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About: Variety of nice results for your pictures! Special, outstanding results you'll love. Turn your pictures into nice art pieces with just one click! Informations: * Use your gallery, camera & social pictures. * Genres: Filters, Cutouts, 3D, Combos, Bokeh, Frames, Textures, Patterns, and Brushes. * Favorites bookmarks, backup and restore * 1500+ cool results * Full HD quality (infinite size) * No banners Please if you have any trouble contact us sending an correspondence to [email protected] Note: this release requires Internet to work!
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Moonlighting Apps, LLC
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Similar Apps Like Cut Out - Photo Background Editor Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Photo cut out is the best cut out and professional photo editor, photo cutout with face cut out, photo cut, photo editor background, background editor, diigo photo chop, change photo background, cut and paste, photo crop, background photos app. Feature : Selfie with other photo Free Photoshop App Cut Shape Photoshop Editor Photo Editor and Pic Editing Mixes Photo Editor Photo Editing and Picture Editor Paste Photos Chat Set Different Cutout Photos Chat Photo Background Editor Phot...

Developer: Better Share Technologies [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Sketch Maker : Pencil Sketch  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Pencil Sketch Photo Maker is a professional Sketch photo Editor application for making real sketch of your photos. You can make your photos looks like a real artistic painting easily like hand made pencil sketch with nice effects. This application is very easy to use and totally free on store. This application supports both black-white and color sketch with multiple kinds of wonderful effects. Photo Sketch Maker provides many sketch styles in this application you can pick any one from them an...

Developer: Apps Best Photo [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Birthday Cake Photo Frame Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Birthday Cake Photo Frame Birthday Cake Photo Frame application is specially created with nice realistic and Beautiful Birthday Cakes Hd frames. Use best birthday photo frames and transform your photo image into the picture with prettiest memories. Increase your pictures with happy birthday photo effects for children and adults. Use best birthday photo frames and transform your photo image into the picture with prettiest memories. Write name of your friends, relatives and dear...

Developer: Matrix Apps Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Professional Suit : Background Changer & Editor Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: * Specially Designed for Profestional Suit or Background Changer & Your Image to be decorated, so get ready to make your Profestional Suit Pictures Amazing! * Profestional Men Suit For All Photo Editor is Just an App Which Lets You Try On Different Collection New Men Suit And Formal Suit With Different Background Editor App. * New Collection Professional And Formal Suit Editor App is like Different Categories Profestional Suit Photo Editor & Latest Collection in Costume Background Changer ...

Developer: Vector Design Art [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Game of Throne Photo Editor Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Edit your photos like a pro and transform them into works of art! Be inspired with one of the most popular TV shows in the past years and decorate your pics with its main symbols. Look like its main characters and live this epic story for free. If you are into photo editing and photo decorating, you have GOT to try this cool photo editor with stickers. Free stickers-app is just a click away from you. Download Game of Throne Photo Editor for free and explore the mythical lands, fight the ancient ...

Developer: Fast and Fun Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Face Aging:Make Me Old Camera 2019 & Face changer Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Welcome to Aging:Make Me Old Camera 2019 Age Face Booth App face changer and makeup editor Wondering how you would look as an old man? No longer need to do it! Age Face app is typical face aging booth machine. Just add photo (from gallery or camera) and watch your scary old man face and makeup editor ;) - Convert yourself into an aging old grandpa, add glasses or monocle and a funny mustache or beard. - Immediately save the image to your gallery or share it with popular social services ...

Developer: Robert Santra [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Image Scissors - Pro Background Eraser Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Image Scissors is an interesting photo editing APP which can erase photo background and make it transparent. If you want to try different background , Image Scissors will be your best choice. In addition , You can also use it to create a natural and formal identification photo, like passport image or ID card image and something like that for yourself. You can avoid complex image matting procedures because of it. How to use it: Select photo:select a photo from your phone Cut...

Developer: Linda Wang [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Repeat Photo Animation Effect- Photo GIF Animation Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Want to create amazing Photo repeat animation on your picture with colorful & Blending art? Then just go for it. Download it and create your best picture with amazing Animation, Filters, Blending & Colorful Art! "Photo Repeat Animated Effect - Blending Art" app allows you to create different types of Repeat Photo reflecting mirror effects in your photos. You can create perspective effect, mirror effect in shapes, 3d mirror, left-right, up-down, reflection, Repeat Photo repeating as well as re...

Developer: Effect of Arts [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photofox Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Photofox photo editing for various creations. Whether you're an inspirational or experienced artist, you'll be stunned by all the creative power of this advanced photo editing app: from layers to blending modes, to effects, brushes, fonts, tonal adjustments, film, black and white And double presets, etc. Light Photofox creative combination Excellent photo mix. Superimpose images to achieve double exposure and surreal iPhone Art Sophisticated layers! Easily combine photos and re-edit each l...

Developer: Brian Carl [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Filter for Snapchat  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Snappy pictures are becoming a new craze that affect pictures of people in the whole world ,and for this reason we developed a reliable and powerful photo editor that can make your snapchat photos look more stunning and attractive , Filter For Snapchat 2019 is the ultimate photo editor of snapchat and this interesting photo gives you a real chance to beautify your snapchat pictures with a tons of sweet filters like : Flower Crown filter , Heart bubbles filter , cute Doggy& Puppy filter , adorab...

Developer: Best Creative Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Auto blur background - Portrait photography DSLR Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Auto blur background is fast and easy to use app to create amazing blur background effect pictures. Portrait photography app has lots of photo blurring, bokeh tools. Using them you can easily make your own DSLR Bokeh Effect. Blur image background is an effective blur photo editor, which can be used, to give your picture background, a blurry effect. Blur unwanted portions of a pic effectively, and give it a blur effect, using the blur photo filters, of this blur picture editor or blur pic e...

Developer: Judi Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Koraju - Free Collage Maker Instant Photo Collage Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Remember when collages took hours to make? Searching in your galerie for the perfect photos to make your creation? Say hi to Koraju, an instant collage app creating great collages in no time. Come try to be the next celebrity on instagram thanks to our creation! Simply hit the button to get a new collage from our collage maker. No gallery picking, no hard work. It will automatically pick the most amazing photos from your gallery to make a beautiful colege. You don't like our college ...

Developer: Trulee [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Portrait Mode HD Camera Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Using Portrait Mode Camera, you don't need be a professional photographer to make a DSLR Effect on Blur Background effect on your Photo. With using Portrait Mode Camera your finger and touch on unwanted part of your photo you can blur it. Dslr camera is very simple to use an blur the background. DSLR Camera: Portrait Camera is free Blur Background Photo editor and image blur app to apply multiple blur or blurry effects to image. Blur unwanted backgrounds, ugly backgrounds, hide unwanted perso...

Developer: Music Media 2019 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Make Me Old Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Everyone will experience the day of aging, but do you want to know what kind of obvious changes will appear on your face when you are old? Make Me Old is an easy to use and very interesting facial aging app, it can clearly show you how you look old in the future. Features: - Select photos from the gallery or take new photos with your camera. - A variety of different photo frames for you choose. - You can see the faces of different ages. - Zoom in and out, move, and add text. - Save your...

Developer: Doilglop Studio [email protected]


Similar Apps Like SpinCar Capture Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: SpinCar makes it easy to shoot video and still photos of a vehicle so you can create a 360 WalkAround....

Developer: SpinCar [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Easter Photo Editor 2019 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: ~Wishing you peace, love, and happiness at Easter and always~ Make these Easter days of week more amaze and memorable with free Easter photo frame app in your Smartphone. Try the all new Easter bunny photo frame filters, stickers, and tools on your beautiful photos and share them with your friends and families. Download and Install this brand new Easter photo editor to forge this celebration all along with your alluring photos and @decorate @frame @fun @make it all possible with happy Eas...

Developer: Orion Apps Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Echo Mirror Magic - Background Eraser  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Now Enjoy! The latest Echo Mirror Magic - Background Eraser app. Are you want to show clones with magic mirror effect? then try our Echo Mirror Magic : Reflection and Mirror Effect app. Echo Mirror Magic Artist app turns your photo's into magically looking artistic photos with expression. Make creative movie style photo effects by using our magic mirror effect. Simple and Easy erase your photo and Paste with different HD background for showing running, walking, jumping and many more ...

Developer: dreamApps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Thumbnail Maker & Banner thumbnail for youtube Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Create compelling snapshots of videos in YouTube thumbnail maker for yt! Just a few steps and you can create perfect custom video thumbnails and miniature. - Photo Collage Select from a dozen of templates for the most suitable one to begin with. -Fonts Keyboard Dozens of fonts, font colors and special font effects available for use. - Stickers Popular & trending stickers to highlight the best part of your videos. - Photo Remix Add extra photos and combine them into photomontages lik...

Developer: Finish Braker [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Background Remover Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Photo background Remover is an background image editor to erase photo background to transparent and let you edit it with different beautiful backgrounds . Cut out background remover app photo editor has so many edit options like text , stickers , photo effects and many more. Background Remover Pro lets you to remove background of an image in seconds. Background Remover Pro & Background Eraser Changer is smart image background remover app with photo background remover with beautiful user inte...

Developer: gallery 2019 [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Photo Art Editor 2019 - Magic Photo Frame Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Photo Art Editor 2019 - Magic Photo Frame Photo Art Editor 2019 application provides a large collection of Magic frames. Now you can add your favorite photo in frame. They will become fantastic in a less time. Photo Art Editor 2019 are one of best for that lets you Editing your photos. Choose a photo from your gallery, select a frame and generate your photo. You can prepare your photo easily in few clicks. Decorate your pictures with the most elegant photo frames and effects in less than ...

Developer: shree maruti plastic [email protected]



SuperPhoto Full Reviews and Comments:

Enjoy having fun 😊😊😊
~ Sean Michael
Nice Equipment!!
~ Randy DeShong
Absolutely nice!
~ A Google user
Does what it claims
~ Damion Gonzales
Very nice ui and simple to use.
~ Neil Douglas
This has just about everything, really needed...❤
~ Nanalee Gage
If used with my another apps it is incomparable.
~ Erik Brown
Used to be nice but fully worthless actually. Uninstalling.
~ terry fetzer
Love it, I use it to fancy up many pictures I take. It is simple and fun.
~ RJ Daniels
Checking license, please wait........ years
~ Daniel Freigeist
Can't seem to connect... Just keeps "checking license"?!?!
~ Tim King
My favoured editing release! A nice software for creating special results.
~ Roger Short
Incredible release with loads of filters
~ neil shepherd
It was the software to spaze any of your finest pictures...use Pfec flowww🌅oh😎 but actually its wack...not as cool either🙄😫 🎭it has not the enginuit to Inspire a passion or thurst to be the constructive Genius Iconic Fashion Designer Exclusive 🏔️🕊️i am Kard©π D®πicheD®π Rec📀rds🖼️🎨🎭 you are a nice dude to keep of your👑🏔️🌅🏔️👑 make...Wow This release deserves an Oscar for its ingenuity🤔🤨😐😒😴 💡💡💡🚦🚨🚦test another apps
~ Dontece Coggain
Although I had troubles with the Internet and my device, this is a nice release on my device.
~ A Google user
Cool Soft Nice Job
~ LukeLikesPizza
Brilliant. Lots off fun to test with and produces fabulous effects.
~ John Thornley
dropped to a 4 be cause for few years the opague bubbles does not work ever in like 3 yrs you could have fixed that long ago you need to check your system sent you 2 correspondences it's not fixed sometimes it does not reply to pictures in few another filters at all you need to check this for mobile galaxy a please l paid lm waiting ps l had to obtain the internet nothing works at all w/o wi fi like you claimed someone else
~ A Google user
Terrible quality results with an outdated UI. Feels like it was designed for the Commodore Amiga.
~ Chris Starkey
So much to pick from, have downloaded many apps like this but none quite meet up to exspectations. This release however does, some really neat equipment.
~ A Google user
Incredible on Windows devices and Mobile devices. l prefer it to Painnt!
~ Doreen Lindsay
Soft quit working. Claims it is checking the license and then freezes.
~ A Google user
~ Sim One
None of the results I tried worked and there is no proper preview before saving. Rate it 0 if compared with another related apps.
~ elsabe schoeman
Checking license, please wait…When the grave is down, you will fix this error
~ الحمد الله
Checking license, please wait....one years later "Checking license, please wait. Please fix this errors please, I can run this app.
~ Сурхайхан Алданов
I see why it's on sale. Need Internet to take picture, and we're are they going I've noticed that after perfecting the final picture I've dug a tiny deeper to see that some personal pics are being transferred to a server in the U.S why...
~ zowie hearn
Super picture, fx, filters , this has been one of my top four favoured picture fx apps, it has changed in the past couple of years, i havent had this release on my device in a while, so i dont know how its working, i just edited a couple of pictures just after i installed this release, it worked fine. Ill use it a bit more to check it out. I have 5 stars up there, if the release performance is worthy, the stars will remain.
~ Rich F
$5.00 to watch this ripoff endlessly display, "Checking license, please wait...". I reinstalled it and lost the Refund button. Still waiting. Fix it or give my dollars back!
~ john smith
Very nice please modernization your soft periodically
~ Hulk smash
just started using may/maynot modernization.
~ Blake Siladji
Definitely worth the $....💒🗽💒
~ Holli Burns
Destroyed often, processed slowly. Too terrible. Seemed like an interesting release.
~ Nikolaus Maack
Love, Love,Love ...GET THIS APP
~ Carol Bono
I had this release on my Samsung galaxy and the results are terrific, I've only just found it again.
~ Natasha Suzanne Jupp
it stopped working! because i gave dollars i bet. pictures are uncanged! noting works actually!
~ Denice Dell
One of the better filter results, some you have to pay monthly fee, this one pay once your done
~ laurie miller
I love this release. It's very player-friendly and appeals to the divergent artist that I have usually been.
~ Debra Stewart
Paid for the full ver and half of the results don't work! Not impressed.
~ Amanda Dunkley
Upgraded my device to the Samsung S9+. I hold getting a message claiming "cannot check license". Run a Help ticket with the help squad. This was a week and a half ago and no response back from them. Tried correspondence and no response. Not glad with the lack of help.
~ Jeff Ashworth