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Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming   
About: Track your fitness with Strava activity tracker. Record routes, map your favoured cycle trail or run & analyze your training with all the details for nonpaid! Marathon training or simply love going for a cycle ride? Turn your device into a sophisticated cycle or running tracker with Strava. Check out a newest trail with Strava distance tracker and mile counter or even track running speed. Join millions of active recipients and reach your targets! Fitness Training with Strava Activity Tracker: 3 Ideas to Train Smarter 1. Record routes, track running & analyze: Track distance, swim pace, cycle speed, elevation gained & calories burned 2. Map your route: Mix up your run, swim or ride with the globes huge trail network 3. Training challenges: Push yourself with monthly Challenges & compete with others DISTANCE TRACKER & MILE COUNTER Track running, cycling and swimming: Compa ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Strava Inc.
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Strava Training: Track Running, Cycling & Swimming Reviews and Comments:

I created an profile online with my correspondence, I the downloaded the release, but every time I pick already a member and place in my stats int takes me back to the login screen to login with a gmail or Fb profile. It keeps going in a loop. Not a nice first impression. Terrible development, could have been caught by quality.
~ Leopoldo Hernandez
I would have given the release 5 stars if they offered the heart rate tracking function, without all the social equipment, for claim $2.00 a month. I'm 61 years old, don't use social media, and don't care what another recipients do or don't do with their lives.
~ Kapt Slo
Though I had read nice about Strava release, but it doesn't go well in my topic, each time in mid of cycling I have to check whether it is recording distance, sometimes it does and sometime it disappoint you. I am using one plus 6t handset.
~ Deshraj Singh
Destroying and not stable. It run with my run(rec). Post my run it hold claiming acquiring GPS and some trouble has occurred and crashes. When I go to info zone it crashes and claims close release.
~ Viveik Kumar
You can NOT claim no to Strava making public your stats. Quote "some of your personal time will usually be visible to the public". You can NOT claim no to all correspondences, only some. These conditions are unacceptable. The release makes too many incorrect straight line aproximations. 5/1/19 to actually. Lots of terrible reviews. Go look.
~ Mark Simpson
This used to be a nice release but as a lot of the another reviews claim just lately it has stopped recording mid ride, recording different details to recipients who are riding with me, missing out sections of the ride. I have stopped using it as it is so unreliable. Strava don't seem to listen to players requests /complaints either. Don't bother with it!
~ Joanne Hall
The release is quite nice. Due to all the time they have, the release offers some fun ideas to compare your own performance versus others. It definitely supports me keeping motivated to fo my runs. Also, the help trsm thry have are very professional whivh id nice if there are troubles
~ Karl K
the release have a very nice interface and informations but it doesn't work in the background. this is very major setback how am i supposed to hold the screen on and place the device in my pocket while running or cycling. this could be worked upon.
~ Tushar Sharma
I trialed the super ver of the release and each single run i went on, it just slash off at 15 miles and noone should track me from that target onwards. When I tried cancelling the subscription before being charged, they seemed to create it impossible to cancel and I ended up being charged and having to device up to obtain a refund. I really like the nonpaid ver so this has been a very disappointing experience.
~ George Clayton
I was looking for an release that should work with my Galaxy Watch and give me more detailed time on my runs than the default Samsung Health. While there are some needed nonpaid informations, I should not see any time at all concerning the laps I identified with my watch, which was a frustrating surprise. Had I known, I would have used a different release instead of losing precious feedback from my workout.
~ Dani V
Very disappointed. Purchased a newest cycle and took it out for a play ride with this release. At the end of the trip it showed total distance and time but after I saved it, only the first 10 mins were shown with a straight line back to the starting target.
~ Frank M
What did you do the release? I havent used it since last year and actually it has a very weak responsiveness. It tracks nice but it responds to actions slower than a snail on prozac. I have no trouble with any another apps of related demands and my internet connection is the very finest, which being in Romania, is really really nice. Uninstalling and switching to google fit. Hops you recipients fix your troubles if you want to retain your player base. A nice day!
~ Vlad-Ovidiu Adam
I don't usually leave terrible reviews but I seem to be having the same trouble as others recently. I've tried 3 times to record my runs (5km) and all the time is coming back wrong. Sometimes it records time but no distance. Others it records the time and some distance and then today it recorded partial distance and a several seconds of time. I'm going to give it one last chance, as my husband has used for years without trouble, by reinstalling and then I'm done.
~ Emily Whishaw
If it's not on Strava it didn't happen!! You thought , and your legs and lungs may claim you, that you went out your cycle or you ran a marathon... but if you didn't hit record you gotta have imagined it. Indispensable release!
~ Paul McElroy
This release was nice when I first got it. not sure what happen but I did a 0.00 mile run, with a pace of 401:17:23, moving time 1:10:19, 1 cal burned, 371 feet in elevation gain. This is not the first run to nowhere at the speed of light I've done, please fix.
~ Jonathan Evans
I love Strava a lot. It is a nice release; however, I can't quite give 5 stars yet, because of the trouble with my fastest segment times not upgrading/uploading to the different leaderboards. It was not an trouble when I first used the release, but recently it started to become an trouble.
~ K. A. Bowman
I loved using this release! 5-stars when it worked. Then I received a wear OS modernization and it will no longer download or even present up in the wear OS test shop on my Zenwatch 3. I used to use Nike Run Club as a backup. Actually I guess I'll have to switch to it as my primary.
~ Matthew Carlson
It is nice the release can compare times on routes and display when a newest PR is achieved. Challenges and groups are nice. To obtain 5 stars, there could be an simple option to view PR times and limit map information for policies. Otherwise this has been my favoured running release, especially that I can add pictures!
~ W. S.
Was using this release last year, worked well. But this year, may be after the modernization or after changing the small it's very erratic. Does not record full ride, stops in between, does not run after auto pause..among another troubles. Disappointed. looking for another apps.
~ explorer 09
Finest Social web for Cyclists & Runners to track their time and see what another Athletes around the Block and around the Globe are doing! Meet dudes that you will never see! Stay engaged, obtain motivated! Go further! Faster! Strava!
~ shermbag
very nice release, the only trouble I ever have is with getting the GPS to search me at the run which often takes a several mins, sometimes I've gone a mile or so before it picks me up. otherwise, nice tracking and details, love the club element and keeps me motivated.
~ Lee Wooding
I already cancelled my subscription a month ago. I have not been able to access or use any another bonus informations. I just got charged today for a yearly membership. I'm not finding any contact stats to have this charge removed. Please take care of this. Thank you!!
~ Alice Kernan
Was there cycling life before Strava? A nice release. It has inspired me to cycle further, and taken me to tougher climbs than i would normally have ventured. A gotta have in its nonpaid form. Check for a while and then see if one or more of the paid summit boxes suits. I also use it to log the dog waljs too!
~ Jonathan Walters
Straight and effective. Having the ability to export other riders route to use would be a nice addition to the release as if you test to do this (or most another non-release informations) via a browser it opens the release again.
~ Kristin Moat
Nice release for a digital training diary. It has allowed me to connect with another runners and hold track of my achievements. The digital badges are a nice motivator too. I used to.use it for tracking runs too, but found the gps would drop out regularly causing much frustration. Since I've changed to a garmin I've not has this trouble, and am very glad to claim the syncing process is wuick and simple.
~ N S
Strava is a nice release for motivating athletes and inspiring dudes that want to challenge themselves and compete with every another. The Summit function supports to allow me know how hard I've trained and where my recovery range could be, very needed software. Overall, I love it! It is Fb for athletes, but better because Fb sucks!
~ The Cub
my dude advised me to obtain this release to record my rides... so far not one of my rides has recorded properly... ride 1: I set the release to record my ride, plugged my headphones in, started my song and away I went. 20 something mins later when I reached my destination, the release claimed I had ridden for 45 seconds... i place this occasion down to player error. the occurrence has been related on all of my rides! I am disappointed
~ Dayle McCrae
Long time Summit member here. I only recently started using the Mobile release to track my rides, since I found out my device can connect to ANT+ devices on my cycle. It's been cute solid (though I still use my Cateye headunit as a backup and to display time while riding). I realize that some devices like to slay running apps to save battery, so you need to know how to configure your device not to do that to Strava while you ride.
~ Koby Fuessler
this release is fully useless. I went on a ride and wanted to know my splits because I was riding a race course. it recorded 0.76 miles and claimed my average speed was 96 miles per hour with a full speed of 5 miles per hour. I was giving it other chance as I've tried in the past and it didn't work then. I uninstalled and will test a different release. bummer
~ Erin Johnson
Largely unimpressed. The release stops tracking part idea through an activity, and apparently needs a work round (eg keeping Google maps launch) to avoid this. It crashes, then keeps opening randomly at unwanted times claiming me its recovered from a ruin. The functions seem fine, if only the release itself worked and was stable
~ T S Greenish
Decent release, I like the community and segments. However loses a star because lately there seems to be troubles with the feed (some activities randomly disappear or present up and often I end up giving kudos more than once as it seems to forget I've done it?)
~ Steven Perry
I've been using this release for years but since the last modernization, as others have claimed, it keeps destroying, especially if I pause my activity or test to use the device. It keeps claiming 'an error occured and recording has been resumed' my details are all wrong and this morning I saw my pace leap from 8.52 - 11.45 as I was running which shouldn't happen. I'll be using something else from actually as this trouble renders this release useless!
~ Kate Smith
I run the Wear ver of the Strava release on my Ticwatch Pro watch. It tracks my runs perfectly, but it refuses to sync them to my profile, so they don't present up in my device release or on the blog. Since this is the entire purpose of an release like this, I feel it fails fully. I found a thread online claiming I could delete the Strava release on my device, deactivate the automatic upgrades of my apps in the Test Market and install a really old ver of Strava. Installing old versions of apps is usually a safety trouble (there's a reason why they modernization apps), and turning automatic upgrades off is even more risky, since I wouldn't obtain any upgrades for another apps either. So I won't take that route, I just wish the sync trouble to be solved, and with my undoubtedly many others. Needs to be tackled ASAP!
~ Pieter Rottiers
I use to run tech nonpaid. no device, watch, song. I finally downloaded strava weeks before my marathon and so glad I did. I love how it remembers my routes and tracks my achievements on different segments of my routes. I liked being able too see my splits as I've greatly improved my pacing as it used to be all over the zone. I like following fellow runners and it motivates me to hold hitting my targets. I've never had an trouble with the release crapping out or failing. My cycling dudes love it too.
~ Lisa Goodson
Love this release. I use it in conjunction with my Garmin watch and Connect release. Supports me analyze my runs and splits. I like the community and following and challenging dudes. It's helped me search running fun by assisting me in tracking my achievements and progress. I only use the nonpaid ver at the moment as I don't see the need for a paid ver yet. I'll just getting started. I like that it works in conjunction with NYRR.
~ Hugo Reyes
For the social side and comparing yourself to others (dudes, strangers and pro's) there is no better release for runners ans cyclists. The segments are nice to support measure yourself and see how you are changing (nice and terrible). What it lacks that another apps have is true in-depth details. Showing your PB's without running a newest time. There is no voice turn-by-turn navigation for the routes you create. And probably the largest sin, the actual timings are off unless you mark the run as a race!
~ Liam Humphrey
I really love this release for recording my workouts, it's intuitive, speedy and usually doesn't malfunction. I do have doubts as to the accuracy of the calorie counter/power output meter - because I don't have a smart watch to support with such things, I can't be sure of how accurate the readings Strava gives me are. Otherwise, I would definitely suggest this release to anyone, athlete or amateur.
~ Natalie Legień
One of the several apps that I use each day and really does what it claims. Share your run, ride, hike, swim, etc. and it shares it with your community. The developers are usually pushing out newest informations, and are typically responsive when things arent working. The details are nice and seem to be representative of the efforts that I've logged and the monthly challenges hold you motivated to log your activities.
~ Dave Sabol
Three times didn't record activity! I've gone for about a 3 mile walk for the past 3 days. The first day I used it I started recording, when I got home it had only recorded the LAST 0.60 miles of the 3 miles I'd walked. The past 2 days it's recorded ZERO of the 3 miles I've walked. Going to give it ONE. MORE. TRY. And then I'm done if it doesn't work again.
~ Tami Chesnut
Nice release, except my 1 concern is that it's near non-functional for me. If I turn my screen off for even 3 mins or so strava will "encounter an error" and will stop recording my run, meaning if I'm running in a loop, it'll slash off like 90% of my distance. Please fix - using this on a OnePlus 6 w newest firmware - adaptive battery, battery optimisation and battery restriction all turned off for this release so it could be fine, background process limit at standard. Makes release fully unusable
~ Kurt B