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TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software   
About: TeamSpeak is an advanced voice chat and communication release that enables groups of recipients to communicate and share stats with every another via the internet or through personal networks, whether they are using an Mobile device, PC, MacOS, iOS, or Linux. The preferred voice chat solution for online users, dudes, family, and tiny businesses globe-wide, TeamSpeak lets you chat with fellow squad colleagues, discuss walkthrough in true-time, or facilitate online meetings. TeamSpeak is spam nonpaid and can be run on either your own personal server, securely connecting with and chatting to your gild, castle or colleagues. Or jump on one of the many public servers and channels. TeamSpeak3 for Mobile is optimized to enhance your small device experience and keeps you connected with your peers while you're on-the-go. To communicate with another players using TeamSpeak, you go ... Show more
Genre: Communication Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
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TeamSpeak 3 - Voice Chat Software Reviews and Comments:

It is a cute solid ts3 release, you can basically do almost everything you would wish to do with a notebook release. But it stops using my mic after about 1 min if I go to other release or lock the device. When I'm in the release itself it's fully fine and works well. But still very annoying. Looked for any possible settings and the release has background usage enabled. Still no mic usage in background. 4 stars then. Upd: doesn't work with Bluetooth headphones. 3 stars.
~ Anton Koshenkov
paid for nothing. useless. can't even run release.
~ Luke Kebing
Can't obtain past the Terms Agreement screen... like so many others it seems
~ Peter Pittman
how gonna solve this trouble before that nothing happens why actually modernization the newest is not so nice
~ JPM Baby
It works as expected.
~ Max
I can't approve the terms and conditions litteraly. The approve button does not work
~ jon einar
I can't even use the release, because I can't approve the terms and conditions.
~ Kiko
even after the modernization. no fixes were made to the audio that kept cutting in and out
~ Sparky Kitty
Crashes a lot on Mobile 9
~ Miss Mercy
Nice release use it to chat with colleagues usually on either the notebook or device . does what it claims on the tin
~ Richard T
Cannot access release due to Policies statement and Terms & Conditions bug. I cant Approve the terms
~ Julian Esteves
the approve button is greyed out because you didn't read it. or just scroll all the idea down and it will appear white.
~ Johny Peach
Notebook ver is nonpaid, so why is the release not nonpaid?
~ Florian v. Rooij
Nice just needs a several upgrades
~ Robin Searle
Works as intended and seems to be light on battery consumption. Very great.
~ Alex Z
I love deaktop ts thats why downloaded mobile veraion.
~ Mehran S. C.
This Soft works nice except for the fact that the audio quality is terrible. Listening to song through teamspeak is really not a viable option on small unless the sound quality is improved.
~ Chris Mustola
Do not pay for this. Fully useless and did I mention that it is fully useless? Give my dollars back!
~ Attila Gyor
the release reports false connects and disconnects. very annoying. doesn't happen in the windows platform.
~ John Christakos
It hangs while logging and in another not reprodusable circunstances. The interface is horrible and not intuitive at all with tiny to no explanation
~ Aura Muñoz
It should use a design modernization, but otherwise rock-solid, proper app. I just want it wasn't proprietary but that's just me. Nice job!
~ Crash BX
I like the UI, but the crashes are really annoying. i'm running this on a oneplus 6 on mobile 9.0. often i launch it after i leave it for a while, it just crashes. i have to force stop it in the settings to create it work.
~ Abdulrahman Al-mutairi
I can't approve the agreement, the approve button is greyed out and I can't scroll down the agreement because it is incomplete. I have asked for a refund, I'll be glad to buy it again as quick as it's fixed.
~ A Google user
Doesn't work. Garbage. You can't click continue, or even if it goes to login menu, you can't click nothing else.
~ Flip Flap
nice release. one thing we need is a nonpaid ver for recipients. may be consider a scaled down ver that has less informations but the core item are their. Thanks.
~ Wayne Smith
Garbage release, horrible UI, annoying robot voices, audio quality terrible, lacking informations and EVERYONE in our group disconnected within 5 mins. We ended up swapping over to Discord at the run of the raid. Will be requesting a refund. All the rumors were real!
~ Xero Dom
It does not connect to any server..ok it gotta be the connection trouble because at home it work
~ Gasper Romih
absolute rubbish soft that does not work emailed the designer for this release but refuses to respond,can't connect or chat,take the dollars and no support or explanation why it's not working.....disgusting you could refund the dollars you took off me,you couldn't even have the decency to respond
~ bazza62501
Previous troubles with accepting ToS have been fixed. The definitive VoIP client with help for self-hosted servers on small for chump change with an intuitive interface for players already acquainted with the desktop ver. Haven't encountered any bugs or major annoyances that aren't just due to it being on small.
~ smol
I cannot approve licence agreement just because there is no idea to do it: all I see is 4 lines of text (last is "table of contents"), 2 working buttons "reject" and "send" and disabled "approve". I cannot scroll view, there is no interactive elements except these 2 buttons.
~ Anton Chernov
I have been ripped off by this company to the target of losing a lot of dollars! Not only has this been a trouble, but the bastards have yet to contact me and it is beyond pissing me off! The group has proceeded in neglecting me and this trouble for 3 god damn months actually! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP, NOR BUY ANY SERVERS FROM THESE PEOPLE! THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY!
~ Maerichin Rose Duoel
there's no idea to recover you profile another then the correspondence, but when i first registered there WAS no correspondence sign up so all my stats was lost. also there's NO reason this release needs to access everything on my device to do its job. no matter how much i paid for it, i can see it was wasted dollars. anyone is better off using discord or other chat line then this.
~ Shadowborn
What the hell is up with this modernization!! my release keeps freezing each 5 seconds!!! 😠
~ ryan reel
shittiest release ever doesn't allow me even join any server. i would give this a negative 14 if i should
~ the lotus child
Teamspeak still have troubles changing on BT headsets from Call Mode to Sound mode. It's annoying and I can't use it for too long.
~ Pascal Fiedler
Need to take a brake from gaming or just late for a gild run? This release got you covered. There is no reason to slash a conversation short just because you need to create a samich. You can also allow the castle know you aren't going to create it in time for a timed meeting, or even if you just don't feel like testing but still wish to be social (while on the go) with your nice dudes. Pros -"It just works!" Cons -It can't create me a samich or refill my coffe. -Doesn't have a voiced alarm (timer) that should warn you it's already morning and you are late for work. -Doesn't pay me for this ideias D=
~ Cpt. Rusty
Release works but isnt nice, connections are not as stable as notebook, disconnecting is a repeating trouble, bluetooth microphones dont really work, reconnecting can often effects in too many players when there arnt. many troubles that need fixing.
~ Zytose S
If you wish to talk on your server, and nothing more, then this'll be nice. But if you wish to do anything that's even remotely related to configuring the server, then another than some primary functions, tough luck. You better obtain an SSH client for that and learn how to use a CLI query. Sometimes it just mutes you. If you had no microphone. You have to reconnect to solve it. Another than that, it works perfectly, if you consider only speaking working. I wouldn't claim it's that terrible but should be better
~ Szőke Attila
It's very hard to operate with the release with such a horrible player interface. On top of that, when closing the release, the microphone becomes fully unusable — it stops working on each single release unless I restart my device (Mobile 9).
~ Masfik Network
It requires, and will refuse use without, unacceptable release permissions. Mobile is specifically built with player choice in mind. Giving players an ultimatum is about this is also unacceptable. I would suggest lookibg for an alternative until this trouble is remediated.
~ Michael