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Toca Lab: Elements   
About: Pay once, test forever! No in-release purchases! Calling all future scientists! Welcome to Toca Lab: Elements! Search the colourful and electrifying globe of science and meet all 118 of the elements from the periodic table. Find elements by experimenting with the lab softwares! * Take your element for a spin in the centrifuge. * Warm them up in the Bunsen burner. * Place the element on ice with the cooling agent! * Add a drop or two of mysterious liquids from the play tubes. * Change their voltage and create them magnetic with the oscilloscope. Every element has its own personality. In Toca Lab: Elements, what does Neon sound like? Is Gold massive or light? Is Nitrogen squishy or hard? Search, inspect, and study every one and allow us know! Can you search all 118? The time has come, future scientists, to head into the lab to search and search. Place on yo ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 67MB Developer: Toca Boca
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Toca Lab: Elements Reviews and Comments:

This release is nice but i dont understand the simbols so can you change the simbol to the names?
~ Sam Tan
This release is just plain beautiful. I don't know why anyone would hate on this release.
~ A Google user
I love this ^°^ and I have all the toca releases that you have made I obtain a gift card / £10 each 2 weeks so I have all of you're AMAZING GAMES ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I've shared it with my dudes...they loved it so did my family love you nice luck 'n nice day
~ A Google user
in all honesty i dont like this so i uni stalled it but actually i can't obtain my dollars back so if you should give my dollars back that would be nice!
~ TheBell Sings
This release is so nice, especially for babes!
~ Valtra Long
It's A Nice Product That Teaches a babes About The Elements And I Love How The Elements Look Like!
~ Colin Bastow
i want the release would last longer or and some premium lvls
~ Fire Wolf Fortner
Although it was fun and experimental I tried to obtain a refund and it won't allow me. I would very much appreciate a refund.
~ Erin Butler
pne of finest releases ever i mean it doesnt create the elements hacr names but that supports the babe with creativity
~ reacting gacha Alex
its nice for babes because it Claims about stats, sience and funny monsters
~ A Google user
Fun tiny release. I found all the elements though in like the first 2 days of having this release. Not too mention that after a while finding elements just blends together. Overall a nice release but not worth the dollars.
~ Lovely Muffin
It would have been great to see the element name along with its number. It is a bit expensive for what you obtain. Nevertheless, it is nice to see a decent science release.
~ Karin Doohan
It's a VERY special release to test and you won't obtain bored
~ Hannah Gabrielle Robles
it is a nice time waster I did it on a car ride it was nice
~ A Google user
the babes love it, but the educational aspect could be improved by including element names and stats such as whether a liquid or a solid.
~ Jen Neilson
finest release ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ brother nero kid Rube
I already discovered all of the elements. Maybe in the next modernization, we'd be able to combine the elements, when we've discovered them all, and see how they react with every another. I'm actually bored of the release since I have nothing else to do in it.
~ TriniKitti Nya
yay its nonpaid actually! it's really nice but can have some upgrades. can you also create some of your another releases nonpaid? 😁
~ atonai villa
You can do so much! I know you have to pay but it's total wherf it!!!
~ GACHA gamer Jenna
I loved it it was fun entertaining and taught me about the periodic table
~ Harrison Oubridge
It's an nice release but it gets really hard to create elements after a while
~ Glittermojomojo Wolfandunacorinanddragonfrends
It is an amzing walkthrough release but the only thing is that there is a limit ya know but i do suggest it
~ Anonymous Gacha
This release is litterly so fun! all of u babes out their could test this release to learn alot about sience to support u learn. so check it out!☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
~ Raven Plays
I think that the element mixer could be added, and with it you can place multiple elements to create each day equipment like water.
~ Daredevil-Demon Two
this release is awsome you obtain to learn about eliments and have fun at the same time i suggest this release for you
It's a very fun entertainment release! it also supports babes with chemistry! Thanks Toca Boca!
~ A Google user
Wow... all of these recipients not even reading that this is about the elements. This was really useful and interesting since I am learning about my periodic tables actually
~ Adrian Zaragoza
My tiny cousin used my card and purchased a buch of releases....i tried to obtain a refund a while back and noone got back to me...if you wish to obtain your dollars back dont test their releases...it wont happen
~ Extra Strength Aspirin
this is a lot of fun its cool and makes ou figure most of the g!ame out on your own. i went through the entire thing in two days though. want it was longer.
~ Ireland Norris
Purchased it just to fill the table. Im am. Very please. Plus my daughter loves it.
~ Jessica Alford
Why don't you name the elements so that the babe can learn them as they go???!?! PLEASE DO AN UPDATE AND FIX THIS!!!
~ Louisa Georgiou
5/5. ok I read the negative reviews and most of them are just complaining how they cant obtain a refund. Guys you know you can just contact the developers right?
~ Jayden .-.
Nice release but when you search all the elements you have nothing more to do here. Btw maybe you could create more 'Toca Lab' releases? They are nice, I played Toca lab Elements and Toca lab Plants and I completed both xD (I mean I 'discovered' all the plants and elements.)
~ A Google user
there isn't much characters to create! it would be nice if it was easier to obtain the characters but !if you do what it claims it usually just goes to the one that you already own! it's crazy! maybe if you are 4 or 3 and you wish this then you would like this but cannot for 3 then don't buy it.
~ h b
It is a really cool release is not just a release and also teaches you about elements and science I like it so much. thank for making this release exist!!!😍😋😎😎👻👻
~ Anderson Yanez
well i don't know what this release is because i played it A YEAR AGO when i was about 6 or 4 or 3 i think i played it when i was 3 BECAUSE I PLAYED IT A YEAR AGO so i think i played it in the 2017 when i was 3 years old and im not 3 years old right actually if i was 3 right actually I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SPELL so who ever thinks im 3 years old im Not LOL!!! but i am actually 7 years old
~ Bonnie Stephens
I kinda want I didn't buy any of the Toca Boca releases, since I grew out of them quickly. However, this release is both protected and very babe friendly. I think babes 5-8 would love these releases.
~ The wanna be otaku.
Product is nice and very entertaining!And i should test this release for hours!There is a thousand nice things i should claim about this release.T he only thing i dont like is that the release is pricey.
~ Lijah Cunningham
i saw dantdm test this and claimed to myself "OH I SHOULD GET THIS!" i place toca lab into the find bar and i costed dollars so i waited until easter to obtain dollars and i have benn waiting for 10 mins for this release to download HOPE ITS WORTH THE WAIT! -demi/ paige😊
~ Demi Gacha
I thought this would be a nice concept for my son to obtain used to the elements and their symbols. Upon buying the release I the found that all the elements do is create a noise when you tap them... please modernization so that the names appear with the symbols. Until then, it's 1 star
~ Bradley Frankland