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About: !!! This is a license file for SuperSU. This is NOT a stand-alone release. You need SuperSU already installed. Reboot after installation !!! SuperSU Pro adds the following informations to your SuperSU installation: - OTA survival mode (no guarantees) - Full color-coded command content logging (input/output/error) - Per-release logging configuration - Per-release player override - PIN security See the SuperSU release description for further information on SuperSU. Note that SuperSU Pro is rarely modernized - most of the modernized code goes directly into the main SuperSU release. That is the one you need to modernization.
Genre: Tools Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 51MB Developer: Codingcode
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SuperSU Pro Reviews and Comments:

This release is not launch ....dollars vaste
After Magisk & Mobile 7? It's useless
~ Gary Hill
can't able to this release on my device...release developer s tool me
~ A Google user
Suck do not buy ,wasting your time
~ A Google user
its all nice . . . so far
~ A Google user
The original, tried and real.
~ Zac Halls
Owned by a super shady Chinese company.
~ Nick Lee
I thought you pay for what you obtain so I did.
~ A Google user
hold getting SuperUS binary occupied when opening app.
~ james rhodes
I am satisfied with this release however it has not been modernized in awhile. Concerned.
~ A Google user
As this is a nice Super player release, sadly the developer no longer works on the project.
~ Dante
Why isn't the release launching after installing. I was also charged to install it
~ Jayanthi Y P
Soft not showing on my device so I wish a refund for it
~ Dominic Lowrey
I got my device back!!! Thank you Chainfire!
~ xrononautis xrononautis
won't my dollars back won't install on my device
~ Michael Dogan
Cannot launch this release..waste my dollars..please refund my dollars.
~ Thines Vasudewan
Where is supersu release then? Nothing in test shop except this one!
~ Jaroslav Gorjatsev
Why I can't launch the release and it doesn't root for my device
~ The Gamer chhayhuy
What a joke if the tools not available or the apps not available then it shouldn't be on the Test Market no refund just a stealing of my dollars
~ A Google user
I installed but I can't able to see in my device
~ dipak zala
Still the finest Root Manager to date.
~ adam smith
this release its not opening its just giving me an option of installing and uninstalling. What gotta I do. I bought it
~ Gabriel Chikomo
please support me how to launch this release.they present in the screen unistall only not have launch.why cannot launch this release?first time i buy this release.
~ A Google user
worst release ever, after buy, dollars deducted and not showing release
~ madhav sapkota
I can't launch this app after paying what is going ON??????
~ Judaeda Motaung
hey I purchased this release in order to create a full unroot to my device and it doesn't work, please I need my dollars back :(
~ Ing. Baas Micke
Cannot run without base ver, which is not in the release shop. I even flashed the Super SU app. Cannot obtain it to work.
~ A Google user
this is my two times attempt to buy and installing it, but after ill paid this release, it's error installation again and again,.. grrrrrr.... what the fuck is this?
~ Waray Bayaay
Rubbish, used to be nice, DON'T BUY IT, THIS APP IS NOT SUPPORTED.
~ Johno O'Neill
unable to launch the release it only gives the option to uninstall.
~ Joyson Dsouza
I purchased this to help development and chain fire sells and actually substratum isn't even supported. Super pissed! DOWNLOAD MAJISK MANAGER INSTEAD.
~ Mike D aka Mike The Nanotecnologist
heard a lot about this release. but I cant use it cause I'm not rooted and their blog will not load to present me how. this is a producer error and not a buyer error.
~ Dragon Kittens
Never had an trouble with this in the past but this paid ver doesn't even present up on my devices after installing it. Worse I can't seem to obtain a refund after uninstaling it.
~ distrohopping junkymonkey
Nice super player release ever created, be sure and buy the pro ver and check out all of Chainfires apps!
~ Bryan Wright
Why is this wanting to give me a refund after i paid then downloaded or tried to download it?
~ Itismeee
TOOK MY MONEY! I paid for it but the installation was unsuccessful and I should only refund my dollars once after unusual and reinstalling!
~ macy howard
Yeah, you claimed an mx10 and a t95z plus. stuck in bootloop on both. reflashing turned into card burning and actually in the trash. I assume when reinstalling the rom your tool failed twice. you could fix that if your gonna charge for it. Maybe your rootchecker is misreading easily rootable as already rooted.
~ A Google user
The original developer of SuperSU, Chainfire, quit development on it a year ago. From what I understand, he sold it to a Chinese firm. Magisk seems to be the newest trustworthy root release.
~ A Google user
I don't know how to do the ratings. At first I install the primary supersu and is nice. But after I bought the supersu pro, then I can't load in the release and can't modernization the release. It hold mentioning "missing supersu binary" su binary not found. Actually I'm still searching how to solve my TV box troubles.
~ Mic 168
can someone support me see what im doing wrong? i click the icon.. sends me to a "terrible gateway" nothing else! what gives??
~ A Google user