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Step Tracker - Pedometer, Daily Walking Tracker   
About: Finest nonpaid pedometer to track your everyday steps, walking count steps, calculate your walking distance from our step tracker - An simple-to-use pedometer, step counter & walker tracker release. All this stats will be displayed in graphs clearly. Each step counts. Just enter our release and run your everyday steps plan, then it runs count your steps automatically. It can auto-record your steps when your device is with you, even your screen is locked or your device isnt in your hands. Key Informations True-time Step Counter Record your everyday fitness activitiesnumber of steps, distance, speed etc.Built-in pedometer tracks your steps as you walk. Social Steps Ranking Ranking everyday steps, compete with your dudes here, walk more and occupy your dudes cover. Invite your dudes to do exercise together. Customized Fitness Plan Set your personal targets for duration, ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 15MB Developer: Sound Sleep Group
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Step Tracker - Pedometer, Daily Walking Tracker Reviews and Comments:

i enjoy the release. theres a lot of different things that create it engaging. like that it does steps, calories, and distance. would appreciate if the distance should be done in miles and km
~ Rebeckah Dotter
Would rate higher except I'm getting ready to delete. idea too many banners, which is sad considering the release is not that terrible of an release. just cant stand going into it because any button pushed pops up other banner, including when trying to exit.
~ Cecilia Knight
i didn't like this release, it doesn't count the distance ,shows usually 0 km even if walked 2-3 km. Uninstalling
~ khyati Chaudhary
I love this release so far, it's really simple to use and functional, very player friendly. I would give it a 5 star rating if i should use it to track my runs and also if I should log my another activities like Pilates and dance. Please please modernization it so it can do these another things aswell!!
~ Rhiannon Mitchell
This release is very nice, I haven't had any troubles with it. The only thing is that it is very sensitive. i just noticed that you should be laying down, and when you pick your device up, it will count as a step. another than that it's a nice release. works better than the previous ones i had used.
~ Yvonne Perkins
I am using this release from past 4 days only. This release is nice and unbelievable. I am loving this release as I can track how much I walked. It is making me walk and increase my steps for walking every day. It is a motivator for me.
~ Rachna Dhingra
I love the release and the challenges that I have set on it. however it does have the downfall of payment. I tried to dollars out a $10 payment over a month ago when the everyday check in started up and it claimed it would credit but I still have not received payment.
~ Jennifer Blomgren
Isn't accurate. This release is almost 7000 steps behind my tracking watch. Not worth your time.
~ T Renea Coram
I really like this app I had it in my device for over 6 months the only thing wrong with it is it's too many ad commercials cuz they're greedy and that's how they're making their dollars like most apps but each time you turn off your device to recharge your device and turn your device back on the damn thing runs at 0 again I've been walking since the 31st of January 5000 to 8000 steps a day .... and each time I have to turn my device off to recharge the damn soft runs over
~ John Nairn
The release banners slay this release. Each time i log into my device an banner pops up same with opening any another release release create a call oh other banner. I feel like i am closing useless banners all day. The step track works nice but banners are making me uninstall it. I can understand 1 or two banners when on the release but 50+ push banners when your not even in the release is ridiculous.
~ Mike Jensen
this release is ideal for my life...I am an nurse and with washing my hands constantly don't wish to wear something on my wrist that can carry germs and obtain wet. I am very glad how well it works to have my device in my pocket when working or walking on my time off.
~ Deborah Loney
Really nice release. Keeps exact tracking of steps. Only thing is it hasn't restart to zero in two days so instead of being everyday steps, it has been a build up of those days. That may be a me just not knowing how to fix it trouble though so I still highly suggest the release.
~ Mistake Jackson
I enjoy having my steps counted without having to wear anything. i sometimes forget to grab my device though, but that is just a habit I need to develop. I have one concern and that is some mornings I wake up with thousands of steps already on the counter and there is no way to restart it.
~ Christa Ehrstein
I would have given 5 stars, but sometimes doesn't count my steps for some reason. Added 2/1/19 - Actually this release won't allow me log in with Fb, so I am unable to join any contests. Very frustrating! 😣 Newest post 4/18/19- got a newest device and redownloaded this release and everything has been going fine.👌glad actually.
~ Brenda Weyandt
If yiu shake your device, just like any another step tracker, so thats type of annoying. Its easy to use. I just wish to know how you add your dudes on here who also have this release.
~ Kylie Ackerman
i really like this release. its been the bare minimum of exercise for me, but it's supporting me to increase energy. ive done a tiny more to become healthy since i started using this release. i drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, less fried foods, and I've even started short reps/sets excercises. oh, and i haven't had any problem with banners... thats a 1st.
~ Andrew Ward
wow this a wonderfull release . i love it and will reccomend it to everyone i know. thanx for this nice release.
Couldn't search the release for banners. What's the target of a step tracker when you have to constantly charge the device because the banners running in the release afe sucking down the battery?
~ Randal Smathers
ask how hot is in three weeks if I like it I'll give you a nice rating if not I'll change my rating to the 1 star or Zero if I should...
~ John John
It keeps up with my walking on a everyday bases. w I see that when I'm in the car doesn't change like another pedometers do.
~ Maribell Rodriguez
AWESOME!!!!!***** I never knew that I walked so much, my girlfriend had it on her device and when we were at Ala Moana we walked around for a mile to a mile and a half you don't realize just how much walking you do until you have this on your device. You must test this out IT'S AWESOME!!!!*****
~ Terri Nashiro
This is very useful for my exercising everyday target that I made. In all, this is a very useful release for walking, and exercising.
~ Gacha Wolf
simple to use release. it keeps track even when i forget that its tracking. somedays i'm amazed at the amount of steps i took with out even trying.
~ Kristin Story-Medford
its really useful and if we forget the info will ring][the thing that I dont like is when it runs to obtain too many info
~ Mofida Zabeen
I guess the step count is accurate enough, but no idea did I walk over 17 miles today, finest estimate is under 10 miles. I don't think I walk over 7 miles at work each day, either. I'm curious what step length the release bases distance on. I set the release to use miles, but part of the release still uses metric troops, so that's inconsistent. Having fun using it, but not trusting the overall accuracy.
~ Jewelweed
I do enjoy this release on what it's trying to do but there are just idea to many banners. Usually I pick something banner after banner after banner.
~ Ronnie Pasky
Adverts, Adverts, Adverts I just installed the super (no banners} ver of this release which I thought would eliminate all banners. This is not so. I'm still getting banners in the release as well in my info. I'm going to uninstall if this continues.
~ Tom Thompson
I like it for the most part but for some odd reason the timer is off!! that's not a nice thing for me, especially if I'm trying to compete with myself and do better. Please FIX
~ Carmen Middleton
This release makes me wish to walk more and to overall be able to be a healthier ver of myself!!! please bring back the obtain up early challenge! my device still asks me "are you awake" and I will click on it and it just doesn't exist since they modernized the app!!!
~ Brad Bourne
The only trouble I had was that it counts steps while driving. So, you have to go out of your idea to pause it. That is why I give it 4 stars. Another than that, it's an nice release that supports me know my activity lvl and motivate me to exercise more.
~ Lucy Penilla
Idea too many banners.. each time you hit a button an banner pops up. I like the release otherwise but think I may delete it. I'm at the target where I don't launch it because of the banners.
~ Toy Will
Out of all the step trackers I've used, this one seems really well place together. And it is interactive, so that makes it fun :)
~ Dezere Achey
I like this release it tracks my steps and has come in handy when my dudes wish to compete in things like this lol I highly suggest this release for hold track of your steps you can even leave the release and it still tracks your steps
~ Luna_ wolf
It now makes wanna workout. Just what I required to obtain me started. it works even while I ride my cycle. Right on... PEACE OUT!
~ Norman Merritt
Will not let log in to Google, although I modernized the release. Also doesn't let log on to FB although it claims you are, you're really not.
it now works worst with my device... It now cant count my steps .Today it was 174 steps at 5.00 am but at night when walked a lot it was the same ... i hated this. .. Not pleased. I am requesting you , please modernization this release and take this seriously.
~ Mahesh Mehta
i will give 5 stars if the ranking system is fixed. you cant obtain 90,000 steps in 1h can you create it where the ranking is the steps in one day. and than restarts. or fix it. because i obtain 4000 steps walking for 2h and i check my rank and recipients are at 99,000 steps??? please support
~ seth_patton
it is a horrible it just count your steps not even count your steps it just counts when your device moves like it thinks that you're walking and your device is shaking but no now your device is just shaking and then it just gives you step for no reason I do not suggest doing this do not ever download this ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Amber Stanley
Works simply and automatically all the time. I have shown this Soft to many dudes, and they're actually all glad players. I just want we should login without Fb, as many recipients are not FB players.
~ A Google user
Step Tracker is a nice idea to monitor your movement, but more than just tracking steps. Step Tracker supports to motivate you by giving positive enforcement through prigress reports and targets achieved. You can eve set and adjust your everyday and qeekly targets to correspond to fitness routines you may be working on. I highly suggest Strp Tracker to anyone who is interested in getting healthy.
~ Wes Norton