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About: Stack the States makes learning about the 50 states fun! Watch the states now come to life in this colourful and dynamic release! As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic territories, flags and more, you can now touch, transport and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to victory every lvl. You earn a random state for each successfully finished lvl. All of your states appear on your own personalized map of the United States. Check to accumulate all 50! As you earn more states, you launch to unblock the four nonpaid premium releases: Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler and Capital Drop. Four releases in one! HAVE FUN LEARNING ALL ABOUT THE 50 STATES: - Capitals - State shapes - Abbreviations - Bordering states - Territory on the map - Logins - Flags ...and more! FEATURES: - Hundred ... Show more
Genre: Education Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 34MB Developer: Dan Russell-Pinson
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Stack the States® Reviews and Comments:

My 7 and 4 year old love this release. The 4 year old is too young to obtain more than the shapes of the states, but she still has fun trying. The 7 year old is now learning a lot... I have a feeling he'll be acing US geography when the time comes.
~ Carrie Davis
This is a nice release to learn from and my tiny brother is obsessed! It keeps the both of us distracted for a long time.
~ Eden West
so I am the daughter of this girl and I love this release! It is so educational and fun ! Our teacher last year allow us test this release because for 5th grade we had to know each state and it's capitol and be able to zone it on a map and this was very useful! It has made learning the states VERY FUN definitely download and in my opinion this release is cheap only 2.99! That's nice for what this release does
~ Susan Tyring
I had this release when it was nonpaid & lost it when device broke. Still I love it enough to pay for it. I also got the 2nd one & Stack the Countries. I'm 57 years old & still learning! Got to hold up with the grandkids somehow!
~ Dona Keyes
The release isn't for learning at all. You cute much already have to know all the states and these random questions about the states (such as cities and capitals) to enjoy the release. Otherwise you're just randomly guessing and...the release just isn't built for learning.
~ A Google user
I LOVE this release but I would love it so much more if you were able to listen to song on your device while you test. Right actually, it shuts the song off, as most larger apps do. Please fix this!
~ donia zawacki
I LOVE IT! I Think its beautiful. That's why I purchased it. Who would have ever thought you should stack the states on top of every another? The only trouble with the stacking is Califorina Alaska Texas. You to stack those, and the entire board about clears. Which is funny because of the faces the another states create when they fall. WONDERFUL APP. Whoever came up with this has a nice imagination and a nice since of humor. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
~ Pamela Harnage
~ Mackenzie Smith
~ Mark Lardy
~ mark allen
~ A Google user
nice 😊
~ Devyn White-Clark
nice release!
~ Connor Lowe
its nice
~ Mason Weber
Love it but can you create stack the countries nonpaid instead of £2.79
~ Howard Evans
Give me a Refund actually
~ Tom P
its true cool
~ A Google user
My babes love dis
~ Kendra Lee
entire family loves this release
~ Marjorie Carr
I love it when you obtain a chance
~ Laurie Kentner
It is nice for me I was intell I played it.
~ A Google user
I think this release is nice and you could test it
~ Reagan Hayden
My granddaughter loves it!
~ Tammy Morley
I like this release it is fun and time comsuming
~ Dr. Wolf
It was nice but yeah I like it.
~ Kaylie Morris
I like this release because it supports me learned the 50 states
~ A Google user
I used to test this when I was tiny and I loved it so much ❤ 11/10 would test again
~ Caliana Hutson
I love this release! It supports me learn SOOOOO much!
~ A Google user
Want I'd learned the states in such a fun idea!
~ Jeanna Baert
yay I love this release if he keeps me so nice since I'm in third grade
~ Brian Madanski
Love it. Supports me learn things even I didn't know about the USA.
~ David Berg
fun...I don't know what to claim, it's just fun I guess.
~ Laura Leger
I think this release is needed and fun ITS a nice idea to obtain time going quicker,ITS SO FUN I kept asking my mom to test it on her device but she claimed I had to download it on my device eventually.and when I did I loved it 😍 and actually I can test it whenever I wish!😍😙☺☺☺😁😀😊🙃🐴🐴🦄🐶🐩
~ WreTou iNCea
this is the finest release ever have your babes test it because its so educational 😂
~ Stephanie Pizor
cool idea to figure out how to stack States figure out and learn about America that's why I give it five stars cuz it's nice
~ Jonas McNeill
I really like this release because when you obtain something wrong then it Claims you the right respond. It also is a nice learning experience for social studies.
~ Sammy Rubischko
stack the state's is so much fun to test and is the finest experience I ever had with this release I suggest this release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
it's a nice thing because when I test this release in school with my dude Lewis we war over it because I obtain a state and me and Lewis war over the drop it but not both of us screens and then I obtain a tiny state like Massachusetts and then I obtain a medium State and then I line it up the edge to the edge of Massachusetts and then I flip Massachusetts off the map itsfunneh
~ Natasa Markovic
Nice!!! If not believe me, I would not have taken my time to write this!!! I learned my state shapes, capitals, what its known for, and abbreviations! Highly suggest this!
~ Cookie The Cat