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About: Spotify is actually nonpaid on small and device. Listen to the right song, wherever you are. With Spotify, you have access to a globe of song. You can listen to artists and albums, or make your own playlist of your favoured songs. Need to search newest song? Select a ready-made playlist that suits your mood or obtain personalized suggestions. Listen for nonpaid on small Test any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode Listen for nonpaid on device Test any song, any time Spotify Additional informations Test any song, any time on any device--small, device, or your pc Download song for offline listening. Enjoy nice sound quality. No banners just uninterrupted song. No commitment - cancel any time you like. Love Spotify? Like us on Fb: Follow us on Twitter: Please note: This release informations Nielsens audience measurement soft which will ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Spotify Ltd.
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Similar Apps Like Internet Radio and Radio FM Online - Replaio Radio  Alternatives
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About: Here, you can find your favorite internet radio stations and Radio FM stations which broadcast via the internet, but also internet radio playing music online only! We encourage you to browse the station catalog and listen to the internet radio online. Tune in and listen to the free radio stations now! Your favourite music, radio DJs and journalists will always accompany you. Wherever you are, you can listen to sports events, current news and your favourite radio programmes. You'll be sur...

Developer: Replaio sp. z o.o. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Phonograph Music Player  Alternatives
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About: Probably the best looking music player out there. Material Design The user interface matches every single detail of the material design guidelines to ensure Phonograph is an eye candy for you. Easy to Use No complicated or overblown menus but a familiar and clean interface. Last.fm Integration Phonograph automatically downloads additional information about your artists such as their images or biographies. When you install the official Last.fm app, scrobbling will work right out of ...

Developer: Karim Abou Zeid [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Free Music Download - New Mp3 Music Download Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Download Free Music Songs and Download Mp3 Music For Free Featured In 84 Countries Free Music Download is a free music player and mp3 download application that gives you a chance to download or play most popular free music songs. Need to play free music or download music whenever, anywhere? Download the Free Music Download App Now! Background Play Mode Search Over 80 million free music Download Popular Trending Music Songs Most of our users have appraised us a 5...

Developer: Super Free Mp3 Music [email protected]

Similar Apps Like BEST OF XXXTENTACION SONGS  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: XXXTentacion is a young rapper from Florida whose popularity has taken off just in a few years. Without having full-fledged releases in his assets in 2016, the guy managed to conquer the hearts of his fans with pure talent. In music, XXXTentacion didn't stick to one direction, and he wasn't a pure rapper the vocalist followed his mood and felt free to combine R&B with , hip-hop, rock or heavy metal. we are presenting to you a light mp3 music player with beautiful design and great user e...

Developer: MiniSoftApp [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 1Music - Free Music for Youtube Alternatives
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About: Let you stream and organize music videos, create playlists, share music videos with friends, and more. IT'S FREE! Download 1Music Now! Search for any song, video, artist, track, album... Trending and Featured playlists are updated regularly. With 1Music you can access to all of YouTube videos and lets you play them in a handy floating popup for a multitasking music listening experience. Main Feature: Follow the Top Charts evolution in all countries, global. Always update Trendi...

Developer: Sunday Music Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 21 SAVAGE | Top Hit Songs,... No Internet Alternatives
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About: In this application you will find the best songs and novelties of 21 SAVAGE download the free application on your smartphones for unlimited duration and enjoy the best hits with high quality sound and without Internet. >> You will find the following songs: ========================== Blonde Brigitte BullS t Changed My Phone Flexing Fresh In 04 MJ 23 NB Neck Shine Secure The Bag Threesome >> This App is found by the following keywords: ====================================== ...

Developer: swordisme_dev [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Subsonic Radio  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: New app to browse and listen to streams from SubsonicRadio.com....

Developer: SubsonicRadio [email protected]


Similar Apps Like 2Pac Songs & Lyrics Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is the latest music application, not difficult to match. Top Songs ~Ambitionz Az a Ridah Songs ~All Eyez on Me Songs ~Hit 'em Up Songs ~Dear Mama Songs ~One Day at a Time Songs ~Murder Murder Songs ~Scared Straight Songs ~Fame Songs ~R U Still Down? (Remember Me) Songs ~Only God Can Judge Me Songs ~Don't Stop Songs ~Me & My Homies Songs ~Let 'em Have It Songs ~Secrets of War Songs ~Monday Morning Songs ~Initiated Songs ~Be the Realist Songs ~Changes Songs ~Got 2 Surviv...

Developer: HananDiyah [email protected]

Similar Apps Like G96.7 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The Gulf Coasts Throwback Station, G 96.7...

Developer: Alpha Media USA LLC [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Primephonic - Classical Music Streaming  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: The classical future is Primephonic. Search Built for Classical: Stop the frustration of music apps built for pop music. Our music search is specifically designed for classical musicyoull be able to find exactly what youre looking for, instantly. Superior Audio Quality: Stream classical music in the superior audio quality it deserves, up to 24-bit lossless, or as high as your device and internet connection speed allows. Powered by Orastream, a ground-breaking adaptive bit-rate technol...

Developer: Primephonic [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Sans Songs Music Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Do not miss out the Sans Songs New Music Collection. This Sans Songs Music App is an awesome collection for all big fans of Sans Undertale. Lets listen to this and relax for the rest of the day. Who is a huge fan of Sans Songs Music? Never forget the most popular ranks like Megalovania, Judgement, To the bone, Alphys, Stronger than you, ASGORE, SharaX and many more. There are many different lyrics for you to enjoy. Each type of music has its own unique sound and lyrics that can remind you of...

Developer: The Songs Music Lyrics [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Amoyshare - Free Mp3 Finder Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: =====COPYRIGHT INFORMATION===== All Song are provided by the public third-party media service Soundcloud. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA)....

Developer: Inang [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Halloween Music Radio Stations Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Listen all year to top Bloodcurdling Halloween Music and Halloween Sounds with the best Free Internet Radio Stations. Simply enjoy those scary sounds via the best online live streams! Just added: a 24 hour non stop playlists with the best Halloween music ever! Don't find the right music on the live streams? Just listen to Halloween party songs and sounds anytime with our Non-stop playlist! Easy to use app with share function. To share radio stations, press long and click "share" T...

Developer: AMSApps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Turkey Sounds Ringtone Alternatives
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About: Are you looking for a Turkey Sounds app ? Great you can download these Turkey Sounds applications. Because this place contains a collection of Turkey Sounds for free. Best collection of sound effects mp3 ringtones of Turkey Sounds for you device with high quality sound for your device. If you looking the best soundboard application for free, you can download Turkey Sounds in here. Features Turkey Sounds : * Play High Quality Sounds. * Set a sound for your ringtone * Set a sound as ...

Developer: Sugar Daddy Developer [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Tonos Para Celular Gratis - Ringtones guía Maker.  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Tonos para celular gratis - guia Esta app no es mas que una gua con la que vas a aprender a descargar los mejores tonos a tu celular rpido y fcil. IMPORTANTE Esta gua tiene como finalidad ilustrar y/o ensear a los usuarios a descargar tonos para su telfono celular de manera gratuita y fcil. Tonos para celular gratis, cuenta con una seleccin de las mejores alternativas para que puedas descargar tonos a tu celular para que puedas usarlos como timbre de llamada, alarmas, etc....

Developer: Gold King Apps [email protected] ?ref=bookmarks

Similar Apps Like Hanuman Chalisa -Multiple Language & Audio- No Ads Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Best Hanuman Chalisa app with Attractive graphics and features No Ad Support Multiple Languages Lyrics + Audio facility Run Offline without any interrupt HD audio Collection of Hanumanji Photos Shankh sound effects Bell sound effects Flower falling effect Language Support : English Hanuman chalisa Hindi Hanuman chalisa Telugu Hanuman chalisa Tamil Hanuman chalisa Gujarati Hanuman chalisa Bengali Hanuman chalisa Kannada Hanuman chalisa ...

Developer: gamedesigna.com [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Hallmark Radio Alternatives
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About: Your One-Stop Inspirational Online Radio. Hallmark Radio, full of Inspiration, Entertainment, Information and flavoured with Indigenous Content....

Developer: HOJ Media [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Amharic Audio Bible  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Note: Use of Wi-Fi is recommended. The Bible is the best gift that God gave to man. In order to help the saints enjoy and be constituted with the word of God anywhere and at any time, Ethio Apps developed the Amharic Audio Bible App, We want to make it easy for you to listen Gods Word in Amharic. This Android application has audio versions of the Old and New Testaments Amharic Bible. Sit back and enjoy as you listen to your favorite books streaming to your phone! Note: This app works only ...

Developer: ETHIO APPS [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Voice effects Movies  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Your voices become your favorites ringtones in a simple effects, why not enjoy your voices with your favorite movies characters heros, effects and impacts of popular movies voices!!! You will have a different voices of your precious characters movies for all the time, you can use it as a ringtones if you like the impacts effects from your natural voices, so you can be the compositor of your ringtones for all the time, Voices effects is an entertaining app and have a pro graphics. Enjo...

Developer: Red ZONE [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Junior Xylophone 3D Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: A fun musical toy for kids, or use it as an educational tool to learn or teach the basics of music. It's the musical instrument anyone can play! Features: * Interactive 3D view * Realistic model * Colourful, animated bars * Authentic sounds This app is now ad supported to enable us to continue development. If you'd like an ad-free version you can purchase the Xylophone Collection by AppBadger, which also includes Xylophone 3D and Glockenspiel 3D. The old 2D version is still availa...

Developer: AppBadger [email protected]



Spotify Music Reviews and Comments:

Since the newest upgrades the release has been constantly destroying while I'm on my device doing another things. And when I'm not on my device, song will randomly stop testing until I wake up my screen. If im going to pay for this release, all i ask is that it now works.
~ Phoenyx Jones
Origin review in April: Since I've modernized the release has been buggy and my song keeps ending in the middle of songs and podcasts. Modernization: a month and a half later and the trouble seems worse. If it continues I will cancel my subscription because what's the target of paying if I can't obtain through a song or podcast? This is happening when I stream on wifi, time, etc. Or test downloaded song and when my device is set to offline and online. I've run out of control factors to minimize the result.
~ Rachel Beck
I love Spotify. It's the only release I use for song on my device and especially to listen to song in the car. However, I've had persistent troubles with the song stopping on its own while I'm driving. I've opened a help ticket, so I am hopeful this will be resolved quick.
~ Jessica Wright
Since the last modernization I cant test song in my car using bluetooth. it randomly stops in the middle and I have to unblock the device to allow the song test again. Basically the song doesn't test in cars bluetooth unless the device is unlocked. I need refund as well. It's really annoying :/
~ Sri Krishna
Can't afford super; don't have much to claim on it outside primary capabilities. HOWEVER, bringing back banners you have to CLICK ON to avoid banners for 30 min was shady and honestly felt like a personal attack. For a while it was all, "You are going to appreciate this banner and avoid for 30 mins banners for things you don't care about, whether you like it or not." It was upfront. I respect that. But actually it's back on passively aggressively making you watch 3 banners instead of the 1. I may be bitter but for true
~ Ally Eliz
Works....sometimes. Just about each time it runs up, there is no connection. Takes 5-10 minutes before i can do anything. Also when testing podcasts it takes about the same time again to transport on to the next one. Even if I click on it and it recognises it, it will take 5 mins to run. AND spotifys "shuffle" information will test the same darn song 3 times in a row. There is nothing worse than that. Literally nothing. At least radio repeats songs over time, not in a row. And i hate those stations.
~ Russell Easton
So many of the songs are missing from its library its downright disappointing. that's just unacceptable to claim the least, so many another apps are offering all the songs example YouTube song. YouTube song is an nice release. Could've gone for trial verison of spotify before buying for the whole year. guys please be careful missing songs are a large letdown. also complained to them about missing songs and received a very generic respond over Twitter. not acceptable.
~ Akshat Rastogi
I generally like Spotify and think it's one of the finest song services available but it has some odd behaviors and missing informations that hold it from being nice. Want for more social media informations to discuss and review/rate and search song. Perplexed why it defaults to shuffle when I wish to test an album. Albums are meant typically to be played in their designated track sequence. Some odd interactions between Google home assistant and Spotify regarding favoriting against adding tracks
~ Bob M
I'm getting seriously annoyed. Since the last modernization my Spotify just randomly stops working each 5 minutes. I'm trying to work, and this is not ONLY a waste of the $15 I'm paying you BUT ALSO MY TIME. Fix this, and give me some type of compensation for this ridiculousness.
~ Natasha Schroeder
Edit: as of 5/21 they fixed this trouble below 4/20 a month ago. Modernization 4/20 makes the songs stop and test in 2 second intervals thru each song to the target that it hurts your ears. When you pay for this release 16 dollars a month I expect it to not give me ear hurt and now work, Plus spotify device screen functionality has stop working fully. You cant rewind,cant skip,cant pause or test a song without unlocking your device going to the release and doing the pausing, rewinding or skipping there
~ Daft PunkSkittle
What happened? I can't test my downloaded songs. All my playlists wont autoplay after the first song. The song thumbnail isn't showing as well. Some songs stop after 2 seconds and go to a diffetent song and does the same. Spotify has become a mess. Please fix this. I didn't go super for this.
~ Omz Cana
Poor, what on world has happened to your release, I click on a song (even ones I've downloaded) takes 30 seconds to even run, heavy lag, and crashes all the time. I'm using a galaxy s10 plus on 100mbps WiFi and 4g. I've uninsralled release and reinstalled, modernized to newest ver etc. Sort it out Spotify, I don't pay £10 a month for this.
~ Lee Chapman
It was nice until I upgraded to super, actually the song title does not appear on my car audio unit and I can only skip one song which gets very frustrating . Deezer and You Tube Sound are working via Bluetooth in my car, song titles are displayed, can skip as many songs as I wish, why doesn't Spotify work? With absolutely no support from the Spotify squad, I figured it out. Spotify is having a brain fart with Mobile Auto. No another apps are, just Spotify. Actually it's randomly stopping mid song☹️
~ Bill Kosic
It was a nice release until they decided to crash it by removing the artists, songs, and albums in the My Sound tab and replace it with Liked Songs where all 1600 of my songs are thrown in there together. It doesn't support that spotify it very hard to contact just to claim them this, but I'm considering switching apps because of how horrible this modernization is. I'd give it 0 stars if I should. please bring back the older ver
~ Jayson Brown
I used to use spotify on a everyday basis but ever since they modernized the library information to just 'followed artists' and 'albums' I rarely use it. It was nice before, if I only liked one song from an artist it was downloaded, but actually I have to find through my liked songs, all 1687, just to search one song. Please bring back the previous library function. The release is barely worth using actually
~ Kirsty Stewart
Why can't there also just be a library where EVERY song I download is saved not just the ones I've liked because if I download an album or playlist, it's too much of a target to go and like each single song in claimed album/playlist. Just this one library where I can search EVERYTHING. Like an "all songs" kinda thing? so then I can place that on shuffle and listen to ALL MY SONGS . Just a thought otherwise nothing wrong with Spotify Additional, but please, ADD IT! Also, some songs I like don't obtain added
~ Nicholas Kalamoudacos
I loved spotify until this newest modernization. You cannot listen to song unless the device is unlocked. Usually the lock screen pops on the release stops. It even does it in the car while connected to bluetooth. It looks like I'm deleting this release and deactivating my profile. I guess it's time to familiarize myself with Tidal or Pandora because this isn't working. Smh, just terrible.
~ Marie
when Spotify modernized the library to a playlist style they lost all functionality of a regular song library. no filtering by artist or really any type of needed filtering. if I wish to filter I have to make a newest playlist or add songs to queue individually. the organization is poor. unfortunately, the player interface is actually incredibly hard to use and Spotify is no longer as enjoyable or needed as before this useless modernization. Also glitchy. May be time to search a newest streaming service.
~ Teilor Ann
The ads are too loud. I'll be listening to a song at a normal volume and then suddenly an ad comes on and they literally harm my ears that I have to take my earphones off. It's happened few times actually. I'm trying this newest release to broaden my song listening options but this alone makes me wish to go back to Pandora. You could fix this. Review revised 5/13/19 2:21pm DIRECT ENERGY ADVERTISEMENT I was listening to a soft song (cashmere and ariana) and the moment it ended I
~ Robin Noya
Worse with every modernization. Constant loading screens, unintuitive UI, songs pausing and breaking up randomly. Even downloaded song hardly works. Poor compared to how it was a year ago. Spotify, if it's a Samsung trouble, at least allow us know so we can target the pitchforks elsewhere. Your modernization notes are non existent, as are your responses. I can't claim what's worse, your lack of transparency or your release. Check putting the same effort into the fix as you do into obviously fake 5* reviews.
~ Aaron Harrison
Experiencing major troubles with Spotify since last night. The release keeps destroying and becoming unresponsive. I can't change songs and when I close the release song continues testing, then I obtain a info claiming me the release has stopped responding. I modernized the release the this morning but still facing the same trouble. Please advise when this will be fixed ASAP as I'm currently paying for a service that isn't working as expected.
~ Jacqueline Bennett
so since the newest upgrades all my song is out of order. and there's no idea I'm going to re add 1000+ songs! is just irritating when some albums smoothly transition into one song then other. When i test song from other device, the device that's testing the song will fully stop. Very slow for me also, takes a while for things to load. also if my "liked songs" is a playlist why can't i edit them as such.
~ Darius Wagner
The everyday mix all of a sudden doesn't let you to rewind. I often use Spotify while I'm driving and the fact that I actually have to unblock the device to replay a song that I really like is risky and unsafe. At first I thought my steering wheel controls weren't working in my car, but I realized that they work only while listening to test lists that I've created. Fix it!
~ V Louis
I love Spotify. I use it for all my song needs but since the modernization in May 19, if my device screen turns off, after a several seconds the song pauses and can take 30 seconds or so to un-pause and then pauses again. I have the songs downloaded to my device so this isn't a buffering trouble and it also happens when I have my headphones connected. This is highly frustrating and I hope you fix the trouble quick. newest modernization on 29 May 19 hasn't fixed the trouble with my S10+
~ Simon Derbyshire
Why does it have to pause if my device isn't unlocked? I don't understand. i pay for super and have tried different ways of fixing this. I listen to my song over bluetooth and actually it pauses ecery 15-45 seconds. It's ridiculous that I have to pause and unpause just to listen. I really don't wish to obtain other streaming service but if this doesnt change, I'll have to.
~ Space Dingos
nice song release, idea better than Pandora that's for sure. Downloading song really supports with working so I don't destroy my time. Additional is really worth it for all the informations you obtain. interface is easy to understand but still allows for equipment like playlists or even queues. in the future I would like it if you should swap around themes of the interface so you maybe change it up once in a while.
~ Josh M
i really like Spotify, i have built a library of almost all my cd's and then some. love to be able to make playlists. and the "auto test information" plays related song to what i was listening to. i have found some really nice song from that information. and i check my artists albums & many times a newest album comes up. love it listen at least 1/2 day, daily. thanks Spotify... nice equipment!!!
~ Keith Shigeta
Randomly stops for no reason.. It's so annoying to have to go back in to the release and have it reload. Almost each time, I've had to run a song over halfway through because the release randomly stops. I've stopped listening to podcasts for this reason. Idk what happened but it wasn't like this before. It's been months. Sometimes I just drive in silence rather than restart the release. It was so nice before this trouble.
~ Chris Quintero
I never had any subscriptions to streaming services but I must claim... spotify is definitely worth it. It's cute nice to be able to search each song you wish to hear and listen to them without any banners interrupting you. whether going to the gym, hanging with your significant another or just chilling or cruising, it's nice. Allow me not forget to mention the ability to search newest artists... I love it.
~ eli martinez
Since the newest upgrades, Spotify has gone to s***. If you save a several songs from an artist, the only idea you can see/test these songs is by making a playlist or searching through all your saved songs. What moron decided it would a nice concept to create it more hard for players to search the song they have liked, so counter intuitive. FIX THIS NOW OR ME AND MANY MORE PPL WILL GO TO YOUR COMPETITORS!!!
~ Anthony Byrne
For the last three months or so Spitify has been poor. It randomly stops testing in the middle of songs. Lately I can't even obtain through a single song without an interruption, these are downloaded offline songs, fyi. I've lost the ability to change songs from a bluetooth device, such as my car, or my soundbar at home, unless the screen of my device is on and Spotify is the release being displayed. I use to love Spotify, this release is garbage actually. I wish my $30 back for the last several months.
~ Tyler Sands
I love this release. My #1 song choice. I would rate 5 stars if I should at least skip songs. Pause them. Rewind a song without having to obtain back onto the release. Other thing, It will test a song for two seconds then stop then test for a second then stop then run again. I thought it was my WiFi at first so I turned it off and then played a downloaded song and it was still having the same trouble. Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars.
~ Alistair Crowlace
I'm realy enjoying using this release. I literally can search any song I wish. It's just AMAZING! I stay up-to-date about newest applications, I can hold track of viral songs in different countries and most importantly I can access to the BEST PLAYLISTS EVER made by Spotify Community. If you're thinkin' on installing it, well... don't hesitate cause you're about to dive into millions of songs with highest quality. I hope you'll enjoy it too like I've been for 4 years.
~ Sina Hadilou
this release was at one target nice. it hasnt worked for the past couple weeks. it logs me out, doesn't recognize my password, keeps connecting to waze. ive uninstalled and tried to reinstall multiple times, every time having to redownload thousands of songs. i pay for super and can't use the release. they really need to fix whatever they did. it sucks.
~ amy bauer
I love the selection of song, but i have constant troubles with this release. For instance, i have Spotify Additional, yet each time i test to download song, it Claims me i "discovered a super information!" and wont allow me download. Unlike Amazon, there is a storage limit. Time to time it wont allow me listen offline. I never have troubles like this with Amazon.
~ Mark Hibbard
The newest UI is poor. Removed the all songs tab. You have to specifically "follow" artists for them to obtain place in to your library and sorted in alphabetical order. Otherwise they're just shown as "suggested artists" in random order. You can no longer easily save partial albums. The only idea to obtain an album to present up in your library is to hit save which adds the entire thing. This is a complete step backwards and likely to cause recipients to switch services. What the hell, Spotify
~ Kyle Vasconcellos
Unless my device is unlocked the song stops which is really frustrating since I use it when I'm going to bed, at work, and driving since I prefer it over the radio. Also I can't skip songs from my lock screen anymore. I hold the release modernized but that doesn't seem to support. If this doesn't obtain fixed I'm finding a different release!! It's ridiculous! I shouldn't have to drain my device battery by leaving it on and unlocked to listen to song and the lock screen controls could work!!
~ Heaven Metzger
I have been a Spotify Additional player for years. The most newest modernization destroyed the idea I use Spotify. I either scroll through my list of artist to pick song or I shuffle all my songs. There is no idea to view your library anymore. You can view artists you follow, but I don't follow any artists, not even ones I regularly listen to. There is no list of artists. There is no list of songs. I have no idea to view the song I have accumulated over the years. In essence, my library has been erased
~ A. S.
I hate this design change. You've inexplicably gone back to the 'starred songs' model that you abandoned years ago. If I "like" a song actually it no longer shows under artists or albums, so the only idea to search it is in the "liked songs" playlist? There's no longer any idea to have all the song I've "liked" as well as the songs from the albums I've saved in the same playlist unless I go back and like each single one of those songs. You've introduced a gigantic pain target for long-time players. Thanks!
~ Will Ducklow
I use to LOVE Spotify. Paid for super for years and use it everyday. but for the last month actually without missing a day, it will just stop testing mid song. its not being used elsewhere, I'm not using my device and it is random as to when it will do it during my listening session. should be 2 songs in or 6 songs in or do it each single song in a row. doesnt matter if the playlist is saved to my device, through my google home, in my car or on the web ver on my laptop. it's beyond frustrating.
~ Heather Hammond