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About: StreamCraft is the globes most rewarding streaming platform. Come join our community of users where both viewers and content originators obtain rewarded for being nice. It's the zone for you to watch, stream, and engage with users who are into Bosses App, Hearthstone, PUBG, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, and many more! + Live stream, VOD, and short clips of small, PC, and console releases. Weve got everything from Fortnite, Arena of Valor, App Legends, Clash Royale, PUBG, and more! + Industry leading partner structure, giving streamers the opportunity to create a living and focus on building communities. + Give back to the community through interactive giveaways. + Contests and meetings with dollars rewards! + Directly stream or watch releases right from your small device. + More informations coming quick! StreamCraft 1.6 + The APP is actually available in Russian a ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 30MB Developer: IGG.COM
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About: EASILY CATALOG YOUR MOVIES & TV SERIES Note: This free download is a demo, limited to 100 movies. Unlock the full app for US $15 (no database limits). Auto-download full movie details from our Core online movie database * Cast & crew, plot summaries, episode lists, etc... * Cover images, backdrop art & trailer video's Quickly add movies to your database... * by scanning DVD or Blu-ray barcodes with your device camera * or by searching our Core database by movie title Optional:...

Developer: Collectorz.com

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StreamCraft - Live Stream Games & Chat Reviews and Comments:

360p create it smoother
~ Irfanul Firdaus
Too many buffering when the connection to the internet I steady to launch youtube.
~ Deden Lesmana
Very great opportunity to stream! a friendly stream community! 😊
~ Ms Geminii
We are fockers!! help octo stream wherever he is!
~ Saputra Andri
what could i place number of verification code
~ aziaty tiey
PLEASE!!!! change the resolution !!!!
~ Wahyu Pratama
Worst apps for the viewers
~ Faith Gulo
Please resolve the trouble with info and please add to view livestreams in 60 fps.
~ Dan Dan
it's a nice release. but i need modernization for quality selection on replay live stream
~ ferdy pramudita
can you place resolusi setting on replays video. Because when i watch replay video the video stop stop
Please fix buffer and frame rate
Resolution option... please... give us experience just like we watch on youtube...
~ iDea Ch
Streamcraft force close by itself while streaming in progress.Dev please fix this trouble it happened more than once.
~ muhd shahril
I gaved 4 stars because the stream is just stopping and IDK why is it doing. My connection should not be because I have full signal at my wireless internet. Maybe you will fix it.
~ Mad Gamer
as viewer, need change resolution option. not all viewers have speedy speed internet connection to watch stream at hd resolution
~ Faozan A. Umar
thiss release broken , i watch replay stream delay an buff (puuf network) i use wifi dude:)
~ krayon zx
Why u guys wish acess to my storage?
~ Lucas Souza
Buffering usually not Terrible!!!
~ Angga Setiadi
very nice, i like it.
~ Ebetz A.Y
Please add to resolution video 360p
~ Explore Yt
Has potential but needs an overlay option so you can access some options while in release on mobile. if you switch between apps the release you are testing goes back to the main loading screen.
~ frank nagle
the connection usually drops and I can not hold up with a Live without it destroying 5x
~ Eduardo Martins
SUCK, the replay need to be fix its hold loading all the time
~ Owen Disa
doesn't have a resolution setting at replay stream
~ Gamers Rumahan
Nice apps for users to showcasing their skill and to connect to users' community.
~ Oliver Chung
i download this release because of Tata Arts Indonesia will stream using streamcraft
~ Iqbal Bagaskara
replay stream could can change the resolution
~ Zacky Yudha
you can't claim if anyone joined you stream on small you can't launch a screenshots with a floating icon the stream usually drops on your damn device you can't even see it because you're locked into the stupid-ass screen which is pathetic and you can't even do anything and you can claim if you are streaming at all. This is literally the worst release I have ever used for any kind of streaming.
~ A Google user
i think this release so nice, but i dont understand about the payment system.
Does not remember last position on a past streamed video, making unusable to continue to watch a video with 5+ hours. Does not have speedy find nor time jump, which would solve the previous flaw. Screen orientation SHOULD BE SYSTEM-BASED. If my device has it locked, release could not interfere on that. No option to pick video quality of stream. On iPad, the time controls are too small, making hard to click on the timeline thingy to reach desired time. No preview while searching for a stage.
~ Paulo Coelho
bug please fix specially fix to recap video can to change resolution video thanks
~ Radifan Nur
This release broken, My internet no have any troubles, but when i watch stream its buffer, sometimes i wish watch replay stream but the video and sound not synchronize. I hope you fix it..
~ Rheza Mf
"Screen overlay detected" ok.. I turn off and still have this "error"! Can't launch release.
~ Bogdan DRGNS
it gives me freedom to stream how I wish and if you wish somebody to watch watch me at sayinsupreme
~ Sayinsupreme
Can't test streaming using wifi. Even though the signal is quite stable. I watch streaming on YouTube smoothly with high resolution. Please fix it
~ dafariel pratama
i like the release but i cant WAAATCHHH why there isn't a 360p option ?? ):
~ Zcxeed
I create streams on StreamCraft and i have earned 20 dollars from donations and after 4 months I didn't obtain it! Thanks StreamCraft!
~ ツLRP
just like the others, I have a nice connection when opening another apps running well but when opening the app it's usually buffering. please fix this because there are many of my favoured streamers here
~ Abdan Syakuuron
this release broken, im watch the replay stream and I'm using Wi-Fi but the video usually buffer, when I go to YouTube I watch a video with 720p resolution the video run normally, fix this bug or it's not bug just your garbage release
~ Chief L
I love streamcraft. With the option to stream and turn the face cam on and off, this release is really cool. But I do have a qustion. Can you record regular videos that you can upload to youtube? Pls allow me know in the next 12 hours.