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About: -- THE NEW OFFICIAL KARAOKE APP FOR THE VOICE TV SHOW WORLDWIDE -- Sing karaoke to millions of songs on the NEW official The Voice Karaoke release. Sing solo, with dudes or duet with singers from all over the world. Excellent your recordings with our studio quality vocal and visual results and share your creations with our gigantic supportive community. KEY FEATURES - SING KARAOKE for nonpaid from a gigantic library of songs. - RECORD your favoured songs with our nice voice and visual results. - SHARE your creations with 100M+ singers on our platform. - DUET with singers from all over the world. - WATCH nice covers, like, comment and interact with another singers. SONGS With the gigantic selection of karaoke songs, you can usually search your favoured song whether it's a top hit or an old classic. Not sure what you feel like singing? Checkout th ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: Yokee™
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The Voice - Sing Karaoke Reviews and Comments:

I love this release so much because it is really supporting me and also it makes me improve on my voice
~ Oba Taiwo
you have to have credit to test your songs that you already sing ,foolish release
~ Daiedrian Thomas
it's nice 👍means really nice 😅I don't know what to claim more than that 😁
~ Rishitha Gundabathina
Listening to the plethora of ideas to sing a particular song is interesting and educational. I have yet to upgrade to the $20/month lvl or create a recording.
~ Don W
So fun. It really supports me prepare for my solos at schools
~ Use Code Not Infinite Lists
If you love to sing I would recomend geting the release.
~ Holly Etheridge
I have a lot of fun singing on 'The Voice' release.!
~ Toria Vicente
The release is nice got lots of options. I will gladly use it more
~ Hlompho Sefika
even though i am a terrible singer i like this😅
~ Linda Niotis
nice but eish the release gotta be for nonpaid , they gotta place terrible recipients into consideration.
~ Anesu Shoko
its fun and recipients all over the globe can hear how nice you sing and its 100% positive no judgement
~ Bintou edits
this release is so ugly dont even test this because when you hear your voice its to slow than the normal voice this release create your voice so slow and ugly I promise believe me I will only download this release when its ok its me yza duran not richie
~ Richie Duran
i downloaded this release and it wont even test a song. it plays one note then claims playback failure.
~ Alexia Boettcher
they literally destoyed a very promising release by making everything paid.I would rather obtain a netflix subscription than paying dollars for this useless release
~ Allen Samuel
absolutely horrible. used to have this release when it was now okay. actually you cant do ANYTHING without paying. really stupif. dont obtain it.
~ Aria Jayy
it is ok but you have to be a VIP person for like everything even to hear yourself singing at the end🙄🤔🤨😐
~ Pat Chrismer
this release makes me feel like I'm now on the voice and I'm only 10 years old
~ khaya Nene
I love it ...it supports me to be myself😗😗cause I love sining
~ Megann Strydom
dont force us to subscribe for vip it ruins the entire experience allow it be nonpaid Will. i am.soo nagged
~ Julian Akumu
Its Nice Plus I wish To be A Singer One Day And I Just Had To Search This Soft!!!
~ Desiree Brown
Just being positive that after sending this reaction of mine, the onky time I'm about to hear the clarity of the accompaniment if in line with my vocals, noise reduction etc, k.
~ Riblachotic dela Rosa
I am still on the nonpaid trial... The last star will come or I'd remove one depending on the subscription...
~ Isibor Jude
This Soft Is Aumsome! You Could Dounloud It RIGHT NOW!!!
~ saidman l
couldn't obtain any songs to sing. usually an error test again
~ Julia Parra
so cool all of y'all could download it no banners or nothing I love it and you could download it right actually
~ ally torres
I don't wish to give any star because this stupid apps is the worst apps I ever use 😤😤😤when I press sing it claim I need to download the song first😠😠😠😠stupid apps
~ My TaeTae
This release was wasy better before actually you can't do anything actually unless you pay for it and all the songs I had saved on my another device are gone and some that I had you actually have to pay for. This is trash!
~ Jasmine Outler
I like that I can obtain a better perspective knowing how I sound while I go along. I have find near and far, No! another release has done that.
~ sonia castaneda
it's a nice release and is it fun but it doesn't really allow you delete any videos when you don't wish them like when you post a video of you singing you can't delete it which I thought isn't that nice which is why I gave it a 4-star rating if it would allow you delete it would be a 5-star rating
~ Tabitha Mckellar
Nice range of songs BUT do not want to be videod while singing. Tricky to sing while covering camera.
~ Fiona M
I cant even listen to my own record. Because the release wants me to pay. If i was asked to pay at the lvl of listening to my own record, then how will i know if the release is nice for me? The release developer could give an opportunity to the player to experience his or her own record! Thanks
~ Marc Tingume
it's fun.... ish You have to pay 20$(no thanks) to post your singing if you can pay why bother to obtain this release..... 2 STAR BAD
~ XxGracexX
Usa demasiados datos, pero a pesar de eso es impresionante, and i would like it more, when it was an offline Soft
~ Raymond friesen
Rubbish! Don't install. Most of the times the song's skip all the idea through. When headphones are plugged in. Your voice has an echo which is off putting. I reported the trouble. The respond I got was, it gotta be a bug at their end record without headphones. Yeah thanks for that. I'm Uninstalling.
~ Carolyn Carty
paid the 20 dollars for the release, thought it was more social, it's not. cant figure out how recipients sing with another recipients, there's no idea to see recipients's profiles so I don't see how anyone would see my song. The feed crashes the release Each time I launch it. they only information you on the feed if you correspondence them and they think youre nice enough. Stupid stupid waste of dollars.
~ Amber Restorick
it wud be grt if i cud find all the songs...the release has onli in built songs..n i cannot search the songs that wanted to sing...and afta while it doesnt work n displays sth abt unable to retrive equipment from google test...i need support
~ Jigme Omba
it's nice hearing your voice in a studio. but u cant save it without paying for it and test back your recording. i think we could be allowed that.
~ itsmikayahtho _
It's lost a lot of songs that it used to have. Artists like Alec Benjamin and Melanie Martinez present up with only one or two songs. It seems like you need headphones in order for your voice to be recorded. It's still decent, but it's definitely seen better days.
~ Esther Blackner
I've had this release many years ago but I got locked out/forgot my PW, I havent had chance to use it often. But it was kinda fun when I first started using it.. I didn't wish to spend dollars so I went for the nonpaid one,that time I think it only had a several song that was nonpaid to record with. I think there was only one or two songs I was familiar with, so I gave it a test, I think I got one of the judges turned for me, hehehe!
~ Abigail Peralta
I have to admit that I tried, with both the Karaoke release and The Voice (both by Yokee) and neither completed 'initializing' so that they were even available for use. Be awfully carefully to look for developer stats. Same source, same troubles. . .edit: after five mins waiting, I restarted. Yay, it worked! But I should only run a song. Should not obtain out of it until I closed the release. Couldn't stop the rec, run the devices hearing nor anything else. A lot of dead ends.
~ Stanley TryHard