaches you envrmintal land forms and ts soooo cte with the animals ! I DONT think they/haters obtain bored their just jealous
~ A Google user
It needs more zone and a save option please. All too gether a nice release! Is it weird that like this so much since I'm a teenager?LOL😅
~ Blaise Nadler
I AM FRIQQIN GOD HERE!!!!!! Nice graphics! I dont know why the haters hate this. Its nice! For the next modernization maybe add these: 1. Bigger platform 2. Save at least like 5 landscapes Another than that its PERFECT 👌👌👌
~ Angeline Santoso
Very relaxing and pleasing to the eye. It's more of a before bed release then a release to test for fun when bored. I would not recommend testing in the car, as you will obtain bored very speedy, although it is a nice release and definitely worth the buy.
~ Normal Disorder
I would have given it a 5 star review if we should save the release. I purchased this for my 9 year old daughter and she loves it so much but the next time she opened it she cried because all of her hard work was for nothing. I'd expect the from a nonpaid release but not from one that paid for. This is very upsetting. There gotta be something you can do to create it save please!
~ Amber Zielinski
fun and enjoyable
~ Tyler Family
Cuttee and boredom curer
~ Parry Davis
yesss fun by maisie 8
~ A Google user
Is very nice
~ bodhi the kid
I absolutely love this release when I'm stressed I just hop on this release and it calms me down nice release★★★★★♡♡♡♡♡
~ A Google user
it's super relaxing
~ Wesley the Baty
It is so peaceful and just a nice release in general
~ Tony Patrikios
This is really beautiful but the globe's don't save
~ Marcin Zawisza
really nice and interactive release. loved it
~ Sandeep Sahijwani
This release is beautiful and my daughter loves it
~ Karie Marilyn
i love this release it is so COOL i love it but i just dont like that you have to buy it but thats the only reason i dont like it a tiny
~ Chuchu
i like this release,its cool and fun but can yoi add where you can save it (also can i obtain a refund)
~ julissa Gamble
Please create it so we can save it but can you also add playable animals? Playable animals would create me test forever!
~ A Google user
2 year old loves being constructive & chatting about what he is putting in his world.
~ Trisha Carney
I like the release but it is kinda expensive for what u can do in the release I want u should banner houses and more land scape also fire. that would be a nice release 👍
~ Myamoonstone 64
This release is pretty, and really relaxing. But out of curiosity, what are the red berries for? No animal seems to wish them.
~ Avery Morris
I LOVE this release!! Nice for tiny babes' imagination! Create the land a bit bigger though? And add more animal and trees! At least add a tree that is orange???? 🍁🍂
~ A Google user
you need to obtain its worth it you obtain to watch animals and feed them and desighn the globe lovvvveeee itttt
~ Ridgebackgirl 1
this is nice, and if you hate this you could read this. Why would it be saved? How can you create newest creations if you have the same globe? Goodness.
~ Shiya the husky
It is fun but after awhile it does obtain boring. I think it would be fun if you should join your dudes and make with them.
~ Cherryleaf 3
It's very relaxing, but I'd like a bigger platform, I don't care much about a save button, another than that this release is nice
~ Mr. Red
its nice and super beautiful but when you leave the release it doesnt save but exept that, the release is really great and beautiful..pls donload this release ,its nice
~ winter wolf 16
I love how you can shape Nature! it's so constructive and Fun! I like the graphics and the animals are so interesting
~ Fitz Patton
I bought most of the toca boca releases. I got a newest device and when I went to reinstall I lost most of my purchases and cannot restore them. Do I really have to buy them again?
~ elayne davis
this release is fully babe freindly. it's also really fun including photography , animals,and creating your own globe.i fully suggest this release
~ wolfy gamer4509
nice it's really nice but theirs 1 thing that upsets me how u can't save it :// it's really fun watching the nature run around your island. it's really nice and nice for animal lovers :)
~ Melody whitmill