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About: "The Wonder Weeks release can be a lifesaver for parents during those times of wondering what on world is going on." A CALENDAR EXPLAINING THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR BABY: WHY YOUR BABY IS FUSSY, SLEEPS POOR AND EATS LESS DURING SET TIMES AND HOW YOU CAN HELP YOUR BABY. ================================================ THE BEST APP AROUND THE GLOBE Awarded Coolest Soft for Moms Awarded by Apple as top 10 Finest of the year 2016 in Australia, UK, Netherlands, and a nice number of another countries. Consumer Choice & Gold Award by MumIi AppRx Awards Top 10 Babess Health Soft NHS (UK) Finest Soft for parents listing. Finest Soft Ever Wards 2013 & 2014 (Health & Fitness) Top 25 Soft in health & fitness is most countries around the globe. ================================================ The Wonder Weeks worldwide bestselling baby release is a personalised everyday c ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 19MB Developer: Domus Technica
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The Wonder Weeks Reviews and Comments:

Really supports you be more patient with your baby when they are fussy. Provides nice understanding on how to encourage their growth and support them obtain adjusted to the newest senses and skills easier. I suggest this to each newest parent I meet.
~ Jen Caples
My lad is almost 9 months old actually and each week I never cease to be amazed by the general accuracy of Dr. Frans' research. (Right on cue, he has indeed started pulling off my glasses - then handing them back to me). It's fair to claim that I might have been much less understanding of his fussing and moods without this release. Thanks, Dr. Frans.
~ Luke T
As a mum of 4, I want this was available for my another 3. It turns ones mind from concern to understanding in seconds just from reading in detail exactly whats going on... this is literally like having a manual for babes at your fingertips.
~ Tarnia Knight
this release is absolutely nice, i can recognise all the mental leaps and all the large steps that my daughter is doing. this reassuers me and my wife a lot because sometimes the tiny ones are hard to understand! thank you very much, developers!
~ Alex
I love this release. it is so accurate when the leaps run and end. it also supports you support baby before, during and after the leaps. it prepares you for what to expect after every leap, and it's so spot on. actually I know exactly when my baby is going to be unusually fussy and clingy. this release has definitely been a large support, especially being a 1st time mon
~ Tina Rajah
wonder weeks is a nice release and it's worth getting the ebook too. stats seems to track fairly closely to changes I see in my toddler. It reassured me when he was a baby that the fussy, stressful days and weeks would pass- and they did.
~ A Google user
I love this release. it's so useful, and allow's me know exactly where my LO could be. super simple to use, and very easy layout. I want it had a small bit more to it, but overall its wonderful.
~ Chantelle Nelson
So useful and informative. It is really supporting me understand and help my babe through these first several months of life. It also lessens my frustration of not knowing what's going on when she fusses. Nice release!
~ Jannet Baard
Content is nice, but the release constantly has the wrong number of days left in a leap. For multiple days straight it claims the same number of days left. It does this so frequently that I genuinely have no concept how long any leap is supposed to be. This is terrible quality, even for a nonpaid release, which makes me disappointed that I now paid for it.
~ Jessica Deal
If I didn't have the release, I'd be going stir crazy with my son's moods. I know what to expect actually with the support of the release! Nice! On other note, does this release go by U.S. time? We're based in Australia.
~ Susan Lane
I think this release is extremly accurate when my daughter is going through a fussy scene. but I search the stats insufficient or a bit lacking in relevant detail in the release. I am sure the ebook might have been a better resource. But, I do enjoy using it for a speedy reference.
~ Lara Murray
I was hoping to see more stats and more accurate timeline of mental leaps. I read the next leap ahead of time, and apparently the babe is already doing some of the things which is mentioned after completing the next leap...i think it's a waste of dollars to buy this release.
~ Vivian Chang
nice release, but i want we should claim it if we have entered a leap early. my son did leap one one week early and leap two two weeks early. its not very needed getting the leap stats after the leap is long done. i got around it by changing his due date in the release as required, but it seems dumb to have to do that ..
~ A Google user
This release is an absolute release changer. Since downloading this release after so many suggestions I don't feel so over whelmed. If my daughter is crying for 3 days straight actually I will know why. Its brilliant.
~ Nellie Johnson
This release was nice at 1st, but actually that my baby just turned one, the release doesnt create sense. It states a one year old can "take a pencil and paper and draw what you claim them to" and that she can " bathe a doll". Excuse me that doesn't happen till later!!!
~ Kristina Roe
The stats is really nice to support you understand what your tiny one is experiencing. However, I found that my baby's development followed her birth date rather than her due date. I would suggest creating two accounts for a due date and birth date to see what follows your babys development.
~ Nicki Pilon
Really terrible release. Fussiness never coincides with the chart and they are entering a stormy period - and?! it might coincide with the ebook but this release does not inspire me to read it. Waste of dollars
~ gemma summers
needed walkthrough to manage my expectations of his development and supportive stats when babies are all learning with a different focus in mind, a nice eg is my son is focused on movement and my dudes son is focused on communication so neither developes in exactly the same idea although both are developing extremely well with that observation in mind, its so simple to compare and worry without a walkthrough.
~ susan styles
We are in week 6 and the release has been useful and accurate in its descriptions. One recommendation/question: should the stormy/sunny calendar become editable/interactive? If a babe's leap runs early, claim by 6 days, it would useful to be able to input that stats and have an modernized chart, as well as tiny bubbled explanations for indicators that display on the calendar and the ability to create baby notes on days of the calendar.
~ Jo Whiddon
This is my 2nd baby and I love the solution and stats this release gives.. it has really helped me when I can't figure out why baby is unsettled or fussy. I'll check the release and 90% of the time they are experiencing a leap. If you use the release correctly and read about the leaps as your baby is going through them it's fascinating and you can now spot the changes your tiny one is going through or else look out for them. There are now milestones you wouldn't even consider looking out for. it's lovely seeing these newest abilities * this is not a beautiful milestone release for first smiles and crawling etc. It's for babies mental and cognitive growth spurts.
~ ylonah roelofs
I love this release, it gives me such peace of mind. When my daughter is super fussy and not sleeping well (and she's not getting teeth) I check the release and 9 times out of 10 she's going through a storm. It gives me encouragement that I'm not crazy that it's normal for whatever scene she is in.
~ tanya hambright
I was hesitant to trust the charts and the "fussy" days, but before I should even bring it up to my son's Pediatrician he asked, "Have you ever heard of The Wonder Weeks?" He and his colleagues have discussed the release and ebook and strongly recommend using the release and reading the ebook. Definitely would suggest this release to all parents - first time or not! Also, I majored in childhood education and development and have found this release to be educational and useful. A definite 5 out of 5.
~ Samantha Harris
a gotta have release for moms! the finest thing this release do for me is explaining about the fussy period of my baby so then i can be more ready. so far it has given me the calm and sanity i need on his fussy period. you should also set this release to create a reminder of every leap in your calendar.
~ Levina Sunaryo
This release is so informative and useful! It Claims me when leaps are happening so I can better support my son in his developmental travel. It explains how he is developing and how I can tangibly support him. Also it's great to know during those times of sleep regression and clinginess that it's just part of the leap and will pass! I highly suggest this release.
~ Chanel Smith
This release is designed to work alongside the "Wonder Weeks" ebook, which I don't feel inspired to read, since I haven't found the stats in the release useful or even really accurate for predicting my particular baby. The release works fine; I just don't think it's that needed unless you wish to follow the "Wonder Weeks" philosophy of development. There are another nonpaid apps that deliever developmental stats just as well.
~ Lindsey Gray
very useful in understanding what my baby is going through and why! it has really opened my eyes to a newest perspective on how different developmental leaps affect him, and how i can better support and support him through times where he's navigating newest sensations and confusing newest discoveries. I highly suggest this to any parent or guardian whether it's your first time or your 20th time! :)
~ Holly Matro
very useful (especially for a first time parent) and was very accurate with what was going on (and what to expect) with my baby! was surprised by how accurate it turned out to be! my baby almost usually fit their descriptions of what he was currently doing and was great to know why he was fussy during times I couldn't figure out why! overall loved this release and found stats very needed. definitely worth the several dollars to buy release..and I dont usually buy many apps. this def wasn't a waste of dollars!
~ Tara Sosa
Downloaded during a hard phase, and the solution in the release seemed spot on. Reassuring and built my confidence. Packed with stats not just on what is happening in the leaps, but also on how to help baby through them. Based on due date (not birth date), and explains why this is, which helped me to know what to look for with my baby born at 37 weeks. I'm sure it won't be accurate all the time, but a useful and reassuring walkthrough.
~ Ruth Paltzer
This release is full of stats you can literally search everywhere else FOR FREE. Need educational videos watch YouTube! Need stats about why your baby is crying Google it. It is NON interactive if that is what you are looking for. Waste of dollars and they claimed I cant obtain a refund because they give you 15 min with the release. I guess that is all the time you need to search out that it is WORTHLESS. Don't waste your Dollary.. Still a waste of dollars!!!
~ Karen Hansen
It's just okay. They use very bizarre examples to explain something my baby may be going through, for example, my baby might search a dog vomiting interesting. What?? My husband and I joked about that for weeks. Also, in the 4th leap they claimed babies may understand a question like, "do you wish a sandwich?" Babies are about five months in the 4th leap and are definitely not eating sandwiches.
~ Jessica Tharp
I was cynical at first, and expected the entire idea of every baby passing through cognitive and emotional leaps in a set order, at a specific time, to be a bit like astrology in its accuracy. I was wrong though, as the stats in this release is much more detailed and specific than astrology and it has been very accurate in charting my son's development so far (17 months actually). The descriptions of what he could be doing and when are fairly spot on, as are the "stormy" and "sunny" periods.
~ Claire Elizabeth
The release includes nice stats, but overall, I'm not impressed. It's definitely not worth $2.99. I'm taking the time to write this because I tried to rate within the release to deliever creative feedback, and the only options are to give 5 stars or not rate at all; very off-putting. Additionally, reading through another ratings, I found that anyone who gives less than 5 stars receives a rather aggressive response. It appears that creative feedback is not taken well. I suggest Google.
~ Rachel McNamara
A NEED to have release, not just for newest moms, but for all moms. Sometimes we forget how hard it can be in the beginning with a newest baby. It explains everything for why parents obtain frustrated, to what a baby needs/feels. This release is nice. Just obtain it!
~ A Google user
Very insightful and useful. My third Baby, and the guidance reassures me that Baby is on-par and not cranky due to a busy household. I love to know what her body and mind are up to and it is very needed to be reminded how I can support her settle and be comfortable! Nice! Gran also installed the release to follow the Leaps.
~ Carla Kruger
The release is very useful at describing and explaining the different mental development stages, but the fussy and sunny phases are idea off, almost opposites. Not worth the price as the bits I found needed are available around the Internet.
~ A Google user
Ive used this release together with the ebooks. It was fairly accurate with my first born and one week off with my second but it helped me mentally prepare for possible change in sleep and naps and also understand whats developmentally appropriate for my babies in terms of how and what to prepare for their activities. The ebook provides further stats that helped maintain realistic expectations on what my baby personally can/cannot or wish/wont wish to do.
~ Amanda G.
Has a lot of nice stats however, likely not to be used as player interface on mobile is horrible. Soft navigation is clumsy and rudimental. No speedy access summary from chart and no ability to change or customise chart/calendar layout. Much required upgrades to create it worth paying for.
~ Andrew Dwyer
absolutely adore this release. worth the $5. Claims me when to expect my daughter to not be herself or when she's going to hit a newest milestone in her development and when it will end. Very useful to know when my baby may wish more of my attention or bonus care and supports me understand what she is going through.
~ Emma Millard
Nothing mind blowing or very useful. You cute much are shown with limited stats until the next leap so not an release you will use often. Want it had more interactive informations or newest stats everyday. Personally, it was never correct as far as timing or duration. The skills were unrealistic, very high, in my opinion and can be alarming to parents who are not familiar with development. I'm an occupational therapist with two babes.
~ Gina H
Very accurate for my baby's behaviour. It's comforting to know there's a reason for his fussy periods and it makes it easier to empathize instead of obtain frustrated when they suddenly won't obtain to sleep easily and increase night wakings. It's also fun to read about the newest skills baby will acquire after every leap!
~ Renee Rykes