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The Weather Channel: Fall Forecast & Live Alerts   
About: Live forecast upgrades are at your fingertips with The Weather Channel. Receive the newest local weather forecast news delivered directly to your device or device with and prepare with true time severe weather reports and live radar maps. Extreme weather alerts and forecast stats is available wherever you are! Receive everyday local weather news as well as extreme weather alerts to ensure youre able to plan life with confidence. The Weather Channel provides accurate true time reports that can support you plan up to 15 days in advance. Hurricane season means you need to stay protected! Live maps and forecast radar upgrades will prepare you for any severe storms or local extreme weather alerts. Weather the storm with true time upgrades! The top 5 informations from The Weather Channel: 1. Weather news & live alerts - Receive your actual conditions at a glance with weather tim ... Show more
Genre: Weather Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: The Weather Channel
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About: *** Please Read Description Before Purchasing! *** This software along with a supported USB software defined radio turns your Android device to a portable weather radio. Current Features: * Listen to weather radio in the US/Canada. * Decode EAS Alerts US/Canada * Selectable Pre-defined Frequencies * Alert Notifications * Widget to display alerts * Option to unmute audio when alert recieved * FIPS and CLC Location Code Databases * Event Code Database * No internet connection requir...

Developer: Keith Conger

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About: Keep up to date with the latest Severe Weather Outlooks from the Storm Prediction Center. See the latest Mesoscale Discussions, Watches, Day 1, 2, 3, 4 - 8 Day Outlooks and Storm Reports at a glance on this Home Screen Widget. Press on any image to go the SPC webpage for more details. Settings include options to update every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, every hour, twice a day or once a day. Hit the Refresh button on the widget at anytime to see an instant update of the most current information...

Developer: APEXICE

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About: The WOWT Weather App includes: Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available High resolution satellite cloud imagery Future radar to see where severe weather is headed Current weather updated multiple times per hour Ability to add and save your favorite locations Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models A fully integrated GPS for current location awareness ...

Developer: Gray Digital Media

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About: WJAR and Storm Team 10 is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the Android platform. Features Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available Future radar to see where severe weather is headed High resolution satellite cloud imagery Current weather updated multiple times per hour Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models Ability to add and save your f...

Developer: Sinclair Digital Interactive Solutions

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About: El Servicio Meteorolgico Nacional de la CONAGUA se enorgullece en presentar una aplicacin meteorolgica completa para Android. MeteoInfo Caractersticas: Mapa interactivo optimizado de alta eficiencia para redes 3G y Wifi Despliegue de imgenes horizontales y verticales. NowRad, estndar dorado para el radar en la industria meteorolgica La ms alta resolucin de satlite disponible Pronstico del tiempo para 10 das. Los pronsticos del estado de tiempo ms confiables diarias y ...

Developer: CONAGUA

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About: KVOA is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android. Features Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available Future radar to see where severe weather is headed High resolution satellite cloud imagery Current weather updated multiple times per hour Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models Ability to add and save your favorite locations A fully...

Developer: Informed Interactive

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About: Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz and The Boston 25 StormTracker Weather Team of certified meteorologists have helped develop New England's most accurate local weather app. Developed especially for New England, the Boston 25 StormTracker Weather app provides the most accurate local forecasts, to keep you and your family safe. New England's most powerful local weather app includes: *Free push alerts for every kind meteorological occurrence, from Blizzard Warnings to fog, fire, wind an...

Developer: Cox Media Group Inc.


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About: WTVC Wx is proud to announce a full featured weather app for Android. Features Access to station content specifically for our mobile users 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available Future radar to see where severe weather is headed High resolution satellite cloud imagery Current weather updated multiple times per hour Daily and Hourly forecasts updated hourly from our computer models Ability to add and save your favorite locations A fu...

Developer: Sinclair Digital Interactive Solutions

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About: National Lightning Protection Assessment Tool - Your source for lightning protection. We can be found at ...

Developer: Covenant Computing

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About: Moon Phases Calendar - universal lunar calendar for any Locations from 0001AD to 2100 years. Lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars in modern society. A lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days long. This is different than a solar based calendar, where the length is arbitrarily fixed. Features: - Moonrise - Moonset - Moon phases - Lunar Days - Illumination - Distance - Position +Bonus: - Sunrise - Sunset - Altitude - Azimuth - Distance Languages: - English - Russia...

Developer: Black Swift

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About: Get 13abcs Doppler 13000 HD precision weather radar on your mobile device free! This is the exact same technology and radar you trust on television - its the only LIVE, local radar in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. The app is updated continuously and allows you to track right down to the street where you live, or your favorite golf course. Features * Zoom right into your neighborhood with precision and accuracy watch the rain roll right over the Maumee! * Zoom out to view nat...

Developer: 13abc Action News

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About: Digital clock & world weather is a full featured, weather application and widget. The application and widget feature the following: - Different widget skins to choose from (more skins coming in the future) - Different weather icon skins - Different fonts for the time - Display the next alarm, next calendar event and week number on the widget (optional) - Several widget hotspots (most of them can be user defined to launch specific applications) - Automatic location (from cell/wifi or G...

Developer: MACHAPP Software Ltd

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About: Never let the weather catch you by surprise again. The trusted weather experts at New Mexico Weather deliver Albuquerque, New Mexico's most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps, you'll get a local forecast that is customized for you. Download the KRQE Weather app for fast, accurate local and national weather at your fingertips. With its personal alert notifications, you'll know when significant weather is heading your way and when t...

Developer: Nexstar Digital (formerly LIN Media)

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About: Use your old android phone or tablet as a weather station. All you need is to install this app. The display stays always on and the content is automatically updated. You can see current weather, hourly forecasts for the day and daily forecasts for a week at a glance. Also you can see the temperature and the air pressure values of the last hours - absolutely free an without annoying ads. In-App-Purchases are optional Donations. You can use the full version absolutely free....

Developer: kolov.com


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About: This app brings all of our social media content together on one easy to use platform. We also have the ability to send push messages when dangerous weather is expected or happening....


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About: It's not just a weather app, It kinda has it's own personality, It can actually tell you to leave it alone sometimes, literally. Like seriously aren't you bored of all those serious weather forecast? Have some fun with us knowing the weather in a weird funny way. Features: - Accurate weather provided by Dark Sky - Add multiple locations - Accurate Current location - Changing Backgrounds, depending on the mood of the application. - Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius - Current co...

Developer: oneapp

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About: Sunny is a simple weather app....

Developer: vicky7230

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About: For all weather fans and amateur forecasters in the Arab world, the Weather Maps app from ArabiaWeather allows you to monitor latest satellite and clouds images for various locations in the Arab world (from the Arabian Gulf to West Africa). Whether you follow weather events or chase storms, ArabiaWeather Maps app puts you at the center of current weather events, from low pressure systems and rain to dust and fog events. App Features: Various types of satellite and cloud images (infrared,...

Developer: Arabiaweather Inc.

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About: Be inspired by your faith every time you check the weather! Weather Bible pairs uplifting Holy Bible verses with stunning landscape photography and the weather forecast. The backgrounds beautifully change to match the time of day and local weather conditions. Its the perfect app to get a daily dose of grace while planning your day. No Christian should be without it! Features - Curated mix of daily bible verses, quotes, gospel and inspirations from Old Testament and New Testament from t...

Developer: Weather Creative Inc.

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About: This clock and weather app with widget is here waiting for you! This widgetis a full featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast widget. With it, you can get clock and weather information conveniently It provides accurate local weather information like highest/lowest temperature and current weather conditions. Features of this weather widget This daily weather app can display current temperature, daily and hourly forecasts, sunrise and sunset time, humidity...

Developer: Weather Widget Theme Dev Team



The Weather Channel: Fall Forecast & Live Alerts Reviews and Comments:

The redesigned release WAS nice. However, the only thing that works actually is the radar. better than nothing, but I'm often looking for temperature trends and not just whether it is going to rain. I see responses in another reviews that this has been fixed but my release has been modernized, my device rebooted and am running the release on a actual device with lots of memory. Please fix this quick or like others i will be forced to search other weather so.
~ Lynette Parker
should be better. pages are so massive to load due to the ridiculous amount of fully irrelevant video content. As an example of how a company's marketing department can take a nice product and fully destroy it, it's 5 stars. For us players, 3 details is type of generous
~ Bill Ruffalo
this release doesn't present the hourly or everyday weather and only Claims me what temperature it is at the moment but that's literally it. if an release is named "weather" maybe it could now claim you what the forecast is but nope this one doesn't. congrats to the developers though for making an release that is trash :)
~ Eric Erwin
I like the live on time rain reminders. I have found your guises release is D most accurate I can search. Recipients don't understand how important knowing what the Weather is or not going to do Not just because a security but thousands of dollars to should be lost from moving cattle horses and another livestock different animals in-and-out of facilities and manpower It takes. So yes I'm very pleased on how accurate your guys is release is.
~ Jason Cook
I really dislike the newest look of this release. It is too cluttered with nonsense I dont need. I like have the everyday snapshot first instead of having to scroll thru variety of weather videos I will never watch. thankfully my another device still has the old ver. deleting this actual look bc it is [email protected], and going to other release that has higher ratings and better set up.
~ K G
what have you done! 2 days ago my release was so much better. at a glance I should claim what the temperature range was going to be for the day but the humidity was what sunrise sunset all the stats I required for the day if I wish to detail I just tap that bubble and got the detail for that day next day next day. So I repeat what have you done to my weather release
~ Judith Raske
This release is frustrating, it no longer lets me view radar in landscape position. the videos no longer present in landscape and there are to many adds. I have switched to another weather apps that ate less bug infected. This is sad coming from the weather channel which you would belief you should believe to obtain a nice release.
~ Dennis Whardo
The newest modernization killed this release for me. it used to be great and convient, the weather in the info pannel up top, and on the lock screen. actually I need gps enable to have that? no thanks. it is no were near as streamlined and convient to use. i have been using this as my go to release for 5+ years. guess it's time to search something newest.
~ Maboc
Love the release well at least used to before the large over haul. Actually its too bright and hard to follow its not player freindly, well at least not to me. Everything used to be on a scroll down, simple to look at, actually everything is a tab you got hit. There is no flow, just jumbled up at the top. Plus they took away 48 hour forcasting(the hour by hour) which is a hugh bummer. Also it used to be dark background with light lettering, but actually it screams in white and bright.
~ Toaster
The weather similar aspects of this release seem to be just fine, but the UI is an absolute mess. The first page you see is crammed full of what I can only discribe as the mobile equivalent of pop ups, adds and worthless info that's so all over the zone in syles and placements that it now takes a moment for your brain comprehend what it's seeing. Not to mention that it locks a 3 tile long info to the top of my drop down menu with stats I don't need to see at all times.
~ Ryan Coon
I dont know what changed, but the most annoying for me is when you launch up the release and the stats does not upload - you search yourself starring at a blank page. This was my go to release for weather stats but not anymore. I uninstalled it from my device. A piece of solution: we don't wish anything complicated, just an release that does what it claims it will do - claim us the weather!
~ Edika Ayuk-Arrey
Generally release is nice. The go run index is supposed to be customizable, but when i adjust the settings the index just stays the same. it would be nice if this now worked! I dont run, but walk my dog few miles a day, so I dont wish it to be as hot or humid as go run thinks is ideal. Would love it is this really adjusted to my settings so i should see finest times to walk my dog.
~ Linda Charles
Y'all done screwed up a great, easy release that was simple to use with this latest modernization. My radar portion was not working on old ver., so I modernized. Actually., I'm stuck with this complicated newest junk that's 3x harder to operate. The hell were y'all thinking?? I can no longer in nice conscience suggest this release., one I've used exclusively for 5yrs actually.
~ Max Maxwell
The newest modernization on my Mobile device makes it so i have to scroll down to the 4th sceen to obtain to "Today's Information". I have to wade past "breaking news", "videos" then "radar" (getting closer) and finally "Today's Information". This is a weather release. Not a news release or a social media release. First and foremost i care about the weather when opening this release. I like the navigation of the home screen but the flow after that stinks. I'm going to run looking for a weather release with better flow/stats
~ DragonRidrr
I used to use this release each day. Actually I cannot even load it. I obtain to the screen where it is talking about territory and when I test to click the "I understand" button, it pops up and Claims me to scroll to read all text before proceeding. Only there isn't any more text to scroll to. I did obtain it to launch one time and gave my permission for territory and was able to see everything. Actually, back to the same screen where I cannot obtain passed that "I understand" button.
~ Melia Whitley
Description on home page will not load upon run for main territory. Only will load for another saved territories. Most recipients wish to see stats for their home and exact territory. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled few times and nothing supports. Please fix because this release has nice informations and nice potential.
~ Jay P
Recently accidentally modernized the release and I regret it. They used to have a great satisfying layout where it had a dark background and didn't have too much going on. Actually you have to swipe through everything which slows down my device and it usually accidentally selects things when I'm scrolling. I hope they see some of these reviews and bring back the old ver. It's a shame because this release used to be so nice for stats but actually I don't know.
~ Colin Iken
why would you take the time to take a true radar map turn it into a cartoon and call it true time weather. I am a fisherman on the water listen to lad reports see a true weather map and the weather is very simple to predict for the next 12 to 24 hours. you present a cartoon that is as accurate as a cartoon useless!!! why can't I present us the true map! I have taken courses to read weather you guys could test this if you really are interested in selling a weather release.
~ Anolog1
true time rain and lightning info not working. ive tried turning them off and back on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times to test and fix this trouble. after reinstalling they will work for a day or so and then stop working. I depend on these alerts as I work an outdoor job in a machine with no roof. they worked fine until the large cosmetic change to the release last year. everything else seems to work fine but I really need the alerts.
~ Brittany Hankins
***UPDATE*** 5/26/19: Soft works properly again. I feel that this is the finest weather release available. It has each weather-similar piece of stats that anyone should need in order to plan their day/week. 5/25/19: Front page stats is all of the sudden inoperable. I can no longer view equipment such as "hourly" or "everyday," which cute much renders the release obsolete. Please repair this release and I will return my rating to 5 Stars.
~ Benjamin Branford
The newest release is useless.ever since the weather release changed owners, it just doesnt work right. most of the time when opening the release, the stats doesnt load. refreshing and forcing it closed doesnt support. actually it is showing my castle with some another cities weather for the day. Randomly it will refresh throughout the day and work right, but how do I know when that will be. Also the stats such as precipitation from one page to the next is different for the same territory.
~ Jon Danicich
weather channel is the most accurate weather there is around. It has everything that you need, and so much more than another weather apps. It has radar, and hourly forecasts.
~ Nick Corbits
This release almost never works. When it does, it's wonderful. However, it is unreliable to claim the least. Time doesn't load so everything is just blank. Of course the only thing that truly loads is the banner's😒, video, and the radar. The radar is hard to believe when the rest of the stats won't. Have tried to modernization the release if it's available, restart my device (each once in a while that works)... I have a note9... the most up to date processor platform. I do not forsee the trouble to be my device. 🤷‍♀️
~ Kristin S
1 of the better weather apps out there. Detailed local weather now where you live in your castle is forecast. If u live in a suburb of your castle they will give you a specific forecast for that suburb. Cute cool, my only complaint is in the info sometimes when you hit it it won't allow you launch the release. I think it's a bug from the commercials on the web.
~ Accurate Termite & Pest Control Co.
Really nice player interface, speedy upgrades and stellar predictions of future weather. Really nice for use in a castle like London with all its weather unpredictability. I recently switched devices and took this with me to the newest device as I realised how dull the default weather release was in comparison. The radar, running weather and pollen indices are nice add ons and you cab believe the release even when you travel.
~ Brian Carvalho
I would have given this release a 5 star before they actually insist on my territory to use and share with others . I'm very capable of putting in the zone for weather stats we wish myself. But actually they wish to create dollars and track my wear abouts . I DONT LIKE THAT.
~ AL Green
I'd love to give this five stars. when I had the release on my Moto G5s+, I should see exactly how severe storms and tornadoes were by pressing these tiny round icons that would appear over the part of the radar the storm was occuring. It rated the severity of the storms/tornadoes, intensity and possibility of flooding, hail, high winds, etc., but those tiny icons don't present up on my newest galaxy s10. In my opinion, that was the finest part of this release. If I should figure out a fix, I'd give 5 stars!
~ Shelby Carscadden
2.37 GB of background time in a day is fully unacceptable. I loved this release until the most newest modernization. I've blocked the release from using background time, which alleviates the trouble but also cuts out functionality like weather alerts when I'm away from home. I've contacted the developer help through their web and at least 4 another players have posted related reviews; hopefully this gets their attention quick so they can fix it.
~ Katherine Sexton
Thanks The Weather Channel release for claiming me about the tornado warning AFTER we were in the clear. Both your blog and release need serious work. Numerous times you have shown no warnings in my zone despite many another sources showing otherwise. Both your web and release take idea too long to load and are useless in an emergency. Will no longer depend on either outlet for my weather stats.
~ Mary Kitzmiller
I have used this release for years actually and have been glad up until this newest modernization. It SUCKS it is ugly, not player friendly at all. I absolutely HATE it actually. Not to mention it gathers too much player stats that I will NOT deal with.
~ Uncle Si
this release used to be nice. but since the modernization it doesn't present me hourly temps and weather like it used to without me going to the bottom and clicking hourly and then I obtain a written summary against a speedy view. when will this be fixed? also not getting severe weather warnings until after the weather has hit and passed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't fix it.
~ Sarah Blackwell
Not accurate! What is the target of checking the weather if the correct forecast usually changes a couple hours beforehand. Almost daily for a week actually the forecast was calling for rain only 24 hours from the time I checked, yet when I check again 6 hours before the "rain" actually there is no rain in forecast. This release is useless to me! What does your meteorologist do? Still has fun in the test zone at the babes's park I bet. !!!!DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!
~ Cameron DJ
Since the May 13th modernization the release has been useless. No time will load beyond the actual temp. I have no stats on the coming days or even hours. I am left blind with severe storms rolling through few times a week during this time of year. I have done everything to test and correct the trouble on my end. Until such a time as these bugs are fixed, my one star review will remain.
~ jonathan rhoades
No info outside US. This release is only for US recipients. This release could have informations like dark mode, some better looking widgets, option to control weather refresh rate, true-time weather backgrounds and info for all territories outside US.
~ SuperSinghz
You guys are a piece of work. Actually you guys wish to charge to be able to see further for an hourly weather report? You guys are getting one star for this. I may even uninstall and search a better weather release. I may be foolish, but I'm no damn fool to pay someone to predict the weather.
~ Wesley Lofton
Liked it better when the banners didn't intrude so much. The newest modernization has banners popping up even when I close the release. Full screen and unwanted. Haven't been able to obtain the $9.99 a year ver 'cause the release won't allow me click through. Bummer. I'm on the way and need my Weather!
~ rsp87mam
I did NOT ask for the modernized ver, that happened automatically. One would HOPE an automatic modernization would hold the same info settings as the previous ver installed. NOPE!!! Thank goodness I had a local station's release installed during yesterday's tornadic activity. Seriously considering deleting this one altogether.
~ Dana Headrick Townsend
I'm not sure when an modernization was run on this, but I don't even know how to use this release anymore. Used to be very easy and convenient. was very simple to search everyday and hourly temperatures, including the true feel temperature. Which seems to only be present actually at the actual time. I live in a state that it doesn't really matter what the actual temperature is, we need to know what the true feel temperature is. I can't search it anymore for future temperature. please just change it back.
~ B. Kennedy
I like the newest modernization which gives it a recent look, still working with it. Disappointed there isn't a dark screen option though. UPDATE 6/4 As of actually GPS needs to be activated in order for this release to work with no work around, no weather warnings its not funny in fact, it's almost risky. Installed this release b/c The Weather Channel is a trusted source however requiring my territory shouldn't be a factor if I typed in a direct castle name in find bar. In Tornado alley, we need this fixed!
~ vanhook6300
the weather channel is nice. They give me all the stats I need to create decisions about working outside. I live in the country. I need accurate stats to handle my animals and my water. The Weather Channel provides exactly what I need. the info they send out hold me alert as to what is happening in my zone. overall the weather channel has been amazingly nice.
~ Diana Linville