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About: Turn your face into 3D emoji and stand out from the crowd! Super Cam is your 3D live super emoji. You can use your face to control your favoured face emojis and masks and then you can do anything you wish to do, like smiles and frowns. Super simple and fun! Check plenty of face emojis including cat, dog, lion and more. and express yourself with plenty of artistic & magic filters to fit your personality and your actual mood. Be the first to test the newest coolest faces on, send to dudes and stand out from the crowd! Nice Informations: • Use your face to control your favoured emojis & masks and combine your own expressions with the emoji, including smiles, frowns, and more. • Animate your expression in a dozen different face emojis and masks, including cat, dog, lion, owl, alien, giraffe and more. • Express yourself with plenty of artistic & magic filters to fit your personality and actu ... Show more
Genre: Photography Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.6 Size: 72MB Developer: Xi’an Ni Xi Network&Technology Co., Ltd
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Super Cam | Face Filter Avatar Reviews and Comments:

I would like to have singers and rappers on here as well like dj khaled and Rhiannon and Bryson tiller also Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. If you did that, that would be lovely thanks.
~ Tristan Janssen
I love this release it’s soooooo cool! It sure does bring a smile to my face :) I have a celebrity to recommend, I think you could add Millie Bobby Brown! It would be soooo cool!!!!!
~ zycoew itrr
what is this release. all I seen was a frogs head. AND THATS IT. IT DID NOT DO NOTHING. JUST A FROG HEAD. I didn't even obtain a camera. hmmmmm
~ Julie Benedict
WORST GAME EVER!!!! I have played alot of terrible releases but this is by far the worst release yet, It won't allow me past the stupid dancing frog and animals. HOW .AM I. MENT. TO PLAY? Do not suggest 1 star.
~ Laicee Leckenby
Fun to test with. I’ll be using it for my YouTube videos some of them any whose. Nice product will suggest this to my dudes!!!!!
~ Shaurya Dasgupta
It’s like but better nice babes too. I just can’t hold my self off of it.You guys could fully check it out.There are filters beautiful and funny .Some of them are so I couldn’t stop laughing. It was Hilarious .Just test
~ xki whoce
I love love love this release and I really wish to have Brendon Uriel’s voice! Please add, this release will be so much better to the panic at the disco lovers! Thanks :D
~ Sarah Clarke
I don’t have snapchat so this release is AMAZING for beautiful emojis like that!!! Plus you can do your face makeup and then test with fake makeup on the release to see if you wish to do anything bonus that day
~ Elisabeth Wallner
This release is nice but it needs more filters because you use all the filters then you wish more but then you have to wait 24 hours. This release would be nice for recipients or babes who don’t have Snapchat.
~ Aino Makinen
So the reason I got this release is because I cannot obtain Snapchat. I really just wanted the face filters on Snapchat, so I thought this would be a nice substitute!
~ AnaMaria Uribe
I just don’t have the dollars nor time to hold up with Additional but I’m in love with the filters that I got. My dudes seem to love them when I send the funny ones and I love it too. This company’s doing a nice job at creating these filters and I suggest that y’all download this top-notch of an release
~ Roland Maier
Hey this is the finest release I’ve ever played,different masks and filters and very simple to use release!this release is sooooooooo nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Greis Gjoni
This is the finest release ever to trick recipients. I love this release so much. Even though u guys kinda need to place rappers and singers in the release. Place more celebrity in it please!!!
~ Tristan Mortensen
(If you do love me enough to add an accurate David Bowie, Tim Curry, and Christopher Lee maybe.... I might have to SERIOUSLY consider begging for dollars in the subway just to obtain a sub.)
~ Tuomas Hamalainen
i like all the emojis and ideas to edit your picture! ever since they added the ability to edit pictures that you’ve already taken, ive been using it more frequently! only downside is how much battery it uses up
~ Diogo Almeida
I love this release. I’m insane with it I’m using it each single day I just love it,the first time I opened it and I did Donald Trump I was like well it’s gonna be the funnest release I’ve ever had I just love it I don’t know why but like so much fun no seriously it’s so much fun you know how fun it is you could download it and test with around and you will run loving it loving it loving it loving it
~ Pieter Jacobs
Omg this is the finest release ever it is so much fun and you will love it I love to act as my favoured celebrities and actually I can now speak like them you will have as much fun as me I would give this release a 100 star review if I should that is how nice this release is you will definitely fall in love with this release
~ Ermir Gjoni
I love this release it is so nice. It doesn’t give me any problem. At first I wanted Snapchat but the rating wasn’t nice. Then I found this release it’s reviews were much better I tried it and I LOVE it
~ Tove Mathisen
Supercam is one of my favoured apps. I love the emojis and GIFS. Sometimes, it can be glitchy, but overall it is nice. And i love that the emojis are in different genres, so it is more easier and fun.
~ Dinis Pereira
Hello! I just downloaded this release today and already am in love with it. I think that it is funny, enjoyable, and of course...AWESOME!!!! I would rate it this release a 5/5 with its creativity like no another! NO FLAWS AT ALL. HOW CRAZY IS THAT??!!!!?? If you should, in your spare time, I think it would be cool to add Cardi B, or Justin Bieber. I know you guys are busy but it would be cool if you should! Great job making this release. Nice luck for the future! Bye! :D
~ Peter Scholten
I really like this release because I like to use filters and equipment but one thing that would be nice is if you should now text on here like Snapchat has.....I’m not allowed to have Snapchat so that would be so nice!!
~ 허은지
It’s like but better nice babes too. I just can’t hold my self off of it.You guys could fully check it out.There are filters beautiful and funny .Some of them are so I couldn’t stop laughing. It was Hilarious .Just test
~ Claudio Donati
The Super Cam release is definitely my go-to video release when I wish to take beautiful and/or goofy videos I love the wide tons of filers and emojis that you can use at all times, and some of them are truly hilarious!! Would definitely suggest
~ Besa Bogdani
I tried this release for the first time it was like I stepped into a newest globe I got to see a bunch of celebrity voices I thought I was just gonna be like a scam or something but now it’s not it is just so unbelievable can you find up any celebrity voices and you have to speak clearly while you’re doing it so I test Donald Trump‘s at the end it sounded like him and I also got a test so many another ones but you have to unblock your favoured ones I have in a locked all my favoured ones and I don’t know what else to claim about it I love how do you obtain a warm welcome mean when you launch the release it’s like you can be anybody you wish to be you can be hidden in a mass but nobody will know it’s just so unbelievable that’s why I think you could buy this release Thank you for reading my review
~ Fiona Lee
I love the release but things need to change. Also there is a short list of recipients and a long wait time.That’s just one example from some of the voices. Those are just minor flaws tho. They could add Goku or Vegeta. Or even Homer Simpson or Frieza
~ Unnat Magar
Modernization; the company reached out being apologetic and expressing understanding and care. Because of their customer help and taking the time to communicate I am upgrading my review to a 4 Stars! Hold up the nice work Super Cam and don’t stop caring!!
~ Anna Schneider
I really love Super Cam. It has soooooo many different emojis and I absolutely love the live picture information. The only trouble I have is that there’s not many song choices I just want there was more of a choice another than that nice!!!
~ Andrea Carvajal
I love this release! But, I would like you to add more recipients like, known rappers, singers, and maybe even cartoon characters! Also, love Billie eilish and I would love to see her in this release! I’m only asking, but should you do that?
~ Gyanendra Sherpa
This release is like Snapchat but it doesn’t allow you chat with your mom or dad because it’s a release with filters.... but my dude claimed that the release had banded her but I know that the release probably won’t ban recipients my dude was being stupid that day...... but I like the release!!
~ Carlijn Prins
I didn’t wish to pay 11.50 a week A WEEK so I went with the nonpaid ver. It was nice for the first two days but when the filters refreshed for the third time only 2 of them were newest instead of all of them like the days before. But otherwise it is a nice release overall.
~ Aleksandra Bogdanov
So I got this release because I can’t obtain Snapchat. It has so many face filters and they are all nonpaid! And you can obtain a weekly access to the weekly club if you send it to a dude. But you do have to pay for super. Overall nice release, I suggest all the idea
~ Frederik Jensen
This is a nice release but still should use some work it doesn’t work on me very well.I have to hold my device steady while I’m taking a pic. They didn’t have to do that in the intro on the Soft Market they should just transport their faces around and their devices.so over all this is a nice release but it needs a tiny more work and I would suggest it.
~ Danilo Pinto
I like this release and the live picture is nice and realistic. What I do want is that there were more filters and for the emojis were a tiny more realistic. Some of them are decent but others you can claim it looks fully werid. Another than that everything is cute nice I have no another complaints.
~ Funmi Kura
I really love Post Malone and I really think you could add him, another recipients would also be glad. Therefore, you will have your players claim another recipients about your release and how cool it is and then they will obtain the release. Overall, you could just add Post Malone it will create me glad
~ Owen Ouellet
I just don’t have the dollars nor time to hold up with Additional but I’m in love with the filters that I got. My dudes seem to love them when I send the funny ones and I love it too. This company’s doing a nice job at creating these filters and I suggest that y’all download this top-notch of an release
~ Aaron Clacher
This is just my personal opinion.I love the release! There are a bunch of nonpaid emojis and editing softwares to support me look super beautiful! I seriously love it and actually my pictures don’t look plain anymore. Seriously, obtain the release. But if you don’t then that’s okay too, but this one is one of the finest.
~ Iulian Cenusaru
Just like the idea I expected. This release has everything I am looking for and I fully like the idea it works. It would be more nice if you can add Mickey mouse funny voice. I love to prank babes in my neighboring house cause they think its fully true and gets pranked easily. I had a nice time using this finest release.
~ Uendi Agolli
Super Cam is so nice! I've seen idols use this release for there emojis and I have been using this for almost 2 years actually. I actually know why idols suggest this release. It's so nice. The emojis on this release are all so beautiful and it makes my pictures turn out really nice. In the past years I've been looking for an release that makes my pictures look more cute or more great and allow me claim you this, Super Cam is the great release for it. ❤️❤️
~ Maria Makela
I have throw a party the another weekend, it was type of lame at the beginning we required a sort of icebreaker. While hanging out with some of my dudes at the party, I got bored and tried messing around with this release to see if it\'s really entertaining or I\'m just weird.... Turns out I\'m not that weird my dudes liked it and in a several mins everybody got around us, asking what is this release and made some celebs claim really stupid things Everybody loved it and downloaded and we started making really funny conversations between Obama and Trump. It felt nice because it made me the life of the party, I even ended up talking a lot to the woman I have a crush on...and It worked so well for others tooand it was an nice icebreaker you just made me the finest party I ever had and I wanted to Thank You Super cam for this awesomeness
~ Ayesha Sadozai
I love William Shatner. Especially from star trek. But it was from Boston Legal that really did for me. And with his voice I can make scenes from it. Though please add the voice of James spader. I wish to make the bromance between the two of them from the present. Plus also wish to do some bits from the Avengers. He was so cool in that. But this release is truly nice.
~ Aganga Igboegwu