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About: Run your nonpaid trial actually. Designed to be the ultimate fan experience, the STARZ release lets you download full videos and shows and watch them off-line, anytime, anywhere. Thats super entertainment you can take with you, at an unbeatable price. If youre already a STARZ subscriber, you can download the release right actually and enjoy it nonpaid. Or, subscribe to STARZ direct through the release and test it nonpaid for 7 days (just $8.99/month after nonpaid trial). No another subscription to any another service is needed. Heres what you obtain: FULL downloads of original series and videos. - Getting ready for a flight? Download whatever you need before take off, and watch on your schedule. - Going somewhere without internet access? No trouble. Choose the shows and videos you wish, download them ahead of time, and watch later at your leisure. - This i ... Show more
Genre: Entertainment Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Starz Entertainment, LLC
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About: Prisma Illya Alarm, the Alarm App based on the popular TV Anime series [Prisma Illya] currently on its 4th season! Illya is voiced by Mai Kadowaki. All voices are newly recorded! Over 260 voices were recorder for this App! In addition, 30 illustrations drawn by SILVER LINK. are available! Explore features such as the Sleep Mode, the Timer function, the Stamp function and more! * The number of recorded voices and illustration includes minutes. Application overview Create your own a...

Developer: Monstar Lab, Inc.

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About: What the F*#K! Imagine your passenger's surprise as expletives of filth accompany turn by turn notifications during travel. With the ability to add your own words & phrases, users can amuse passengers or friends when out and about. You still get to where you need to, but that road trip with your friends will become an obscene experience. The only limitation of what is said by the GPS is you....

Developer: Kurt H Schwanke

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About: The complete equipment includes: - Magnetophone: converts the sensor readings into sounds - Paranormal Detector: detects level of paranormal activity - Radar Map: draw in the city map the exact point of the detected energy - Ghost Finder: help to locate focus of energy using gauss field - Ghost Camera: converts sensor readings into images We don't offer guarantees of accuracy or any warranties, therefore, since results from this application cannot be verified scientifically the app sh...


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About: Create your fusible bead designs with Bead Studio and transfer the design to real beads afterwards. Use the built-in generator to convert your images to photorealistic designs. Select a variety of board types such as squares, circular, figures and many more. Please contact me on email [email protected] with new feature suggestions, bugs and ideas for improvements. Bead Studio supports palettes with bead colors from all the biggest manufacturers of beads. Either choose a single palette or...

Developer: datscharf

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About: Djinn Box is advanced paranormal ghost box, designed and created to receive almost instant EVP messages from the spiritual world. The software scans multi-layers of audio, including white noise, radio frequencies, reversed speech banks and different audio-sound levels at different sweep/scan rates. The result is an easy to use device, with clear EVP from the audio scan technique, plus real time EVP captured by the background noise with the help of any audio/sound recorder. How to use the ...

Developer: White Light EVP

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About: Do animations on your tablet. App is similar to free version but you can set up to 3 characters in one scene. Simplified characters has the necessary minimum for quick posing. For convenience simplified controls also: by finger touch on free area you twist camera, by touch and drag you move body or its parts. Standart zoom and translate view by two fingers. App is useful for professional animators and students, game developers, storyboard artists and for all fans of animation. Save ...

Developer: Stenson

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About: ROAR! Inspired by the all-new Disney Junior series, join Kion and the Lion Guard on an action packed adventure to protect the Pride Lands! *Featuring the fun, new music video "Zuka Zama" from Disney Juniors The Lion Guard!* Race Kion through 5 challenging and beautiful locations: the Grasslands, Big Springs, the Canyons, Hakuna Matata Falls, and the Outlands. Call on individual guard members, each with different strengths, to help Kion overcome hazardous obstacles. Collect tokens...

Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide


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About: **Please note that this app DOES NOT create characters, it imports .xml files generated by PCGen. Hero Lab users look at my other apps* It is unfair to leave a 1 star review complaining it doesn't create a character when it is highlighted in the description! Help shape v2.0 @ ---PCGen Character Sheet Lite offers the same experience for free with adverts--- PCGen Character Sheet allows you to import .xml files generated by PCGen to create dynamic character sheets for use on your An...

Developer: Dysfunctional Apps

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About: One of the most popular tourist destinations in New York City - Grand Central Terminal - now has an official, self-guided audio tour. The tour focuses not only on the architectural highlights of the Terminal but provides a real story about little known secrets, anecdotes, archival material and the history of the Terminal, with a capital H. Visitors will not see Grand Central with the same eyes after taking the tour...

Developer: MyOrpheo / Orpheo Group

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About: Find yourself caught in a space war with lasers, explosions and passing spacefighters. Get lost in the corridors of a big space station with all it's sounds and lights. Or immerse yourself in one of the more quiet space themes like "Deserted Planet" or "Moonscape". We created a Sound and Light Scape system which is unpredictable (no looping sounds), highly customisable and versatile in it's setup. Hue in Space contains high quality audio effects with beautifully synced lighting to create the per...

Developer: MediaVibe

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About: DachMoji is a dachshund emoji app that showcases our beloved dog breed in a range of funny and uniquely doxie puppy related situations with adorable faces, funny poses and more! Made by weenie dog lovers for weiner doggie lovers, and their family and friends. We have included a variety of doxie puppies as possible, and will continue adding more doggies designs to the DachMoji collection to ensure you get the most of the app. Big thanks to the contribution of Robin Eplett, a phlebotomist an...

Developer: LumEnrich Inc.

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About: Command your Parrot ARDrone V1 or V2 on virtually any (modern) Android device! If you are looking for AR.Pro for Bebop Drones you can find it here: ?id=com.shellware.arpro3 AR.Pro is an Android based Augmented Reality Professional Controller Front-end for the Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter flying computer. It features full motion control, object following and tracking, management of all ARDrone and GPS Flight Recorder configuration data, the ability to use your Android's azimuth axis (c...

Developer: Shell M. Shrader

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About: DRIVING BY RAIL In "Little Fox Train Adventures", children can travel by train through enchanting landscapes and visit various places. At farms and factories, they help to load and unload the wagons, produce goods and deliver them to the next city. Lovely illustrations, fun animations and simple controls make the app suitable even for little children. BRING IN THE HARVEST AND LOAD THE TRAIN Kids can bring in the harvest and load the train at over 10 different farms. They help to harvest fru...

Developer: Fox & Sheep

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About: Do you play RuneScape and want to check player stats or lookup an item? This app will do just that, and more. Full Version Features: * No advertisements * Skill Calculators * Combat Calculator * GE Price History Graphs * Quest Guides * Skill Guides * World Map * No daily lookup limits * Old School RuneScape 2007 support Standard Features: * Stats Lookup * Adventurer's Log * Item Lookup (prices included) * NPC Lookup * Username Availability Checker * Latest RuneScape News * ...

Developer: Bluelight Dev


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About: The most advanced powerful app for changing voice with +70 awesome effects, Change your voice apply effects and have fun listening to your modified voice! You can set your edited voice as ringtone, share it through Whatsapp, Messenger... Effects: 2x1 8bits Adult to children Alien Android Aphonic baby Birthday beach Birthday capella Birthday reggae Birthday rock Bot Cathedral Cave Central Children to adult Chipmunk cop-chase cop-radio cop-walkie-talkie Crazy Cs-ct Cs-t ...

Developer: SpielWerk

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About: Ellens Emoji Exploji is bursting with all of the fun and hilarious emojis that only Ellen can provide. With images and animations that you can send right from the app or using your keyboard, youll be an Emoji Exploji devoji in no time. Its full of all the emojis youve been wanting, and emojis you didnt even realize you wanted, but you do now! Enjoy this collection of fun, funny and fabulous emojis from Ellen!...

Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises

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About: Paranormal Ghost Detector PRO is a paranormal application capable of identifying 8 different types of paranormal entities, based on diverse measured bandwiths and frequencies it displays on the radar the detected energies. If you enjoy Paranormal Ghost Detector PRO please rate :) Thank you for checking out Paranormal Ghost Detector Radar PRO Leave a friendly rate & comment !...

Developer: SnowPack Studios

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About: Add some sound effects to your funny jokes or even use them to troll your friends with 100s of Buttons and Sounds Pro!! Have endless fun with one of the best soundboards apps available! With over 250 instant buttons at the tip of your fingertips, make any situation hilarious. Add a fart sound to that awkward situation, DJ sound effects to your party mix, or a drum roll for added suspense. Dont be such a noob! Start calling the shots with 100s of Buttons and Sounds! Funny Pranks & the Be...

Developer: Toneaphone, LLC

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About: Deviant Moon Tarot is set in a moonlit Renaissance realm, dark with smokestacks, populated by the sad, the mad, and the bad. The decks arcane allure has made it a modern classic. Loosely modeled on the RWS deck, every card in Deviant Moon has its own subtle, unique reading points. Deviant Moon Tarot takes an unsparingly clear-eyed view of human behavior, illuminating our struggles and limitations with wry candor. The deck offers shrewd advice, and sometimes even sly humor. An accessible wisd...

Developer: The Fool's Dog

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About: NOW HEAR THIS! Don't you wish you could have Gunny Ermey wake you up each day? When Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey's Alarm Clock goes off, the Gunny will scream at you to "GET OUT OF THE RACK!!!" complete with the Reveille bugle call, the Gunny's faithful trash can and nightstick, and 15+ Gunnyisms. The Gunny heard some of you lazy retirees and civilians are a little bit slow in getting up in the morning. Well no more! Now you can have the Gunny wake you every morning to GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR! T...

Developer: RLeeErmey.com



STARZ Reviews and Comments:

I love it, i watch it more than my cholesterol. Pretty quality and sound,just needs more xmen,denzel,will smith,avengers and mob videos. I will be a happier camper. lol
I have been a Starz subscriber for many years through my cable company without any troubles and for some reason in the past month or so I obtain an error message when I test to watch it on my device. I reloaded it and still doesn't work! What's the trouble! I hold getting a "Test Back Error"
~ Tommy p
Unbelievable Family Fun and Travels In a time of vulgarity it is refreshing to watch some nice videos. All my favorites. Lots of babes's videos this season. Nice to have fun for a change. Mary Poppins is lovely. Winnie The Pooh. Saving Mr. Banks.
~ A Google user
DON'T subscribe!!! I have been trying to unsubscribe for months and I hold seeing that stupid charge on my profile. It doesn't present up in my list of subscriptions like another apps, so I can't cancel it that idea. I've asked for support from Starz and all I obtain is the same stupid correspondence directing me to my subscriptions.
~ Angela Franklin
I've only had this release for four hours. My another streaming apps are working just fine, but with this release, it's skipping like I'm streaming through a dial-up feed. I have to hold pausing each minute for 3 mins to obtain a nice stream... then it skips again. I'm glad to know this actually before I started to pay for it.
~ Merrill Hartman
Starz sucks ass. it's been a horrible experience. Do not subscribe unless you wish to hold it for months on end and be charged for something you don't wish. tried to cancel multiple times, trouble persisted, 9 correspondences, and $75 later..... no refunds by the idea.. no matter what evidence you have stating you wanted to cancel for the last 7 months. steer clear of this one. They've had the same videos on here since I subscribed, they do NOT modernization their content.
~ Brady McDaniel
Tried the seven day nonpaid trial. I am trying to cancel in advance so that I do not forget and it will not present up for me to cancel. I followed the directions and everything with no luck. I was going to switch to Starz from Netflix however, this release keeps freezing even though I am at home connected to my wifi. Guess I will just stick with Netflix.
~ kelsey fredette
WTH is going on? STARZ was working fine during my preview time but actually that its over and they have extended me more time it keeps freezing and claiming me that my Internet is not connected. Really? HULU, NETFLIX etc. is working just fine without interuptions? So whats up with you STARZ? I pay on time, why can't I obtain what I pay for? Please don't create me an ex-customer! I love STARZ the finest of all cable channels. HELP!!!!
~ Chris Scherer
I hate this release and cannot obtain my subscription to cancel. Im serious starz has a very tiny selection and most of them look and sound dumb
~ Mercedes Kitchens
if i should give negative stars i would. this release worked ok at first and actually none of the videos are loading. why would I be subscribed to something that doesnt work. oh and ive tried to modernization it and see if that would support and its worse than before. poor. don't waste your time.
~ Ari Ari
This release is a scam set up to steal dollars from recipients who have problem finding their idea around technology. It offers a 7 day nonpaid trial, but then hids the subscription button o nthe desktop ver of the web which is fairly hard to reach. I do not suggest even trying it because the selection is poor.
~ Collin Kurin
it's a very great release sadly I've came across a trouble on all the videos and present(even ones I haven't seem) have a playback error. I've tried restarting the release then my device and even did a complete shut down on my device and still nothing....I also spend hours waiting for a couple of videos to download and once out came time to be offline I showed none of them have been downloaded
~ Ismael Munoz
~ SupremeKing _133
Do not I repeat do not sign up for 7 day subscription they will take 9 bucks out of your profile!! If you test to unsubscribe you will have to have a desktop pc or you will have to hit desktop web on your cellphone device just to search the subscription button it was so hard to search. They will not refund you your dollars so be careful at least Netflix will allow you unsubscribe easily without testing hide and seek.
~ Alisha Smith
SO MANY technical troubles. Nice selection if you can each obtain them to test. WORST streaming release EVER! Run with the trial, after seven days you will wish to delete it. The worst is trying to test a present/video and then it Claims me I can only stream on 4 devices. Funny, I know I was only using one device. Reset, force stop, uninstall/reinstall equals NO HELP.
~ Keith A Bergstrom
Beware! If you run your "Unpaid trial" in this release- you need to cancel through the blog after you realize the subpar videos and television shows are not worth $8.99/ month. The only information provided in the Soft are for canceling through third party subscriptions. Starz seems to know their services are not worth this price and has a Zero Refund policies. Looks like they are in the business of fooling recipients into a nonpaid trial just to accumulate the first month...create sure cancel- or better, dont bother!!
~ Lindsey Vedder
I am disappointed in this release. While I was using the nonpaid 7 day trial it worked perfectly but after paying for the next month, it wouldn't load the present that I was in the middle of watching. It kept claiming that the release had stopped working. I wasted dollars on an release that I didn't obtain to use for more than the 7 day nonpaid trial. I cancelled my subscription and will be deleting the release. Please do better for your another customers.
~ Ruby Hartness
Decent selection- seems to be more choices than many another streaming services- but that doesn't matter when it won't test anything. I've used it once or twice with no troubles but most times obtain a "Playback error" message and Claims me to restart my device, though restarting it doesn't support. I still obtain the error message. Would be great if it now worked. Don't waste your time or dollars.
~ mommy2libras
In the newest upgrade the apps still streams videos that you download. I noticed that downloaded videos were buffering which didn't create sense so tested this by downloading a video then turning off wifi and small time. I also noticed a spike in my small time usage after watching few videos. not cool Starz.
~ James Day
I like the ap overall, but I only subscribed for 1 present and I'm not liking it anymore. FYI: To cancel your subscription if you signed up on the blog, go to the blog, place your chrome on desktop view, login, click subscriptions at the bottom of the page, and hit cancel. Google does not have your subscription and you cannot cancel through them.
~ Jennifer Sullivan
I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a week. everything I do or am claimed to do by the automated device calls, is impossible. I hate this release.
~ Christina Colon
Charged me for the month after I signed up for the nonpaid month. I can't search how to cancel subscription ANYWHERE. I didn't see anything that I was looking for.
~ Beverly Smith
what was the hipe about this release? smh. I bealy see anything newest and descent to watch. .. how can i cancel my sub please? whenever i test it claim Google test has stopped working for the past 2 days actually ugh😡
~ Congenia509
I got hooked on Actually Apocalypse, but actually i can't test any of the eps at all, they all time out. Not a glad camper.
~ Stacey Henry
has nice options, but it keeps giving me a playback error when I test to watch on my device. if I'm paying for the service...I could be able to watch it!!!
~ Katie Loach
~ white_wolf _17
This release blows. Whenever i test to click on it, it just spins and spins and it never opens. Worst release I've ever used.
~ Andrew Peachey
Downloads don't work. I can download shows and videos with no trouble but forget trying to now watch them without being connected to the internet. Defeats the purpose of having downloads in the first zone.
~ Becky Hedborn
I cant cast to my media because when i press the button it doesnt register. You guys could consider putting the cast button in a different spot and not on just the screen when it's testing a video or present. Unfortunate because you guys have decent content but I'll be cancelling due to this
~ MarvelousMusic
this is such a terrible app. Half the time it Claims me to upgrade to super even though im signed in through my television provider. the rest of the time it works fine. This ossue persists with the mobile television app as well.
~ tayler choate
Usually buffering and sometimes doesn't even load the screen or present. I've tried wifi and device connection but nothing supports. Don't see myself paying for this if I can't even watch a present. Netflix doesn't buffer or lag at all.
~ Miranda G
I can't search my stats to cancel my subscription. this is a nonpaid trial. all I see is my name and correspondence address. nothing to direct me to cxl my credit card stats.
~ Ruth Barnett
This is nice for those who do not have satellite/cable services or like me, follow a beloved Starz series or two. There are also nice videos to watch. It is a nice deal cheaper to.
~ Kimberly Malone
I've been trying to renew my subscription yet I can't obtain through. It reads that primary payment way is declined. However, I have funds. I hold trying to renew card stats and it won't allow me. I'm frustrated!
~ Gloria Mendoza
I've been trying all day uninstalling and installing and it keeps claiming me the same thing: "Please check your internet connection and test again" !!! my connection is fine!!
~ Blanca Guzman
It will not give me the option to unsubscribe. I have tried each idea the instructions claimed. I have been correspondence few times over the last month. They will not obtain back to me and there is no device number. Be careful. Once you subscribe you can't unsubscribe.
~ Jan Zlata
Finest shows, nice selection of videos, and actually download content for nonpaid to watch while not online, what more should one ask for?
~ Tiffany Iverson
surprisingly nice! I got the 7 day trial and I'm cute glad with the release so far. I don't think I'll have it as a permanent subscription but I can definitely see myself re subbing once a year to catch up on my favoured Starz shows. plus the babes's selection is nice for my 7 year old.
~ Joshua Danilyuk
Starz why are you guys not responding to these customers review? With so many recipients claiming that they are being ripped off by you guys I'm surprised a class action lawsuit isnt in zone. I just signed up and I came here for the release and I see terrible comments. Actually I dont believe you guys and I haven't even tried it yet. Sorry but I am uninstalling and canceling my nonpaid subs right actually...
~ Victor Masina
I just downloaded the release modernization on my Samsung galaxy tab E and Starz STILL will not test anything. I can browse titles and transport through the menu but whenever I click "test" it Claims me there is a playback error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this release many times as well as downloading multiple upgrades and this trouble persists. if this bug isn't fixed quick I'll be cancelling my Starz membership.
~ Jake Faust