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About: Did you know that the average person has about 70,000 thoughts a day? Receive yours organized with Taskade. Create lists, capture concepts, and collaborate with groups to supercharge your squad productivity. Taskade is a simpler idea to make checklists, outlines, and notes. Whether you're ticking off everyday targets, managing a group project, or planning a holidays with dudes getting organized with Taskade is easy, friendly, and fun. Collaborate better by using Taskade to share your lists and notes. Work with squad members to edit content together in true time, manage group tasks, and brainstorm live via chat. FEATURES Make a pretty task list, note, or outline Share task lists immediately Invite dudes and teammates to collaborate Chat with squad members in true time Simple one-tap editing Make nested outlines Mark and filter tasks using #hashtags and @menti ... Show more
Genre: Productivity Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: Taskade
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Taskade - Lists, Notes, Chat Reviews and Comments:

I love the Soft functionality very much.. I was looking to have an release that does cross sync between Windows OS and Mobile OS. But only concern is that it is not opening offline. Also it needs WIFI connectivity in App.. Otherwise it is not opening in App Time connection.. And it would be nice if they deliever Widget option in Desktop ver.. Another than that the Soft is nice.. But currently I uninstalled it and using my favored release TickTick..
~ baskar babu
I usually don't write reviews, but this release seriously deserves one. All of my fellow peers and students, Taskade is literally the finest release for supporting you stay organized and in track of your assignments, assessments, personal lists, targets, etc. The act of checking off the list when you're done is so rewarding and motivating, and the fact that you can share your lists with others is such a useful idea, especially in group projects. Usually you launch a newest tab, taskade shows up and it is so freaking useful in reminding you of what you have to do. Plus, can we please talk about how aesthetically pleasing this release is? My GOD. Anyways, I 100% suggest this release to everyone, even if you're not in school. I have tried so many apps to support hold you organized and this by far has been the finest one.
~ johanna k
it destroyed once but otherwise a nice release. Very useful indeed. It would be nice if it should connect with canvas or correspondence to auto complete my schedule.
~ Audrey Ekada
Great release and all, loved it for many informations which are available in the web ver, but it seems that some of these informations are not present in this release. Like, how do you create text bold/italic in release, or drag and change order of tasks? Maybe I didn't notice that, or if you add these informations, I would've given solid 5/5
~ Azamat Salamat
This release really supports me to organise my day to day life as a student. It really supports me to hold on task and know what I need to do. However, when I use taskade as a chrome extension it annoys me that I can't claim no to having a chat box on every to-do list as I'm just using this release and extension for my own organisation. Would you be able to change this? Thank you for this release!
~ Emma Wincote
EDITED: actually the reminder function is in zone and not only that, but you can pick to have it via correspondence or in the UI. - nice work. my only nice actually is if/when this will go paid. I megahertz have to look for other solution then. 5 stars thank you All in all a very needed release. I have used many to-do and organisational apps and this one seems to be working for me the finest. still, I think some reminder function would be in order; and the another I would really love to see, is a widget or some function to bring up my agenda or the everyday list of to-do's on my home screen as quick as I launch my device. Will we see developments in that zone, you think?
~ grg jnsy
I will rate 5 if I can make a workspace! Thanks alot for the developpers for their brilliant work. However, I should not make a workspace for some reason. And I have tried the proper idea of course as described by your UX.
Nice release for collaboration.
~ Sahil Rajput
great release. nice for project mangement
~ william tolbize
A bit sluggish. Even on high-end phoes or notebook. But look and feel in great and very practical. Rich text editing information on the lists is great. Makes the difference. Minimum design full flexibility. Super awsome. This is it! The finest for me. But guys please create the chat window minimized by default. And please replace this childish logo of sheep head.
~ Agron Morina
Decent enough release but when it claims you can quick go pro, what it doesn't claim is that they will take away informations that were nonpaid with no warning. Got up this morning and almost all the background options actually have a large lock on them and who knows what else they've turned off. They aren't offering us bonus informations, they're just taking away the ones we had. Kind of tacky to do that to your actual players. AND it's a subscription fee, not a single payment. Not worth it.
~ Melisa
Really simple to use, and you can set it up exactly as you wish.
~ Kate Joveski
Exellent release!!! Will be great when offline mode is working.
~ Patrick Sasso
I'm very addictive to this app. I happily do all the tasks 😍
~ Muhammad Amjad
wow. what an release that syncs and organizes amazingly!! super love this release.
~ Mario Alvarado
Finest Productivity Soft! Dead easy and simple to use. GREAT JOB!
~ Ronald Surya
I have tried a lot of task management apps and this on is so far the finest one. can use in notebook and device
~ Dynasty Paws Kennel Phippinese
Favored to-do list and bujo!
~ Freya Sheldon
I am a list guy and Taskade is wonderful. Easy combines lists w checkboxes or scrum boards if you like that view. Pretty product!
~ Robert Tanaka
nice experience using the release. it's easy, and effective and doesn't hold stopping like others.
~ sarableen Kaur
Please implement an offline mode first, some form of settings that you can change the release to dark mode etc..., and document attachments. Thank you.
~ Fita Ramano
Nice release with a recent, clean and modern design. Help is nice too! Allow's hope for dark mode quick!
~ Rushil Srivastava
Ok. Colourful layout. Like that alot. Folder-driven a nice plus. Seems more purposed for Squads actually than before. Largest change is a brand quite expensive Pro ver upgrade option that is often promoted. Wayyyyyy too expensive if you are one-two person. If a mid-size company is paying the bill, probably worth it. I would promote the paid release if my 2-person company had it to use.
~ SaraAnn Azar
Love the release but it just needs to add 'assign' task functionality. However alot of things like comments do not present on small and lately going outside a list is leading to a ruin. Nice release, just not working on small, which really kills this.
~ Asad Saeed
Asana on drugs. Literally da finest task management soft I met. Very simple and easy. I would call it a nice example of a lean product. Hold it like that!
~ Agroinvest Canes
Having "great to have" informations as super informations is fine. But actually I can't even make a newest workspace without going pro? How else will I organise my notes? This used to be my go-to release for speedy notes on my device but I guess not anymore.
~ dragonstarlyc7
really love this release. all the facilities in this release are gave me unexpected surprise. if you wish to become a beast in less year then this is the right productivity release you need to download.
~ Senthil Prasanth
Incredible Soft! Really nice for keeping my clients, tasks , and squad on the same page. I would give this release 5 stars but it's lacking in a several qualities that should support create it more player friendly. Better alerts and info. would also be great to be able to upload more than one attachment at a time. Overall this is a nice release for tiny squads or i individuals lookimg to create organization and transparency a true priority.
~ A Google user
Nice easy release that I thought did everything I required. I love the syncing between the release and my pc browser. That was until I discovered that you MUST have an Internet connection to see your lists. For me that is not usually possible (eg. when in gigantic warehouses or on airplanes) so for actually I will be uninstalling and going back to Colornote. If I have this wrong or if there is a workaround I would be glad to re-rate the release as 5 stars.
~ Geoff Edwards
i really like this release, very simple to create and share great to do lists. $9.99/month seems a bit steep for what it is, though. Guess it's just for rich recipients or something.
~ Brian Cooke
I've used so many of these softwares over the last several years, some terrible, some nice, some nice. Taskade fits into the latter genre thus far.... it has so many informations that I haven't play it thoroughly but, so far, so (very) nice.
~ Tim Stubbs
I have tried another browser productivity softwares but Taskade stands above the rest. It is simple to use and ever present when I need to jot down a to -do. The release is nice as well. It integrates across all the devices I use on a everyday basis to hold my stress weak and my task list up to date.
~ Ricky Huff
Nice for making tiny lists of things I need to do/obtain
~ Ken Gunther
Nice and complete informations for tasks and assignment.
~ Kurnia Dharmawan
Nice. Should use a "insert or convert hyperlink to word" function.
~ Rob Wahl
Hi, when I star a list, the icon of the list changes to a letter G, Why? By the idea the release is nice and I love it.
~ Daniela López
Love at first task!! This apps really got me hooked. Very supporting at my project planning and squad collaboration.
Not as nice as the blog. No idea to transport equipment on a list up and down can you can on the blog. Disappointing.
~ AJ D
This release is nice for its purpose, but that is where it ends. The interface seems launch, but moving around, choosing text, inserting text at the first hero of a line with text on it, and the fact that a newest modernization forces the keyboard to disappear on each newest line are frustrations that limit this apps functionality and future capability. Avoid using until the developer fixes these player interface troubles. Stick to using the blog or another apps altogether.
~ Ken Rogers Jr.
I love this release! I am a Stay At Home Mom and it supports me stay so organized with the many projects and targets I wish to accomplish throughout the week. Making a grocery list, keeping up with my gardening chores and seeding dates etc. It is just a nice release!
~ Wendy R.