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About: SuperFood - Healthy Recipes offers nonpaid access to tasty and healthy recipes using regional ingredients that you can save in our grocery list. Our individual calorie counter allows you to track your meals with relevant nutrition stats. Hold a nutrition diary and track your calories on a everyday, weekly and monthly basis with our nonpaid calorie calculator! We offer a healthy diet through a diverse selection of healthy recipes, simple to cook - from local and seasonal dishes to weak-carb and yummy vegetarian recipes. For a healthy diet we need healthy recipes. Superfood nutrition can support you to reduce health risks. Recipients in western countries are increasingly suffering from cancer, heart illness, high blood lvls and high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Superfoods are nice at controlling these symptoms by strengthening the immune system, providing better fat, prov ... Show more
Genre: Food & Drink Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: JuniSmile Food
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SuperFood - Healthy Recipes Reviews and Comments:

Love it V.V.V. much
~ Manju S. Kurmi
nice release nice recipes
~ A Google user
Nice one. I like it 😃
~ Abdulrehman Nasir
Meal mans finest Colleague
~ David A Colden
Love it nice recipes!
~ A Google user
Finest cooking release please download actually
~ A Google user
I thing that is nice
~ A Google user
Great release love it....
~ Aishu Jesh
I like to cooking my self.
~ A Google user
I Love Healthy meal #healthy #salad #
~ Prince viraj Saini
thanks for stay with pure vegetarian
~ Rohit Sharma
Please remove adds. Nice recipies. Add some chicken too.
~ Mariana Airini
Looks great, but has no meat recepies another than fish
~ Nikos Pournaras
It's a nice and ideal release
~ Zahida Akhtar
Not enough recipes, otherwise decent release
~ Alley Munster
This release turns my health into pretty alignment
~ Rabhijeet Gogoi
Please contain meat receipts, thanks.
~ Adi Amen
Nice, simple recipes. Great release to use too
~ Whacka Doodle
Excellent! Healthy vegan meals! I love it
~ Tina Mückschel
These foods recipes has nutritious benefits ,in which they offer a healthy idea of living!
~ A Google user
I think it is great to download this to learn how to cook newest recipes..
~ A Google user
This is Nice meal I love it all. Hold up this nice work.
~ Cheryl Drakes
Great release with interesting recipes. Not 5 stars because the design should be greatly improved
~ kevin mouton
Well this release need to have chicken beef recipes as well. It's only vegan or fish recipe. Sad
~ Samir Kazi
Very nice! It surely changed my life since I'm learning to cook vegetarian to change my lifestyle
~ María Artigas
Nice release Will test my hands on more of the equipment. Soft is developing so would like to see more equipment in menu.
~ mayur p
Love the pics, interface and healthier, diet-specific options! Gets you truly excited about cooking healthier!
~ Ash M
More than list of recipes I am looking for information where I can place what all ingredients i have at the moment and release could present me the things I can create out of it.
~ pankaj bharambe
I like using this release but would give it 5 stars if i should add up my weight daily along with meal i ate. Plz modernization it nd add daily weight tracking option. Thanks.
~ Navi CA
making the recipes is very simple if you follow the instructions but they are very adventurous and it's cute fun and they taste nice
~ jason stargel
awesome healthy recipes
~ A Google user
Nice dishes.! Absolutely nice experience on this release ..but need some work to add more recipies in this ...please add the pictures for more indication of ingredients.
~ Rl Chouhan
very nice recipes.😁
~ Rhonda Patterson
Lovely tasty recipes and so much choice
~ Charlie P
Tasty and healthy recipes.
~ Laura Rabb
not nice, better apps out there
~ Amando Ruiz
Fabulous tons of recipes for all taste and dietary requirements
~ Marlene Berry
lovely recipes, simple to create and as long as you have a stocked cupboard - budget friendly too.
~ Natalie Howard
Haven't tried a single recipe because each one of them entail bizarre ingredients i can't search in the grocery shops around me. Absolutely useless.
~ Maria Angelina
Nice recent, healthy SUPER FOODS recipes from all over the globe. Needs more recipes. Adverts interrupt the experience.
~ meresh 500