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About: Small Scanner Pro - The tiny release that scans everything * Scan documents, pictures, receipts, or just about anything * Lightning speedy and gorgeously designed for both device and device IS THAT A SCANNER IN YOUR POCKET? Small Scanner turns your device into a pdf portable scanner. Scans are saved to your device as photos or PDFs. Name and organize your scans into folders, or share them by: - Correspondence - Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box - Wifi directly to your pc Small Scanner has all the BIG informations you need: * Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white * Page edges are detected automagically * 5 lvls of contrast for crisp monochrome texts * Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more) * Thumbnail or list view, sort scans by date or title * Speedy find by document title * Protect your documents with a passcode * Universa ... Show more
Genre: Business Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 39MB Developer: Appxy
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Tiny Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan Reviews and Comments:

I use these release all day each day! It never lets me down! Does exactly as described. If I paid for it, ( can't remember)it is definitely worth it.
~ Jacqueline Audette
No physical idea to scan documents? Not a trouble if you install this release! It even allows you to name your document and add pages to that file! A real lifesaver and dollars saver. I don't have to pay to have documents scanned and emailed. You can even lighten or darken pages before saving.
~ A Google user
Very needed for scanning documents, interface is easy and friendly, does everything it claims and never had a trouble. Definitely worth the price.
~ Kane Bishop
Speedy and simple to learn. Somewhat potent when you realize what super informations you would have to pay for if this were PC. Want it would help landscape input. Also want you should write directly to expanded memory but that's an mobile safety permissions trouble that the Devs should hardly be faulted for. Glad to have purchased the primium ver after trying. Nice job Devs. Satisfied to help quality work.
~ Eugene Williams
Clear, readable documents. I use it frecuently to manage personal or professional documents at my office. It allows to create a black and white or color copy.
~ E I
Overall nice BUT missing 2 core easy informations. If you take a picture of the file you can't manually pick the edges (that's only available on picked photos) and you can't change the contrast (again only available on picked photos). Why would this super useful information be removed from batch or picture taking cases?! The automatic edge detection and contrast detection is generally nice but sometimes gives poor automatic edges that I can't manually adjust. Please add that into all picture abilities, using the camera or not.
~ Mr. Smith
This release is easily one of the finest apps I know. I use it each day to convert documents into PDFs. Also, it's easy and simple to use. I would suggest this to anyone that wants to convert paper documents to digital.
~ Luca Tavl
I use "The Small Scanner Pro"app almost everyday to scan invoices and work orders. That idea I can easily send documents via G-correspondence or text to customers for my tiny HVAC business. Talk about return of investment. This is a unbelievable software. Thank you to the recipients at "Appxy" for the Soft👍👍👊 - weak tech/ simple to understand -weak cost/return on investment -convenient for small or office players -Simple to articulate and navigate -Picture quality is as nice as your devices camera -most importantly No Advertising popping up everywhere 😎 all the time..
~ William Riley
I just installed the Small Scanner Pro the another day. And actually it's my primary scanner, replacing the previous scanner Small Scanner Pro's nice. The adjustments like cropping and picking between color and black and white, and the like, are easy and needed. Go Small Scanner Pro!
~ A Google user
Definitely worth the several bucks to unblock all informations! I got rid of 90% of the paper taking up zone in my file cabinet by scanning it all with this and pitching the hard copies in the trash.
~ A. Mae Bonem
This release is absolutely nice. I'm a teacher and this lets me turn handwritten lecture notes, trouble solutions, and even whiteboard pictures into a document immediately.
~ Joshua Bourg
Any working professional that uses a scanner or fax machine needs to reassess their work flow. Not only does this release work perfectly, but the amount of time saved trying to search one of the aforementioned machines is invaluable. Thanks to the squad and devs working on this. Been using it for over four years and updating to the Pro ver was a no-brainer.
~ billy secor
Used for a while actually and I search it a tiny quirky sometimes as it doesn't take a straightforward picture sometimes it's out of alignment , but is very needed if you wish to copy a receipt. The more you use it the easier it becomes and I actually use it quite regularly. I tried few apps of related nature but kept coming back to this one, so much so I purchased a full ver..
~ Steve Norbury
I'd give it 4.5 stars if allowed. Sometimes the contrast is terrible, and it's a bit aggravating that it doesn't capitalize the first word of a sentence, but it otherwise does everything I need.
~ Daniel Wolf
first time ive ever required a scanner and this release fits the bill perfectly. Simple to use it automatically changes your picture (scan) into black and white and eliminates any cast shadows. however, you have the choice to change back from black and white print to picture. single scan or bulk scan its brilliant in its simplicity and ease of use. I use it in conjunction with Dropbox. sooo simple to transfer and share files.
~ Stu Marshall
Really nice release for business travelers - only things keeping it being nice: 1.) Customer Interface isn't alway intuitive ... meaning you might have to test with it few times before getting what you ultimately wish (i.e. change order of scans, adding slide/ edditing, ... etc) 2.) Could have an simple idea for players to pick size/ quality of PDF
~ Justin Marz
A most favored release that I've been using for years. Colleagues are amazed at the quality of the release-produced photos. I love the intuitive workflow.
~ Michael Blocker Langley
the finest scan release. instead of sending nasty pictures of documents, create it look as if you sent them a scan. nice. create sure to obtain the pro release. it's worth the five dollars
~ A Google user
Works nice. I use it all the time. was recommended by my lawyer. Finest release for sending documents that were sent to you in the correspondence. AAA+++
~ Barefoot Goddess Jewelry
nice scanner, but no cloud backup...have been using this release for years. If it had automatic cloud backup to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, I would give it 5 stars. Please add this information
~ Filip Pantovich
Great clean release. Scans look great and it's an simple interface. just want you should send through Textra. Also there are plenty of nonpaid apps that do the same thing. It works nice though.
~ Joshua Lovecchio
even with the sort of crappy camera on my Kyocera Duraforce (and my old Brigadier) pdf photos taken with this release are crystal clear. Intuitive and simple to use editing informations and very handy batch mode. Top shelf. Period.
~ will clark
awesome speedy and simple idea to scan documents using your smart device. have done the majority of my scanning/correspondence via this way for a several years. would support if you should send by messenger as well.
~ Ken Mackey
nice and convenient for those unexpected scannings. love how it turns out into a pdf file that i can instantly turn around and correspondence to someone. worth the price but then again $5 is also a nice bargain.
~ Newyork Giants
Should have a lot of potential. But Soft hold destroying halfway while editing the batch files (couldn't obtain in the page to edit) and it suddenly saved half idea through editing with no idea to go back to edit them. Cute frustrating to use as had few equipment to scan.
~ Edwin Tan Boon How
I'm not a very tech savvy old guy but this release usually works for me. The only trouble I've had is I've lost some of the files i had created. i don't know where they went. But this is probably my fault. i obtain nicer scans with this them i do my flat bed scanner. i just want i should print directly from my device. but my printer is a usb connection.
~ Gary Peterson
Life Saver - I have come to rely on this "scanner" for so many odds and end needs where a true scanner is not available. Nice software and very simple to use. No hidden fees or annoying pop up banners. i highly suggest.
~ Cortney Tremer
I read the reviews trying to decide if this release was for me. There was something missing from the another reviews: it is lightning speedy! I made a pdf batch file 15 pages long, uploaded to Dropbox in one minute! The quality is exceptional! I absolutely love it. It's exactly what I required.
~ Christopher Chohon
I really like the small scanner release! I search it very needed to scan documents using my cell device, then correspondence them to another recipients. It provides a high-quality PDF document. I highly suggest this app!
~ Mike Edwards
Nearly great. 5 star: very clean interface 5 star: nice release response 5 star: corner adjustment 5 star: rescan exist document 4 star: nice sharing option 2 star: duplicate picture/pdf storage, 3 copies is too many. 2 star: color contrast mode is no nice 3 star: cannot adjust default camera resolution 3 star: cannot use zoom in camera 2 star: cannot adjust default shop file resolution (very high resolution not available) 1 star: why release permission list "device"?
~ A Google user
Be careful! I accessed MyTinyScan using my File Manager. I moved files from Folders to Documents. The folders were empty in Folders, so I deleted them. Actually, the files in documents are gone.
~ Sam Siegel
love you all guys for making such a nice release! solved lots of my troubles since i don't wish to carry my pc with me everywhere plus takes awsome clear pics of the documents and this release does exactly as claims and much appreciate it for making such nice release! hold it on devs.
~ Nasibullah Hamidi
really required to scan something, trued 4 different 4.6+ star apps and they were garbage. this one was like a bloody charm. as i snapped my secind to last sheet it asked me if i wanted pro. i was already almost done and i was almost certsin ill never use this again but i was like hell lad, ive seen whats out there and this was great in a sea of crud... so heck, yiu deserve my 7$ lad nice on you.
~ Andrei Wasylyk
Absolutely worth the spend. Purchased this release in lieu of having to use corporate facilities and I can do nice work from home very easily. Obviously not as a multi-page scanner but worth the time as you can obtain your photos just right with a several speedy cropping and colouring adjustments.
~ Amber Mastrangeli
once you save a document you can no longer crop the docuement. just scaned a 43 page document and hit save by accident. half the document, the pages are nice. the another half are not cropped properly.
~ A Google user
Finest tiny scanner I have found. Going on second year with no true troubles when scanning under 10mb worth if pdfs. That's 14-16 pages for sending an correspondence attachment. Why has it took me do long to review the release? No troubles to write about. Tried other release to serve a related service and it was horrible so I knew it was time to rave Small Scanner.
~ Walter Geiger
Finest But Feedback My first paid release in Mobile. I use this to upload my homeworks. I've tried many scanner but this is finest I've come across. Why? * High quality and nice sized PDFs (~500 kb per page). * Finest monochrome filters. (Intelligently removes camera hand shadows, etc.) * Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote etc. integration so you can seamlessly upload instead of correspondence yourself. WAYS TO IMPROVE: Batch mode needs to crop borders by defualt. Painful to go to every pages and crop. Bye
~ Thupten Choephel
The finest scanner release in the Test Market for everything hands down. Does everything I need a more. This is the easiest, most professional looking idea to scan and send pdf's, etc. It is not the same when you simply take a picture of your document with your camera release. Please don't do this. Variety of nice informations that are easy and simple to use! One of the most needed apps tgat I have ever bought I just love this release so much and use it often. There is nothing I would change or add -so for!
~ Leona Kalmakoff
This release is nice. I'm a lawyer and I cannot stand when recipients take pictures of documents from their device, which my clients do all the time. This makes the documents look nice and professional, like you scanned it using a great scanner. I also like how I can easily upload what I scan to my cloud storage services. I would highly suggest.
~ Grant Frankfurt
Love it. This release is a Godsend. I'm able to take pictures of my sheet song whenever i rehearse with band that doesn't allow me take the song home. The effects now come out as if I scanned this at work.
~ Farra Michel